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Justin Timberlake Tries Boot/Tuck

Justin Timberlake Tries Boot/Tuck

Justin Timberlake experiments with the pants-tucked-in-boots look as he dines at the Little Door restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Real-life Puss in Boots?

WHAT DO YOU THINK of JT’s new look? Boot/Yuck?

10+ pictures inside of Justin Timberlake trying out the boot/tuck fashion…

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justin timberlake boot tuck 01
justin timberlake boot tuck 02
justin timberlake boot tuck 03
justin timberlake boot tuck 04
justin timberlake boot tuck 05
justin timberlake boot tuck 06
justin timberlake boot tuck 07
justin timberlake boot tuck 08
justin timberlake boot tuck 09
justin timberlake boot tuck 10
justin timberlake boot tuck 11

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  • Bre

    o_O If that’s the fashion….

  • Megan

    I don’t like it. So yuck. but that’s my opinion. If he likes it, oke fine.

  • yrrej

    He’s SO UGLY! How could any girl like him?!

  • Lyn

    ..but he’s still HOT !!

  • OBfan

    yrrej your soo stupid!!!Justin is very sexy men!!!xaxa fashion chothes!!!

  • the shiznack

    is he taking his fashion tips from a pirate?

  • brebre

    It looks horrible, but so does he so I guess it matches!

  • Julian


    he finally looks good again!!!
    loves it

  • dinah

    Its an ok look.

  • Lisa

    He’s hot too bad I can’t say the same about the outfit.

  • Sebastian

    that”s not the look for him but he can pull it off.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    um… ugh, wash the hair a-sap and change clothes. that outfit needs to be burned.

    he looks like a major fagg. a big major posing fagg. lmaoo

  • MonoChromatic

    please….please just stop…seems his inner fairy is finally coming out. i don’t get how chicks dig this fag

  • shenanyginz

    i don’t think its terrible. I personal would’ve preferred (if he was going for the military type style) to go the extra mile. It looks a little weird with the rest of his outfit. Now if his leather jacket was a military jacket okay then. I saw a male mannequin in soho wearing a similar style and i loved it!

  • depeche

    theese boots reminds me to the nazi soldier.Its VERY VERY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MonoChromatic

    he looks lie a poseur fagg…because he is one!!!! please shave your fagg face!!! put some milk on it and let a little kitten lick that dirt off yer face!!! grow a beard when you become a man…not a little fairy sissy

  • jai

    He’s lucky I love him….or else I’d have him arrested for this horrible thing!

  • looky

    He looks hot!! Some people just don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • http://justjared.buzznet.COM omar

    vanessa hudgens !

  • shhiii_baby

    seriously if this boy wasnt famous no girls would even give him a second glance!!! YUCk!! cheeseball!!!

  • jenny

    sometimes i walk around like that too ;)

  • Just me…

    What the hell is that look?….I don’t like it!!!

    But I don’t care…

    Wentworth Miller were are you?!!!

  • black

    Nancy boy necklace, “manly” boots…..might as well just throw a party and make his “preferences” clear once and for all.

  • kdizz

    He is disgusting, and i hate how he’s cocky

  • Jughed

    Arrrrrrgh! I’m a pirate.

    Where’s my booty?

  • Didi

    have his balls dropped yet?

    he still sings like a 3 year old

  • Didi

    lol @ #23

  • B

    He certainly pulls it off nicely – day um he’s hot!!

  • B

    He certainly pulls it off nicely – dayum he’s hot!!

  • Justin

    He’s so gay in these boots lol god he looks ugly like that and my name is justin too just my luck

  • heather

    You know, if he was cool, it would look fine…but he’s not cool in that way. I mean, he’s no johnny depp, he’s no rock star. (this look is very 90′s rocker to me) he sings pop music. it just doesn’t look right on him. he looks better when he wears dressy clothes, imo.

  • shhiii_baby

    agree heather!! he is sooooooooo not cool!!! just looks like a little boy trying to play dress up!!

  • amber

    Please shave your neck, Justin! And get rid of that outfit! What’s happened to him?!

  • Britney

    What do I think??????




  • Idina

    Justin’s a pillow biter.

  • Idina

    Justin’s a pillow biter.

  • l9ovely

    I LOVE this guy!!! He looks good in whatever he wears!!! Suck It haters!!

  • OMG


  • SASH


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  • Eathan

    It’s a great look, but people always look at you in a weird way. I wore that kind of combination once last year and people were looking at me like i was some freak.

    I’ll wear it again, but the winter is almost over.


    The people commenting on his sexuality are just poor people. Poor people know nothing about fashion. It’s not like you dirty peasants could afford any of it.

    Piss your worthless life away with your Abercrombie or your ghetto Apple Bottoms, or Baby Phat. (EWWW!!)

    I’m sure those boots cost more than your worthless life.

    Do you guys have a life? I’m being serious here.

  • lol

    he looks very stupid.

  • Rachel

    he looks dirty and cracked out…

  • geez

    to #43
    justin dont go hating just cuz we diss’d you for looking like a fagg. take it like a man.

  • Prettygirl

    He’s so f*ckin’ hott ;)
    That outfit…not so much…

  • spot

    ewww he looks gross. take a bath.

  • lily

    this douche makes me sick. BARF


    #46 shut up you poor dirty ghetto bitch.