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Lourdes Leon's Pedicure Pampering

Lourdes Leon's Pedicure Pampering

Lourdes Leon, the 11-year-old daughter of Madonna, treats herself and a gal pal to mani-pedis at a nail salon in Beverly Hills on Monday.

She even treated her bodyguard to a pedicure!

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loudres leon pedicure 01
loudres leon pedicure 02
loudres leon pedicure 03
loudres leon pedicure 04

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Nicole

    What she needs is an eyebrow wax.

  • Monica

    she looks a lot older than 11 yrs old. My guess is she will be the biggest SLUT in another 6 years and “old whory” Madonna won’t be able to do anything about it! KARMA is a BITCH…BITCH!

  • mimi

    She’s just a kid for crying out loud!

  • marina

    she seems to not like people taking her photograph, she’s a kid and she’s by herself, not with her famous mother and step father

  • meg

    leave her alone.
    insult her mother all you want.
    not a child

  • luckyL

    Lol, I love her.

  • luckyL

    She’s going to be beautiful. I hope she softens and matures nicely overtime. I love how all the spoiled brats are judging someone who probably wasn’t too different from them when they were her age.

  • Nando

    Wow! She looks just like her Mom!!!

    That’s awesome!!

  • http://;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; down with sleezy paps

    she is pretty child,coloring lik her dad ,and looks exactly like her mom when madonna was younger.
    Paps should not be harassing this child, pedo’s are everywhere- online -everywhere. paps could be pervs.
    have a 12 year old and this pizzes me off.

  • Nico

    Nicole and Monica your a couple of LOSERS

  • FRenchy

    this child is not with her mother so how are you gonna post a picture of her?

  • Nicole

    I don’t feel bad about saying that, I can think what I want, and I think she needs an eyebrow wax. *shrugs* I’m not going to send the kid hate mail or whatever, but this is the real world, and she’s going to have to deal with it.

    It does seem odd that paps took pictures of JUST the kid though, when the parents aren’t with her.

  • Nico


  • stephanie

    while shes getting her nails done, she should get her eyebrows done also

    those things r like catipillars, im surprised her mom doesnt take care that

  • Nico

    STEPHANIE….why don’t you post your picture….I’m sure there’s plenty of work to be done on you

  • awwwww

    Nah, I don’t agree with paps chasing celebusprawn when they are not with their celebutard parent.

    However, gotta say she needs to say good bye to her monobrow and ‘stach.

    She’s Paris Hilton in the making and that’s not a good thing.

  • Nicole

    At least learn how to spell “you’re,” please, Nico. I prefer being insulted with correct spelling.

    I seriously want to know if it’s legal to post pictures of minors like this. It seems like it wouldn’t be.

  • http://;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; yo Stephanie & Nicole

    Um stephanie and Nicole…
    ya know I’d like to see things from your point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my a s s.

  • richie

    Uh, if she’s old enough for a pedicure, she’s old enough to get her eyebrows waxed.

  • erin

    poor kid. she looks absolutely thrilled to be photographed.

  • Miss Elle

    I can envision her being some trouble in future years. And she looks PISSED to be photographed..


  • shabba

    wax, stat! and i totally agree richie.

    people can go on that shes a child and that it doesnt matter, in an ideal thats how it would be.
    but the fact is children do things like that now, they try to act older than they are.

    Where things that are fashionable and put on make up, bikinis etc.
    kids are losing their childhood innocence and we all know it.

    still, they shouldnt harass her when her parents arent there

  • mariane

    wow. looking very scary kid.
    calm down. lol

  • jules

    i quit my job of laye…good salary (have a Masters) but too stressful, and went into part time retail at my husband’s suggestion, (love it!) and it is AMAZING the attitude the un-teenagers with make-up and their Mom’s credit card have now days….Mother’s are even worse!! This child is beautiful and hopefully she will learn the words “Thank you.”

  • Colleen

    She’s beautiful

  • http://mmmmmmmmmm yep

    richee -shabba -same person a child hater.the abusive hoes.

  • LD

    Seriously, why can’t they leave her alone? Do they really need to photograph an 11yr old (without her famous parent) getting a mani-pedi. The paparazzi are out of control these days.

  • jamila

    She’s beautiful and seems sweet and not into celebrity/attention whatsoever. We should all leave her alone! (Myself included LOL)

  • lops723

    I agree with nicole & the rest… What that kid needs is an eyebrow wax. She looks like Frida Kahlo.

  • ihavenolife

    she’s so pretty, she’ll grow up to be a stunner for sure.

  • lol

    I bet she’s a diva monster.

  • lisa

    She looks like her mom but the Latina version and more beautiful. She’s going to be a knockout when she grows up. Enjough about the unibrow. She’s not bothered by it so why should anyone else be. Leave her alone. She’ll wax it when the time comes.

  • Mizz-efron x_0_x

    omfg. she’s 11 and gettin a pedicure?? and she even has a f*ckin bodyguard?!? gosh im older than her and i dnt even hav 1!!

    she’z wayyy to mature!!!!

  • byba

    She’s ELEVEN! Of course she’s not perfect; she’s just a child! Poor girl… she can’t help that her mom is famous.

  • your mom

    she should treat herself to an EYEBROW wax thats what she should do..

  • Tina

    she is 11.
    not 20.
    give her a break.
    she is gorgeous.
    gawd only knows what you people look like.
    she isnt perfect.
    & neither are any of you.
    stop going on about her looks.
    worry about you.
    she has natural beauty.
    get over yourself people.

  • buckeyegurl

    I don’t like the fact they are taking pics of a kid without her parent (the famous one) present. She shouldn’t be subjected to the type of scrutiny that happens at this age. Just look at some of the comments here, criticizing a kid’s appearance, classy.

  • baby-tee

    It’s difficult to figure who is more hideous, Lourdes or Rumer Willis. Both children are paying physically for the sins of their corrupt and filthy morally bankrupt parents. Karma indeed!

  • bennigton

    Goodness me! #38 you are so full of venom. Rumer Willis, i get but Lourdes is just a child. A child! And she is not hideous. Shes just playing at being an adult like all kids do with their mom’s make up and clothes and shoes. Only difference is,she’s got money to play with as well. But she is just a child.

  • STfu

    F*CK U #2. I’m sure your a dam whore slut yourself w/ std’s all over ur ditry snatch.

  • Emilayyy

    ….Madonna allows her to do this?
    don’t get me wrong, it would be nice to be pampered.
    but she’s only 11!
    i’m 13 this year, and i havent had any pedi’s or mani’s.

  • jULIO

    If she does an eyebrow wax, then you’ll accuse Madonna for it and says she’s trying to become a kid into a woman and she should leave Lourdes lives her childhood.

    In other words: GET YOUR LIFE, SOME OF YOU ARE BAD PEOPLE. IT’S A SHAME! How can you say bad words about a CHILD?????

  • jackpot

    Lola is Fugly!

  • miss_nyc

    leave her alone…she is a child.

  • me me me

    she’s such a good looking kid.
    and thankfully she’s confident enough to wear her face naturally, unlike most of you pathetic excuses for women here.

    and please, comparing her to frida kahlo as an insult??

  • bejeebus

    think they got a handle on that eyebrow issue while they had her there? i’d hold her down and do it myself if i could.

  • Hulla

    She’ll get her eyebrows done eventually, in 3 years or so.
    She 11, she shouldn’t be having to deal with what idiots like me on the internet think about her looks.

  • dita

    Please!!! She is just a kid! Don’t write bad things about her!

  • Jay

    Now that Madonna has kids she wants to act high brow, I remember when she was a nasty dog and did not care what she did in front of kids. She better hope her kids don’t get exposed to the smut she dripped out like a dog.

  • Mediterranean

    She is only 11 and getting pedi?

    To those say that we should leave her alone, cause she is a child (?) Excuse me but which child around you is getting a pedi when she is only 11?