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Vanessa Hudgens' Songwriter Saturday

Vanessa Hudgens' Songwriter Saturday

Vanessa Hudgens leaves one of her songwriter’s houses in Venice, Calif. on Saturday afternoon.

The 19-year-old singer/actress is in the middle of filming her new movie, Will, and working on her sophomore album, slated for a June 24th release.

Here’s a recent write-up on Will from Kansas City’s Camp: “Like his hit indie musical Camp, gay filmmaker Todd Graff‘s latest project, Will, is destined to have audiences singing along in their seats. The tuneful coming-of-age story concerns a high school misfit and a popular girl bonding over their mutual obsession with music. Together they form a rock group to compete in a battle of the bands. Set to star now-grown-up Stepmom kid Liam Aiken and High School Musical sensation Vanessa Anne Hudgens, the film will also feature Lisa Kudrow as Aiken‘s mother. Meanwhile, David Bowie is also in talks to join the cast. Look to 2009 for an eventual release, one with – presumably – far fewer teenagers singing Sondheim songs than were found in Camp.”

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  • zanessa110

    love her

  • daisy

    1st yaya or 2nd…love her thanx jj…

  • zanessa110

    im first! yay

  • jj

    2nd omg omg

  • dahlia

    she looks so pretty

  • lele

    v hudgens <3

  • sara

    love her…get some more zanessa we havent seen them out in a long time =[[

  • helen






  • Natalie


    Luv ya V
    So excited were getting as much of her as we can b4 she goes back to austin!
    Thanks jared

  • katie

    I Love vanessa!

  • i hate ashley&miley

    i miss her updates in this pagee.
    jared, your rating is going up again ajjajaa

  • marisol

    ella es tan bomita que paso con ZANESSA hace dias que no sabemos nada de ellos.

  • Natalie

    Its like were having a vanessa overdose – during the past 3 days, hahah lol

    I love it! Its like when we had mucho pics of ashley before she left for new zealand.

    Keep ‘em coming!

  • sternenfaenger

    poor thing…back to town for some time off…and followed 24/7

    wouldnt wanna trade

  • Paradise

    By the way, her hair looks pretty good and her makeup is always magnificant :-)

  • Helena

    I’ll never know why this girl gets so many posts. She’s boring.

  • Linkin lady

    Man, all the HSM stars ever going to do are musicals then?

  • 225638845

    wow can’t wait 4 da muuvee

  • Regina

    I’m surprised to see Vanessa not naked like she usually is.

  • Natalie

    Btw, love the jacket, super cute!

    But you’re right, she’s back in town for a few days to relax but she can’t because not only does she have to work on her new cd but the paps are following her like crazy! I guess its just cuz we love her so much, lol

  • ClaireBabyGirl

    Acting or not acting, this bítch only has one facial expression and it looks like she’s constipated all the time. In my opinion, she’s a terrible actress. Seeing as HSM is getting a theatrical release: RAZZIE! RAZZIE! RAZZIE!

  • hayden
  • suzy

    She looks cute and ‘will’ is not a musical but it is a film That has a lot of music in it. Classic rock songs not cheese like hsm. Think school of rock rather than hsm.

  • Paula


  • Gina

    “Like his hit indie musical Camp…”

    That film wasn’t a hit. It was a bomb with both critics and audiences alike.

  • Paradise

    She is absolutely fabulous, she has something special. She is like a chameleon, looks different in almost every pictures. :) :-) :)

  • troy

    She looks good as usual, but and I may be reading too much thngs here she looks a little stressed out. If that’s the case I can’t really blame her she’s got a lot going on. I still don’t understand why if they aren’t going to release “Will” until 2009 it’s in production now. It’s like its some special effects epic that needs a lot of post-prodution work.

    “17 Again” was slated for 2009 as well but New Line found a slot for it in August. Hopefully Fox will find a slot for “Will” sometime this fall. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that will happen anyway.

  • jULIA


  • jULIA


  • Natalie


    I know what you mean. But zac is in 2 new movies, Seventeen and Me & Orson Welles, and those aren’t musicals. And Lucas is in Milk, which looks like a really good movie.


    Real mature

  • http://VanessaHudgensSongwriterSaturday rubyred

    Published by Olivia Black February 16th, 2008 in Celebrity, Entertainment.

    It looks like the Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens express is showing no signs of slowing down.

    The couple, who used to be known to only the Disney crowd for the High School Musical movies, has successfully busted out of the pack and has been named the #5 Hottest Hollywood Couple by the website

    Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have captivated a generation by their on-screen turned real life romance. This year, it gets even hotter, with a new High School Musical shooting this month. When HSM’08 is released, expect Zanessa to be the most talked about couple of the season. A stark contrast to wild out of control teen actors of the 80s and 90s, Zanessa has a strong head on their shoulders, always adorable, and always looking great.

    Curious about who else made the cut? The website’s full top ten goes like this:

    1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
    2. Victoria and David Beckham
    3. Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder Civil
    4. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi
    5. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens
    6. Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush
    7. Heidi Klum and Seal
    8. Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere
    9. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
    10. Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib

  • ThatGirl

    “…a high school misfit and a popular girl bonding over their mutual obsession with music.”

    That Vanessa has the range of a piece of broken wood. Sounds like a rip off of Once, as well as a turnaround of HSM (Vanessa now playing the popular one, not the misfit).

  • helen

    thanks jj :)

  • troy

    #23 I hope you don’t think this too forward but I wasn’t in committed relationship right now I could almost kiss you . LOL I have been saying for weeks now that this movie is much more in the vein of “School of Rock” *with a little bit of “Lucas” thrown in* then “HSM.”
    Finally someone who can see sense!!

  • Alex

    Isn’t Aly Michalka featured in this film as a main character?

  • Natalie

    I’m so glad zanessa is #5. But I think that amy winehouse doesn’t need to be on the list and I’m suprised britney isn’t higher.


    I’m pretty sure vanessa plays the misfit. Not that it matters.

  • troy

    #32 Alyson Michalaka is playing the popular girl, not Vanessa. I haven’t seen “Once” but isn’t that about an Irish street musican who falls in love with an immigrant woman? Sorry but other then the fact that both films are deal with characters who love music I’m not seeing the similarities.

  • Ally

    i love v so much!!

  • gay hater

    i cant believe she is letting some fag direct her

  • Jessy

    Oh my Gosh, She’s so beautiful and i love the fact, that there are so many new vanessa candids =)
    love this girl

  • gay hater

    i cant beleive she let some queer direct her

  • suzy

    It’s never too late to move the release dates of the film. But maybe it might not be a bad thing waiting till 2009 sure its bad for us to wait when we wanna see the film soon as possible but for Vanessa she has her 2nd Album coming out so she will have to do a lot of promo for that and then she will have to do lots of promo for hsm 3. so maybe having it in 2009 will gives us fans something to look forward to and she will have a film release both in 2008 and 2009. Also as long as it’s near the start of 2009 jan / feb /march then i’m ok with that.

  • shannon

    u ppl can hate or luv her me personally thinks she has an amazing fashion sense evertime i see her on the trend she always looks good!!

  • troy

    I know I’ve gone a litle post crazy on this thread but I just have to ask what the hell does Todd Graff’s sexual orientation have to do with anythng? It would be like saying “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, by Jewish filmaker Stephen Spielberg.” It’s totally superfluous information. I mean if this were film that dealt with issues of sexual orientation that would be different because it would give an idea of what perspective the film would take. But the film doesn’t deal with those issues so why mention it?

  • ashnaheartszac

    CUTE <3

  • daze

    thanks for the pix she is so beautiful and gorgoues i always like her outfil she always look good and i like her style

  • Esther

    I think Vanessa is gorgeous and she desreves all the great accomplishments that are coming to her.

  • Jennifer W

    vanessa looks gorgeous as always and i cant wait for her new album

  • zanessa110
  • mylabs

    These photogs must wait at her house and follow her whereever she goes.