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Natalie Portman's Vegan Shoe Line Launch

Natalie Portman's Vegan Shoe Line Launch

Natalie Portman (in Derek Lam) celebrates the launch of her vegan shoe line at Te Casan on Tuesday in New York City. (Vegans do not use or consume animal products of any kind.)

Also pictured: designer Rogan Gregory

The Natalie Portman Collection will soon be available for purchase at and at the NYC boutique located at 382 West Broadway. 5% of all vegan shoe profits will be going to charity.

Peep Natalie‘s ad for her vegan shoe collection here.

20+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman‘s vegan shoe line launch…

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Photos: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty
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54 Responses to “Natalie Portman's Vegan Shoe Line Launch”

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  1. 26
    kenza Says:

    I love her
    she’s very beautiful !

  2. 27
    alice Says:

    Nice to see Natalie again :)

    Good to see you posting about a genuinely interesting, talented and beautiful woman Jared instead of the usual Bilson crap

  3. 28
    chris Says:

    She is beautiful.

  4. 29
    andré Says:

    huum..i just think this vegan shoes thing is just boring.

  5. 30
    NUms Says:

    Love the actress……’great idea’ however if you understood the magnitude of how much CHEMICAL processing goes into making these synthetic/vegan shoes (all shoes) you would all be shaking your heads…sooo bad for the enviroment…..

  6. 31
    Preesi Says:

    NUms? I was JUST gonna post that!

    Vegans and PETA people are bad for the environment and they use MORE PETROLEUM then anyone else

  7. 32
    kate Says:

    what the heck is a vegan shoe line?

  8. 33
    boo Says:

    i’ve done my research. as a textiles designer i can tell you first hand that these particular vegan shoes are absolute bull sh i t for the planet… same goes for her print sublimated dress and her peroxided hair. her dress isn’t hand printed using organic dyes and that hair was not bleeched with lemon juice.
    if you’re going to claim to be conscious about a cause, do your research and DON’T BE HALF ASS ABOUT IT!!!

  9. 34
    momodd Says:

    22 : I completly agree with that!

    So looks really tired, no? Maybe that’s the blond do… Doesn’t really suit her. But she’s lovely.
    There is something I think is really strange, and inapropriate: looking at the wall; it is really important to mention she is a Harvard grad’?? Does it make her shoes more beautiful??

  10. 35
    mothernature Says:

    I saw her last night on Animal Plante about saving a speicies..I applaude her she is articulate, talented and intelligent she is the one actress when she opens her mouth dead air isn’t coming out of it..Too many actress’ get into hollywood for wanting Fame and money..but they have no clue about the going’s on in todays world or the need their celebrity can bring for the greater good of people around them. Natalie has done a whole lot for woman and children’s groups something she devoted her time and money too.

    She is a beauty and not just outwardly but inwardly as well..her views don’t have to be everyone’s and she is aware many do not share the same point of views..I see her doing great things in her life and with her acting..Can’t wait for Boleyn Girl to come out 2 weeks is too long..

  11. 36
    Kevin Says:

    If you wear these shoes and trod on a bug, squishing the very life out of it, do the shoes explode? Do you die? Do you go to hell? Or are there sensors in them that off alarms when you are about to step on an innocent millipede? Or do you just have to walk around feeling smugly superior thinking that your shoes will save every whale on the damn planet? And can you guarantee that in building the factory where these shoes are made, no snakes were crushed or rats disenfranchised!? Vegan shoes, for chrissakes. Talk about privileged Hollywood liberal malarky!

  12. 37
    xxxxx Says:

    the hair is not my favourite but she looks stunning as always. i’ve always thought her as the prettier and more talented version of rachel bilson dunno if anyone else sees some kind of resemblence.
    i don particularly care about vegan shoes, it’s not really an issue i’m passionate about bu i admire her for beliving in something and actually doing something about it.

  13. 38
    t Says:

    So intelligent, gorgeous, and talented. That Hayden girl could learn something from Natalie

  14. 39
    stuck in veggie hell Says:


    #She’s a cross-breed of a small girl and a middle-aged woman.#

    a very accurate description of her

    she also looks asexual

    stares at the ceiling during sex

  15. 40
    Didi Says:

    vegan shoes..are you taking the p*ss or what?

  16. 41
    Didi Says:

    lmao @ # 36

  17. 42
    Paula Says:

    she’s stuck up

  18. 43
    abc Says:

    # 33

    How do you know about her hair or clothes?
    It’s not about’s about animal farming for SKIN or food and its effect on the plant. And thats what you should research.

    Leather….do you think its natural that it comes in ever freakin color that you can imagine? NO!
    Even if there are chemicals involved in vegan shoes production YOU CAN’T even COMPARE their impact on environment with leather production.

    Leahter shoes = animal farming(killing!) + chemicals
    Vegan shoes = chemicals (which are used for production of…everything)

    # 31

    What a bullshit….farms, slaughterhouses, transportation of animals = a whole lot of energy

    Give some arguments man…dont think up just because you are against vegans / vegetarians !!!

    # 36

    millipede is not a mammal
    How can you compare accidentally crushed snake to mass killing of animals for clothes/food? Whould you compare holocaust to a car crash ???

    Its funny that you’re all so “smart” when it comes to environment and a regular American still uses more energy than others.

  19. 44
    jenn Says:

    everyone who thinks synthetic shoes are so bad should step back and ask themselves where leather comes from. it’s not a byproduct of livestock killed for food – these are entirely separate herds, usually kept on clear-cut forest land, and their skins are tanned in vats of chemicals so noxious that the people who live and work around them get all sorts of horrific ailments.

    synthetic is not perfect, but leather is no better, and it has the additional disadvantage of being cruel to the animals as well as the workers.

  20. 45
    cl Says:

    $200 for synthetic shoes? Give me a break!

  21. 46
    Dez Says:

    to boo – caring for animals IS caring for the environment in a big way – do your research

  22. 47
    Lauren Says:

    She’s pretty, but I think she looks better with darker hair….and also maybe in a different outfit.

  23. 48
    jivetalker Says:

    Meh….I’ve never seen what the big deal is about her. Her acting skills are mediocre at best and even though everyone constantly talks about her Harvard degree, she never seems all that bright or articulate to me in her interviews. Actually rather dim, dull and ditzy. But she’s got a very pretty face though- must be what has gotten her most of her roles. However I don’t like her style much (especially here).

  24. 49
    movie fan Says:

    The process of raising cows for leather and then processing them into shoes is HUGELY bad for the environment! Natalie and Stella McCartney are HEROES!!

    Love the animal print! She is saying, for those too dumb to get it, that animals are beautiful, and you don’t have to kill them to admire them.

    There are lots of smart people in Hollywood. But Natalie is smart, articulate, and educated. That’s a great combination.

  25. 50
    Audrj Says:

    I think you all have to talk more about shoes not about Natalie beauty

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