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Jumper Leapfrogs to First Place

Jumper Leapfrogs to First Place

BFFs Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen arrive at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Bilson‘s studded Burberry bag looks like it could seriously hurt somebody! Ouch ouch ouch! The former O.C. actress was also seen carrying around the latest issue of 25 Beautiful Homes magazine.

Rachel and Hayden (both 26) appear together in the new movie Jumper, which opened in first place this past weekend at the box office. The sci-fi film took in $27.2 million over the weekend and $33.9 million since Thursday. Step Up 2 The Streets grabbed the No. 2 spot, taking in $19.7 million. In a close third was family film The Spiderwick Chronicles with $19.1 million. Fool’s Gold dropped to fourth with $13.1 million. Definitely, Maybe premiered in fifth, raking in a decent $9.7 million.

On Sunday, Bilson was seen making a liquor run in Burbank, Calif. Booze it up, Bilson!

15+ pictures inside of Rachel and Hayden back home in L.A…

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  • buckeyegurl

    Looks like a good movie, haven’t heard anything about it yet.

  • Raven

    You know Rachel has a very similar build to Natalie Portman and I had the feeling Hayden always had feeling’s for her. I guess Rachel may just be the next best thing. Maybe, she really treat’s him sweet. I know she does not have much brain power but, maybe she does take good care of him. Look’s like they are going to have Party time!

  • purplehearts

    i heard they were headin bck to LA 2day bc he has leno tues and she rescheduled her late late app

  • hjk

    i just can’t see them as a couple.
    rachel and adam were just too perfect, and i can’t get over that they’re not together anymore.

  • purplehearts

    these pics still dont prove anything

  • Raven

    @ PH,

    I know Hayden is probably tired as hell but he does not look all that happy in the face.

  • purplehearts

    @ raven

    yeah i know and he got in the limo first and its the SAME people who did these pics as all the others as usual

  • eric

    The most boring couple in New York award this week goes to “Jumper” co-stars Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen. We observed the pretty pair at close range for about an hour at the Bowery Hotel and have never eavesdropped on anything less interesting in our lives. Hopefully their showmance pays off at the box office this weekend.

  • Stace


    I totally agree about Rachel and Adam and her with Hayden. Just can’t see her with Hayden. I haven’t read a good review about this movie at all.

  • See,

    Jared, you don’t have to call them BFFs because a bunch of fangirls are still in denial. ;-)

    Jumper will cash in despite the bad reviews. The international numbers are pretty good, too.

  • Candi belle

    @ Raven #2

    YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND???? WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ON # 2 . are you saying they’re dating now. what happen to bashing this sweety rachel. make up your damn mind. you are a fake!

  • Steph_b_247

    They let that bag on an airplane???

  • purplehearts

    their not together!

  • Aerobella

    Oh ride the sucess wave of a movie hit Rachel, don’t completely go nude, don’t get preggers and enjoy life to the fullest.

  • helloeverybody

    it looks like theres only one seat where hes sitting at she would have had to sit behind him. still dont beleive they are dating

  • GET OVER IT!!!!!!


  • purplehearts

    @ 16 THANK YOU!!!!!

  • T.F.

    they’re not together. i heard he has some stuff to do in cali and she pretty much is just following along for the ride, like little 13 year old with a crush. she rescheduled her late late show interview for this week, probably just cause he is there this week.

  • rotten
    “Hayden Christiensen is a bore that has found his match in Rachel Bilson. Here are two beautifully formed vacuums that both suck and blow simultaneously. Their painful lack of chemistry is further hampered by the trivial dialogue they’re asked to spew. Thoroughly muddled Millie’s initial reaction to seeing Rome’s Colosseum is, “It’s so cool!”

    “Doug Liman’s mostly incoherent “Jumper” is an 84-minute-long bundle of stupid that isn’t nearly fun enouh to justify its existence. I would actually commend it for its bold, operatic heights of idiocy if it wasn’t so dull. You just can’t be dull AND dumb, it’s just not done. I understand the filmmakers had a problem from the outset when Hayden Christiansen and Rachel Bilson were cast as their leads. Both are very pretty to look at, but pause plentiful cringing whenever they open their mouths to speak (not to be confused with what they were doing when they opened their mouths to get cast in “Jumper”). Both actors are gloriously bland and speak in monotonous intonations.”
    “Jumper is junk, a halfway decent premise destroyed by some of the worst hiring choices in the history of motion picture personnel.
    But it’s nothing compared to OC cupie dolt Bilson. Looking like a bad computer photo reconstruction of what Maxim thinks is attractive, and using her open eyed performance style for everything from happiness to hurt, she’s wish fulfillment as the walking dead, a plot point that can’t payoff because we could care less what happens to her. She shares no chemistry with her costar (not that Christensen could combine scientifically or sensually with any breathing human) and constantly reminds us of how hackneyed the overall approach to this project is. Something with this large a scope needs actors of equal size. Bilson and Christensen are incredibly small community college thespians at best. “

  • CEW

    I like Rachel’s scarf.

  • purplehearts

    @ T.F.

    he has leno this week and stuff to do with his brother for Beast Of Bataan in Los Angeles and she probably rescheduled her late late show so she could fly back w/him to make another PR stunt he looks like he is mad all the time with her

  • T.F.

    @ ph

    I know he’s always walking so far ahead of her and looks so unhappy. I have no doubt it was just more PR. The media can’t help but follow her around everywhere and now with him, it’s just even worse.

  • GET OVER IT!!!!!!

    Rachel’s assistant (that short woman) rescheduled her stuff so that her & hayden can be together and it’ll make it easier for promotion and traveling reasons. Its NOT RACHEL’S fault for that. sorry to say.

  • GET OVER IT!!!!!!

    Hayden Christensen has NEVER been followed by the paparazzi like this NEVER EVER before, and its because of Rachel Bilson because the paps would follow her way more than they would Hayden. Now every time she’s somewhere with Hayden, they’ll follow follow and take pics like crazy & Hayden isn’t into it at all.

  • purplehearts

    @ T.F
    your telling me we never get to see hayden without the elf with him anymore

    @ 23

    why would she reschedule it so they can be together??? they have been together for the past what 3 weeks promoting???
    i can see the making traveling easier and all i mean who likes flying alone?

  • rotty
    “The acting is so terrible that its hard to imagine why Hayden Christensen ever got a job. He was quite boring in the Star Wars prequels and expands upon his ability to be boring in Jumper. Along with Christensen’s bland performance, you have Rachel Bilson who has done some interesting work before, but ends up standing around and being utterly useless in this film. The intriguing part is that the movie starts out with two younger actors playing the roles Christensen and Bilson take over for the rest of the movie. The younger actors do an AMAZING job and much of the likability of the characters when they are older come from the initial impressions of them as children.”
    “Christensen never really could act, and Bilson seems stuck failing to portray a more mature version of her character on “The O.C.”
    Devoid of any reason or plot development, “Jumper” attempts to thrive on its moderately impressive special effects and the good looks of its central characters. Unfortunately, this poor excuse for a film has nowhere to jump.”
    “Lead “jumper” Hayden Christensen, apparently in no real hurry to convince his detractors that he’s actually a good actor, delivers an action-flick leading man who’s about as engaging and appealing as a car wash attendant. Love interest Rachel Bilson certainly knows how to scrunch her face into very cute expressions, but she delivers lines like they’re printed just off-camera on giant neon cue cards. Watching Raych and Hayden throw puppy-eyes at each other is kinda sweet and all … for about 1.3 seconds.”
    ” I am glad to report that the chemistry between the two of them was non-existent, what with one being a wooden actor and the other having the character depth as deep as a wooden stool.
    So the director has set-up a premise for a sequel, here are a few suggestions for the next one : FORGET ABOUT IT. Unless if you could make it not BORING, a better ending, better cast (get rid of Anakin and Rachel Bilson PLEASE – like what they did with Batman’s sequel and Katie Holmes) and an interesting storyline – then go for it. Otherwise, skip it.”
    “While the concept looks cool initially, it wears thin when you realize “Jumper” has no real plot.Christensen isn’t a ball of fire, either, and Rachel Bilson, as his girlfriend, hasn’t left “The O.C.”
    If it had somewhere to go, this film might make a good television series. Unfortunately, it’s just a one-way ticket to boredom.”

  • rot

    JumperDrinking Game

    Yeah, we all know that Hayden Christensen is good looking, but there’s still plenty of doubt that he can act. And Jumper isn’t doing much to give any proof to that. Like any Hayden Christensen film, it’s better to see Jumper a little sloshed.

    And unlike Christensen’s latest flick Awake, you don’t have Jessica Alba in a bathtub to make the slow scenes any better. Sure, Rachel Bilson’s in this one, but she’s gotten way too skinny. If you’re reading this Rachel, I suggest you take a bite of a sandwich instead of taking a drink while watching the movie.

    And now, to cover our butts… This game is only for people over the age of 21. Please drink responsibly, and don’t piss off a white-haired Sam Jackson.


    Someone teleports.

    Extra drink when someone teleports with something (or someone) in tow.

    The action goes to a different continent.

    Someone is shocked with electricity.



    A vacuous look on Hayden Christensen’s face.

    A vacuous look on Rachel Bilson’s face.

    One of those wicked-cool electric sticks Sam Jackson uses.

  • Raven

    I have not changed my mind!! I’m just a bit confused is all. Hayden clearly said he does not plan on working with Rachel Bilson no longer in films but once again spotted traveling together! I will support Hayden no matter what.

    I’m thinking out loud. I don’t think that hardly makes me a fake but it stands to reason with the Jay Leno show and stuff this week. To me Hayden looks tired but more mad as hell. I actually hope he loses his cool and tells Rach to “GO F*CK HERSELF!!” :D

  • purplehearts

    @ 24

    exactly! thats why i cant see him really being w/her he hates the media and thats all she is a razzie magnet

  • purplehearts

    @ raven

    i agree i hope he tells her off!
    i wonder who she was buying liq. for?? havnt they drank enough over the past few weeks? everytime we have seen pictures of the Jumper cast they have wine in their hands

  • T.F.

    haha little elf, yeah he’s in the tabloids a lot now because of her. sucks for him.

  • purplehearts

    @ T.F.
    yeah he used to NEVER be in tabloids but maybe once every 3 or 4 months about a movie or something but never like this

  • Raven

    I absolutley love them together! I love rachel bilson. Im her my number ONE fan!!!! I love you rachel sorry for trashing you. i sometimes have low self-estee!! lol

  • purplehearts

    @ Raven


  • T.F.

    @ Raven

    hey it’s cool if you love her, but she’s really two faced. She might look all innocent, but she’s not. and her acting sux, she’s got no range what so ever. she’s like a sinking ship, I hope H doesn’t get pulled down with her because of all this publicity.

  • Raven

    I feel bad for trashing her. I meen shes a very sweet girl ya know!

  • purplehearts

    this kind of confused me…

    On a short break from promotional duties for her Valentine’s Day release “Jumper”, Rachel Bilson was spotted out making a stop at her local liquor store in Burbank on Sunday (February 17).

    The former OC star may have been getting in a quick drink to loosen up for her flight with co-star/boyfriend Hayden Christensen later in the evening.

    What do they mean later in the evening their in LA for the week??

  • T.F.

    No i don’t know, cause I think she’s a two faced bitch. :)

  • Candi belle

    AH HA!@ Raven

    I knew it Raven. Fake. Fake. Fake. Mahe up YOUR MIND!
    whats wrong with you!!!!!

  • T.F.

    @ PH

    wait what? I think they are in LA. where does this person think they’re going exacly?

  • sloane

    Why is it that they’re still doing anything & everything about Jumper “together”?!

    Cant they just get it? That whether its OFF-SCREEN or ON-SCREEN, their chemistry or lack thereof really SUCK no matter what they do!

  • GET OVER IT!!!!!!

    @ 37 purplehearts

    I read the same thing on gossipgirls and they didnt call him her boyfriend. whenever i read sh** like that it gets on my nerves they always call them a couple when JARED STOPPED calling them a couple cause he know the truth because obviously they arent a coule!

  • purplehearts

    @ TF

    thats what i want to know lol

    @ raven

    shes actually not that sweet unless your on the “in” crowd with her you have to be rich and a famous otherwise she is a total snob to you

  • rot
    “This mess was directed by Doug Liman, who distinguished himself with the first “Bourne” movie and the small-scaled “Go.” Absolutely nothing works here, from the clunky dialogue to the weirdly timed love scenes (Liman lavishes heavy-breathing close-ups on former “O.C.” star Bilson, to the point where you might get embarrassed for her).”
    “Christensen demonstrates again why his post Star Wars career as a leading man is likely to be brief; Bilson probably should have jumped into a cosmetics commercial and Jackson just should have known better.”
    “Rachel Bilson plays Millie, David’s childhood sweetheart. David returns home after eight years of grand theft. This rekindles the “spark” the pair once had. Don’t look for the spark. You never will see it. It is just one of 100 things in this movie that has to be accepted without question.”
    “Rachel Bilson looks good but fails to engage as the love interest whose only job seems to be to slow proceedings down.
    But greatest scorn must be heaped on Hayden Christensen. Unable to emote on seemingly any level, the artist formerly known as Anakin is so wooden he plays David like a twentysomething Pinocchio. A black hole at the heart of the film, his lack of charisma makes it hard to root for our hero in the early scenes and hard to care about him in the latter. A lazy, dull, flat performance, it’s symptomatic of a film that looks good on the surface, but lacks any kind of substance beneath. The result is very much a missed opportunity — a deeply average, instantly forgettable action flick from a director who really should know better.”
    “The script is so perfunctory that the cast practically have to read the scene headings just to have something to do, not that the dull-as-particle-board Christensen and the confused/frightened/bewildered Rachel Bilson are up to the challenge of interpretation. (Those steps you hear are the sound of Jackson taking the money and running.)
    It’s a slap in the face to the audience that they thought we’d buy this: there’s nothing good to say other than Jamie Bell barely leaves with his dignity intact, and that’s quite the achievement for a film whose concept had all of my friends salivating from the get-go. ”
    “Hayden Christensen (ie Anakin Skywalker) demonstrates well why he is best suited to the type of high-paced action movies where the dependency on actual acting can be kept to the bare minimum.
    By staying in the character of Summer from the OC, Rachel Bilson goes mostly unnoticed, while Samuel L Jackson proves once move how little thought he puts into his roles anymore and acts up the cliched performance that we’re accustomed to.”

  • GET OVER IT!!!!!!


    14th- Hayden and rachel in nyc on vday
    15th- went shopping on vday
    16th- leave for an early flight (morning time) to go to LA. for more promotion,shows etc.
    17th- arrived in LA together ( as friends & has been)
    ….doing shows and more promotion and Tuesday they should be heading back out!

  • purplehearts

    @ 45

    tuesday heading back out? hayden is on Leno tuesday and rachel on the late late show the 22nd

  • Raven

    Hey! Hey! Hey!
    Purpleheart’s! I swear to Christ! #33 is not me! I’ve just been busy eating dinner! Now! What does this f*cking prove!!! Rachel’s PR’s are on the board posing as me. #33 is not me and I’m going to report the f*cker! That is not fair!


    TRUST ME #33 is not me!

  • Raven

    NO! PH

    she is not a snob! sounds like someone is jealous and need to shet the f**k up!

  • T.F.

    yeah I don’t get it where exactly would they be going?

    @ 45

    oh and on vday they were with the crew not just together.

  • purplehearts

    @ raven

    OMG! THANK GOODNESS! I thought we lost you :(
    its probably her PR or her fans

    if they ARE together i will gladly admit im wrong but i will still hate her and this whole time if they are together hayden has just acted VERY VERY WEIRD about it…its not like him at all