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Gwyneth Paltrow in Hairdresser Heaven

Gwyneth Paltrow in Hairdresser Heaven

Gwyneth Paltrow gets her hair done by one of her celebrity hairdressers, Harry Josh, prior to a mystery photoshoot in New York City.

UPDATE: Apologies, image removed!

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Credit: Andrew H. Walker; Photos: Getty
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# 1
♥Didi♥ @ 02/14/2008 at 3:48 pm

it looks the f*cking same

# 3
♥Didi♥ @ 02/14/2008 at 3:51 pm

ooo wow im first!, let me get my panties in a twist like those “first” saddos

# 4

Jared!! we dont care if someone gets they hair done and it looks the same!! how about get something about Jonas brothers, Ashey Tisdale, and more oh and jamie lynnn or something!!

# 5

This is going to sound weird, but she has like the most boring hair ever

# 6

the photoshoot is for V magazine

# 7
dicaprio lovaah @ 02/14/2008 at 4:30 pm

She’s cute on that pic!!

btw ,,, where the hell are the DICAPRIO PICS? i know there are some new paparazzi pics of him,why dont you post them?!

and why do you post pics of Bar Refaeli who is NOBODY but not of Leonardo DiCaprio?

# 8

He did a fantastic job… her hair looks like cr*p as alway…

# 9

she looks very pretty and happy

what was the commercial..”got organic hay and grass” I’ll eat it..

Paltrow needs to darken the locks and shorten the lenth a little, then reMOve that dumb stuPID Part in the middle..ages her already bordering on plain face.

She looks awful, maybe if she do something with that cr@p she will look better. She looks like a wtch on a broomstick. What a joke she is!

Looks like she cut a couple of inches off. Her hair looks healthier. Very pretty

She looks like a dude in a wig.

Pathetic thing is so desperate. She’s trying to hold on to her youth with this strangy-ugly hair.

SHE'S GROSS @ 02/14/2008 at 5:16 pm


Wtf happened to her? The hair looks ok but the rest of her looks a mess.

That’s not Paltrow. That’s her baby bro, Jake, in drag!

I’ll bet Harry really wants to cut that hair to a mature style but Gwyneth is too ignorant and stupid to let him.

who the hell cares if she got her hair done? everybody gets their hair done at some point. big whoop.

I hope they put her in dresses otherwise no one will know it’s a woman…

I can see @ 02/14/2008 at 5:29 pm

She really is ugly wonder what happened to her she use to look ok.

This is proof of how average looking she is, if I saw her on the street the only thing that would make me notice her was her size.

always the same hair with gwyn

Looks like she has a massive zit on her forehead

When you don’t have any talent then there is nothing left butgetting your hair done. Truely sad. Her people are quickly trying to fix her image so before the movie she is in comes out. Heres to another flop.

Ugly hair and she’s a buttaface!

Elizabeth @ 02/14/2008 at 5:41 pm

I’ll give her credit. She does have a lot of hair, but it’s so limp and looks like a mop.


the woman think she’s uber young or something, her cheeks always seemed weird to me. what did he do to her hair it looks stale as usual. gp. is just boring, got lucky in life with the right hollywood family.her acting isnt much. like demi,aniston,they cant let go of the hair/part middle they think its makes them look y o u n g.

I’m so done with her boring hair.

Yeah it’s the old birds that just can’t let the part in the middle-long hair go-they got serious age issues.

This chick is scared to dealth, She is getting old in hollywood. Bet she is dipping into the plastic surgery bin.

I wish she would cut her hair,or at least change that middle part. Her
Mom looks better than she does.

A plea to Gwyn & Demi & Cox & Jennifer A.-Please dye yals hair closer to your Natural color- loose the middle part- get a great cut- and try a sophicated do that fits with the year ”2008” and your age.
It would work – trust me and take years off.

WOW, talk about haterade. i’m over her long blonde hair, i swear she’s just trying to copy claudia schiffer and let’s face it, she’s no claudia schiffer. i know a lot of people hate her ‘coz of what she said about her country although i think the interview piece was manipulated in a way to make it sound like she hates the states. the sad thing with the media today is that anything negative sells. however, i really think people also hate her because of the brad pitt connection. i swear, brangelina fanatics will rip apart any woman who was linked to brad at one point or another.

i dont hate her and i like most celebs, but really she should change up her looks . especialy the hair.

I think most people don’t care about her connection to Pitt. The only ones who seem to bring it up are her few fans. Her problem is she constantly puts her foot in her mouth and comes across as snotty in her interviews.

ITA – she needs a new look.

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