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Kerrbloom Spend Valentine's Day Together

Kerrbloom Spend Valentine's Day Together

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr enjoy a romantic dinner together at a NYC restaurant on Thursday, Valentine’s Day.

Their on-again off-again relationship is most certainly on!!!!!

Kerrbloom is too kute!

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  • ~K

    Oh..only one pic. And: They are back in NY???

  • asfa
    check the new vid of zanessa!! out in hoolywood

  • the odds

    aww, how sweet. The cheaters are celebrating together. Lovely people.

    Wonder what that the ring on his finger is all about. Committment ring?

  • stepho metho

    aw.. they are cute together! 3rd!!

  • Piper

    Looks like he didn’t want to stick around london , he got out of there fast and headed back to the states

  • elle

    not so cute to me, but they seem happy.

  • Dating a model? never thought orlando would do that but it’s so typical of an actor.

  • andie

    i hope he strats shooting a new film soon. his personal life it’s not that interesting anymore.

  • lol

    lol For Valentines day this year honey I will claim you in public finally.

  • Margie

    I’ll never understand his appeal or his choice in girlfriends. He could have a real women instead he picks the likes of vapid Bosworth and this random. He seems very….what’s the word I’m looking for? Plastic.

  • Stafford

    Ah his career is dead so he’s trying to get some press by bringing out the new beard. Sorry Bloomie, your 15 minutes are up.

  • ~K

    Is he going to sell his house in London, now he has this “wonderful” model that is living in hip NY. I mean, except for the BAFTA’s he wasn’t there for what? half a year? I’m really sorry he renovated that house for nothing…and disappointed that he (who always said that he stays in the UK) is suddenly so US-loving. No offense, fellow-Americans but for a European it’s disappointing to see another European go…and phony as well.

  • bird

    Such a great couple???
    Orlando Bloom and dimple faced(bare-a..ed) cutie…

  • It’s Me

    ~K all that talk of his house in London was to please his British fanbase while he was doing his play there and to make it seem like he was a homeboy but it’s always been clear to me that he’s just a Hollywood sellout. He fits better in America where there are plenty of famous no talents. Brit actors are known for their acting chops and his lack of skill in the field must be embarrassing to the other Brits. They probably had a private meeting and kicked him out. Kinda lick Survivor.


    Glad to see this union getting as much hate as the Kate Bosworth union. Maybe now you’ll see the problem isn’t the women but with that fake pansy Bloom. Miranda will start looking thinner and more miserable any minute now.

  • KC

    Her face belongs on display at a pumpkin patch lol. Who would have thought he could downgrade from Kate Bosworth.

  • ~K

    @ #14: Sad but true somehow.

    I would like to ask him one question: WHAT DO YOU SEE IN HER MAN??? And the answers “that she’s sweet” and “that she is cute” don’t count. There must be more substance. Yeah, she is a Buddhist like you are, yeah, she has a not too bad body but other than that…I am speechless. Get adult man!

  • jujubee

    I think she kinda looks like one of those Bratz dolls. At least he didn’t push her away and run this time.

  • @15

    You’re right. I think many people owe Kate a huge apology.
    Looks like maybe Orlando was doing this same thing with this one
    and letting her stand out in the cold alone. Wonder if it just got too bad and he decided he had to cave. Who knows. But either way things aren’t always what they seem. Even here-obviously they are a couple but I don’t think she is going to find life with bloomie the star studded adventure she was dreaming of. lol. It guess it hasn’t started that way for her thats for sure.

  • shallow and empty

    Neither of them are working, neither of them are contributing anything, they sad driftless people. I am surprised to see a ring on his finger, and boy he sure got out of Britian fast. Maybe he did something to embarrares himself there. I think his career is over so he this is the best he can do as far a gf. Once she realizes he isn’t gonna help her much she will dump him, unless she gets pregnant so she can leech away at his money. Some of us actually live lives that matter. He is such a sad disappointment both as an actor and a human being

  • lilly

    clearly a downgrade from the previous one. Kate was a lady comapring to Miranda.

  • ring

    what IS with the ring on that finger?
    I think Sunday was the first time he has had it on in pictures.

  • hmmm

    He has an interesting little smirk on his face, like he knows something we don’t, I have never seen him wear a ring on his left hand like that. It would be really interesting if in more pictures there is a corresponding ring on her hand. I think they might be married. It is exactly how I picture him doing it, Presenting the public with a done deal. Maybe he has gotten exactily what he deserves with her. I guess is still more interested in a fuck, than he is a intelligent converstation. Too bad he can’t mature and grow up.

  • isabeau

    oh. come. on. OB. ! cripes. tsk tsk.

  • bird

    Kate is best.
    Kate is beautiful person.
    Kate is real.
    Who is miranda?
    She is liar.
    She is low life person.
    She is fake.

  • ring

    @23 anything is possible but man that was fast. Half of their relationship time he was sharing her with at least Jay-and maybe others. So the most exclusive time they have had is from October. And remember he was still hitting on Veronica Taylor then and not acting too exclusive. So about five months and not all that much time together with what we know of their schedules being away.
    Anything is possible but I hope he wasn’t that rash.

  • ~K

    I guess, if he was married to her that running away thing in the other pics from Saturday would have been a little bit too ridiculous. But, who knows…

  • bird

    Update: Apologies images removed!

  • jezzie

    Glad he’s found someone whether it’s ‘serious’ or not. He’s been looking pretty sad and lonesome for a long time now. His ‘ex’ moved on quite awhile ago – and so should he. They look cute together in a kind of plasticized ‘Hollyweird’ artificial way.

  • O

    God he looks terrible and she’s not pretty without airbrushing.
    People need to leave Kate out of this whether the comments are good and bad. She moved on a long long time ago and seems very happy with her boyfriend!

  • ~K

    @ bird: Posted without having the rights. It was enough of a tease wasn’t it?

  • O

    Also once again, I have to wonder about the manners his mother taught him. Because it doesn’t seem like he has any. He’s the guy, he’s supposed to hold the door open and let her get in first. Reminds me of that time he pushed Andy Garcia’s daughters out of the way and jumped into the limo. Loser!

  • @32

    lol. I remember that. What an arse. I think we have been seeing a lot more of the real Orlando Bloom especially since the accident. I think the real ob was there that day for all to see.”what, I dont have to talk to you.” The one that hits on other guys chicks and then thinks he can sweet talk himself out of it. He doesn’t seem to treat women very well. I think the image is far different than reality.Regardless if the rumors about Miranda are true if he was still with her he should have stood up for her. He shouldn’t have left those women in the car.

  • weary

    Well there’s no sense in people looking for conspiracies and photos/no photos and anymore of that silliness. This is what it is.

    And I’m sure we’ll be treated to a certain amount of PR pimping of this one too because I think he simply gets off on it, not because it’s not real or any other type of conspiracy.

    Believe me, I’m not shipping this thing one bit. I believe this it’s definately built on cheating and lies and deliberately hurting others just to take what you want when you want it. Because he’s Mr. Movie Star and is entitled….beyond sad to see he’s become that arrogant a Hollywood stereotype.

    And yes, they are both definately “party” people,which always seems to come with a high level of selfishness and coldness;insensitivety to others. Well, those type of (addict)relationships are always fraught with drama, but are never healthy or lasting.

    I just can’t support him anymore. And I don’t care if all the self proclaimed Oh So Superior Ones at other sites bash or insult me, call me immature or whatever…just can’t do it anymore.

  • peekaboo

    Didn’t realize there was a bunch of so virtuous/sinless here. If you seriously think that Orlando is a piece of s**t I’m wondering why are you still loosing time bitching about him. You are looser poor weary idiots.

  • who’s watching

    Did you see that smirk~get ready to look stupid ppl. 2 and 2 don’t make 3.

  • @36

    What are you trying to say here?

  • ~K

    @ #35: Because it’s fun for them to see how nutty some fans react to it. Just ignore it.

    @ #36: Oh, Agent 195 is back. Wait, I got your pills right here, little baby!

  • @35

    lol but it does it does add up to what it looks like.

  • Holy***batman!

    Something’s going on.
    There’s a really strange feeling to this.
    And the ring.G*d, I hope not. I know his life has been in a tailspin, but yea,he wouldn’t be that rash would he?
    Maybe JJ was asked/told to pull the pic because they aren’t ready to announce anything yet.
    By the way, has anyone been able to find out who owns/runs JJ? Are they Australian or Brit or somehow connected to Bloom or something?
    They sure seem to like teasing and goading the fangirls.

  • Did I miss something?

    Okay. Well. I guess I did get the drift that people here HATE Miranda (because she’s a model) and HATE Orlando (because he’s dating a model) aaand because their relationship is build on lies, cheating, whatsoever. Great. And I see that most people here kissass Kate. No offence, I like her. Really. But…uh…does anybody here know wheather or not Kate was still with Matt back then when she first started to see Orlando? Or does anybody here know if Kate and Orlando really were seperated when she first met James? I mean, honestly! You damn this man because he’s having a girlfriend and only because of that! Be honest to yourself! You don’t know what REALLY went down and we will NEVER know! Let go and let this man have a little bit of happiness, at least for now! Even if they break up again soon, he AND her seem to be happy right now and honestly – THAT is ALL that counts!

  • ~K

    @ # 41: I don’t like Miranda. Hate would be a wasted emotion on her. I like(d) Orlando but he lost a lot of reputation in my eyes. And I never hated Kate. She was not my cup of tea but she was kind of ok-ish.

    And I have no clue if she still was with Matt but she is really quick with new bf, cause two weeks after she had split from OB she was already seen with James.

  • Did I miss something?

    @#42 And why is it that he lost that reputation in your eyes? What did he wrong? The Nepal stuff, the Mount Everest stuff, Antarctica, the play in London? I mean honestly – everything “bad” we think to know about this man is gossip and even though I won’t attack you or anybody else here I personally find it quite unfair to damn him on something we don’t even know for sure. He spent Valentine’s Day with his GF in her home tome and aside from the fact that she is who she is this is nothing to snap or hate about, is it? Don’t get me wrong, I just don’t understand what went wrong that so many people here hate him so much all of a sudden AND yet seem to know everything about him as if they are his right leg or something *confused*

  • maggie

    to 41
    Who said they hate Miranda because she is a model? That fits right into the “you must be a jealousfattyhatter”if you don’t like someone.
    Usually the negative comments about her come from the fact that they think she cheated on Jay and her obvious pr tactics.

  • bird

    #31 Maybe you are right…
    I am sorry…

  • ~K

    @ #43: Don’t missquote me. I DON’T HATE HIM. I still like him. Period. But he handled his career the wrong way lately. Only doing charity work at his career-state leaves a lot of people thinking that his 15 minutes are over and he has done nothing to change this. I will applaud him when he will ever be back on the big screen but at the moment I’m losing the faith that this will happen any time soon…

  • :O

    How I can see the pic??

  • Come On NOw

    How long can people console themselves with Orlando’s charity work and good looks? He calls himself an actor yet he can’t act and currently can’t land a good movie. His fans only whine over his love life because there’s nothing else of substance going on. How long can this guy live behind the smoke and mirrors of his publicity created rep?

  • Did I miss something?


    Sorry, I didn’t mean to make it sound as if I think you’re a hater. I was just wondering about most comments here. No offence!
    Honestly, I do know what you mean. But I think private life is private life and professional life is professional life. Him being with Miranda won’t hurt his movie carreer and he did say that he wanted to have some rest when he was still working. He’s 31 and spending more time on charity now which is also a good thing. See, I’m not saying that he’s a saint or innocent or something, I’m just saying that you can see every aspect of his actions from two different POVs and I want people here to remember that.

    Plus I’m having faith in him finding a new project now that the writer’s strike is over. =) I’ve read his name in connection with various productions and directors and this is what makes me believe that he’s not done just yet. Remember Leo DiCaprio! *lol*

  • to 48

    He won’t be able to rely on that for much longer. I heard even at Olove some people are so over him and his antics.Of course you have to say that in a pm or get banned! LOL! Now that they know this is who he is -people can’t support him any longer.
    Be honest people, is his great acting reputation going to land him some great role to turn things around?