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If Celebrities Weren't Celebrities

If Celebrities Weren't Celebrities

Celebrities – Love’em or hate’em, we see them on TV, in the movies, on magazines and even grabbing a cup o’ joe.

But what if we transported into another dimension and Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were just the average John and Jane?

Ah yes….enter into the crazy world where celebrities aren’t celebrities! Take a look at who we found…

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normal celebrities 01
normal celebrities 02
normal celebrities 03
normal celebrities 04
normal celebrities 05
normal celebrities 06
normal celebrities 07
normal celebrities 08
normal celebrities 09
normal celebrities 10

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  • Sophie

    These are so old Jared…

  • silvia


  • julia

    haha jessica simpson :P

  • kat

    how come all the “normal” people are fat and ugly
    not all unfamous people look like that

  • amber

    I wish Marc Anthony looked like that….he looks sick now.

  • shenanyginz

    Kat I agree with you %100!!! They’re either fat or stuck in the 80s. I’m a normal/non famous person and i certainly don’t look like that!
    It really pains me to see Johnny Depp like that!

  • simon

    that pic only needs a cootch-kini and it would be totally Aniston.
    tom is average in looks-below average in fact.

  • natalie


    This is odd

  • Didi

    I am laughing my tits off here .how hilarious

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    lmaoo 2 tom.

    marc actually looks better.

  • mouche

    Bwahahahaha – especially Becks and Posh, Johnny Depp, and Jennifer Aniston ……Hilarious

  • Jane

    This is way stupid. They’d still look the same, maybe a couple less plastic surgeys, but nothing else.

  • Didi

    Of course they are accurate depictions cos all normal Americans are fat. They’ve got it spot on.

  • ha ha

    So the deffinition of normal is Obese? What kind of logic is that? That’s such an insult to intellgence! lol!

  • babysis

    I’m actual not sure the couple in one pic are…

  • Didi

    depp, j lo & marc, aniston, and cruise are the best ones. especially tom cruise with his perceived small d*ck flaunting.

  • Didi

    the definition of normal is conforming to a regular type or standard or a repeated pattern. Since most Americans are obese, they are in fact considered normal. I’ve been to America, and all i saw was wall to wall fatties and a steakhouse on every main road. Granted LA is different with their neurotic carb counting reaching epidemic levels. Everywhere else, heffalumps are the majority.

  • celery gloss

    hahahaha I love these. They’re hilarious!

  • required

    ha! i knew my neighbor was johnny depp!
    now i dont feel so bad for letting him take my virginity.

  • Here’s The Deal

    LMFAO! Tom Cruise is funny, but Aniston takes the cake here. Hilarious.

    Oy vey, Johnny……… it pains me to see you like this.

  • Just c

    Hilarious! Love it!

  • jenny

    for some reason this looks really depressing to me. and i dont think all normal people dress like that or are 300 lbs.


    I don’t think you got the Tom Cruise photo right…

    He’s MUCH shorter! heh

  • angel hair

    nicole kidman looks a little too realistic. scary! haa

  • lylian

    ha ha @ 02/12/2008 at 8:05 pm
    So the deffinition of normal is Obese? What kind of logic is that? That’s such an insult to intellgence! lol!


    If you go to this website:

    You’ll see that over 60% of women in america between the ages of 35 and 44 and more than 70% of men in the same age group are overweight to obese i.e. with BMI > or = 25, according to a study conducted between 1999 and 2002. I think the overweight/obesity numbers have gone up since.

    Therefore, unfortunately, it is quite right to present the average american as overweight.

  • ely

    LMAO! This is so funny. But as a hispanic individual, I gotta note that they made Marc and JLo, stereotypically hispanic. Not cool…oh well who cares? I laughed

  • eira

    i wish marc looked like that..that would be more attractive than his looks now!

  • way cool

    good laugh! :lol: i like aniston ‘n kidman’s the best. they’re well done. :D

  • i hate ashley&miley

    aww johnny=( poor
    hilary hahahahahahahhaha

  • Hmmmm

    I watch the Graham Norton Show on BBC America. Lots of fat tacky looking Brits in the audience. I don’t suppose those people are average citizens. Wonder where DiDi is from? Looks like English is her first language…could she be a Brit? Wonder if she has ever been to the dentist? Worst mouths I’ve ever seen. Also, lots of them can’t say an “R” to save their life. No speech therapists, I guess. Now that’s really sad. I’ve lived in the UK. Lots of tacky looking blokes over there. Same in Germany…talk about ugly…whoa!

    Anyway, why is DiDi so obsessed with us Yanks? Could it be……..
    Yank Envy? Naw, we are all ugly and stupid.

  • Ally

    LOL!!! jessica simpsons is the best and posh!!

  • cooper

    this isnt “If they weren’t celebrities”
    this is just the same old celebrities but overweight…
    you people make it seem like being overweight is a bad thing!
    it isnt!
    why couldnt you just do something to their faces,
    or like the size of their heads & eyes or something,
    you can STILL be a celebrity even if you ARE overweight,
    like queen latifa!
    how would you people make her look as if she wasnt a celebrity?
    make her SKINNY?
    you people that make these stupid pictures are soo insensative!

    but i’m not talking about this site,
    i love this site,
    i’m just dissapointed that this was posted
    maybe next time you’ll think things through,

  • lils

    This is so funny! What a trip!

  • mary

    are these real people or is it just like a photoshop kind of thing?

    cause some of these people look freakishly alike the real celebrities

  • Peaches

    LOL, those are great! FATTY Maniston is hilarious!

  • jen

    these were on tmz several months ago….

  • jmo

    So basically in both the thin version and fat version Nicole Kidman is still an abuser of Botox?

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Aniston looks like her fans in this pic. They could not do tis with Brad and Angie because there is no way to make them look average – they are too stunning.

  • krystel

    Omgosh at first I thought they were real! hahaha lol

  • haha

    Sooo funny, where’s Brangelina and all the other high profilers?? I want to see mooore!!!

  • Snap out of it

    #38 Trust me even Brangelina could look average, ecpecially Brad with his nose, if Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson can look “cute” then so can your beloved Angelina (don’t get me wrong I like her but my point is that everyone can look average, even she did in her early years when her mouth was considered very odd)…

  • bumblebee

    that’s really funny.

    but i love johnny depp and he looks really unattractive with that body.

  • Nicole m

    This is effin scary….funny…but scary.

  • becky


  • vera

    OMG that is shit. I´m not famous but I look good and i´m not fat. The normal people are much beautiful than this fucking celebritys. We don´t need 6 hours in the beauty salon in 1 hour we look better than this ugly Victoria Beckham.

  • vera

    OMG that is shit. I´m not famous but I look good and i´m not fat. The normal people are much beautiful than this fucking celebritys. We don´t need 6 hours in the beauty salon in 1 hour we look better than this ugly Victoria Beckham.

  • Jossie


  • Strepsi

    1) LOL
    2) Yes, obese is the American definition of normal. 1 in 3 Americans is obese, a figure unheard of in the rest of the world. Your processed foods and refined sugars are killing you. Americans as a people are BEYOND fat.

  • lailai

    Hilarious!!!! I couldn’t stop laughing!!! Aniston is still really pretty like that! LMAO

  • Lindsay

    love posh & becks