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Miley Cyrus Hangs with Jeffree Star

Miley Cyrus Hangs with Jeffree Star

Red Bull-chugging Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus hangs with MySpace cross-dressing senstation Jeffree Star (the self-proclaimed Queen of the Internet).

Has Miley dumped her BFF Leslie for Jeffree?

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  • Opinion

    First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 111111111

  • korli

    That is ridiculous…i would run away if i was her.
    Jefree Star is such a jerk. he commented me on myspace one time, he was a jerk needless to say.

  • spot

    kill it with fire.

    save the drag queen though.

  • Jagoda

    3 th

  • Jagoda

    3 th

  • ?

    fcukkk mileyy

  • made in paris

    here is another UNTALENTED GROSS ANd FUGLY w?ore
    GOSHHHHHHHH give us some talented real ARTISTS

  • Opinion


  • Dee

    Miley’s all like, dressing and changing punky/rock ‘n roll now. I do like her vest or whatever it is though.

  • Laurenn

    OMFG i am like in love with both of them. GO JEFFREE STAR AND MILEY!! i wonder how they both met?! ahahaa.

  • korli

    #10 is dumb

  • Anna

    Seriously she seems so cool.
    && Dee #9 nothing’s wrong with Miley dressing up. She’s said in
    many interviews that there’s days that she dresses up differently.
    Who the hell cares?

  • anita


  • jackie

    that’s just weird…

  • djdjd


  • Helena

    I thought that was Kate Hudson on a bad day.

  • kim1891uk

    o i hate miley cyrus WANNABEEE

  • Regina

    Could Miley be the most false whóre out there? Well, there is Manley Tisdale, but seriously, this girl is not natural when it comes to singing, acting or posing! DISAPPEAR!

  • kllace


  • lola

    That’s…pretty disturbing, actually.

    –read my blog at

  • bbs

    hahah omg ew! miley get away you dumbshit!

  • jones

    that is the fakest, most untalented, whoreandous, disgusting, waste of human flesh i’ve ever seen. and that jeffree star isn’t so good either.

  • ally

    NO! omg, just because she takes a pic with someone doesnt mean anything!

  • stephanie

    this is honestly disturbing. miley’s a wannabe whore. jeffree star on the other hand, is amazing.

  • miliii

    mm, ridiculaa!
    como va asalir cn esa locaa jjeffree
    en mi pagina web de miley esta toda a informacion de esta chica

  • OMG

    for the last freaking time its

  • OMG

    for the last freaking time its

  • vicky


  • naty

    this girl is the next LL paris hilton, britaney spears.

  • goz

    scary haha !

  • luv vanessa

    i’m not quite sure i like what miley is turning into. i wanted her to stay sweet, but it seems like she’s turning sour…

  • celebpsychic

    Lindsay dead at 39 years old.

    Check out my other celebrity psychic visions at:

  • paulina

    i’m scared
    miley with a monster
    Haha !

  • kenza

    ohhh my God she’s ridiculus

  • vlover

    those 2 are the ugliest girls (i dont now is that human with alot make-up on a girl or boy) ever.
    what the FCK is miley whore cyrus doing there.
    youre fucking ugly b*TCH!!!

  • Katie

    This was at a Metro Station concert, her brother and Mitchel Musso’s brother is also in the band. Miley was there with her whole family and they all wore black. So before you all start saying “what the hell is a 15 year old doing at that kind of place alone” get your facts straight and quit jumping to conclusion, damn.

  • Maxim

    This girl is going to be Trouble with a capital T. Just wait and watch.

  • amanda

    am i the only one who knows who is standing behind them?
    people have no lives seriously,
    its up to her to decide who she’s meets and likes,
    you never know, maybe jeffree wanted to meet her!


    WOW how old is she and why is she hanging out with such a creeper???


  • TheTabloidsChic

    Miley Cyrus is overrated. Period.

  • daisy

    I ahhh-doree this picture.
    I love Jeffree Star<3 and Miley.

  • LINA

    i love miley

  • LINA

    i would love to meet miley cyrus but i live in Sweden so i don’t think i can

  • Jane

    Wow, I think Miley’s fifteen minutes are up. She can go back to whatever hole she crawled out now.

  • kllaces

    Dear Kate (#36), Thank you so much for the information regarding Miley’s schedule. I find it so disturbing that anyone would have that much info about such an inconsequential person that I have concluded that you are:

    a) Miley Cyrus
    b) Miley Cyrus’ mother and/or manager
    c) a lunatic
    d) any combo of the above

    Have a nice day.

  • natasha

    omg how could you stand next to that freak!
    if you guys are wondering id miley and nick are dating they are.. i am a relative of nick.

  • liz

    who the hell is that guy/girl/thing
    i have never heard of him/her/it before
    miley is a little sluttty fuckkbag

  • nickJ

    well she’s a lesbian so i’m not surprised!

  • nandile

    fakeee. lol at her pics from the grammys. learn how to pose if you wanna act 21.

  • troy

    That does look like Miley’s mom in the background so I’m sure she wasn’t by herself. I don’t have a clue who this Jeffree Starr person is but I don’t know if this was a smart move on Miley’s part. I’m sure this was just a chance meetng and they’re not “hanging out” nor am I saying Miley should have been rude and shunned him, it just…I don’t know.

    It seems like she is trying to distance herself away from “Hannah Montana” image more and more.