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Jonathan Rhys Meyers @ Irish Film and Television Awards 2008

Jonathan Rhys Meyers @ Irish Film and Television Awards 2008

Jonathan Rhys Meyers strikes his signature “bulgy-eyes pose” at the 2008 Irish Film and Television Awards held at the Gaiety Theater in Dublin, Ireland on Sunday.

The Showtime series, The Tudors, which was named Best Drama Series/Soap, swept up most of the trophies for the night.

Jonathan Rhys, 30, picked up Best Actor in a Lead Role on a Television Series for his critically-acclaimed acting as King Henry VIII. The Tudors costars Maria Doyle Kennedy and Nick Dunning also won the Best Supporting Actress and Actor in Television awards respectively. In the technical categories, The Tudors won the Best Costume (Joan Bergin), Best Hair & Make-Up (Jennifer Hegarty, Dee Corcoran) and Best Production Design (Tom Conroy) awards.

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  • Helena

    Why does he pose with his ‘bed eyes’? I always enjoy looking at pictures of him, he’s so unphotogenic. Poor guy! So is Anna Paquin!

  • Nicole


  • the_original_nika

    love the tudors.
    wow, how long have these two been dating?

  • OMG


  • buckeyegurl

    Someone needs to go back to rehab.

  • gossip

    he’s such a drug addict! it’s so obvious too. why someone hasn’t forced him to get help is beyond me?

  • shabba

    wtf is up with eyes? any this guys a arse, all he ever does is slag off other actors

  • Geez

    Goodness, he needs rehab!

  • rokstur

    he has nice eyes, but he SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME when he does that!!

  • Jessie

    What I really want to know is: Was HENRY CAVILL there? Anyone know?

  • ?

    his eyes freak me out in the main pic

  • intact

    nice eyes? are you serious?

    Any relation to Amy Crackhouse?

  • operaghost

    Good looking guy, but oh, I wish he would stop doing that.

  • emily☆

    uhh is he doing that to be funy?€??
    kind freaky!

  • Nicole m

    Does he do that on purpose? Because, there is a conditon that people get that bulged eye look. I know someone who has that. Which has nothing to do with drugs.

  • t

    I love how he looks like such a psycho path but still great.

  • csxyz

    Whoa! That really scared me!

  • shenanyginz

    y does he do that i dont think its attractive

  • Kayla



  • luckyL

    Helena @ 02/18/2008 at 7:06 pm

    Why does he pose with his ‘bed eyes’? I always enjoy looking at pictures of him, he’s so unphotogenic. Poor guy! So is Anna Paquin!
    I f****** it too. I’ve seen him just talking on tv and he looks fine. I also am a huge Tudors fan and he looks great there too. I can’t look at photos of him anymore. The mustache is so gross =(. God, he was so hot to me before…

  • erika

    I think he has a thyroid condition which causes the eyes bug out.

  • What?

    Why does he do that with his eyes ALL the time? Did someone once tell him that they thought it looked sexy? Got news for you babe, it makes you look psychotic, NOT sexy.



  • Chelse

    hes so good looking in movies such as august rush but man so unphotogetic

  • olivia

    i’m sorry, the tudors is a joke. it’s a historical costume drama for dummies. they think all the sex & nudity makes them “edgy” instead of campy, they got pretty faces instead of actresses to play most of the female roles, and JRM is good in some things but unconvincing as henry viii. i can get over the historical innacuracies, and for awhile it was unintentionally funny in that “so bad you have to see it” way, but then i got bored & tired of having my intelligence insulted.

  • eRICKA

    It’s kinda weird but I think it happens because of all the flashes from the cameras because he can do normal eyes…so I think it’s just a reaction too the flashes.

  • justa mia

    The Tudors sucked big time. Main leads are miscast. No way does JRM work as Henry VIII. And the Boleyn girl – what a crappy portrayal. Just a history soap. I think Danielle Steele must have written it. It certainly had little to do with real history.

    JRM is scary with his buggy eyes and he isn’t much of an actor. His Irish accent kept coming through in the Tudors. Big joke.

  • luckyL

    Well, there are historic inaccuracies and you’d be silly not to acknowledge it, and I can understand how that can make it an unenjoyable viewing experience for some. It reminds me of reviews about Memoirs of a Geisha from big fans of the book.

    However, I am a fan of period movies and shows, and I wish I’d caught “Rome” before it was shut down due to monetary issues. But I don’t want things that blatantly suck either. I’m sure just the story of Henry VIII fascinates me more than anything and I just enjoy the fact that it’s been brought to the screen. It serves its purpose with all its “soap operaness” for me–to entertain.

  • cs

    Gosh his eyes freaks me out so much!!*shivers*

  • yikes

    Dude’s got some serious Manson lamps going on there.

  • Yv3tt3

    I use to think he was hot, but now every time i see him in films i think of these pictures …. he looks like a creep

  • shabba

    what is it with people saying things like “asian fetish” can’t you just like people for who they are?

  • love zef

    posessed much?

  • kristen

    i thought he broke up with his girlfriend and moved out of the house they shared???

  • wowza!

    omg, thats so scary!

  • Kristen

    i thought he broke up with her and moved out??

  • ihavenolife

    that’s a sexy dress. u can see the nipples & everything! :lol:

  • jamie

    His girlfriend’s face is very ugly. She’s really strange looking.

  • mariah

    sure, the tudors is aimed more at trash culture who want to feel like they’re watching something intelligent & historical than it is to thinking viewers, but the costumes are spectacular and sometimes it’s pretty entertaining with its “soap”-factor. JRM is scary however.

  • Demi

    Jonathan Rhys Meyer Is soooooooo sexy!!!!!!!!!
    He can bulge his eyes as much as he wants…I’m not scared at all

    ps. I really like Reena dress…can it be a Lancetti?

  • bejeebus

    he’s hot….don’t like the faces he makes but i think it’s just him making fun of the photographers and refusing to give them good pix of him. he and his girlfriend have been together for quite a while now. i don’t think she’s pretty either but she is very rich (well, at least her daddy is). tudors is meant to be entertaiing not educational. so you watch, admire the costumes and the pretty people and remember how it all REALLY went down on your own time. it’s a t.v. show, people!

  • Ally


  • mara

    I don’t care if he likes to bulge eyes like that on pics (I think he does it on purpose or because of flashes), he’s HOT as hell. A very talented actor, who totally deserved the awards and a very sexy, handsome guy. I love him, freaky eyes or not!

  • iris

    “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” so if he thinks that his gf is beautiful, then let it be cos its a very subjective issues.. like me.. i think my bf is so hot n sexy.. who cares if people think he looks like jon rhys meyers..hahahaha (just kidding with that part) but he(my bf) is definately hot!

  • tania

    he is very handsome but his eyes are really wierd……he’s probably a drug addict!!!

  • Natalie

    Reena’s dress is nice but she is too young to be wearing it. The dress would look nice on a woman who is late 30s, early 40s. Plus, she slouches.

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