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Rachel Bilson: "Hayden's a Good Kisser"

Rachel Bilson:

Rachel Bilson recently gushed that she very much enjoyed her smooching scenes with her Jumper co-star Hayden Christensen.

“To all the ladies who I’m sure would like to know,” Rachel said, smirking. “He was a good kisser!”

Ms. Bilson also reconfirmed that she likes to stay out of the spotlight. “I like to lay low,” Rachel explained. “I did that whole thing when I was younger, trying to get into the clubs when I was 15 and it was so silly looking back. Now, I want to be at home with my dogs and my friends.”

On-screen nudity is also still a big no-no for Rachel. “No, I feel pretty strongly about that,” she says. “I feel there are ways to avoid it.”

Catch Rachel‘s interview on The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet on Friday morning. [via OK!]

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  • laura

    thaks jared

  • nora

    I still think it’s weird she said no to nudity but then she did the GQ spread… I’m just saying you know

  • The OC Fansite

    I still prefer her with Adam, Hayden is just weird.

  • usuyami

    that’s probably the only thing he’s good at…

  • Raven

    This is old news from a week ago. ;)

    Rachel loves to stay out of the spot light?? Yeah right!!! She sure loves the media spot light! :lol:

  • vix

    these two are boring me out !

  • rita

    LIES: “I like to lay low”

  • missk

    He’s so dull, just looking at him makes me sleepy. His father must be a studio exec or something for him to get acting jobs. SNORE…..

  • Didi

    i bet the bloody pillow biter is a good kisser. she looks like a blow up doll thats why he’s into her

  • rotten

    There have been worse films than “Jumper,” but its unique wretchedness deserves special mention. This is what you get when you mix a perfectly awful screenplay with loads of visual effects and acting that is somewhere between dinner theater and security camera, only less animated.

    Christensen is a major stiff. He is almost matched in onscreen ineptitude by his co-star, Rachel Bilson (“The O.C.”), who plays his potential girlfriend, Millie. Bilson really gets to work her craft while waiting outside doors or trying to look perplexed.

  • I met Hayden b4-hottie he is

    These two AREN’T dating. there I said it. the media is having a feild day with this. did she just say she like to lay low! lmao. I don’t think so! Her & her bestfriend lea are party poopers and I have the pictures to prove it. I guess Hayden inspired her with the farm and everything.

  • xxxxx

    i like them both but i just dont think they are a couple. there is just no chemistry there.

  • I met Hayden b4-hottie he is




    when did you guys ever see Rachel pulling a Paris, or a Lindsay, or a Britney Spears on us???
    You never see her drunk, you never see her underwear…
    She just attends the events she is supposed to??When is that being a party girl, to me that is being a professional person!!!
    But that’s just me!

  • lily

    They’re probably dating because in an interview rachel about special gifts, she said she loves when the person (particularly a guy) makes things and then hayden in the interview with the same reporter says he made his girlfriend a swing like 6 months ago.

  • Come on!


    He’s not dull. Actually he’s very intriguing because he’s shy and quiet. Mysterious. He’s an enigma. He doesn’t go AWOL all over the place like some other people in Hollywood. He’s not all over the place getting into trouble and letting everyone know his business. He keeps people guessing. And, he’s not a bad actor. Far from it. He’s SUBTLE. A good quality to possess as an actor. He’s working on his style with that. He’s not perfect at it, granted, but who in the hell is? And, his dad’s not in the business. His dad’s in the communication business. A software writer. Before you try to diss someone, get the correct information first.

    And, Bilson doesn’t like to lay low. LOL

  • face

    You have to take everything for granted in “Jumper,” including the idea that Christensen and Rachel Bilson could show human emotions. These stone faces stand at the center of a story that’s as flimsy as taffeta.

    The staggering lack of chemistry between David and Millie (Bilson) benumbs every scene they enter. This is especially embarrassing, because the actors who play them as high schoolers — Max Theriot and Annasophia Robb — have chemistry of a shy, awkward kind.

  • ?

    her head is enormous.zzzzzzzzz

  • Arab.Aquarius
  • F**K THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





  • irishdreams

    OH PLEASE the woman claims she won’t do nude but HELL she was showing her chest in JUMPER in the bed scene and you can see part of her breast..PLEASE either way that is naked she was seen by the crew ..She is a dime whitted if she can’t comprehend what is nude and what isn’t..

    your right they aren’t Brad and Angelina they have celebrity appeal and they can get the box office attention they didn’t need to promote MMS like this they got it without they hype..This has a celebrity name but, if you have to go to this extend to sell a movie then there is majority wrong with it..and seems the critics pinned on what they felt was wrong..the actress acted like she was clueless and the romance was wooden..amoung other things..many fans were not thrilled when they saw it either only a few good ones but they are Rayden fans at best..


    David Rice’s mom is a Paladin. That’s why she supposely left when he was 5. She knew he was a jumper and she was sworn to kill them meaning that she would/will have to kill her own son.


    Rachel says:

    Bilson won’t comment on rumors that she and Christensen are dating or on the photos of the two that have popped up on websites even this week. “I don’t talk about personal relationships,” she says simply. “But I’ll say that I’m in a really great place and really happy in all areas of my life. And I’ll say that I think Hayden is an amazing guy and I’m lucky to know him.”

  • purplehearts

    oh please jj those pictures show nothing and thats old news natalie and jessica also said the same thing

  • cutie

    They are only good friends. They arent dating. Cant two opposite sex be friends with out the media being up their ass on everymove they make & have the media say they are together without even knowing the truth! dumb people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lexie coop

    you can believe anything and i MEAN anything she says. she does not know what we wants. she is just saying that all b/c that hayden hates to be in the spotlight.. she is nothing but s SOS (SACK OF SH*T ) she is being a media wh*re again. she is the one to make jumper a big bomb. hello she can’t act. nuff said. no if you excuse me i have a life to live. :)

  • purplehearts

    @ 25 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! finally someone sees it! lol

  • ♥Didi♥

    the deal is that they’re f*cking each other but are not exclusively dating.

    what a buncha horny little blighters

  • purplehearts

    @ 28 you dont know that their even doing the dirty

  • purplehearts

    Hayden makes apple pies and they ask Rachel about fashion( barf)

  • cutie

    @ 29

    Hayden IS NOT the type of person to just do it. in a VERY OLD interview he said he “wants to have sex out of caring for someone” and that he is “not promiscious”

  • purplehearts

    This article contridicts what hayden himself said on Regis and Kelly this morning he said he was having dinner with a few people from Jumper and this says his plans are nothing?? lol

    “I’ll be ordering room service,” Rachel Bilson says. “I’ll be in a hotel room here. Hahaha.” As for his plans, her boyfriend Hayden Christensen says “nothing right now.”

  • purplehearts

    @ 31 yeah ive heard that i was saying to the other comment that they didnt know he was really doing anything with Rachel for sure or not

  • cutie

    @ 32

    Thats why we shouldn’t beleive EVERYTHING we read. such as that and others. they will twist and turn your words and make it seem like something that’s not true or totally turned around to be a lie. They have done this to Hayden in the past ALOT & look they still are doing it! and here is a perfect example:,21985,23212939-5006023,00.html

  • purplehearts

    @ 34 oh i know! thats why i posted that because that just shows you how they report what they want us to believe

    i have read that interview i think i posted it on the TRL thread lol

  • lola

    To an earlier comment, about the GQ spread- exactly! I understand being against the portrayal of women as sex objects, but that’s obviously not it.

    –read my blog at

  • Raven

    @ Lexi Coop,

    I just sent you an e-mail and it got erased!! HATE my internet service. Thank you!!
    Saw the clip of Hayden @ Regis and Kelly today just of now. OMFG! Talk about long legged perfection and very ARTICULATE! Hayden can do way better then Batcrap!

    Okay!! Come on folks!!! Hayden told Regis that he was going out with a few friends from Jumper. He did NOT say he was not doing much or would be with Batcrap. Maybe Batcrap Rach will be ordering room service then but, Hayden DID say he was going out to dinner with a few friends from Jumper. That does not sound like he will be shagging in some hotel room with Batcrap and ordering room service afterwards to me! You Rayden’s have sick f**cking minds! :lol:

    @ PH,
    Yes. It looked like a size 11 @ least on the back of Hayden’s All Stars and defiantly NO size 10′s like Jen proclaims. Hayden is tall! My husband is the same height and hubby wears a 13 but, he is bigger boned then Hayden.

    Hayden is perfection to me and Batcrap is rabid Batsh*t! Hayden is smart, articulate, funny, sexy, handsome and very grounded. Hayden needs someone with intellectual substance then with a shallow dingalicious batcrap! ;)

  • ♥Didi♥

    #31 they all say that. It’s called PR

  • ♥Didi♥

    #29 of course they are. there is usually 90% lie and 10% truth to every tabloid story.

    she wouldnt make comments like ‘hayden is a good kisser’ if they’re not shagging each other. all co-stars shag each other. this is hollywood. its the modern Sodom and Gomorrah. All we need now is the fire and brimstone from the heavens and a few dead celebrities and life is good again.

  • purplehearts

    @ 39 actually by you saying she wouldnt say he was a good kisser if they were not f*cking is saying that he and jessica slept together to because Jessica said the same thing so did Natalie and he of course gushed about Jessica and Natalie it is a co-star thing

  • Raven

    @ Didi,

    I think Hayden would have better sense to f**k a batshit! You made me laugh though. Rachel does resemble a blow up doll a bit!!! LOL!!! :lol:

  • purplehearts

    their on e! news and d10

  • irishdreams


    I have said the same thing you did on many other JJ topics of these two about men and woman just being friends as the sex things doesn’t have to be in play for them to be just friends..everyone see a man and woman as having to be dating when that never has to be the case..

    As far as who has ever been up to his farm well I just an interview where he says he made an apple pie for Doug Liman who came to his farm..GEE since everyone believes that anyone he takes to his farm he has to be dating does this mean he’s dating Doug..LOL . I don’t think any man can be that restrained in the dating game when it comes to PDA you can’t hold your guard up all the time especially if you are a celebrity you will be caught on camera doing anything remotely affectionate..

    He did remark that Natalie was a great kisser and Jessica was a good kisser I think the common good kisser is standard for Hayden in interviews..I think even if he didn’t feel that way he wouldn’t say bad things about the romance..I just think the off color comment by Bilson about the tequilla shots to get stoked for a sex scene was rude remark she isn’t tackful that we already know but, it doesn’t look good to down your co-star and say they were horrible..Hayden knows what he is expected to say and I think he just is being kind to all the people he works with..

  • ♥Didi♥

    #40. all the co stars. rachel f*cking bilson, jessica, sienna, mischa milk carton, and any other co star he’s had. they’re all at it in holywood. its casual sex express. I bet he’s a walking chick magnet and women just fly to him as he walks past
    they all pretend they’re virginal but they aint. they say all that ‘i want a caring relationship’ b*llocks cos their publicists tell them too. They get more female fans that way and their stock increases. They become the IN thing. its classic PR,

  • mothernature

    I haven’t watched any of the talk shows I can say they run all about the same with the same feedback we always get. I was surprised if the R&K didn’t ask him about the romance off screen with Rachel..But they must know he wasn’t going to give them a straight answer anyway so why ask..

    Isn’t it ironic that we get the pictures of Rachel going into R&K but when Hayden did the show today, Hello nothing of his pictures outside the studio we can clearly see who’s agent is tipping the press..

  • purplehearts

    @ irishdreams i watched that same interview with the applepie and doug …im sure rachel and the rest of the cast has been to the farm at some point because hayden is a friendly person
    i also agree with the kissing comments you will never hear any of the actors in hollywood say their costar was a bad kisser it is expected of him to say those things and vice vers

    @ 44 i doubt hayden and jessica slept together we all know about sienna and no one really knows much about misha there were not really big rumors about those two

  • ♥Didi♥

    oh god they’re called Rayden. pass me the sick bucket….

    they should be called Ethabayden

    joining ” ET headed Annoying B*tch” and Hayden

  • purplehearts

    daily 10 is on and they had a camera they was following them (going by the intro) and rachel named it herman ill give you full report asap :)

  • csxyz

    I realize a lot of people here hate Rachel with every fiber of their being(why else would they take the time to bash her so much?). I certainly don’t aim to change their opinions, but I just wanted to put in my two cents. I think Rachel’s a very pretty, sweet girl with a great sense of fashion. Obviously she’s not a rocket scientist, but then how many of us are? She said she won’t do nudity and she hasn’t yet. The GQ pictures might seem overtly sexual to some, but she judged them to be acceptable and that’s fine. I happen to think they were more flirtatious and cheeky rather than sexy. As for “laying low”, I don’t think she’s done anything to throw herself into the media spotlight. The pictures of her out and about doing everyday things hardly compare to the escapades of other Hollywood starlets.

    I’m not a particular fan of Rachel’s, but I think she’s a nice, normal girl. This is just the simple act of one human defending another.

    On another note, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! :)

  • purplehearts

    @ 45 i agree about the pictures they had pictures of them outside trl studios all of 3 of hayden none of sam(that i saw) and TONS of rachel