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James Wilke is Bubble Boy

James Wilke is Bubble Boy

Sarah Jessica Parker pushes her 5-year-old son, James Wilke Broderick, to school through the West Village in New York City on Thursday, Valentine’s Day.

James Wilke staved off the harsh city winds, staying behind a protective plastic bubble while riding in his stroller.

Sex and the City: The Movie rolls out in theaters on May 30th.

FYI: SJP is using her Maclaren stroller.

10+ pictures inside of bubble boy James Wilke Broderick

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  • ILovePapaSmurf

    Aww, John Travolta would be proud.


    Why isn’t he walking??? Isn’t five a little old to be in a stroller???

    I still adore SJP and I can’t for SATS the movie.

  • Maxim

    Five year old boy in a stroller? What a wimp. He should be running down the street hitting every mailbox with a stick.

  • Janee

    Sorry, but a 5 year old is way too old to be in a stroller with plastic covering to boot. And don’t give me the NYC excuse. I’m from there and all my nieces and nephews were out of strollers by that age.

  • Mom

    Five is too old for strollers unless there is something wrong with him.

  • People on this site

    Why do people on this site always comment on the celebs’ style of parenting? News flash, y’all aren’t the best parents around either, so you best not be talking. If she wants to give her kid a bottle and pacifier at age ten, then she can do it. He’s HER kid. She’ll decide what’s best for him.

  • your worst enemy

    uggs for a boy ? oh boyy wht has this world seen .

  • No Bugaboo for you.

    5 years old????????
    You must be joking. How embarrassing.

  • Mad_Hatter

    I am so glad to see that everyone who has already commented all agree a 5 year old should NOT be in a stroller.
    Thats just making a kid lazy.

  • mossy


    YES, uggs on a boy. uggs were originally worn by MALE and FEMALE surfers after hitting the waves on cold mornings. this was way before every undereducated slutty looking bottle blonde AMERICAN girls started wearing them. oh and these girls only started wearing them after they saw kate moss started the trend.

  • groundcontrol

    You are absolutely right. It is NONE of our business how she raises her child.

    Now I shall comment on it.

    Unless he has a sprained leg or something, why is he in a stroller? Maybe he has a cold, hence the bubble, but then he should be home and not infecting his classmates. Or he’s just a wimp. Or he just felt like it and she indulged him. That’s what parents do sometimes.

    Whatever. It ain’t my kid.

  • b*tch

    err, maybe it was really cold that day and sarah jessica is just protecting her child. yes, her child. it’s ridiculous how so many people think they know better when it concerns SOMEONE ELSE’S CHILD.

  • Julia

    Why does anyone care how SJP raises her son? It’s not like he’s being harmed by riding in a stroller. It’s not like he’s in a stroller all the time.

  • hmm

    That boy is way to old to be in a stroller. Some celebrities need some parenting skills. If it ain’t strollers, it’s pacifiers for these big kids.

  • HAHA

    Wow, so many parenting know it alls on this post. I wonder if they’re just projecting and that they’re all adults with pacifier fetishes. Haha. Sad, but funny, and possibly be true considering the condition of society in this day and age.

  • ridiculous

    She oughta be ashamed pushing that big boy in a stroller, he oughta be pushing her, with his big azz. Stupid azz woman.

  • Jane

    Sarah Jessica, must be r*t*rded. She looks like a fool pushing a big kid like that around in a stroller.

  • Julia

    I hope everyone here is a superb parent. Or else you’re all hypocrites.

    I think the latter….

  • meg

    I am usually very tolerant of people but this is just so very sad. He isn’t a baby anymore and shouldn’t be treated in this manner. Keeping him a baby is something she is doing for herself, not for him. Start giving him the tools to grow up before it is too late. Plus am sure he is exceeding the recommended weight cap on that umbrella stroller.

  • the_original_nika

    I agree #19
    I mean cmon.. he´s 5 y.o, not a baby anymore.

  • Tanda

    WTH? Why is he is a stroller. Five year olds don’t belong in them!

  • aa

    He’s too old for a stroler.. period.

  • ElenaBelle

    I couldn’t even imagine my 5 year old nephew in a stroller,it would be a joke,WTF?

  • ElenaBelle

    wait I forgot to mention the effin bubble !whats up with that?it doesn’t look to be raining,double WTF?

  • Hmmm

    Well this is her first child so probably a little over protective, I know I was with mine, but at the age of 5 thats to old for a stroller, bottle or pacifier.

    My son will be 5 on March 4th, and as much as I love the little guy, still not pushing him in a stroller……lol

  • way2Bad

    I just don’t get it ~ The boy is 5 years old and still gets into a stroller? he’s going to be so pissed off and embarassed when he sees this picture in about 10 years ~ talk about being teased by your peers ! Poor kid ~ I don’t know why but I’m already laughing at the poor little guy ~ you can’t ell me that not just way to funny ~ Five and in a stroller ~ Hope he is potty trained

  • Alison

    I agree with all of you who say he is too old for a stroller. That should have gone at least 2 years ago. The weather does look bitterly cold though so maybe that is why he is in one. SJP obviously can’t afford a cab….

  • the dq

    Not only is that kid way to old to be riding in a stroller (lazy wimp), he doesn’t even fit in the thing. Have never liked SJPP and this does nothing to change that stance.

  • Catherine

    Whoa! I hope she poked some air holes in that plastic! Oh, never mind, I see the some ventilation by the feet.

  • Arab.Aquarius

    I like the bubble idea, good, especially in such polluted streets

  • Jo

    Love SJP won’t judge her way to raise her child, she doesn’t need any of you approval, if she wants to put her kid in a stroller whats the big deal ? Its not as if she gave is a beer at the age of 5 jesus grow up guys.

  • sarah

    when I see celeb parents allowing their children to continue using strollers, pacifiers and bottles, I only get laziness from all of it. Feels like some of these people don’t want to put in the work to break those habits. Let’s face it, no pediatrician with a real good working rep would tell a parent that using pacifiers or bottles past a certain age is healthy. It will screw up the shape of the kids mouth and their teeth. Plus when they get in school, they’ll be one of the only ones still using those things.

    No one has the right to point fingers at another’s parenting skills, but we can have an opinion. And I think the only thing being jeopardized here is the child’s health. It’s not so much the ridiculousness of a 5 year old in a stroller. It’s more of a question of whether this is the healthiest way for him to be raised.

    But, this photo really shows nothing. In a lot of other photos of him, he seems to walk on his own. So I think people are overanalyzing this pic, but in regards to other celeb parents, I agree completely.

  • alt

    hahah that is ridiculous. Isn’t that kid emberassed coming to school in a stroller? At 5 years old? Omg this is so odd.

  • Mediterranean

    IF he was really too old for a push-chair, he firstly could not fit in it, right?

    It must be one of those days; very early, very cold, windy and your kid is not in a mood to co-operate to do anything. He is just miserable. Then, what do you do?

    You are only looking for something to complain sometimes.

  • erika

    Is her child in public school? I remember she made a big deal that her child will be going to public school. No private school for little James. Someone please get back with us and let us know.

  • Ha!

    I see all the judgemental posters are out here on this fine, fine Friday. Did I just read someone call a 5-year-old boy a lazy wimp? Lovely.

  • Astrid

    The poor guy looks trapped. :(

  • LD

    Julianne Moore had her 5 yr old in a stroller a few months. it also created a bit of a s hit storm, I have never seen her in one again. A 5 yr old is just too big for a stroller. Look at him, he is all scrunched up in it.

  • I_hate_It

    I hate the strollers, here in Manhattan, people push there kids around in strollers up to age 6, it’s ridiculous. Its not even the kids who are lazy, it’s the parents. They want their kids to walk faster, but of course, they can’t walk as fast as a grownup, so the parents get frustrated. And we wonder why American kids nowadays are so fat. At six, I was riding my bike to school with my siblings, not being pushed aroung in a glorified wheelchair.


    i kno this is horrible, but i think if ur old enough to go to school, you should be big enough to walk. why does he need a stroller?!? hes 5!!! he looks like hes about to bust our the bottom with his butt. lol seriously i think his precious feet can touch pavement. hes not going to die. and speeking of thos feet…whats with the man uggs? fugly.

    wow. i am a horrible person picking on little kids. i must be in a bad mood. strangely though, now i feel better.

  • david

    Maybe he has a cut on his foot or a sprained ankle which is preventing him from walking.

    We have all seen tons of pictures of James Wilkie and he’s not usually in a stroller.

    Don’t judge before you have the facts! The good news is that he obviously has loving parents.

  • Benzy

    Have any of you ever escorted a child around Manhattan in the winter? The plastic and the stroller are necessities. Keeping you children comfortable and safe in a major metro area requires a different tactic then hopping in the Ford Expedition and slugging your little brat to Chuck E. Cheese, or what ever Taupe colored megashit mall you take your kids to.

  • awwwww

    LOL oh no! A five year old should not be in a stroller! She’s treating him like a little baby! How embarrassing. Tut tut…

  • blueangel

    He’s still riding in a stroller? I wonder if he still sleeps in a crib, wears diapers, and sits in a high-chair when he eats. Is he disabled?

  • twisted

    I happen to live in NYC and we had two very cold and brutal days on Wed & Thurs of this week. The wind was howling and it was bitter cold. I don’t think there is anything wrong with SJP protecting her son from elements. It is the only time I have ever seen him in a stroller since he was much younger. Perhaps she had to go somewhere and felt this was the best way to get there and still protect her son. This kid is always walking, biking and on his scooter so I think its a bit harsh to say he is lazy. Cut the kid a break. I have seen numerous photos of him playing and being very active.

  • lilme

    Dude, in every other picture I have seen of this kid in the last few years he has been walking (or running) around with his parents. I would guess that there is a reason for the stroller and the rain protector.

    Geez, people – judgmental much?

  • Haylo

    He’s too big for that sort of stroller but I have and will again put a 5 yr old in a jogging stroller or one of the bigger models. It depends where you are going. Anyone who’s been anywhere that requires long bouts of walking, like the zoo, amusement parks, beach boardwalks with children ages 6 and under will know that after a while even the most active kid gets tired. So SJP can the itty bitty umbrella stroller and pick up a jogger or one of the bigger kid strollers (they do make them).

  • Valentina

    This time I agree with most of the comments. My sons were well out of a stroller by three as they wanted no part of it after that. Yes, it’s bad weather but so what…you dress appropriately and just “do it”….she only has the one child and is probably keeping him a baby as long as possible. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but someday if he’s not taught to face reality at least just a little, he may choke on it.

  • dan’s mom

    I live in NYC, and it wasn’t bitterly cold on V-day–in fact, I think it was in the low 40′s. I don’t get the plastic cover, either. My son was in a stroller until he was 4, but that was because he was a crazy little maniac who wouldn’t walk beside me & hold my hand, so my choices were 1) big kid in a stroller, or 2) kid run over by car. So, maybe there’s a good reason that we don’t know of (health or self-control issues); if not, I’d say it is a little babyish to be coddling him like that.

  • k

    She’s f****d in the head anyway. Can’t stand her.