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Drew Barrymore - "Vogue" March 2008

Drew Barrymore -

Drew Barrymore opens up in the March 2008 issue of Vogue, talking about her strong work ethic.

The 32-year-old actress, who went to rehab as a teen, says, “I think I had some mechanism in my head that said, ‘If you don’t pull it together for yourself, no one else will. That’s coming from a person who had to try it all … and who still loves to have a good time. I do believe in ‘Work hard, play hard,’ but ‘Work hard’ always comes first, and it did even when I was wild and young.”

Drew‘s cover shoot was photographed by Steven Meisel. This issue hits newsstands nationwide on Wednesday.

Ms. Barrymore has three film projects out later this year: two comedies, He’s Just Not That Into You and South of the Border, and the drama Grey Gardens.

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Credit: USA Today
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  • vivi


  • vivi


  • zanessa110

    shes pretty

  • qq2231453


  • mariane

    she is sooo pretty! ;)

  • http://;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; um

    that doesnt even look like our cute drew..its be retouched to much. no.

  • Jen

    holy crap… that looks NOTHING like her!!


  • jade

    Young Hollywood that is going crazy,could learn a lot from this former wild child. Drew has completely turned her life around and is very
    respected now.BTW,she is very beautiful and I think a nice person.

  • jules

    Good Lol. They changed her face way too much with airbrushing. Made it a lot longer and thinner. I have a round face and high cheek bones and there is nothing wrong with THAT. Drew is too beautiful..prettier than this photo to have it screwed up with “touch-ups.”

  • mossy

    i can still see the drew i admire although she’s been hyper-refined. i love it.



  • ash

    it dosnt even look like drew at all.. u can tell the fixed the pic on the computer

  • shenanyginz

    NO i like when she’s au naturel… she looks nothing like herself!
    but i still love her

  • mel b

    Drew come off it, you were 32 when I was 32, you are 35 or 36 years old. Eva Parker pulls the same ish, that hooker been 32 years old for 7 nears now….

  • rosie


  • Miss Elle

    She looks great.


  • ihavenolife

    that’s drew barrymore????!!! i doubt she will like that cover, it doesn’t look anything like her.

  • lulu

    Doesn’t look like Drew anymore . too airbrushed

  • lol

    boring and she’s totally way heavier than that.

  • lol

    her chin is bigger without the airbrushing. her real chin kinda looks like Rumor’s leno chin.

  • http://mmmmmmmmmm no like

    doesnt look like drew at all.

    Click here and see LIho ruin MM with her nastiness,she is in her birthday suit ,,,,,,keep clicking next.

  • luckyL

    One of the few rehab success stories and one of the few non-anorexics of Hollywood. No wonder she’s on the cover. Lol, bravo Vogue.

  • zoe

    gosh…what did they do to her? that does not look like drew…blame photoshop and vogue

  • Nicole m

    Why must they do all that air brushing? It makes her look plastic and it doesn’t look like her. She is a very pretty woman who did not need all that retouch sh*t.

  • Marta

    horrible cover

  • Notdrew

    I don’t consider Drew a “rehab success story”–she still smokes pot! She is NOT clean & sober. Just “hides” it more.

  • Helena

    OMG! What did they do to her? I hate photoshop!

  • Jaded

    I have no idea why people are doing this. She has a pretty yet unique face, why distort it into this plastic mask? She doesn’t need this! Let her be the beauty she is!

  • msguidedmama

    WHOA!! way too much reducing of her naturally full shape. That is crazy!! it is like a cartoon!

  • bejeebus

    ummmm….who is that? LOL

  • Arab.Aquarius

    her face looks so different. she’s usually much prettier

  • ace tomato

    I know I’m an echo, but yeah, who IS that?

    I like Drew. I like Vogue. I like Steven Meisel.

    What a phony mess.

  • Marie

    I love Drew Barrymore!!! She is so cute and a humble person. Even though she’s quite young, Drew Barrymore can already be called a Hollywood legend. She’s lived it up, she’s done it all, and she has enough movies under her belt to put most starlets to shame. A lot of Hollywood train wrecks right now could learn a lot about her. Do you hear that Britney? Lindsay?… Drew has come a very long way, she is a great example of a great comeback. She has proven that you CAN turn your life around. This magazine cover was photo shopped too much, she doesn’t need all that, she looks good even without make-up. I found and old video of hers from youtube, she was so adorable on it. Check it out here…

  • Sebastian

    too retouched and fake thin face and body,she’s healthy as she really is…show us Drew!

  • jaye

    Long live photoshop!

  • lennie

    photoshopped to the max and to death! I like the true Drew, not that wax doll

  • smile123

    wow dats drew? whoa! lol i think dey did 2 much of dat airbush thang! it doesn’t evn look lik3 h3r by da way her arms is not dat skinny! dey n33d 2 chang3 da whole photoshoot n don’t do so much airbushn!

  • lat

    I LOVE IT!!! It ‘s typical vogue young fresh and tasteful all the while being very fashion forward. As kimora says it’s fabulosity baby!

  • latoya

    I LOVE IT!!! It ‘s typical vogue young fresh and tasteful all the while being very fashion forward. As kimora says it’s fabulosity baby! Can’t believe she’s only 31

  • amin

    Drew ‘the chin’ Barrymore.