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American Idol 7: Top 12 Guys

Row 1:
Chikezie Eze, 22. Hometown: Inglewood, CA
Colton Berry, 17. Hometown: Staunton, VA
Danny Noriega, 18. Hometown: Azuza, CA
David Archuleta, 17. Hometown: Murray, UT
David Cook, 25. Hometown: Blue Spings, MO
David Hernandez, 24. Hometown: Glendale, AZ

Row 2:
Garrett Haley, 17. Hometown: Elida, OH
Jason Castro, 20. Hometown: Rockwall, TX
Jason Yeager, 28. Hometown: Grand Prairie, TX
Luke Menard, 29. Hometown: Crawfordsville, IN
Michael Johns, 29. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Robbie Carrico, 26. Hometown: Melbourne, FL

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE guy of the American Idol 7: Top 12 Guys?

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chikezie eze american idol 7
colton berry american idol 7
danny noriega american idol 7
david archuleta american idol 7
david cook american idol 7
david hernandez american idol 7
garrett haley american idol 7
jason castro american idol 7
jason yeager american idol 7
luke menard american idol 7
michael johns american idol 7
robbie carrico american idol 7

Photos: Timothy White/FOX
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  • Katie


  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    6 gays. lol

  • p0o0o0h

    michael johns

  • lola

    I love all the guys, it’s def going to be a guy winner this season. They’re all so diffrent. Fav at moment is Micheal John!

  • nazurah

    looking forward~

  • gaby

    david archeluta

  • Jess

    That Jason castro guy looks familiar ,wasnt he on that MTV show with that girl singer? I forgot her name,anyway……

  • eleyse

    luke menard… dapper and sharp = hot… can’t wait to hear him sing

  • crushgirl

    I already have a major crush on Michael Johns!!! I hope he wins!

  • emily

    david archuleta!

  • silvia


  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    danny noriega – the new sanjaya! lmao

    david hernandez – best chance of winning.

  • lauren

    definately david archuleta!


    I like David Archuleta. His voice is so beautiful

  • cami

    david a. is going to win, i know him :]

  • becca

    This is the music industry so , yeah, GAY will be represented big time. I love Danny’s voice as well as Michael Johns and David Archuleta. This a good year.

  • korli

    I hate that gay little fag boy. i hope he gets booted off right away

  • agirlnamedjerry

    David Archuleta<3

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    david archuleta – 2nd gayest kid on the show.

  • ya jason castro was cheyenne’s boyfriend for awhile on her MTV show…interesting

  • kym

    David Archuleta!

  • sockin

    Noriega or w/e the hell his name is, is extremely annoying, he’s going to be this years Sanjaya. I hope to god he doesn’t make it that far.

  • Trixie

    I’m biased, but Chikezie Eze is my automatic favorite. :)

  • dirrtyboi

    David Archulata ofcourse
    cuz he’s simply the best in there…
    and i also like
    Micheal Johns
    i know guy will win this year!

  • Laura

    yeah yeah yeah i KNEW IT it IS jason, cheyennes ex boyfriend!! i knew i recognized him im not crazy after all haha

  • Ladymoonstone

    I love Michael Johns and David A

  • arina

    Robbie Carrico

  • mee

    Danny n & Michael J

  • CAIN

    Well, 3 out of those 12 are named David. It must be a lucky name for this season. However I think this season the guys are even weakier than last season’s.

  • wedding peach

    Jason Castro’s hair looks swim-worthy; I could swirl around in the depths of that rich mass.

  • jwelz

    Michael Johns

  • Veronica

    Definitely david archuleta & that aussie dude!!!

  • K

    David Archuleta!
    Michael Johns!
    sucks that Josiah Leming got booted off, I thought he could really have had a great chance.

  • Jim

    I Love Love Love David Archuleta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Glad Danny made it. Thought they were gonna cut him in favors of the homophobic people.

  • neeq

    I WOULD TOTALLY PICK DAVID ARCHULETA!!!! i was stunned when i first saw him auditioned singing john mayer’s song!!!

  • neeq

    david a. of course! i also like josiah but too bad he didnt make it!

  • Gabhyde

    Michael Johns

  • Kamila

    David Archuleta is the best of the boys!

  • Ealbino

    Love David Archuleta and Michael Johns.. Hope they are final 2!

  • yfw

    David Archuleta

  • RITA

    omg his ‘bohemian rhapsody’ was CRAZY!!! gave me chills

  • Helena

    Thank you for ruining this for me, Jared. Not everyone is fúcking American!

  • shannon

    Danny can sing amazing, how is he the new sanjaya?

    The guys are great this year, probably the best overall group of guys they’ve ever had.

  • Michelle

    My favorites are Danny Noriega and David Archuleta

  • jeremy.



  • stephanie

    david archuleta is so cute
    and so is david hernandez

    but theres 2 guys who i think are seriously gay:
    -colton berry
    -danny noriega

  • dolcevuitton

    David Archuleta….Hands Down….I ADORE HIM!!

  • lola

    Michael Johns, all the way!
    –read my blog at

  • ver

    I have a crush on the youngest, David Archuleta. And I also like the Australian guy. This season has a lot of good singers.

  • amanda

    Who’s ACTUALLY gay ?