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Camila Alves: Flowy in Fendi

Camila Alves: Flowy in Fendi

Brazilian model (and mom-to-be) Camila Alves shows off her wee baby bump in a flowy Fendi dress at the reopening of the fashion house’s Rodeo Drive flagship store in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday.

Camila, 24, and beau Matthew McConaughey, 38, expect their first child in late June.

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Photos: Stephen Shugerman/Getty
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  • petrus

    it’s so brazilliam

  • shana


  • http://----------- ok

    i like camilla she is cute and she does have a banging bod. dont really care for matt hes beyond weird. make him get you out of that rv, and build a nice house on your new 10 million dollar property cam. or do a renovation on the old one.

  • rita

    reminds me of the pussycat doll chick nicole.


    she’s pretty but I don’t like her outfit at all

  • Poppa
  • mimi

    wow she’s my age im jealous she has Matthew lol
    btw lose the jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    “pretty”?!? wtf, are you blind?

  • Lisa

    Who cares? Put someone on the site that matters Jared.

  • Jillian

    She’s not pretty AND she has a wonk eye.
    Oh well, Matthew’s not all that either.

    Happy Valentine’s Day

  • lily

    she has a bit of the wonky eye like Nelly furtado and also her eyebrows look almost like it’s suppose to be a unibrow.

    she definitey has potential to look stunning, starting with a new outfit and hairstyle.

  • Jess

    This chick has an amazing body. But her face…busted.


    Am I looking at a man???

  • West

    The typical Brazilian girl…. But at least this one has got a brain, very good with numbers :P

  • Ken

    She is beautiful and has a great body but if she is brainy as #14 says then she is not a typical super model.

  • Katie N

    I know lot of Brazilian girls who are really brainy. #14 is a moron to generalize millions of women like that. it is like saying all american women are obese because some are. Each country has its intelligent ones and its stupid ones.

  • Tealeaf

    Like I said before, she has a toned body, but her face is very average especially being a Brazilian model.

  • http://ffffffffffffff rachael green

    butta face

  • alt

    so damn ugly but so is Matt and his mutated arms

  • harlow winter

    she is not that pretty as I thought she was.

  • West

    Dear Katie (not Holmes) you must learn to understand what i’ve written to make a useful comment in this kind of blog about so-called celebrities:) but of course i can’t expect you to understand it :)

  • ♥Didi♥

    shes famous for being pregnant with Matthew McConaughey’s baby so she hardly deserves a thread.
    That said i wish it was my claim to my fame so I can’t knock her..

    The pre-conception part, not the actual baby though.
    nobody wants a baby. they suck.

  • Rita

    That stupid #14 is always using “typical brazilian”. Brazil=DIVERSITY.
    We have people of all possible ethinc mixes here. You can say someone is a typical japanese , not brazilian.

  • jen


  • West

    Rita first learn some good manners and then read some books, perhaps afterwards you will actually understand my message Ritinha or may I say Ritxxxxxxxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinha :P
    Get a grip girl !

  • http://,,, TO NUM 20 U R LOW


  • lola

    Cute girl, but she looks stoned or very tired. Look at her eyes!

    –read my blog at

  • bataglio

    she has all the features required to be hot, but somehow looks like a camel

  • Kat

    You can’t say someone from Brazil is “your typical Brazilian” just like you can’t say someone from Argentina is “your typical Argentinian” or anybody from Latin America, period. Latin America= diversity and if you haven’t realized that by now, you are in denial buddy. It has been way over a hundred years for people to still have the same mentality and be so close-minded. Educate yourself and accept.

  • West

    To Kat who is also Katie but not Holmes, read my message with a dictionary.

  • anom

    Model? I guess that what you call women who are tall and attractive but what has she done? Never seen her before anywhere other than with him She is pretty enough but they start to all look alike.

  • v

    There isn’t a typical brazilian!. The people of south of Brazil are decendent of lot of europeans who came from Germany (Gisele Bubdchen), Italy, Ucrain, Polan. IThere are in south earsten lot of japonese and emigrants from Italy. There are in north earsten lot of people whose decendent of several races and in north of Brazil there are indians and a litle quantity of white people. In Rio de Janeiro there are all of kind of people but with group live separate with other. Camila Alves is decendent of white people and black. She has a tired but friendly looks like!!! Nowadays rich man must to have a friend who is model because it is a prestige for them. It is important for their image…There isn’t beautiful actresses or actors in Hollywood at present too. There are some nice actors or actresses but there isn’t beautiful actress like in the past!!! I hope that Camila and Mathew Mac Conaughey have good look!
    It is very expensive to make a turism in Brasil. Brazil is a unknowed country because few people have money to visit over there!

  • West

    V I hope that one day you have enough money to visit Brazil because it is quite cheap and with lovely beaches, even tough you can be robbed quite easily unfortunately but that is the reality of the big brazilian cities, lots of violence due to poverty,corruption and bad government. As for Brazil that you say is an unknown country , well i must disagree because Brazil is well know for the Carnival and the football and for plastic surgeons (which are quite common and benefit those who have some money).
    Most Brazilians (not all) practise the «cult of the body» and yes there is a typical Brazilian which makes that girl an excellent symbol of those who migrate due to the poor economic situation of certain groups but fortunately she got the opportunity of having a good looking so-called celebrity interested in her or perhaps this is what they call in Brazil golpe do baú (when a poor girl chases a rich guy) and golpe da barriga(when someone gets pregnant on purpose) ! It is their life and I hope that at least the baby grows up healthy and happy :)

  • v

    Brazil isn’t this porverty that you imagine!
    This “olpe de barriga” is very popular in Germany. Lot of young women in Germany get married to reseave money of german government . Then they needn’t work more. They can live with money of idiot german workers whose are paying lot of income tax. Michelle Williams did the same with Heath Ledger and her daughter will receive the inheritance of him. She let Heath Ledger when he had difficults in his life and you can see what happened in Australia. She was very happy, wasn’t she?!? Reese Witherspoon was pregnant when she got married with Ryan Phillippe and probable she will try to have a baby with Jake Gyllenhaal because the family of him are very strong in Hollywood.
    You can see!! It isn’t a poor girl chases a rich guy, there are worse woman in Hollywood.!! Reese Witherspoon give lot of loss to Hollywood film industry and nobody know why she became so much money. She probable an underground prostitute whose become main places with lot of sex with leathers of Hollywood.
    Have you ever been in Brazil?

  • v

    I fogot…The “Golpe da barriga” (when someone gets pregnant on purpose) is better then win the lottery for several woman and man at present. Look at Heather Mils she will win more then 100 Euros when she will divorce…



    West — this brazilian dick who f.u.c.k.e.d your a.s.s made you so sore and such a bitter person….LOL Back it up, camaradaa (check the spelling pliz, not really sure), leave the stupid couple along with the latin ladies people alone, eh? They R hot. And even hotter in person.
    Mal amado or somthg that’s how they call it back there in Brazil ISN’T???



  • alexis

    i thought this chick was supposed to be gorgeous? she’s not…not ugly by any means but definitely not what i’ve heard.

  • norrita

    she and that ad above of beyonce look kind of alike dont they?