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Nelly Furtado is Pregnant Again

Nelly Furtado is Pregnant Again

Nelly Furtado is expecting a second child, reports Star. The father is her sound engineer fiancé Demacio Castellon.

“She’s not very far along yet, so she’s trying to keep the pregnancy under wraps,” one source says.

The 29-year-old “Say it Right” singer has a four-year-old daughter, Nevis, with ex-boyfriend, DJ Jasper Gahunia. The couple split in 2005 after four years together.

UPDATE: Nelly‘s rep tells Us Weekly that she’s “not pregnant.” Oh well!

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  • BCN

    everybody is pregnant

  • Rea


  • http://yahoo Yes

    star is the new people uh??

    IGWU NO.1

  • wow

    she should try getting married to a guy before getting knocked up for once…..but maybe they don’t want to marry her.

  • ely

    Good for her… Its not important if 2 people sign a paper stating they’re married, the important thing is that the people involved in caring and bring up the child are grounded, loving, and able to show that child unconditional love, support, values, and good morals. =o)

  • helen

    i didnt know she had a child, but good for her.

  • helen

    i didnt know she had a child, but good for her.

  • Here’s The Deal

    ^^Marriage is not just a piece of paper. :roll:

    I’m happy for her though. I like Nelly……..she seems very sweet and good-hearted. Still, I wish she would go back to her darker hair.

  • mimiuvitello

    i like her style, her face, the wAY SHE CARRIES HERSElf is aWESOME.. SHE SEEMS LIKE A DOWN-TO-EARTH LADY..

  • wow

    well, she’s obviously not with her first child’s father anymore… is she going to last with this new baby daddy????? it’s pretty trashy to have a bunch of kids and none of them have the same dad. but i guess if you’re trashy you wouldn’t recognize the smell of your own trash…..and poor nelly is getting stinkier and stinkier.

  • Didi

    marriage is a load of sh*t, she’s right.

    If i could turn the clock back I would

  • Hugo

    If True , Congrats


    aww thats cute


  • carlie

    Marriage is a wonderful thing. You have to make sure that you and the person you marry have the same values, can communicate and be honest about everything. This takes time and all the right motivations, love and a lot of respect. When two people, who have these things, come together and make a commitment in front of their friends and family (I’m leaving God out of this b/c I am agnostic) it’s an amazing thing. I hope she ends up marrying her fiance so that they can raise this child (and her little girl also) as part of a loving, secure and committed family. Family is beautiful.

  • missy

    who fvcks the sound manager, huh????

    Stupid tramp.


  • Mike
  • Mike
  • because I say so

    She is already married. She got married late last year, but she lives her life in private and have not made this public.

  • emily☆

    idk if she is married!
    but i want to c a pic of her lil girl!!

  • george

    if she’s married…why would she keep that a secret? especially now??it’s not like it’s something to be ashamed of!

  • ♥Didi♥

    I disagree, at best marriage is a crapshoot

    anyone with a brain and a good conscience goes into a marriage with noble intentions and an immense feeling of love for one another. but things change, people change, and you most likely grow apart. theres no such thing as happily ever after for most people.

    instead of a hefty lawyers bill after a nasty divorce and custody battle that well and truly f*ck the kids up, its better to live together instead and then go your separate ways if sh*t hits the fan which it inevitably will.

    life is a big fat hairy pustulant b*tch and the younger you realise it the better

  • STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh please I cliciked on here to see what she had said regarding her pregnancy only to find that it’s some made up nonsense by the ugly tabloid Star. Stop it with that.

  • bejeebus


    i understand what you are saying but…what sort of message does it send to the children?

    hey kids, mommy and daddy didn’t bother getting married because they had a feeling that their relationship wouldn’t last. they didn’t bother waiting for someone with whom they thought they could spend the rest of their life with….soooo, they found someone who was just “good enough” to have as your mother/father. don’t take it personally that mommy/daddy didn’t think that you deserved the man/woman they thought was the most fantastic person in the whole world to be your other parent. the fact that they didn’t want to make a permanent commitment to this person shouldn’t bother you one bit or make you feel slightly uneasy (in your child mind and heart) about their commitment to you…..

    do you understand where i am coming from?

  • Anon

    God! No wonder you’re a cynical bitch all the time didi. You’re depressing outlook on life is practically driving me to drink.

    Life is beautiful if you make it beautiful and so is marriage. Last year my grandparents celebrated their golden wedding anniversary so I have a shinning example of success right in front of me. Don’t push your negativity on others just because you’ve had a bad experience.

  • http://,,, hm

    dayum seriously she is u g l y…

  • http://,,, depends

    marriage isnt a many people/celebs break up all the time..its a piece of paper.. and everyone dont get married because they were in love, could be because of children,companionship,love, sex, rebounds ect..if you want to get married fine , if not, thats fine too. if you grow out of it- or were married for the wrong reasons-whatever- theres a thing called divorce–man made law too.. who knows the true reasons people marry and dont…people normally only show you what they want you to see or glass is half full but Im a realist.

  • bejeebus

    i also want to add that i know that sometimes divorce is the only answer. my own mother divorced her first husband (reall @sshole) and my sister’s father. she then married my father and had me. they are still married. so, yes, sometimes divorce happens and it’s for the best. but my sister will always know that my mother had the best of intentions to stay with her father forever when she married him. it’s wonderful for her to know that she was born into a relationship where my mother (at least) had the most optimistic and loving intentions in place. i think that does make a difference to a child. they don’t know about lawyers and division of property….that’s something the parents deal with primarily. a child just knows about the love part that caused them to be brought into this world.

    sorry to go on and on

  • ♥Didi♥

    bejeebus I completely understand where you’re coming from and I agree to an extent about settling for ‘good enough’ being a bad example.

    However, I also think we should teach our kids to be realistic and not raise their expectations about their life being a story book romance or movie. Since the year dot people have been falling in love and have had the intention of spending the rest of their life together or have had their marriage arranged. In the end people stuck together despite being unhappy for the sake of the kids or because divorce was such a taboo and unthinkable or against their religion. Marriage then becomes a form of slavery for the soul and thats what i object to. The part that compells you to stay with the person because you have to, not because you want to.People seldom live by their wedding vows so the whole thing becomes a sham.
    I dont see why you cant be in love and be together without a piece of paper telling you you have to. Why cant you give kids the same love, commitment and stability that a married couple can.? IMO marriage further complicates something which is complicated to begin with. The worse thing is if you do decide to end a marriage the emotional fallout for all involved is crippling. The only people who win are the b*stard lawyers.

    I don’t deny that it works for a lucky few but for most it doesnt-even the ones who dont divorce and stay together for the sake of the family. Settling does not mean success for me. However much you think you know a person before marriage, you really dont know them completely and never will so circumstances could lead to expectations and faith being dashed in an instant, its that fickle

    Isn’t better we tell our kids the truth instead of setting them up for failure or heartache in the future. For me marriage is tantamount to buying a lottery ticket and believing wholeheartedly that your numbers will definitely come up this week and that you’ll be rich.

    ” life is beautiful if you make it beautiful”

    Ok, you tell the starving Africans in Sudan to ‘make life beautiful’ and stop bloody complaining. “Life is what you make it” etc etc et-bloody-cetera. Especially as we are all expanding and overeating by the second in the West and are facing an obesity epidemic. I am sure they’ll punch you in the bloody face. Life is not beautiful. Put the news on and after 5 minutes tell me whether life is beautiful. Yes aspects of life can be beautiful but in general, life sucks I am afraid.

    Good for your grandparents, as I said there are a lucky few. For many marriage is the same as getting your chips p*ssed on. So don’t go pushing your positivity on the rest of us. ;0]

  • ♥Didi♥

    also Anon I havent had a bad experience (he better not if he knows whats good for him) and im not legally married yet call him a husband. But my sister has recently gone through a nasty divorce and her situation has made me secretly think about my own life and evaluate how much id lose if i did get legally married and it did fail, and about the union of marriage in general. Also of late little things are starting to p*ss me off like us having to celebrate Valentines day on the 15th instead of the 14th every bloody year.

  • bejeebus

    i guess i feel that it would be very sad to teach children all the possible bad things that could come out of a failed marriage instead of letting them experience and hopefully enjoy it for themselves. the most important thing would be that they had at least tried. i don’t think that parents should put their own chips onto their children’s shoulders because not everyone lives the same life. to prematurely put a negative spin on something that, when it works, can be amazing beyond words is a bit cynical and can be crushing to a young spirit. a parent should build their children up and teach them that even though they themselves may not have had success with something…their children still can. i think it would be horrible to kill the desire to reach the natural outcome of a loving relationship before it has even had time to blossom is wrong. i can see from just our short back and forth, that we have had very dissimilar experiences. i’m sorry things didn’t work out in your marriage. i got really lucky though i probably didn’t deserve to. my husband is a little bit older and 10x more mature then me. so we’ve been able to weather a lot of life’s ups and downs in a very constructive manner and grow in love, maturity and closeness from them. i wish everyone had a relationship like mine. it has allowed me to regain all the wide eyed optimism that i had almost completely lost. i hope everyhting works out for you and that you can be happy. we only have one life and we should all make the best of it….and not just for ourselves but for those around us.

    of course, it’s still okay to come here and bash the celebs a little!

  • BCN

    For many marriage is the same as getting your chips p*ssed on


  • lola

    I don’t think it matters in the least that she’s not married- and she’s engaged, anyway.

    –read my blog at

  • ♥Didi♥

    bejeebus I agree with your comments and personally dont do that but do tell my eldest daughter that if it doesn’t work out it isn’t the end of the world. Whats more important is that she is always happy. I am never dispiriting, just realistic with her. Of course children never listen to you anyway and always do what they want. Hopefully they will learn from their mistakes thats all u can hope for. My pessimism mainly comes from my sisters experiences of late and recently made me evaluate my own life as things like this always do. I just regret having a catholic wedding ceremony in my ‘husbands’ country when i never believed in marriage to begin with. i did it for his family. which makes me feel like a bit of a hypocrite sometimes. It doesn’t take much for me to be cynical about things. I guess sometimes i need to lighten up but I’ve always been a tad cynical. That way if things do turn out well you’re pleasantly surprised instead of being absolutely gutted when they don’t.

  • ♥Didi♥

    Bashing celebs is always healthy and much recommended.

  • lily

    i thought they use to says he was married. i hate when celebrities say that and after they have split from their partners u here it was jus tboyfriend and girlfriend. SO annoying.

  • daina

    She’s amazing! I love her and I support her, I love her music!!
    i want her next disc!!! Thanks Jared

  • ely

    Yea, and marriage is just a paper. You can have the same exact thing that a ‘mariage’ can have- love, communication, support, understanding, even the cheathing, disespect, etc… but just with that piece of paper. You dont even need that ‘paper’ for the benefits, domestic partnership allows for a lot of the same benefits.

    Bottom line is, a married woman/ expectant mother is no better than an unmarried expectant mother. What matters is how the individual carries herself, what they value, and what how they coose to educate their children. Look at it this way, that married woman, who looks good in the eyes of society, may be a drunk, who hits her kids, mistreats the husband in front of the kids, and doesnt even care to talk to the children about their day. And that unmarried woman may be surrounded by good people, inspirational people, who are good role models for her child/ren. She reads to her children every night, makes sure she spends valid time with the kid/s, makes sure they eat healthy, talk about morals, etc… Its the way I see things. We cant judge what makes a thing good or not, its how things are expressed and lived.

  • ely

    Sorry for the typos…my keyboard is dying on me man!

  • Carlo

    The question here is, How the baby girl be taken cared off? one,two or 3 parents. I would say it is best if all 3 parents shower this baby girl with love without negativity amongst each other. When love & affection rules for caring a child, I could not see any problems. Maybe officially adapting the child by the present husband would give better status to the child. Though the child at this point of time must & comprehend her real father never got married her mother but having him arround when ever possible and need arises would be a great assurance that she was not abandoned and support will be available when needed.
    There will be the growing pains as the child reaches menarche. At that stage it is very important all 3 parents are in unison in their thoughts & values on how to confront issues that may arise. Wish the real father be not alienated for the child sake & the real dad’s sake. May good conscience prevail.