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Katharine McPhee's V-day Puppy Love

Katharine McPhee's V-day Puppy Love

Newlywed Katharine McPhee heads out for a workout on Valentine’s Day on Thursday in Los Angeles, Calif.

Kat then rewarded herself with a stop at the Century City mall with her two cute small dogs. Do we spy those famous Tiffany’s blue boxes?

Katharine and her husband Nick Cokas just got back from their Hawaii honeymoon on Monday.

ANYONE KNOW WHAT type of dogs K has?

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katharine mcphee puppy 01
katharine mcphee puppy 02
katharine mcphee puppy 03
katharine mcphee puppy 04
katharine mcphee puppy 05

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  • http://georgieP. misses grand dad

    shes even plainer without make up..

  • sjjcutiepi

    i think they are mini pincher not sure!

  • erin

    I don’t understand why people feel the need to run around town carrying their dog. It’s weird.

  • LIlo

    she’s okay not anything special but she’s not a BAD singer. first or second?

  • O

    Chihuahua dogs.

  • alt

    who cares, she’s a has been.. never actually been anybody to begin with.

  • alt

    They carry their dogs because they have no friends.

  • Arab.Aquarius

    thats a really cute dog!

  • pattispage

    99% of America don’t give a hoot about mcpheever so lets move on

  • Karen

    Why does she need to carry Tiffany boxes or a Louis Vuitton bag all the time for no reason at all? To let people know she can afford it to maintain her “celebrity” status? Let’s move on…

  • ☆☆☆J☆☆☆

    Why don’t celebs walk real dogs rather than toy dogs used as an accessory rather than a companion?

    I still love McPhee though :)

  • Emily

    ewwwwwwww she is so annoying how she shows off her stupid Louis Vuitton bag!!!!!!!!!



    They are chihuahua’s. I have four and I’m certain that’s what these are as well. Cute little critters with great personalities!!


    pincher or chiwuawua huuumm

  • nah

    boob job!

  • bbym


  • http://iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii poser

    she thinks she’s better than us-and she is really a star-
    Paraskank had the same dog-be4 she put him in a closet–
    guess its a fashion accessory-designer purse-shades-nose in the air-teeny tiny doggy- i find her bland and boringgggggggg.

  • Queena

    For what it’s worth, I care because she’s f-ing awesome.

    <3 McPhee. Thanks Jared!

  • KK

    Her husband is not Nick Cokas, it’s Josh Kelley!

  • dogs sre not toys

    homely loser

  • sdfBaby

    Where’s her 48year oldish husband??

  • kl

    Another McPhee mention, another troll fest.

    Never seen such such an “nobody” attract so much attention from the internet’s troll scum (eh, Patti?)

  • m2thec

    99% of your life revolves around commenting on Katharine stories. Love Kat and her dogs, love the shades, love the bag, love gifts from Tiffany’s , and most of all I love that it irks the true losers! Katharine should feel she’s all that..cuz she’s out there living her dream and doing very well!

  • Ally

    people go out with their dog to bond with their dog, a lot of celebs us it as an accessory maybe she does but who knows! lol
    love u katherine!! :D

  • Ally

    i agree with i agree with m2thec

  • Ally

    ugh, **i agree with m2thec

  • emily☆

    Just to tell yall, All she is doing is trying to show off!
    Will her disigner purse [that is wish i had] and her dog!
    She thinks shes so cool, because she was on American Idol!
    So who cares Katharine!
    Oh and Her and her ”husband” dont really make a good couple….they probaly dated for like a month!!

  • emma key

    well, she can put that blue boxes inside her bag, but still she is showing them to all….for what reason ? …well….

  • keefir1

    So,if you don’t give a”hoot”why are you here,PP..and why don’t you move on????

  • meg

    kathrine likes to show off and spend money like she has it.
    good luck with that Kat.
    Tiffany’s has sterling silver necklaces for like $95. which is what’s probably in those boxes.

    She’s a show off.
    She really can’t sing.
    She’ll be back in the San Fernando valley in a 1bdrm apartment before this year is out.

    What.Ev.Er. I couldn’t care less.

  • Brentwood

    Um–m-m-m——apparently quite a few people care. Over 30 comments since this story went up. And you fools complaining about her showing off her purse—–what the hell do you want her to do with it, put it up her nose???? Love this woman, love her voice, love her album, can’t wait for the next one. {out before the end of the year, hopefully.} Half the people in here hating on her follow every story about her and stalk her around the internet, so you’re not fooling anybody—–you care plenty.

  • simon

    i’m not a fan of those dogs. quite rattish i’d say.

  • aiden

    I love when people end a rant with “I couldn’t care less” or something to that degree. It makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Lynn

    I think it’s a Jack Russell Terrier….

  • Tinker


    And I love the way her fans (all 20 or so of them) come out of the woodwork to defend this wanna be. Makes me laugh.

  • fran

    they are 2 chihuahuas, nena(the light brow)and larry (the dark brown and white).
    she looks quite pale considering she went to hawaii!