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Chelsea Clinton Gets Lei'd

Chelsea Clinton Gets Lei'd

Chelsea Clinton gets lei’d by a few dozen natives as she arrives in Maui, Hawaii on Sunday to campaign for her mother, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The 27-year-old former first daughter (and possible future first daughter) did her best to dance hula after she arrived.

“I’m sorry if I embarrassed you with my hula efforts,” Chelsea said.

Hillary may have a hard time winning the Democratic primary this week in Hawaii, as her opponent Barack Obama was born and raised in the Aloha State.

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  • Arab.Aquarius

    I like her, she’s a cool nice girl

  • Marissa

    l don’t like her…l saw her on the street and she gave me a dirty look!

    For no reason!
    She’s ugly and a freak!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stella


  • Opinion

    LOL She gave you a dirty look, so now she’s ugly and a freak?? :-|

  • Opinion

    Oh, haha, I just realized………

    “Chelsea Clinton Gets Lei’d”

    sounds like

    “Chelsea Clinton gets layed”

    Lol. Unless I’m reading it wrong.

  • maven

    All you haters should be as intelligent and well educated as Chelsea is. She graduated the top of her class and has made her family very proud. She is cultured, well mannered and has integrity. If you can’t deal with that it’s YOUR problem. People like you who are uneducated only know how to criticize people’s looks…you haven’t a brain to dig deeper. You can probably relate better to the losers like Lindsay, Britney and Paris…they are more in your class! Go play with the children in the sandbox if you want to act so immature!

  • kathy

    she looks like her mom.. she has made her parents proud am sure

  • Opinion

    WTF she is a total B-l-T-C-H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KC

    I hope she’s there for a vacation because her mommy’s not gonna win Hawaii.

  • Pua

    Good luck campaigning in Hawaii.

    Hawaii is all for Obama– go Punahou boy!

  • Shell

    Lol shes only cultured because her dad was a president….and congrats to her if shes one of the top in her class….so was Bush…but liberals clam hes retarted…so guess that doesn’t say much for her now does it?

  • OPAL

    I saw Chelsea speak at Ryan’s Grill in Hawai’i and was very impressed by her sharp intelligence and sincere demeanor. She spoke candidly and refreshingly about the positive change that a HILLARY Clinton administration would bring to the Presidential office. Despite Obama being from Hawai’i, the Clintons have always been happily received in Hawai’i. It seems to me that if Obama had more pride and concern for his home state, he would not have taken Hawai’i for granted and instead would’ve come “home” to visit and secure voters. I was born and raised in Hawai’i, am a Native Hawaiian, a 27-year old married mother, middle-class, a former Punahou student, and a small business owner ready for political change so I seem to be a prime Obama voter. But I don’t need hope; I need hard work. I don’t need to be inspired; I need to be impressed. I’m not looking for speeches and style; I’m looking for solutions and substance. Hillary Clinton is the answer. Chelsea was the epitome of the Aloha Spirit, for which Hawai’i is famous, and my family and I are voting for her mother.

  • Nicole m

    She looks a lot like her mom. I wonder if she is embarrassed of her father or even forgives him.

  • no extremes


    WE WILL HAVE ANOTHER REPUB IN THE WHITEHOUSE, MCain has a mental disease from being a war prisoner. He has been married 2 or 3 times. Hes against womens rights. WE DONT WANT EXTREMES. MCAIN IS OUT OF TOUCH with the women of 2day-
    HES ALMOST 73. There hoping you vote for BO so he will run against MC. cause they know the deep deep south will not vote for him , I know about the deep deep south. Remember swiftboat -the repubs did that to Kerry-their gonna try and penned stories on BO,if he gets the nom., they already talk of HC like she is trash/ It takes a strong person to stay instead of divorce someone like BC. What else can they say about HC. BO is being set up. Repub crossed over and voted for BO they want him 2 beat HC, so they can run up against BO. Its a set up.

  • eddie jones

    lol looks like hillary is really pimping her daughter out. Unfortunately she’s the spitting image of hillary and will do more damage then anything to anyones campaign. Let’s flip back a few weeks when hillary had her delivering coffee to poll locations. haha

  • independant

    Not sure who I’m voting for but def not Mccain. He’s to old. Chelsea is a smart woman.

  • Mesmerizing

    Go Chelsea! Tall girls rock ;)

  • John

    go hillary!

  • http://000000000000 to 16

    16 STFU, Chelsea is helping her mom like the other candidates family members are helping them You know about pimping huh? part of that mental mantra your loser party promote.
    The pres had his wife help him and she has a shady past, no one complained.

  • krung krung

    she looked a lot more of her witchy mother.

  • lily

    still fug although she has gotten better “looking” over the years.




  • happy

    She looks so much like her Mom.

  • dennys

    Barack’s video with is all nothing but rich people and style. Hillary’s video with Alicia Keys (“Superwoman”) totally shows real people and real issues.
    (you tube: alicia keys clinton)

    Listening to Barck Obama is like listening to George Bush rhetorics. Hoping for this country to be better… is just that !!! just hoping.
    WE don’t need hope, WE NEED ACTION!!!!

    I am a Democrat and pissed at the whiners of the party. They don’t want the party to win, they want the party to feed their whines and sentimentality.

    Anyone who calls Hillary and Chelsea a bitch are fed with their fear of women on top. If a man acts like a jerk, they are considered amazingly powerful.

    This United States of America is one confused ( or may I say F*cked up) country.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Hilary voted for the war.

    She was involved in Whitewater.

    She is polarizing and negative.

    Taking women back 100 years for crying to get sympathy votes.

    The Republicans HATE Hillary. It is guaranteed if she goes against Mccain she will lose.

    Many repubs are voting for Barack. He is a fresher, and more honest candidate.

    Whyd did illary vote for the war and not ONCE apologized for it????

    And what great breakthrough is it for women that this woman was married to a President and used that connection to get where she is.

    Also, I have a HUGE problem with Bill Clinton coming back to the White House. is tthis a way to get around term limit laws??? 8 years of Clinton and 8 years of Bush is enough. Clinton used the Oval office to have sex with one of his employees. That is a disgrace. he showed a lack of respect for the White House.

    And he lied to us about it.

    I am so sorry but Chelse is ugly. If she was not a President’s daughter, we would all see that. There are plenty of people who have gone to Oxford and Stanford – big deal! My brother went to Yale! Twice!! Yes, she is smart but we can all agree she is very unattractive. kinda like Rumer Willis.

    Anyway, if we want to break from old school politics, vote Obama.

    yes we can! And this is the reason he has won double the states she has. places like Laska, Idaho, Missouri – people want Barack. they are tired of old divisive politics and all the lies!
    Hillary, why did you vote for the war??? Why?

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    I am a woman but why should I vote for a woman just because she is a woman? I want to vote for a woman who supports my ideas of the world. I am against this bogus war and Hillary voted for the war – she is the WRONG woman for me. Sorry.

    We should vote for the best person NOT for someone because of her gender. I mean you don’t see me supporting Condy Rice. She is a woman but I have a real problem with her and her support of Bush’s tactics. So being a woman does not guarantee anything. it is character and record that matters.

    Plus I am sorry but I REFUSE to have my paychecks toyed with to pay for health care for every Tom, Dick and Harry. Health care should not be mandated. No way Jose! My family in Canada are up to the neck in taxes for friggin’ Health care costs. You all think her health care plan is so wonderful but just wait and see – it would be disastrous. If you think you are paying a lot in taxes now – just wait and see how much middle class people would be force to pay every month just to have Universal Health care.

    And the services are garbage. You don’t get the best hospitals and care thru Universla helath care.

    Helath care should be affordable and cheap but not mandated. No way Hillary! No way!

    Oh an dHillary, if you say you hve such a great healthcare plan, how will it work when you are taking so much money from drug companies? She has taken more money from special interest groups than McCain. People need to do the research. Really esearch her – she scares me.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    No Extremes

    Your paranoia says more about you then it does about what is really happening in America. You are behind the times. Americans are wonderful people who are ready for change. You say Obama can’t win the SDouth, well look at the states he has won so far:

    Alaska , Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Carolina, Utah, Washington,
    Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC

    Most White men – Democrats, Independents, and some repubs – vote for him.

    The majority of people with money and with a college degree vote for him. Most young people vote for him. he is even getting hugh numbers in women too.

    Hillary gets working class, poor women and Latino votes.

    Barack has gotten everyone else. He is raising a million dollars a day. have you been to any of his rallies? The majority of the people there are White like me – people who are beyond the same old race talk. We are over it. This is a new America and people like you are behuind the times. Something is happening in America that you will be shocked by. Americans – especially the ones that are educated, middle class, and aware are voting for Barack. Sorry, your argument does not hold up. The numbers prove differently. The most powerful group in Ameirca is the White male vote and he is getting the majority of those votes so you are wrong.

    Obama 08! Yeah, baby. Plus he is waaaay better looking than the Clintons on any givnen day. Sorry that counts for something. Just like it did for Kennedy.

    He has won 23 states. She has won 13. yeah, yeah, we have the delegate crap but bottom line, he is winning more votes and now has more delegates. America is more than ready!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    OPAL @ 02/18/2008 at 12:39 am

    But I don’t need hope; I need hard work. I don’t need to be inspired; I need to be impressed. I’m not looking for speeches and style; I’m looking for solutions and substance

    And a billion dollar war .

    Hillary is as fake as they come. Substance? I mean crying on the campaign trail. GIVE ME A BREAK. What substance is that?

    You don’t see any of the MALE candidates ever cry. But the one woman we get sets us back 100 years to show how vulnerable women are so she can win votes. CRAPPOLA!

    She is full of it.

    Taking money from drug companies then talking about health care reform. Voting for the war then not admitting to her mistake. .

    And claiming she has all this experience. Like Wolf Blitzer asked her – what does a First Lady do that prepares her for the Presidency???

    I mean should we have Laura Bush, Roslyn Carter, Nancy Regan and that drunk Betty Ford for President too?

    Hillary has been a Senator for two terms that’s it. Obama has been a Legislator for much longer than she. Read between the lines. This whole “I got more experience” crap is nonsense. She is lying to us.

    She was first Lady. Whoopee doo. How does that prepare you for the Presidency?

    And sorry, NO MORE BILL CLINTON in the White house. He had his 8 sex filled years – and he was impeached – so baaaabye!!!

  • bejeebus

    ugh….she is the spawn of satan X 2
    where the hell did i put my garlic necklace and rosary????

  • gossip

    Team Lara Craft clearly you are very ignorant. The presidency is not a popularity contest and should not be about who raises the most money or who is the most attractive. The next president should be the best person for the job. People have been unfairly critical and harsh to Hillary. Anyone would crack under that pressure. Obama has taken money from lobbyists as well- he may not have taken it from the companies but he has taken it from the people who represent them! So get your facts straight!

  • Le’a

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having a woman in the White House but Hilary is not the one. I don’t really think that at this point and time we need the whole Bush/Clinton dynasty to go on. What we need is CHANGE.

    I don’t agree with her universal health care plan. Has she even really done her research about that? Has she even gone around and talked to people who has had to deal with that plan? What about the people that has actually lost a loved one, waiting for medical service, because of that universal health care plan.

    What about affordable education? Don’t even get me started on that! I’m a college student STRUGGLING to pay for college. By the time I graduate, I’m going to be paying off over 150k in student loans! College shouldn’t have to be that expensive.

    Obama is change. He was raised by a single, struggling mother. He knows what this country needs in order to provide health care to everyone as well as affordable education! I’m all for Obama. Obama `08!

  • ZeeZee

    She looks like her Momma.
    I feel for her.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    gossip @ 02/18/2008 at 9:19 am

    Team Lara Craft clearly you are very ignorant. The presidency is not a popularity contest and should not be about who raises the most money or who is the most attractive. The next president should be the best person for the job. People have been unfairly critical and harsh to Hillary. Anyone would crack under that pressure. Obama has taken money from lobbyists as well- he may not have taken it from the companies but he has taken it from the people who represent them! So get your facts straight!

    Like, Hillary, you have selective memory – I SAID my main reason for NOT voting for Hillar who I suipported 2 before is that she voted for the Iraq war. She is war hungry and that is a big no for me. She also has a health care plan that is good for super poor people but sucks for the middle class,

    Obama has not taken money from lobbyists. It is just that if you donate money to a campaign and work for Kaiser, you have to write that down but in fact the money is NOT coming from the corporation but from the Receptionist or Secretary who happens to work ther. Do your homework: HILLARY HAS TAKEM MORE MONEY FROM LOBBYISTS THAN ALL REPUBLICANS COMBINED.

    And newsflash: IT IS a popularity contest. John Kennedy largely won in the 60′s because with the advent of television, his youthlike nature, smile and good looks were friendly for the medium whereas Nixon who debated him looked like an old fogie. JFK used the power of TV and his charisma to win – it’s a fact. The reality is Obama’s good looks, charisma and ability to get people to like him has a a lot to do with his appeal.

    Hillary incites dislike in people – she comes off as abrasive, and calculating.

    Obama is not just a pretty face: he is a Harvard educated civil rights and constitutional attorney, the first president of the Harvard law review, a community organizer, a Senator, a writer and a man of great orator skills. He is quite talented and smart. Look what he has accomplished with his campaign,

    NEWSFLAH: it IS a popularity contest – DUH!!! that is why the person with the most votes wins.

    You clearly are the ignorant one.

    And why can’t you Hillary supporters like her not answer to us why she voted for the war – TWICE!

    And why did Bill Clinton do NOTHING when millions were slaughtered in Rwanda under his watch. He could not even declare it a genocide!!!

    SorryL: HILLARY WRONG FOR AMERICA and wrong for the job.

    She is a war monger. Whitewater anyone???

  • vic


    Let’s be fair.. you like what Chelsea said and you wanna vote for Hillary. Ok.. I get it. But how could you say Obama is taking Hawaii for granted?? Hillary has her daughter campaigning for her, Obama has her sister campaigning for him in Hawaii, both candidates are not there. Are you penalizing Obama because his home state is Hawaii?
    Obama not only gives me hope and inspiration, he has shown a lot of hard work and he definitely impresses me!
    Please take a look at his website and check up all the facts and solutions that he proposes before saying that he has no solutions or substance.

    I’m not an American. I gain nothing from replying to you, but Obama has impressed me so much that I just had to squeeze some time to type this.

    I wish I have a leader like Obama in my country.. whom I can look up to, whom can inspire me to be more than I thought I could be. :)

  • dennys

    Go to and lok at the facts.

    Obamatics are rude and mostly ignorant.

    Lara Croft – Whitewater my as*, nothing came out of it. Everything you said are the stuffs that tries to put Hilarry down. No evidence. Barck Obama voted for funding the Iraq war gazillion times agter he took office. He takes money from lobbyists especialy Exron, the biggest nuclear company in the United States. I wonder what he’s gonna do once the guy is in the White House.

    Do you research and know your guy better. At least with Hillary everybody knows who are we dealing with.

  • Kira

    Opal #13.

    Thanks for the great post….please get involved today and tomorrow on behalf of Senator Clinton!

    I can only imagine how wonderful the fragrance of all those leis!!! With Hawaii a part of our Union, I cannot imagine why Americans would want to vacation and spend their money anywhere else!?

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    dennys @ 02/18/2008 at 1:56 pm

    At least with Hillary everybody knows who are we dealing with.

    oh, that’s comforting – just cause we know she is shady then it is ok that she is shady because at least we won’t be disappointed…riiiight! gosh, we americans have really lowered our standards, huh?

    bill clinton watched as millions in rwanda were killed.

    hillary voted for the war. obama , i repeat, did not. that is a fact.

    bill clinton used the oval office for sexual escapades that he lied about – isn’t sex in the work place with your subordinate called sexual harassment??????


    her anti-middle class health care plan where your wages will be withheld if you don’t agree with it.

    her divisive politics.

    her scheming ways. edwards, obama and clinton were told by the dnc that michigan and florida were not going to be counted if those states moved their primaries. the democratic party told the candidates not to campaign there. all three candidates agreed. edwards and obama did not campaign there, in one of those states, ms. clinton was the only name on the ballot but what does she want to do now that she is behind???? she wants those votes counted. this speaks volumes about hillary’s character. what a manipulative person. how dare she try to pull this one off?

    8 years of bush and 8 yrs of clintons is enough. time for new ideas. no more old school political machines.

    and as i said before, presidential term limits are 8 years – why have a former president in the white house again?

    1 million dollars a day from everyday peple. barack is a movement for much needed change. it is no coincidence most people with college degrees are voting for him. he is for the thinking person not for sheep.

    obama 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and yes, i stand by my opinion, chelsea is no angelina jolie. and never will be. she is not even an eva longoria. sorry. it’s a fact.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    GO HILLARY L.A. loved you. OBAMA is not original at all, he copies someone speeches,quotes etc. listening to him is like listening to BUSH.


    you are just jealous, the CLINTONS have CLASS, you probably look like what you describe chelsea. you do not have class at all it shows on your comment, are you from a dinky town…… L.A. N.Y. T.X.loves the CLINTONS

  • oakling

    Interesting how the people who post comments against Obama are the same ones who seem to think they can talk to Chelsea by posting here!

  • oakling

    Interesting how the people who post comments against Obama are the same ones who seem to think they can talk to Chelsea by posting here!

  • justa mia

    Obama or CLinton. Doesn’t matter. McCain will beat either one of them…but Obama is going to win the Dem nomination. It’s inthe cards.

    As for Chelsea, she is the only Clinton I would vote for. We’ve had 16 years of Bush and 8 years of Clinton…don’t need another 8 years of Clinton. What is this family dynasties? McCain or Obama, time for a change.

  • dennys

    Team Lara Croft -


    Just Barkkkk Obama…. all talk.

  • dennys

    Team Lara Croft -


    Just like Barkkkk Obama…. all talk.

  • Peaches

    She’s ugly looking just like her mom. I’d be embarrassed by her family, esp. her dad, if I was here.

  • just me

    GO OBAMAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! We can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    dennys @ 02/18/2008 at 5:22 pm

    Team Lara Croft -


    Just like Barkkkk Obama…. all talk.

    wow that’s mature!!

    obama 08. time for change.

    hillary=vote for war

    bill= sex in oval office w/ employee…yuck!!

    time for change

    obama 08!!!!!!!!!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    ASHLEY @ 02/18/2008 at 4:36 pm

    GO HILLARY L.A. loved you. OBAMA is not original at all, he copies someone speeches,quotes etc.

    mccain used his “yes we can”

    and hillary used “fired up”

    he copied a few words from one of his best friends who had no pronlem w/ it. hillary’s camp can’t find anything else on him. poor things.

    chelsea looks like barney.

    obama 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1