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Perez Hilton is Spot On

Perez Hilton is Spot On

Speaking of Hiltons with beauty and brains…

Orange-haired Mario Lavendeira, aka Perez Hilton, proactively partied with Paris Hilton (no relation) and Britney Spears‘ “manager” Sam Lutfi at Area nightclub on Saturday.

Early birthday celebration, perhaps? Paris turns 27 this Sunday.

Also in attendance were Paris‘ on-again flame Simon Rex (kissing picture below!) and her younger brother, Barron, who was arrested for DUI earlier this morning.

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perez hilton pimples 00
perez hilton pimples 01
perez hilton pimples 02
perez hilton pimples 03
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  • yfw


  • hannah


  • Tonya

    Neutrogenia. Clean and Clear. No one over the age of 16 should ahve a break out that bad

  • kila

    *roar* catty jared ;D

  • Mimi

    so gross he makes lutfi look hot!!!!!!!

  • kay

    EEWW jared please don’t talk about him! he looks nasty!!!


    he is suchh a blogg queen :]

  • jona

    Holy shat! perez needs PROACTive stat!!

  • purplehearts

    perez eeeeewwwwwwwwwwww

  • Helena

    He is such a loser.

  • wtf

    It’s funny how he always makes fun of other people but she looks like S**t himself LOL

  • eww


  • Helena

    #11 She? lol.

  • DACH

    Ms. Diva needs PRO ACTIV!!!!!

  • The Vanilla Gorilla

    Grossness. What a disgusting pig that fat one is. Figures Paris would hang out with someone of that ilk. She’s a has-been.

  • rhonda

    OMG I honestly haven’t seen anything that nasty today until I looked at a close up of Perez. I wouldn’t want to ride in the same car as that guy! Some of his ZITiease might jump on me! YUK!!!! I don’t see how anyone would want to get in bed with him, man, woman, or animal! Imagine his pus dripping on you! EEEWWWW!

  • Susan

    Sorry but eewwwwww. It’s time to get that taken care of.

  • sara

    the fuggliest fug to ever fug!

  • i hate ashley&miley

    one word: EW!

  • silvia

    all the fugs partying together y`all, lol

  • Arial

    OK….that is sick…I think I just vomited inside….For all the picking on other people PH does…my gosh he looks revolting!!!

  • i hate ashley&miley


  • emma

    i really cant stand perez as a person but its low and in bad taste to make fun of someones bad skin.

    i had quite bad skin when i was in my teens, and it can destroy you’re confidence and self esteem, in many cases it leads sufferers to isolation and depression.
    so i can tell no-one commenting here has had outbreaks of acne, because if you had, you would never make fun of anyones skin with all the ‘ewww’ comments and crap, knowing how it feels to suffer bad skin.
    you would realise, acne cannot be made clear by fucking pro activ.

    for the vast majority of sufferers of acne, they need to see derms, and even then, it is trial and error as to what works for you, i remember going through everything, creams, tablets, anti-biotics, birth control, accutane, i mean, and fuck, it rarely came into control for a long time, acne is not caused by bad hygiene or not washing enough, it can actually be irritated by been washed too much but acne isnt caused by not been clean enough, some of these comments in here are disgusting.


  • Steph

    Oh boy….

  • neil

    We’re supposed to get our cultural cues from this? I’ll say this, his is the true face of the celebrity sub culture; ugly and mean.

  • neil

    ….and more importantly, diseased!

  • Em


  • Chris

    I feel like there should at least be a certain level of tact when it comes to those who work in the same business together.

    While Perez is quite unfortunate looking, Jared is no winner either in fact I would say he is quite unattractive and the fact that he has nothing intelligent/witty/insightful to ever write on this blog furthers that. I only come for the photos and unfortunately the bad commentary comes along with it. I wish there was adblock for it :(

    I don’t think there is one attractive blogger, face it, it’s an ugly business. How is that for puns Jared?!

  • required

    i bet perez hilton paid to see paris’ new movie on opening night. he probably has seen it a gazillion times already.

  • http://ooooooooooooooooo perez please dye your hair

    theres a video of paraska.nk- fixing her hair/extensions on her head, when she thinks no one is looking..shes so SAD her MOVIE BOMBED ON HER BDAY haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LMAO..look at her covering that wonk with the weave,,is she 12 with pink hair??and a tiara ……bawaaaaaa…shes NO HOTTIE..

  • perez is a faggot

    perez is not a celeb. no one cares about the acne fucked up fag. dont post about him. i hope he dies. yay!

  • Natalie

    I find it so funny that this Perez dude comes down on so many celebs, yet look at him!! ewwww!

    I guess when you’re that ugly, you have to take it out on celebs :p

  • Agreed

    I agree with Emma’s (#23) comment. I, too, suffered from bad acne through my high school years and it was a nightmare. I tried everything from acne pills to Proactive. I’m now in my mid-20s and I finally have clearer skin. Acne really does destroy your self-confidence. I have to admit that I’m an avid reader of Perez’s blog but attacking someone because of acne is, to me, disgusting.

  • TheTabloidsChic

    Perez is not cute. We all know that. Moving on.

  • the fug princess she’s so high

    # 17 Kathy G. @ 02/12/2008 at 4:54 pm Watch this Kathy Griffin on Parasite Hilton. Hillarious.

    I brought this over its priceless…ROTFLMAO
    She is stoned/drunk & x17 has a video of her where she does the exact walk Kathy talks about. WTH does PH have on his face.
    Jared I /We love you- you have class. :smile: and you put up with all of our personalities..

  • fsdf

    Who’s that guy behind Perez…LOL

  • Jules


  • 2btru

    Are you sure that it’s not just Cheetos crumbs all over his face?

  • Jolie-Pitt fan 4ever

    Wow Perez hanging around Lutfi and Ali.

    To 23 and 33, Everyone has had acne sometime in their lives and as adults some of us still get it. Sorry to -y o u – bloggers if anyone picked on you 2. It was wrong and unnecessary.

    Why are they hanging out with Ali and Lutfi. I know Lutfi is PH’s old bud, but still, well it’s PH what can one expect. Ali should be ashamed.

  • leilo

    ahahahha excelllenttt

    take care jared ;-)) i think we will have a war between jusrtjared and perez hilton



    I’ve never seen him in pictures with acne that badly before.

    Maybe he had an allergic reaction to something.

  • Nicole Richie fanatic

    Number #23 and # 33 you go women your’e beautiful no matter what, and ditto with what #39 said.
    To bad they didn’t serve Sam his papers.

  • notbusy

    Perez Hilton is ewwww gross. He tries to turn people against any celebrity who doesn’t kiss his as&.

  • @BB@

    There is no excuse for his bad skin; he lives to tell others they are full of chit and ugly so he may as well take better care for himself so he can avoid being the main point of his own poison.
    He sucks big time! Which actually suits just find enough…

  • tehee boo

    he looks fugly

  • sarah

    who cares if you had bad skin in you teens! His old enough to do something about it. And besides, he is all about walking around the rich and famous, and with that skin he probably doesn’t fit in much.
    And if proactive doesn’t changes his skin, try other stuff, bad skin is unacceptable…

  • required

    eww does paris have butt herpes?

  • shut up

    DON’T BE SO MEAN sarah 46

  • jmo

    Neutrogenia. Clean and Clear. No one over the age of 16 should ahve a break out that bad


  • Didi

    its ironic how he disses other people for their bad fashion sense and unfortunate looks yet looks like the backend of a pitbull terrier’s pimple infested a*se himself. at least when i diss people for being fug i do it because i am beautiful and have therefore automatically earned the right to laugh at everyone else’s unattractiveness. I was a looker in my day and there were many guys who used to handcuff themselves to the gate of my parents house because i wouldn’t go out with them, the police were called regularly and knew me on a first name basis. The community nicknamed me the ‘Fair Maid of Blackhall’ and our priest told me my feminine wiles were too powerful and that i should go away and join a convent for the good of the community and all of Christendom.