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Jamie Lynn's Baby Bump is Clear as Day

Jamie Lynn's Baby Bump is Clear as Day

Jamie Lynn Spears shows off her clear-as-day baby bump as she fills up her gas tank back in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana.

The 16-year-old Nickelodeon star (blue hoodie) was also seen shopping Saturday afternoon. Jamie picked up puppy “training pads” from Wal-Mart. Practicing for her first baby with her dog! Precious!

Earlier this week, Jamie Lynn and her baby’s daddy, Casey Aldridge, were recently photographed holding hands during a stroll in Kentwood.

In other Jamie Lynn news, Zoey 101 is averaging almost 2 million more viewers per episode since the star announced her pregnancy.

10+ pictures inside of Jamie Lynn Spears‘ clear-as-day baby bump…

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed!

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Credit: Gregg DeGuire; Photos: Getty
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  • me


  • pete

    hope it all works out for her…

  • Love Me

    Jamie is huge. She looks really bad.

  • Eva

    she’s a very corageous woman!!
    love from Spain Jamie Lynn!!

  • laura

    I like this girl, at least even if she is pregnant she is not like her sister, she is more mature and she is a great actress and have a nice voice, she also learn from her mistake
    I prefer her more than assley tisjackson and uglynessa slutgens

  • LINA


  • funnymunny

    spears family – instead of fulfilling the ‘american dream’ they have become such a tragedy :(

  • Erin

    Just insane. 16 years old and pregnant. Stupid girl.

  • enough

    I really wish that the media/paps would leave her alone… her situation certainly does not need to be glamorized! Enough already!

  • Helena

    Slút is desperate for attention.

  • Regina

    “I like this girl, at least even if she is pregnant she is not like her sister, she is more mature and she is a great actress and have a nice voice, she also learn from her mistake
    I prefer her more than assley tisjackson and uglynessa slutgens”

    I’m not even a fan of HSM and all that Disney cráp, but you call Vanessa Hudgens a slút, but you praise Jamie Lynn? LOL

  • majaaa

    If she’ll behave okay and everything will work out with the baby britney should think of herself cause her 16yrs old sister is more mature then her!

  • Jessica


  • les

    Why are we celebrating this? It’s very, very sad.



    GOO JL

  • grace

    i agree #12

    #6 you are totally wrong vanessa and ashley have done nothing wrong and they are older anyway but jamie lynne (i do actually like her and zoey 101) is much younger and is already pregnant. i know that a lot of girls get pregnant at 16 but i blame her parents not her.

    i hope she deals with her pregnancy well

  • God

    Wal-Mart ?

    Young, incredibly beautiful, sexy, celebrity and well to do.

    No Wal-Mart!

    You always to yourself and to your fans, no Wal-Mart.

    Due to Jamie Lynn there is a new uprising it’s called death to conservatives, tiffany’s or nothing for Jamie Lynn. :)

  • God

    Definition of heaven: seeing Jamie Lynn shopping on rodeo drive. :)

  • God

    Definition of heaven: seeing Jamie Lynn shopping on rodeo drive. :)

  • suzette

    i don’t think jamie’s a hoe she had sex with her boyfriend big deal duh!
    so now she’s pregnant, again it’s not a big deal many girls get pregnant at that age, at least she’s being mature enough to deal with the consequences.

    i don’t think vanessa’s a slut, so what she took a picture of herself naked, she can do whatever the hell she wants and it was something private that doesn’t make her a slut.

    and i don’t see why you hate ashley so much for getting a nose job
    she’s not the first and sure as hell won’t be the last. nothing wrong with it

    you guys are so dramatic.

  • narf

    Suzette, that was a very mature and sensible comment. Good for you!

    I wish Jamie lynn and her baby all the best.

  • sama

    dude, are you guys serious?
    she even falls in her sister’s footsteps – who drink and smoke when she was pregnant, and nothing happened to her babies, so now she thinks she can also do these stuff.

  • http://WWWW.JUSTJARED.COM eliza

    um sama sorry but do u belive everything what u hear or read?
    haha wow
    anyway suzzete and gen i agree with u guys

    they all make mistakes..
    they all live a normal like just like us

  • funnymunny

    the spears family is so tragic; they thought that money would bring fame and class.

    But their pursuit of Hollywood brought them nothing but infamy and ruin… :( :( :(

    I hope the grandkids turn out alright, but it really means that Britney/JamieLynn will have to actively stay out of the spotlight. I hope they are smart enough to do just that !

  • tyler

    she’s just a young girl who’s had a rather big surprise… i think it’s horrible that people won’t let her live her life. leave her alone.

  • http://toPT not so good

    this is a tragedy, pregnancy at 16, its a Child raising a Child.
    JL’s family life is more -jmo-. dysfunctional than most.
    i hope it works out, but we haven’t seen the last of this drama..
    we are talking Spears clan…

  • someone

    i don’t really know her but about everything i read i don’t anyone deserves to have problems i hope soon she’ll b happy again even britney i really fell 4 her & am a very huge fan of her i hope she’ll b happy too soon i wish her all the best

  • Bethany

    shes getting big!

    i feeel really sorry for her.. hope everything turns out good for her

  • Nicole m

    She looks absolutely miserable. I think it is so unfair how sixteen year olds can get pregnant. Their are so many couples today who have trouble trying to conceive. It’s sad.

  • ClaireBabyGirl

    Someone should tell this Southern trash about birth control!

  • narf

    #31, how do you know Jamie Lynn wasn’t using birth control? Every condom box says clear as a bell that they are not 100% affective. And every information sheet for birth control pills says the same thing clear as a bell.

    My mom was on the pill and still got pregnant with my brother.

    It sounds like someone needs to tell YOU about birth control.

  • Anna

    You know she might only be 16, but she really seems as though she’s taking this seriously and she has it under control. She’s getting her GED, she’s staying out of the spot light; while most girls would use this to get out of school and say “hahaha, look at me!!” and think as though they have no future ahead of them. Plus, he boyfriend Casey seems like he’s gonna be there. I dont agree with the age difference cause thats a bit wrong, but hey their being responsible.

    I really am praying for the two of them. I honestly see a bright future ahead of them.

  • ally

    i think she looks great.
    their are ALOT of girls that get pregnant at young ages, they only fucking difference is that she’s famous.

  • Didi

    jared u really do have a baby bump fetish. [☆F a m o u s☆] is right. You need help.

  • Jan

    I pray the paps give this CHILD a break. She has made a very brave decision to have the baby. She is only 16 and Casey is 18!!! Why do all the media only blame the under-aged child and not the 18 year old man?? He is older and he should have been more responsible. The media has stoned HER with their photos and cruel words.

  • Orange soda

    She’s such a spoiled brat…
    she has a Range Rover… what a way to polute the earth… she is such a stupid little child…

  • monika

    she wears baggy clothes..
    she looks pregnant.. if you look up close.
    its all good tho :)

  • Russian Girl

    She is cute in white ))

  • Russian Girl

    She is cute in white )) but yeah, she looks unhappy..

  • liz

    wow she is big
    how far along is she?
    i feel bad that people who dont even know her are bashing her! jeeze there are ALOT of pregnant teens in the world. i saw a girl at my old school that was 14 when she got pregnant but she got an abortion. what a shame!
    at least Jamie is keeping her baby. good for her

  • MovieMadness

    I think she is so cute and its good she is taking care of her responsibilities unlike. These days being 16 and pregnant is not always rare.

  • Abigail..louise..cox

    shes gonna be the best mom in the world you go jamie we all here for you keep going strong dont let no one get to you ok keep doing what you are doing ….x

    P.S people who are saying all this stuff are just jelouse because your pretty and ther not ok ..x

  • marina

    No matter how her parents are, they should be supporting her, but as always (My guess) they are busy with the older sister who has always been the most important in the family.

    “she does not look happy” somebody says, well, she is being photographed when she wants to stay private, and also, they have problems in their family, haven’t you heard? she might be preoccupied.

  • Carrie

    Stop using denigrating words on here….

    Yes, she is a courageous young teenager who doesn’t have a clue what is ahead of her. For any young women who are blogging here, take responsibility for your body and future by using birth control (yourself)….do not take risks with the chances of procreation! Get involved in friends, sports, reading, art, traveling, and place emphasis on a solid education so you can empower yourself in the world.

    Parenting for even the mature (over 30 years) is filled with 24/7 sacrifice and tremendous commitment (until one’s children are finished with an undergraduate degree so they can enjoy a decent lifestyle). When there is maturity, parenting is an easier and a long-term rewarding experience if a woman has enjoyed her youth and, therefore, isn’t consumed by not being prepared for what is generally an overwhelming responsibility for a young and impatient person.

    Roe vs. Wade is in place for situations just like this, i.e. a one time early first four to six weeks abortion in a safe environment, so a young person can go forward to mature, lead a different life than is ahead of this young girl, and later start a family at the appropriate time into a healthy marriage so as to give the incoming life the greatest of all opportunities and (when the offspring is an adult) win a very personal reward for having given society a great and productive citizen!

    “Babies” are so sweet, cute, and cuddly but they do not remain babies very long and that’s when the real and serious work begins! Being physically taxed that first year is nothing as compared to the responsibility of being a great mother during the years ahead!

  • Summer

    # 6::
    How can you prefer Jamie-Lynn before Ashley and Vanessa,
    I mean, i’m not a fan of vanessa or anything (I hate her more then i like her) but if you say she is better then Jamie-Lynn, you’re crazy.

  • ZoeyAnn

    I am a ninteen year old with a three year old girl,

    yes i know i am not a celbrity or anything but it was hard for me with all the blacklash i recived while i was at school but never;less i got on with it ingored all the stares i got when you see my bump

    the school was understandingwhen i rush out of the classroom to go to the toilet due to me being sick
    i went to labour when i was 26 weeks pregant Laura-Becca weigh 1lbs 3oz,it was touch and go for a while, soon i was allow t hold her i felt a rush of love and i knew i had to look after her

    Now Laura-Becca is the most happiness toddler i would ask for she makes me happy when iam feeling down and loves her duddles(cuddles)

    i wish Jamie-Lynn the best in everything she does

  • llola

    Well, she made a bad decision, but she and Casey seem to be aware of that, and it can happen to anyone, right? I’m sorry for her, and I guess it’s up to her to keep the baby- even if I don’t think that’s the wisest choice- and I wish her a healthy pregnancy.

    –read my blog at

  • c

    it’s ummmm….great that you are so happy. however, it seems that your education has suffered a bit from all the distractions. try to learn some more about spelling, grammer etc. before your daughter grows up to make the same mistakes her uneducated mom did.

  • http://WWWW.JUSTJARED.COM eliza

    c or we ur name is
    u know what?
    that was seriosuly rude..
    ppl make mistakes and as i can c ur calling urself “perfect”
    gah watta Loser
    first look at urself and then judge the others

  • MAcey

    I think Jamie is a total **** I mean, I know shes not the first 16 year old to be pregnant, but still shes only sixteen! I mean she also had a good career and getting pregnant and working on a kids show, dosent make her a good role model. I mean and it dosent help enough that her family sucks cause of Britney. I give her props though for admitting her mistake, though. I mean I also think it was wrong for Vanessa to take naked shots but still, she is older and they were not supposed to be displayed. Still wrong though. I mean also , wat is the big deal about Ashley so what if she got a nose job, wat is the big problem. She said it was for medical purpose,if you got a nose job for medical reasons would you want people saying all this crap about you.