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Lauren Conrad @ Live with Regis & Kelly!

Lauren Conrad @ Live with Regis & Kelly!

Lauren Conrad, wearing a skirt and top from her own fashion collection, drops by Live with Regis and Kelly! on Monday morning. (This segment was filmed last Tuesday but aired today, President’s Day.)

The 22-year-old starlet talked about how “real” The Hills is and going to the Super Bowl Playboy party with her dad, Jim Conrad (he apparently liked the Playboy aspect of the party more than the Super Bowl).

Lauren shared about waiting to talk about things until the cameras are turned on and also gave a mini-reason as to why she broke up with ex Jason Wahler. “He was trouble,” she said.

Watch Lauren‘s interview on Regis here: Part I and Part II.

Lauren will also make an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres sometime next month.

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  • Helena

    No one cares. She needs to disappear.

  • lousta

    love her!! She’s so pretty and so lovely

  • lousta

    oh i love what she’s wearing too!! I wish her clothing line was available here in England

  • gossip

    i care. she looks cute. i like her a lot. she’s a different example of a role model for young girls unlike paris, lindsay and britney. she’s not driving drunk, going to jail or rehab. she’s doing her thing and being successful at the same time without having to compromise who she is. i like that!

  • lolita

    LC love u!

  • Scott


  • scott


  • scott

    first! I think

  • Orange Clockwork

    I agree with Helena. The girl is dull and vapid.

  • steph

    she’s so pretty. my mom’s friend met her at that party haha.

  • Alyn

    She looked so good. She looks real. Not plastic like some people.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    so um, basically this nobody got up there and lied about how real that fake hills show is. hmm, interesting.

    she’ll vanish sooner or later.

  • Lo

    She is so cute!!!!! I love her!!

  • Little Loca

    I can’t believe how jealous people on this board are of Lauren. There is no reason not to like her except jealousy.


    love her cant wait for new season of the hills……….


  • Julia

    The Hills, real? Hahahahaha.

  • lily

    why is this bi-t-ch on my TV. she has no talent and doesnt deserve to be there.

    and about 150 dollars for a jersey dress? she is rediculous.

  • rory

    [☆F a m o u s☆] loves only herself

  • Becky

    I actually really like her.

    I never watched Laguna Beach or The Hills.

    But I’ve seen her interviews and she seems like a sweet girl. And she’s very fashionable! I love her clothing line!

  • http://000000000000 y u c k

    loser fake drunk. who slept with her friends boyfriend in the first show be4 the fahe hills, cuz shes easy……

  • Gucci mamma

    HAHA I think it’s so funny that people on here really actually dis her. Maybe her show isn’t real but guess what, SHE’S the one with her own T.V. show, real or not real, fake or not fake. SHE’S the one on TV not any of you dissing her are. She gorgeous and you know what, you’re probably not and you’re jealous. So she slept with her friends boyfriend true or not true… none of you are perfect either and should probably be evaluating your own life instead of spending so much time on someone else’s. Which brings me to my next point that if this show isn’t real, then why are you contradicting yourself and so worried about what Lauren Conrad does… if she did sleep with her friend’s boyfriend, then it must not be real because the show is not real correct? I believe so. And those who hate the show, why do you watch it?

    Everyone is allowed to their own opinion but I think everyone before making judgments on other people, should evaluate their own lives first since you are probably no better then them anyway.

    Love You Lauren and I LOVED LOVED LOVED your outfit this morning :)

  • Anne

    I love how some people wrote “who cares” and yet they themselves obviously care enough to come on here and comment. TOO FUNNY!

    At least she’s actually doing something productive unlike Parasite Hilton to seemed to have gotten even more famous for what– going to jail.

  • Ew

    This hooker is a joke to me. She acts all coy and sweet and then she’s trying to scoop up Kristin Cavallari’s boyfriends every five minutes and obsessing about Heidi…she’s FAKE.

  • ew

    what a sl ut. phony marcia brady.

  • 1123

    She looked gorgeous. I agree, I rather take Lauren any day over the typical Hollywood bimbo starlets like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears as an example. At least Lauren is doing something different and is working on achieving her dreams.

  • cgy

    we care about her why?

  • cece

    She looked stunning on the show much better than some of these skank actresses. I wish she would do some real acting because she is a great actress. I love her clothes, cannot wait to buy some from her lines.

  • Regina

    #14, sorry, not jealous of a z-lister from a stupid reality TV show. I would prefer to be famous by actually accomplishing something.

  • Marieme

    I need to be honest here: LC, whom I have liked and cheered on, is getting that bitchy, vacant look a lot of the girls (and guys) here in Los Angeles have. What a bummer! It’s like the meanness and coldness of the stupid haters (and trust me weak willed people can get very negative and jealous in this city) have really changed her. I just recognized a harshness in her stare and it’s too bad that she’s become this way. What these kids her age don’t realize is you don’t have to lose your nicer and best qualities to survive in this city. Trust me, LC, you can win much more by being sweet and keeping the smile in your eyes. Don’t wait until you’re too old to figure that out.

  • Belen

    Great interview. She looks gorgeous and she did not resort to bashing anyone unlike others. She is getting more and more beautiful. her line is a success i guess she is using her talents in the right way good for her

  • jessy

    I love love lc she is such a fresh change in hollywood today no plastic surgery her own real beauty no DUIs, no slutty dancing on a pole she’s trying to accomplish things in her life. BTW she never slept with any of her friends boyfriends her and kristen were never Bff’s. I love her she’s so beautiful and she seems happy.

  • claire

    She never once bashed heidi she was cool and all smiles. I really don’t think she’s concerned about any of that old drama she’s moved on. She looked very pretty she said her clothing line sold out good for her! She’s really doing her own thing.can’t wait for the hills to come back.

  • hannah

    I watched the segment, she sure does behave like a star, very well put together.

  • Belen

    The Hills are coming back on March 24th

  • Lynn

    Helena needs to disappear and while she is at it, take Heidi and Spencer with her

  • beebee

    I like her. She’s cool.

  • Bianca

    She looked stunning, I like her outfit very chic

  • nidyzylc

    HELENA–obviously you care considering you’re the first one to post…

    GUCCI MAMMA– i totally agree with what you posted..

    EW-it is actua Heidi who is obsessed with Lauren…


  • nidyzylc

    i meant ”actually”..
    sorry for the typo..

  • nidyzylc

    i meant ‘ACTUALLY’…

    sorry for the typo..

  • Melissa

    She’s SO much smarter than your average reality star.. or even your average celebrity. She actually has a brain.

  • Aubrey

    Lauren’s cool…I like her fashion style..always chic & I don’t really care the hills is fake or not…it’s entertaining..that’s what count.

  • patricia

    Love Lauren because she is not only gorgeous but she is pretty damn smart. she knows that the hills is not going to last forever so she started her line and she can continue with that years after her reality show is over. She is also classy not resorting to mean comments a la speidi or fake stage photos ops like them. I wish her nothing more than success and she is absolutely lovable.