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Bai Ling: Arrested for Shoplifting!

Bai Ling: Arrested for Shoplifting!

Actress Bai Ling was arrested at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon for allegedly shoplifting at one of the terminal’s stores.

The 37-year-old actress lifted two celeb magazines and a pack of batteries.

Total value of stolen merchandise: $16.


Bai Ling was placed under citizen’s arrest by a shop employee and was “cooperative but crying” when taken away by Airport Police.

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  • lauren


  • lauren

    me again and 1st but forgot to say that in my first post…haha

  • Helena

    Why? Because she’s a cheap scánk. But it appears that she has 7 new projects in production. Shouldn’t she be getting money?!

  • Carmel

    Could it be a mistake? I know of perfectly honorable but absent minded people just walking out of a store/ library without paying or checking out the books because they forgot. But who knows with these celebrities!!

  • LINA


  • Lisa

    Bai Ling is so annoying

  • lily


  • anonymous

    she is a cheap scank. should be put in china jail.

  • B

    who cares about this freak. who the hell is she anyway?

  • roxy

    she is weird =,=

  • jo

    wow a whole $16. That was so not worth getting caught over. I’m in accordance with #9 because I have no idea who she is…

  • Ralu

    I knew it, I KNEW IT… LOOOOL

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    of course she stole, the bish aint got no money!

    i hope they use chinese water torture on her stupid ass.

  • Kate

    stupid reason to get arrested – but seriously, how can two magazines and a pack of batteries cost $16? Maybe she stole them cause the price was such a rip off.

  • lambman

    poor girl, in this case I think it may have been an honest mistake. Calling her spacey would be an understatment, its perfectly believable she would just pick things up and wonder off.

    regardless, she actually is a pretty good actress…just not in English language films (except that Richard Gere one)

  • http://JJ.COM lynn

    I almost walked out of the store with a tabloid under my arm.. I was reading it and looking at other things, but when I got to the check out line, I paid for everything but the book, I still had it under my arm along with my purse. before I got to the door I realized I still had the magazine and the cashier was looking at me and I walked back to her and said did you notice I had the magazine under my arm and she said yes and I said why didnt you ask me at that time if I wanted to buy it. she only smiled. I was so upset that she would let me walk out of the store wiith the magazine just to report me. I work at this large department here in my city and you will get up to $500.00 for reporting a thief.

  • Didi

    shoplifting at an airport.

    and for 16 measly f*cking dollars

    how low can you bloomin’ go

  • Didi

    if it was an honest mistake, the police wouldn’t have arrested her

  • hugh

    Did she learn her trade from Winona?

  • yv3tt3

    I’m sure it was just to get attention, she’s so weird

  • lol

    attention whore

  • AnOldiebutagoodie

    Carmel, I can only hope it is a mistake. If not, then being caught may be the best thing for Bai because she may finally have to get herself together

  • !!!

    Why? Because she wants to be featured in gossip blog for something else than her hideous outfits.

  • lola

    Oh, she totally psycho. Hilariously skanky clothes, too!

    –read my blog at

  • George

    Well, if the case makes it to court, she can always plead insanity! Anyone who has seen her or listened to her would definitely know that she is CRAZY!

  • Kat

    Why are you guys so racist?! I’ve read so many post here and in another story where people seem to think it’s okay to write things like ” they should deport her back to China” or like post 15. Absurd. If this happened to a British, Irish, Australian, actor/actress, would you guys say ” they should deport him/her back to Ireland,U.K, etc”? Of course not! & know that I’m not Chinese or Asian. It just simply bothers me how people could be so ignorant. I wish that you would go to one of these countries and they would treat you the same way. Grow up people! Another thing, how is she wierd? Do you personally know her? I doubt. She is a wonderful actress. Why she shoplifted we do not know, but it is not for us to judge. Look at your faults before you point out others faults.

  • Ronelle

    I agree with the last post. You people grow up – we are all citizens of this planet and if it was precious Nicole Kidman or any of the others who are just as fake as Bai Ling – you wouldn’t be saying things like deport her.

    “Take a look at your self and then you’ll look at others differently.
    Put your hands in the hands of the Man form Galilee.”

    p.s. leave Britney alone – “Judge not, lest ye be judged…”

  • anon

    She was on like on three episodes of Lost and wears the oddest outfits to award shows. There is no reason to really hate her…

  • anon

    she was on like* , spell check there.

  • JJ


  • Mawa

    Poor Bai Ling! I really don’t think she meant it. This happened to me a few months ago without the arresting part. I walked out of the store with a book tucked into my bag without realizing it. Not a single alarm went off thank God! I put it back, no one noticed and sneaked off. Yes, the thieves on the board and friends said why didn’t you just leave with it. NO.

  • Di

    I’m not a fan of hers or a hater, aside from deriving amusement from her clothes I really have no interest in Bai Ling one way or the other, so please don’t take this as any sort of biased post.

    Bai Ling is a total space cadet, and I’m sure anyone who’s ever seen her try to give an interview will agree. She interrupts herself, goes off on entirely unrelated tangents, and will spend upwards of 30 seconds just staring at the camera while whoever’s doing the interview shifts around uncomfortable.

    I have no trouble whatsoever believeing that she completely forgot she was holding the damned stuff and just wandered off to stare at something shiny. Whether it was an accident or not is irrelevant to the cops, she was technically shoplifting and just letting her wander off would give more fodder to the types of people who complain that celebs get unfair treatment.

  • reina robinson

    Hahaha she is CRAZY!!! i know she had 20 bucks!! she jus finished 2 movies for crying out loud!!! Chain Letter and The Hustle…

  • comforter sets

    Shoplifting? She? Never Was She? I am surprised