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Celine's Charity Work in South Africa

Celine's Charity Work in South Africa

Celine Dion holds hands with her 7-year-old son Rene Charles as she visits one of the centers of the African Children’s Feeding Scheme in Soweto, South Africa. Husband manager Rene Angelil (not pictured) was also there.

The ACFS (African Children’s Feeding Scheme) is an organization that provides meals for poor, orphaned and abandoned kids.

Celine, 39, kicked off her world tour yesterday Johannesburg, South Africa. She’s the highest-selling female artist in South Africa of all time.

You can catch a glimpse of the Canadian chanteuse in concert on Celine Dion: That’s the Woman in Me, an hour-long special on CBS, TONIGHT @ 9PM ET/PT. Tune in!!!!!

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Photos: BARM/Fame Pictures
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  • Charleneuk

    Go Celine!

  • Ryanne;Brasil!

    cool! *-*
    õ/ ;*

  • just curious

    That’s awesome!! On a side-note, the little paragraph says she’s holding hands with her ‘son’ ??? It looks like a girl to me. Probably a typo. *shrugs*


    She needs to get that kid a HAIRCUT


    She needs to get that kid a HAIRCUT looks like a punk

  • mARY

    Yes, Celine looks perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 as always
    I wish Celine a jolly World Tour 2008!
    I adore you my the best singer Celine Dion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mIhAY

    That’s nice..Celine and her daughter, oops, I mean her son doing charity work.

  • MARY

    Celine looks perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as always
    I wish Celine a jolly World Tour 2008!
    I adore you my the best singer Celine Dion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tealeaf

    Glad she is doing charity work, but yeah her son looks like a girl

  • the shiznack

    celine’s daily battle with her girl/boy

    ‘hey whats ur daughters name’

    ‘um, he’s a boy’

    AWKWARD ! ! !

    poor kid must get the living snot beat out of him at school

    but then again he is filthy rich so f*ck him and his nancy boy hair cut

  • free

    Celine hate the kiss from the black women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • emily☆

    I love Celine and her hair!
    But her sons needs a trim!
    YES he is a BOY!
    not a type-o!!!
    he probaly likes the surfer style!!

  • Ha!

    He’s a cute kid. He may have long hair, but he has the face of a boy. And he’s dressed like a boy. If he were in, say, a dress I could understand the confusion.

  • Alistair

    Awesome!..cant wait to see her she will be in Durban, South Africa on wednesday!

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Go Celine. Show some usless celebs how the world is supposed to be.

    Good For You :)

  • Original jpf

    IMO there’s nothing wrong with his hair being the length that it is. I heard CD state on a tv show that her son asked that it not be cut, and since he isn’t anyone’s responsibility but Celine’s and her husband (or Kate Hudson’s sons hair, or Maddox Jolie’s fauxhawk etc…) I’m always amused by those who take issue with other parents decisions concerning their children.


  • MARI

    CELINE HAS A GREAT HEART AND THAT PICTURE PROVES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole

    I’m from South Africa and can’t wait to see Celine on Sunday at Loftus Stadium, I can just imagine what people (Especially Americans) think of South Africa, us living in the bush with the animals and stuff and then seeing that picture with all the people and their cellphone cameras, and thinking to themselves, mmmmmmmm never thought they had cellphones there, never mind electricity to charge them with.

  • Nicole

    Really not meant to be insulting, just been my experience.

  • Bella

    She’s got a cute daughter.

  • lily

    I thought that was Emerson, only to realised it;s Rene jr. He NEEDS to get a haircut.

  • yfw

    he has long hair, big deal.

  • Linny

    Please cut Rene’s hair! Everytime I see a pic of that boy I think he’s a girl and I have to remind myself. I don’t mind it being long but trip it a bit so it gets a boyish style! Otherwise but him in a dress and a bow and pretend he’s a girl because that’s what he looks like!

  • celinelover



  • CJ

    I love Rene-Charles’s hair. I don’t see how people can think that he’s a girl. Look at his face. Besides, it suits him.

  • Randi

    He needs a haircut…BADLY.

  • lola

    Great for her! I love celebs who actually help…
    –read my blog at

  • groundhogday

    Wow, I’m shocked that Celine would have her son’s hair like that. I thought she was a nice wholesome girl but I guess I was wrong. Why would you want your 7 year old son to look like a Rock n Roll Drugged Out Lynard Skynard Freak? She’s not all there!

  • eddie jones

    I’d love to have a running tally of how much africa gets from everyone. I already know how much the U.S gives them, why can’t these celebrities do more then go down and take photo ops? If these people can’t even afford “female goods” im sure they don’t have camera crews just prowling around, these celebrities must fly their own photo people down just to catch them kissing a black child, real nice, you guys are doing alot. Giving money to someone doesn’t help them become any better, it actually makes the problems they have worse.

  • Nando

    GREAT! This woman rocks!

  • The_Swimmer

    She’s the best!!! :-))

  • The OC Fansite

    She’s coming to Durban, South Africa next week Wednesday but I won’t be able to see her, she’s not someone who i’ll go see in concert.

  • lucie

    Coupe lui les cheveux a ton enfants bordel !!!
    on dirai une fille
    tu ne voudrai pas en faire une tarlouze quand meme !!!!

  • no celine lover

    *GAG* That screeching hack again, and her hideous ‘son’. All that’s missing from the picture is the mini silverback, her grotesque husband. She grimaces as the woman hugs her, and the child could not be MORE BORED. Creepy voiced hag…

  • Valentina

    You people are pathetic if you are worried about the length of Celine Dion’s son’s hair. If the boy wanted short hair it would be short. There are more important things for you to worry about in this world than a boy with long hair.

  • postwatcher

    They are probably growing Jrs hair so they can eventually chop it off and transplant on his fat old (grampa) daddy’s hair.

  • postwatcher

    They are probably growing Jrs hair so they can eventually chop it off and transplant on his fat old (grampa) daddy’s head

  • annoyed

    Celine is one of the most annoying anorexics in the public eye. Her songs make me cry, but not for any good reasons….


    We are honoured to have you in South Africa, Rene,Celine,Rene-Charles & family & crew
    Give this family their freedom & space to be who they are……….normal people who through hard work ,vision & dedication became famous…..
    May South Africa and it’s people leave our footprints in your hearts!
    We have one life, lets live it!

  • Celinefan

    @just curious:

    Its her son
    but he had her mom’s curl so they didn’t want to cut her