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Bai Ling's Sexy Mug Shot

Bai Ling's Sexy Mug Shot

Bai Ling‘s mug shot has been released thanks to TMZ.

She was arrested Wednesday afternoon for allegedly shoplifting two magazines and a pack of batteries at one of LAX airport’s gift shops.

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  • [marie]

    poor girl… she looks awful…

  • sdfBaby

    Im still trying to figure out why she’s famous?

  • Jane


  • ♥Didi♥

    lmao@ stealing magazines and batteries.

    probably p*rno mags and the batteries well. you know what they’re for…

  • mary

    I don’t excuse what she apparently did, but she looks so sad. Not like most celeb mugshots. Cough, Paris, cough.

  • Mrs Miller

    She looks like shit

  • me!

    i hope she gets deported and her visa revoked forever. can’t stand this talentless skanky attention whore. buh-bye!

  • ashley

    if she’s famous why is she shoplifting, another stupid celeb

  • emily☆

    OMJ she is a RETARD!!!
    if she is ”famous” then why in the world did she shoplift??
    i know ppl that dont have a lot of money and they dont do that!!
    strange strange girl….i must say!
    and how and why is she famous!
    And no she doesnt look sad!
    she is thinking ” Wait like does this like mean i’m going to get like popular OMG!!”
    haha sorry i had to say that last part! ”/

  • emily☆

    what Jared you blocked out R…e….t….a….r….d??
    what is wrong with that??
    well i dont cuss!
    and I guess she wasnt think when she did that!

  • Lillianne

    Oh she’s so sad – sad that she got caught. Emily is right STUPID and a R*E*T*A*R*D

  • George

    Oh, shoot! I was hoping she was wearing one of those crazy getups! Well, we can’t have everything. Don’t worry, kids. She’ll get off. It’s obvious she’s crazy. They’ll just say it’s a misunderstanding.

  • Momo

    9th ! She afraids me

  • Reader

    Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you’re rich. That being said . . . what’s $10?

  • the_original_nika


  • Nicole m

    LMFAO!!!!!! This is absolutely priceless!

  • moi

    If she goes to jail, I hope no-one’s Bai-Ling her out XD

    Sorry, that was terrible but I couldn’t resist!

    Seriously though, who is she? I’ve heard of her but have no idea what she does.

  • Anon

    She is such a sad case. I read about her way long time ago when she made a very good movie with Richard Gere called Red Square, I think. Anyway, he played a businessman frmaed for murder in Red China and he was going to be executed, but he was entitled to a state sponsored attorney, and it was Bai Ling. She was a very very good actress. She was very young in Real Life, when she came here from China. She has an interesting background and she is very smart. I feel sad she has come to this. She rarely works in anything except straight to video crap, and I think some misguided advice convinced her that in America it’s all about publicity and sex, so she has become almost a joke. I wish someone cared enough about her to help her. I don’t think she has any real family here. She has kind of been on her own since coming here. Her sponsors obviously weren’t on top of things when she was younger.

  • Dannie

    Oh Bai Ling, why honey, why?

  • faith

    It’s a misdemeanor crime. She’s not going to be deported.

  • ♥Didi♥

    #17 lol. the corny jokes are usually the best

  • miss america

    what a dumb assclown

  • wtf

    #13… omg… please for the love of learning… write a decent English sentence. “afraid” is an adjective & not a verb, never a verb… You can say i am afraid of her or she frightens me… she scares me… thank you.

  • srn

    is it just me or does her mugshot look like an ad for american apparell . . .

  • Michelle

    # 24 – hahahahhahahahahahha

  • Michelle

    She looks so sad…I feel bad for her…

  • Jo

    What no nipple slip, no gratuitous sexual innuendo? Reality sucks, huh?!

  • kate

    She looks alright for a 37 year old.

  • 29_29

    i feel so sad for her!!!! its not like she stole something expensive,they could have just gave her a warning!!!!!!!

  • Ha!

    I almost didn’t recognize her because she’s not desperately trying to flash her boobies. And she’s not a “girl”, the woman is almost 40.

  • mARIEmE

    I just feel so bad for her. People are endlessly dumping on her. She’s done nothing to really deserve it. Bai Ling is no Britney or Lindsay, she just acts loopy. I hope they let her off after she apologizes. I really do.

  • Leah



    Omg. You’re right! Man, that’s hilarious…I couldn’t stop laughing. You have quite the imagination. :)

  • http://yahoo lola

    OMG she’s so frign stupid and i absolutely do not feel sorry4 her… good thing they caught her and her no good stealing arse and btw they should keep her in jail, it’s not like lots of people care!!!