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Rumer Willis: I Am What Boys Like

Rumer Willis: I Am What Boys Like

Rumer Willis puffs away on a cancer stick while running some errands in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon.

The 19-year-old aspiring actress was last romantically linked to actor Josh Hartnett. According to The National Enquirer, the pair was recently spotted at the trendy Beatrice Inn in New York City. “Josh and Rumer were hanging out all night,” says their source. “They seemed to be getting pretty cozy.”

If you haven’t already, check out Rumer‘s music video debut.

Ms. Willis can next be seen in the Anna Faris comedy I Know What Boys Like, out later this year.

Handbag by Balenciaga.

10+ pictures inside of I-am-what-boys-like Rumer Willis

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  • Michellefan

    How come everytime two people hang out they are dating? I hate that the press makes up stories. I know it might have happened, but come on people. Everytime?

  • fugtastic sam

    Because in hollywood, hanging out basically = banging out. She looks like Selma Blair. Both Fug.

  • huh.

    She seems to think that people still actually care about her.

  • vicki

    Nasty, ugly… bad habits.

  • jakub

    Jared, man, do you HAVE to????

  • pellegrino

    humpty dumpty….

  • kat

    josh hartnett? is he blind or something???? she’s fugly!

  • Opinion

    Ewwwwwwww she needs to go away!

  • wtf

    jeeesh…. how that thang can be soooo ugly….

  • Jane

    I was going to say the same thing #1. Josh was just linked with Helena Christensen, who was recently linked with Heath Ledger, who was linked to Mary-Kate Olsen, who was liked to….. No doubt these people are screwing each other, but I doubt any are meaningful relationships.

  • Anna

    She’s hard on the eyes.

  • steffi

    i want to like her. but i just CANNOT.

    her parents must have done something horrible to have a child like that.

    YOU SEE!! now i feel bad for saying that.

  • Mesmerizing

    She’s really not that ugly. Not a beauty queen, but not THAT ugly.

  • lindsay lo-nodicaprio

    I feel so sorry for her. She is so incredibly ugly. She must cry herself to sleep every night. No way Josh was tapping that fug.

  • yily

    who fuc**kin’ cares about this chick. she’s a nobody and she will never have a career in Hollywood. she just stank up the joint.

  • lu

    it doesn’t seem like boys like her and I don’t blame them.

  • Yv3tt3

    Not to be mean, but she’s kinda ugly. Which is sad b/c Demi is hot

  • bejeebus

    francis bean cobain has stated that she doesn’t understand why anyone is interested in her. that her parents were famous but she herself hasn’t done anything of note yet……..

    how freaking refreshing……humility and reason.

    someone really needs to get this memo out to rumor “potato head” willis. she needs to stop harassing our retinas until she does something that earns her the right to do so. she needs to be locked in the basement until she’s ready to do something…..speshul. she ruined my breakfast!!!!

  • Bella

    Man she is sooo ugly !!

  • ZeeZee

    Could this be Jay Leno’s LOVE CHILD ???????????????

  • anonymous

    You guys are so mean. She’s trying to get a career in acting and she’s working hard, she’s not just using her parents’ fame to get an acting career. Even one time she acted in a movie with Bruce Willis I think and Bruce was like she had to audition for that role, they just didn’t give it to her because she’s his kid. Seriously give the girl a break. If the cameras weren’t following her around we wouldn’t even know she was trying to get an acting career. And you people make her seem that she’s so ugly that she’s not even a worthy person. Seriously, that’s not nice. She is a human being with feelings, imagine if she read how people are saying how ugly she is. She’s beautiful!

  • melatonin blues

    I know it’s mean but to say otherwise would be to lie…she is not good to look at. As for having to audition…well, she is already half way there as she has famous parents and she is on this site. If, she auditioned to be in a film with her father but didn’t get the part then that would say something but to get the part well, it’s called nepotism and her father will definitely have a hand in it as he’s not exactly Mr Fairness. She has all the worst features of both her parents as both her parents have certain unattractive features and unfortunately for her she has inherited them all.

  • blueangel

    She’s “what boys like??” Uh, I don’t know any straight boys, gay boys, or any men that would want her even for quickie sex with no strings attached. As for Josh Harnett, I seriously doubt if he was ever interested in her (?) romantically.

  • falling tears

    o please. she’s not daed ugly but she does need to straighten her back…a lot.

  • jc

    yeah i feel bad for saying it too and for the comment of her being locked in the basement, she needs to stay there until she signs a plastic surgery treatment plan…poor thing is really not good looking. it’s funny how some people say “gee how could bruce willis and demi moore have such an ugly bunch?” ummm… i guess you’re not looking at the same pics of bruce willis that i am because he’s the one to blame for these monstrosities!!!

  • lol


  • mee

    she is just so ugly && onlii gets roles bcuz of her parnts

  • mee

    go away ugly ass!

  • cyn

    She is not a pretty girl at all. In fact, it’s hard to believe that she could even make it to an audition with her looks. What is not fair is that I have a gorgeous 16 year old daughter and there are many many very pretty girls that can act very well that are trying to become actresses and I am sure their mother’s are beating down the pavement to get them in the door with no pool at all. It really is not fair.

  • Alinka

    I wonder if her parents know she is ugly?

  • irish

    the girl has to be the ugliest looking yoke in the history of ugly lookin yokes. wat the fuck happened at conception bruce must have put it in the wrong h*** coz she does have a bit of an ass face. she could use her chin instead of her hands to drive that car its so big.

  • Cilla
  • serious

    She needs a chinectomy.

  • cheech

    She’s ugly to some, and gorgeous to others. She has grown up in a privledged world of beauty, money ,power, and fame. A life none of us can imagine. Being a Follywood rich kid, she probably dos’nt have to work a day in her life , but she does. She eats , shits, loves , hates and fears just like you and me. She is just another person, one who feels. None of you have met her, and she has not met any of you. Wether your poor and good looking, or rich and ugly, we are ALL just people. Hiding behind the internet is easy, would you say this stuff to her on the street?

  • *grace*

    She looks like a boy

  • Joe Dick

    Fact is, she’s fugly… She could easily afford plastic surgery. Why not do it? To anonymous, she will trade on their name no matter what. Doesn’t means he will be given parts because of who she is, but it will give her an edge that other people, talented but without the in she has, lack.

  • chris

    So ugly people aren’t accepted in Hollywood. I see a lot. Why is she singled out.