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American Idol 7: Top 24 Unmasked!

American Idol 7: Top 24 Unmasked!

Here are the top 24 contestants for American Idol 7!

Back Row L-R: Alexandrea Lushington, Robbie Carrico, Jason Castro, Danny Noriega (striped shirt), Brooke White, Amanda Overmyer, Michael Johns, David Cook (bandana), Luke Menard and Carly Smithson (standing far right).

Bottom Row L-R: Chikezie Eze, Colton Berry, Asia’H Epperson, Kady Malloy (seated, black dress), Joanne Borgella, Ramiele Malubay, David Hernandez (seated, front), Amy Davis, Alaina Whitaker, Syesha Mercado, Jason Yeager, David Archuleta (seated), Garrett Haley and Kristy Lee Cook.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the American Idol 7: Top 24?????

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Photos: Timothy White/FOX
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  • zanessa110


  • goz

    ahem! we’ll see!

  • ahhno


  • legs


  • i luv music

    best top 24 so far… =)

  • nett

    VOTE for RAMIELE !!!!!!

  • Cher

    I’m so upset about that Joesiah kid :[
    I loved him :[[

  • Chelsea

    I really hope Brooke White wins!!!!

  • becca

    very good 24. Maybe the best and best looking ever. I think the guys are really strong

  • abi

    go ramiele!

  • Jessica

    too many blondes… so little talent… ugh

  • jwelz

    I would have liked to see Josiah, man i felt so bad for him :( But he needs to stop crying all the time. My favorite is Michael Johns :D i miss Blake<3

  • fbk

    he was BY FAR the best. i can’t believe they didnt pick him.

    …the season is ruined for me already.

  • mary

    where is josiah???????? BOOOOO. I really wish he made it. maybe this is a fakeout or something.

    I really loved Josiah. He really touched my heart.

  • johny


  • AMelia

    Josiah didn’t make it??? What???
    Poor kid. Now he has to go back
    to living in his car.
    That must suck.


    I’m so sad about Josiah. I think he was probably so unbalanced that the judges and producers felt that if they let him through, it would have been disastrous. That said, he will be missed. He was truly an original, a little Joe Cocker mixed in with Chris Martin. However, this group of 24 looks to be a hell of a lot better than last year. I’m truly excited again.

  • mikey

    mmmm Kristy Lee Cook YEAAAA

  • oh yes

    where is JOSIAH!!!!!!!! i love him he was my fav. i am so not going to watch if they dont’bring him backkkkk

  • megan

    im really upset that josiah didnt make it. He was really different and unique and i think he had the potential to win

  • Wha

    awww i really liked josiah :(

  • whaaaat

    interesting how jason castro used to date cheyenne kimball and was featured on her MTV show quite a lot…

  • brendon

    GO COLDTON!!!!!!

  • yv3tt3

    Yay David Archuleta!! … he’s my favorite, Him and the girl who lost her voice during hollywood week, she’s cute

  • Catherine

    Josiah? He had a good backstory, which I think is elevating his singing talent. He was ok – but he wasn’t great. Witness the Stand by Me song. It was HORRIBLE. Not to mention, the guy cried EVERY scene he was in. He was a train wreck. I liked him a lot at first and was really rooting for him, but by the end of last night I was ready for him to go. I feel sorry for him – but that doesn’t make him a good singer.

    There are a lot more talented singers who rightfully moved forward. He had some good appeal, but it wouldn’t have been able to sustain him through the competition.

  • lola

    I love the guys this year, the yall seem really good. Not so sure about the girls but we’ll see.

  • Ev

    I can not believe the kid Josiah didn’t make it. He was one of the few orginals that I would have loved to watch. That is a shame!

  • Ev

    I think they are going to bring Josiah back as a surprise.

  • Ev

    I think they are going to bring Josiah back as a surprise.

  • kim

    I think they chose the right people. American Idol is about being able to sing any kind of song well, and seems like Josiah can only mimic British bands. Anyone with true talent should be able to do a decent rendition of Stand by me (with or without a band).
    I didnt like his constant carping on how difficult his life is (its your choice to live in your car J, no on had a gun to your head) Maybe next year Josiah. Hopefully you will be able to handle the attention without losing your head or playing to the cameras.

  • troy

    Personally I wasn’t all that impressed with Josiah. He may have had a sympthetic backstory and potential but I think he really alienated the judges when his acapella version of “Stand By Me” sank like a lead balloon and he didn’t help himself going on the crying jag. If anything all that did was show his lack of maturity. I felt for him but he really shot himself in the foot.

  • just visiting

    Kyle was robbed! LOL Loved that guy.

    Only one in the Top 24 that really intrigues me now is Amanda, the rocker chick.

  • gypsy Marie

    I think London shoulda made it! She didn’t even get any footage!

  • babyG

    GO RAMIELE!!! ;)

  • kym


  • I

    Josiah fans should start a petition to bring him back. So he screwed up one song, he showed immense promise before that. So what if he cried a lot, he lived in his car & had no family support- bet you would be emotional too. I think he wanted to have a goal, something to focus on. Josiah should have at least been given a chance, I can’t believe some of the crap they let through. I <3 Josiah.

    Petition anyone?

  • tina

    Where was Brittany and Corliss? I thought they were great. I was surprised we didn’t get to hear them sing. But it seems like looks played a BIG part this year. So of course we couldn’t hear them sing again, or we would know there was more to it than a good voice.

  • Suzy

    I’m glad Josiah didn’t make it. If I have to see him cry one more time.

    And he almost killed the Mika song…

    He was alright. He needed to stop being a cry-baby and thinking he was too good for his own good.

    A guy will definitely win this year.

  • pam

    Go Michael Johns! I hope he wins!

  • Laura

    JOsiah!! im so bummed he didnt make it.. but he better try out next season!! he’ll be older and wont cry haha



  • kacey

    At first I was really upset about Josiah but I now understand why: The top 24 should be about talent NOT about their tear jerking backstory.
    He was a good singer but not one of the best.
    I’d bet money that some cable network will give him his own show anyways. I am confident that his15 minutes will last longer than most in the Top 24.

  • alvin diaz

    Ramielle, Rocks!!! She has the looks, personality and of course “THE TALENT”….

  • Tina

    I felt bad when Josiah and Kyle were not chosen. But they’re still young and they can always come back next year.

  • 29_29

    I love american idol!!!!!!

  • ur ass bitch

    I love the David dude. he’s my backround. He’s so cute. I wanted the nerd guy to make it! Josiah was so funnny, he couldn’t stop cring! ha ha

  • Kamila

    The girls are WAY better than the guys this year.

    I am rooting for Amanda Overmeyer. However, I think that Kristy Lee Cook or David Archuleta will win “American Idol” this season.

  • JB

    Liking the selection this season. As for Josiah, he’s different because he sang in a British accent but hardly great. And Simon wanting Kyle in and then saying no the David Hernandez guy? I question that decision, actually. The judges’ responsibility is to give us, the voting public, the best list of singers to choose from…let us worry about who has the likeability factor please.

  • shannon

    YAY Danny! I’m diggin the top 24 and am excited about the season for the first time since season 1!

  • Amanda

    American Idol Season of the Stereotypes! Where is Samantha Sidley?