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Hilary's Heavyweight Earrings

Hilary's Heavyweight Earrings

Hilary Duff departs from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Thursday (Valentine’s Day) sporting some extra large earrings.

Them earrings are almost as tall as Hil‘s head!

The Duffster was probably on her way to see puck around with her hockey player boyfriend, Mike Comrie.

Flats by Chanel.

20+ pictures inside of Hilary Duff‘s heavyweight earrings…

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hilary duff heavyweight earrings 21
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 22
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 23
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 24
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 25
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 26
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 27
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 28
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 29
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 30
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 31
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 32
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 33
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 34
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 35
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 36
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 37
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 38
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 39
hilary duff heavyweight earrings 40

Photos: Dean/Gabo/Shinn/
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  • bejeebus

    okay, that’s just plain rediculous.

  • goz

    wow! could they be bigger? it seems like they hurt :P

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    NOOOOO! jared, please.. no more pictures lol

  • Helena

    She looks like an idiot.

  • me.myself.and.i

    wooow y in hell wuld u wanna wear THAT ?!
    i also think hilary in blond makes her look kind of ugly.
    brwon was MUCH better

  • WTF?

    Her whole look is WTF?

  • http://ggggggggggggg um no

    all that surgery she doesn’t look so good up close.
    she could easily go for 26.wth is up with those black racoon eye liner ewwwwwww.

  • sammantha

    Ohh god those earings look painfull!!!

  • Marta

    this earings are ridiculous

  • Orange Clockwork

    As if you need to point out those big ass earrings…

  • yep not good

    pic 21 she has bald spots.
    pic 23 she has dark circles & bags under her eyes, how old is she?
    pic 27 while wearing her ;FLY WING; earrings her lips are still struggling to cover her NEW teeth.
    .Lastly I see she is still Starving herself – her legs look like stilts..
    she caved in when they told her to loose weight.
    Those pants in that color should have added weight not subtracted. All in ALL to much surgery, to little food..if any..and she is still doing bubble gum rock and not doing it well.

  • Lyndsey

    omg..der so ugly!

  • 29_29

    wierd but radical

  • Don’t judge

    Just leave her, if she want to look like this, and she’s happy whith it just let her. It’s her life, that she just can live once.
    Like all of us, can live once our life.
    That everyone these days wanna lose weight it’s because it’s never
    good enough for everyone. The stars are too tin or to big. They’re never perfect or good enough. But nobody is right? So don’t expect them to be that. Just don’t judge, judge yourself!

  • LINA


  • eira

    wierd earings!!but i give her the credit for wearing those in public..that earing looks so heavy!!

  • jonhythacarzymuthafukca

    to me she’ll always be lizzie!

  • jonhythacarzymuthafukca

    to me she’ll always be lizzie!

  • stormi

    i hate how people decide too be little bitches just because shes acctually staying outta trouble…
    damn leave her alone i think she looks gorgeous without makeup.
    well cover up atleast..
    its not like she has alot of time too sleep try being in her shoes for a day stop making rude remarks…
    if you dont care then why waste your life and time typeing up your stupid opinions?

  • Here’s The Deal

    Damn! They’re huuuuuge!!!

    Hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess.

  • katherine


  • God

    I thought she looked like a few pounds heavier yet thinner.

    I’m not sure if those are earrings or some form of radar. She seems to have a fascination with the bionic woman perhaps she thinks or can hear better. Whatever the case she looks fine. :)

  • God

    I believe she gets high definition on those earings.

  • Nicole m

    Ouch. Poor ears. Did nothing to her.

  • courtney

    actually those earrings aren’t heavy at all. they’re almost featherlight, they kind of feel like those lace doilies you put on your coffee table as coasters or underneath vases. they really just feel like any other pair of earrings.

  • André

    she’s been looking rly good lately..thin and stylish.
    love these earrings..they don’t seem to be heavy.
    and her chanel flats are just so cute.


    yeah hil!

  • um huh

    she needs a stylist

  • lily

    Omg could they get any bigger? geez……but her outfits great!

  • Sandro

    OMG, Hilary Duff is wearing my bracelet that I gave to her on your concert hear at Brazil I AM THE LEGEND lol

  • Sara

    Thats fugly!
    But it actually looks light..

  • TheTabloidsChic
  • o

    terrible outfit /hair/ teeth she speaks no style in anything.

  • TIA

    i love her!! post more on her cuz theres tons of stuff bout her everyday

  • Baby Rhi

    I love her so much.
    and STFU HATERS!

  • lola

    Oh,that’s ridiculous. She’s going to physically damage her ear canal- and then she won’t be able to sing! Oh, wait, she already can’t sing…

    –read my blog at

  • jenny

    no offense but i used to like hilary a lot but now i don’t really like her that much:( plus she should wear better clothing

  • erika

    so cute!! she is very pretty! i couldn’t wear such heavy earrings though..

  • donna

    Texas white trash Hillary Duff craves the attention as she is a washed up Disney property. It’s all over Hillary, now stay in Texas with the fraud Dr. Phil.

  • dani

    um huh,

    she’s coming off a plane, douchebag.

    since when do you need to be ‘trendy’ and ‘stylish’ after coming off a freakin’ plane?

  • ANdré

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  • :)

    i loveee hilary
    shes stunning
    i went to her concert in brisbane; SHE ROCKED!!!

  • skaterGIRL

    I think she looks better when she had a little more weight. She looks haggard and shrunken. -,-

  • katie

    wow big earrings there Hil.

  • asiula23

    She looks so pretty….Cute…..WE LOVE YOU HILARY…..

  • kiarra


    that’s a lot of Louis Vuitton Luggage… XD