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Michelle Williams - "Wonderland" Issue #12

Michelle Williams -

Michelle Williams was interviewed by Wonderland magazine before the death of Heath Ledger. Here’s what she had to say:

Did you go to Katie Holmes’ wedding? Everybody wants to know that. No, I didn’t go because I was working on The Tourist. To be honest, we’re not really in touch.

How has becoming a mother changed you? I feel like I didn’t have any relationship with my body before Matilda. Well I did, but it was just a bad one. After having my daughter I can’t judge myself in the same way. My body has done this totally miraculous but utterly ordinary thing. The downside is that my vocabulary has shrunk to the size of a pea. Since having a kid I just don’t have the same access to the world. I don’t see as many shows, I don’t go to many movies and I hardly read any books anymore. I’m lucky to make it through a book a month. So you start to develop in a much more non-verbal way, which can be so frustrating. Also there’s been a lot going on in my personal life and part of me is… I don’t know. I shouldn’t talk about it but it’s like I’m re-emerging back into the world or something.

Would you describe yourself as vain? I have insecurity masquerading as vanity. I don’t think I’m vain as an actress but I’m probably more so as a person. Again, it goes back to that thing about when I’m working is the only time when I don’t judge myself. I feel totally open to exploring all the sides of my physical self in my work. While I’m working I really don’t give a f— how I look. Afterwards, if I have to watch it, I might have some problems.

What’s the day ahead hold for you? I’m going to pick Matilda up from school at 11:30 and she’ll take a nap. I might join her because tonight I’m doing hospital rounds in preparation for the film Mammoth. It’s Lukas Moodysson’s first English language film. I play a New York City trauma surgeon so I’ve been trailing a doctor for a few months. We’re going to step it up tonight and go to Elmhurst hospital in Queens, which is a top-level trauma hospital. The whole experience has been such an eye-opener. The first time I did it, I had this weird sensation where I thought, ‘Oh f—, I’ve missed my calling’. The sense of purpose made me wish I’d become a doctor.

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Photos: Miguel Reveriego
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  • zanessa110


  • Michellefan

    You know I like that she’s honest about Katie. Katie went to the funeral which was sweet, but Michelle is the best!

  • iOLEE

    the 3rd pic is fierce!!!

  • mju8

    I knew Katie was lying when she said she still kept in contact with her Dawson’s Creek cast

  • nandarighi

    she is so beautiful… I love her as an actress… I heard she’s in the next martin scorcese’s movie with leonardo di caprio… of all the actors of dawson’s creek who would say that jen lindley would be the more succesful?

  • cheyenne

    Hey DIDI….

    Stay the fcuk off Michelle’s thread you nasty, vicious B*tch.

    You don’t need to say any more cruel and callous things about Heath anymore. The man is buried now…so let him just rest in peace.

    You fcukin’ spiteful little c*nt.

  • OMG


  • hypocrite

    I feel bad for her, but that doesn’t take away that she is one of the biggest bitches in the business! She has no personality at all.

  • hypocrite

    I feel bad for her, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that she is one of the biggest bitches in the business! She has no personality at all.

  • me

    Katie Holmes is a liar. In the past month, maybe it was on Letterman, she said that she still kept in touch with MW and others from that silly teeny bopper show she was on. That explains the real reason that Tom and Katie showed up at Heath’s memorial in LA……it was a photo op. They weren’t even invited. What a couple of freak scumbags!!!! Tom and Katie are so desperate for publicity that they are crashing funerals now….LMAO!!!

  • michelle depp

    Absolutely stunning!
    Wow, these pics are the best that I have ever seen of her!

  • Jess

    i think she looks great! i like how she is honest and doesn’t say “ooh well we’re still best friends!!! love her so much!” like some other hollywood actors.
    i respect her more for that.

    love the third pic!

  • silvia


  • the_original_nika

    nice interview. love the 3rd pic, beautiful.

  • skippy

    Even without Heath, Michelle, you have beautiful Mathilda. I’m sure someday you will fine a true love again. Katie is doomed for fail in her relationship with Tommy fruitloop.

  • becky

    She’s so pretty !! i like her personality too.
    what did DIDI say.?. the comments gone.

  • amber

    She looks gorgeous in these pics! The first one is kind of like old school Madonna. I’m going to get this mag when it comes out.

  • lily

    She is my new favourite ir girl. i am loving her. she looks great in the photos.

    i wish her and baby matilda the best.

    rip heath. i am still in shock.

  • You/Me

    Her pics looks great. I feel so bad for her and Mathilda, and Heath’s family, but they seem to take strength from one another so that is really good. I adored Heath.
    I think Michelle has immense talent, she is one of those actresses that is very adaptable. I think she will be a major power player in the next few years.
    What’s up woth the link? It says we can click to read the full interbiew but I don’t get sh*t! :-(
    Oh well, I’m willing to buy the mag to read it. :-)
    RIP HEATH and God Bless Michelle, Mathilda, & the Ledger Family

  • http://tyyyyyyyyyyyyyttttttttikdj bless matilda/michelle

    Did you go to Katie Holmes’ wedding? No. To be honest, we’re not really in touch.
    This woman was grieving,suffering, and Robot brain dead Kate and her Pimp cult ailen midget were using her suffering as a PR stunt .. attending Heath’s funeral for Show..those 2 make me sick.
    Anything/Anybody for PR. They dont care about Michelle,and they didnt know Keith. Kates one dumb b*tch.You brain washed another one TomThumb!

  • rae

    These are beautiful. I like how honest she is in the interview without veering into TMI or rudeness.

  • Lillianne

    I’ve never seen her look so beautiful. Photo #3 is great but I really love #4. Wonder who the photographer is?

  • Flute

    Read the whole interview…obviously the girl is extremely depressed…filled up with insecurities…she is so negative about everything…and obviously very hurt by the break-up with Heath…she seems to have completely lost herself…And that was before he died!!! imagine how she must feel now….i am sure if she didnt have the kid….she would have ended up as another anna nicole…
    May she finds the strength she needs…god bless…

  • jemelyn

    She is so beautiful, such a quality person. My heart goes out to her, she has class & dignity.
    To even put her name in the same sentence with that loser KH is sickening, they are in different leagues, different worlds. G.. bless

  • Luuuce

    haha, betcha Katie’s embarrassed she’s been exposed as a liar and publicity wh*re!

  • emily☆

    to much makeup on her!
    and she should keep in touch with them!
    and i just dont like her
    i love katie though

  • oh yes

    shes so cool…i love her!

  • girly

    It was kind of Katie to attend the memorial for Heath in support of Michelle. Whether they’ve kept in touch or not, it was a kind gesture what Katie did.

  • hmm

    She does sound rather negative about things.

  • Anon

    LOLOL!!! We know nothing about this girl. Nothing. Except what has been canned and spoonfed to a magazine article. I am not convinced Katie is the liar nor am I convinced Michelle is so “honest.” All I know is that I totally adored Heath. He is dead. The pictures I seen of him at event stuff before he died he looked like a lost soul. Not happy and self confident. And he adored his baby girl. Yeas, he had her with him in November, but he didn’t have her with him for Christmas. Not even part of it. Thank God he had a family to go home to visit. I think it was SO wrong that he didn’t get to spend time with his baby for Christmas.
    A month later he is dead. If she loved him and cared so much, even as his friend, not his lover, why didn’t she do more to help him. I am sorry. I am still really upset about Heath and maybe I am too harsh on her, but I don’t think she is this poor shy innocent girl trying to grieve and raise her baby alone. It didn’t have to be that way. I don’t think she loved him enough. I just don’t.

  • stay strong Michelle

    Michelle sounds as if she doesn’t care to know KH and their must be a reason why they went separate ways…KH should keep her fake azz at home this wasn’t about kindness- she didnt call Michelle when Heath and her separated -KH on Toms order did this to try ang get positive publicity from people who are turned off by them who are not scientologist.

  • Ally

    she is absolutely gorgeous

  • nandarighi

    I really dont understand why some people like to blame michelle for heath’s death… they broke up for a reason…. I really feel sad for heath’s death but it was an accident… no one needs to be blammed

  • mj8

    Michelle is 10000000x better than that foolish Katie!
    Unlike Katie, she doesn’t use her daughter for publicity and self-promotion.
    Unlike Michelle, Katie will never again be taken seriously as an actress, or be nominated for an Oscar, or work with acclaimed directors like Ang Lee, Martin Scorsese. She sold her soul and her acting “career” when she fell for Tom Cruise’s a$$$.

  • dean

    Michelle is making sure that Heaths parents get to their sweet little granddaughter in their lives so they will always have a part of Heath with them.

    Katie won’t even let her own parents see suri.

  • dean

    Michelle is making sure that Heaths parents get to see their sweet little granddaughter in their lives so they will always have a part of Heath with them.

    Katie won’t even let her own parents see suri.

  • Catherina

    How the heck is Katie a liar, did she have to keep in touch with every one of her DC castmates to say she still keeps in touch with them.
    james and kerr went to her wedding party in LA, so obviously she still saw some of them recently.
    Some of you will just jump on any opportunity to bash katie.

    And leave Heath’s death out of it. Just because they werent close doesnt mean they hated each other. WTH shouldn’ she go to his memorial because of her past association with Michelle and because HL was respected by his peers.

    If it was the other way around, would you guys be calling Michelle a liar if something happened to Tom and she showed up to pay her respects. Probably not because you can bet tons of hollywood people would be having memorials even moreso because of Tom’s impact in Hollywood.

  • no comment

    I agree with Catherina….

    that’s all.

  • mj8

    ^^ Perhaps Michelle would attend Tom’s memorial (I highly doubt it though) but she isn’t the type that would get photographed doing it!
    Tell me, why were TomKat the only celebrities to be photographed at Heath’s memorial?

  • tass

    Beautiful pics….Michelle looks like a young Deborah Harry (Blondie).

  • Anon

    Tom Cruise knew Heath Ledger and that’s why they did the memorial service. Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman are very close. When Nicole was still married to Tom, Naomi was with Heath. I don’t think Heath cared much for Nicole, but he did get to know Tom back then. He thought Tom was “odd.” But a nice person.I am a long time Heath fan.
    I think Michelle is genuinely sad bcz Heath died. But I also think Michelle has “issues. ” I think they finally broke up bcz she was always kind os sour and negative and he was basically a happy person. And she was never as smart as him, and he was always the one pushing her to help her get parts. I wish her the best, but I am not a huge fan of her. I am crazy about the baby. I hope she will let his family spend a lot of time with Matilda. That way they can be close to Heath.

  • tass

    btw…some of you people are really weird. All these elaborate fantasy storylines about the personal relationships of people you’ve never met. Too funny.

  • Chey

    Tom Cruise did not know Heath. Naomi didn’t even meet Heath until 2003, over two years after Tom divorced Nicole Kidman. They went to the memorial to be seen and then had the nerve to release a statement saying they had been invited by family.

    On topic: Michelle looks fantastic in these photos.

  • Claudia

    I always liked KH more than MW, until she married Tom. I am sorry but she is freaking weird and soulless now. Both couples were very high profile in 2006 and I remember thinking how much better Michelle made out. She was also nominated for an Oscar. Sorry, but Katie became a joke after she “hooked up” with Tom. As for keeping in touch, Joshua Jackson said the same thing about Katie. She no longer keeps in touch with anyone from DC.

  • cameronaubrey

    i’ve always like michelle williams shes one of my favorite actress of all time. i hope she becomes more famous and successful. and i hope she finds a great man for her and matilda. i read the whole interview shes actually great.

  • Nicole m

    I remember her saying that she and Heath wanted six kids. It is so sad what happened. My heart breaks for her and that beautiful baby girl.

    Yeah, Katie thinks she’s friends with everybody or is trying to be friends with everybody.

  • dean

    Actually tom and katie were NOT filmed at Heath Ledgers memorial. It was just tommy’s PR peeps that SAID he was there. And then PR pictures of the two leaving ‘Joan’s on Third’ were released saying they were taken AFTER the memorial service.

    either way neither it was ALL just a PR stunt for the tommy train wreck express.

  • Lori

    i never liked Michelle much but I have a new respect for her. I think Heath’s problems and what she was going through sheds some light on why she had the permanent scowl. She seemed a lot more relaxed after they split. She’s very honest in the interview and sounds like someone people can relate to, unlike a lot of the other actresses her age. Some of the stuff about not anticipating the future is eerie in retrospect.

  • brrrrrrrr

    Michelle does have a melancholiness and seriousness in her tone which may or may not refllect her personality…or is it just edited that way!!!Anyway she is a good actress and I’m sure a terrific mum and I would not judge her about the Heath scenario as I have no idea what really went on.

  • Arab.Aquarius

    She is just so beautiful