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Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds is set to make an appearance as Deadpool in the new Wolverine movie, according to AICN.

The 31-year-old cut Canuck will star as the fictional comic book character alongside Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine. Check out the description of Ryan‘s character from Wiki:

Deadpool is a high-tech mercenary known for his wisecracks, black humor, and satirical pop-culture references. Like the X-Men‘s Wolverine, Deadpool is the product of the Canadian government’s paramilitary Weapon X program, although his place of birth is unknown. After Weapon X cured his terminal cancer by implementing a regenerative “healing factor” extracted from Wolverine, Deadpool is left disfigured and mentally unstable.”

Canadian. The wise cracks! The black humor!! The satirical pop-culture references!!! Talk about Perfect casting!!!!

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  • rachel

    first finally

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    fcuking awesome

    fcuk the flash and that craptastic jl movie.

  • maria


  • troy

    Interesting. Just a week ago posted an interview with him where he was promoting, “Definitely, Maybe” and they mentioned that he was in consideration for the Flash. They asked if there any other comic book characters he could see himself playing and he said “Just Deadpool.” And now this bit of casting news comes out. Man what a coinkinky-dinky. LOL

    I agree this is perfect casting.

  • Ha!

    Um, I know he has a great body, but that picture is effing ridiculously hot. Tell me that isn’t real, please? So I don’t have to want Scarjo to die?


    wow he is very cute!


  • http://tttttttttttttttt ew

    ewwwww cant stand over roid men plus he has no lips an a beak for a nose…

  • angie

    #7, I know what you mean…I’m not exactly into an overdone physique. He looks like he has kind of a weird build, actually, but he’s still a handsome guy.

  • Orange soda

    is that his actual body? OMG… if you were to cut his head off he would be kind of hot… well I guess if you put a pillow over his head and also take out his brain, because he is sooo DUMB!


    ow myyyyyyyyyyyyy

    delicious huum

    Ryanlicious hoho


  • ~*~GET REAL~*~

    WOW!!!!!!! ryan plus hugh….holy moly…..cant wait to watch this movie….alone…at home….in my room. thats all we need added to the casting is some spartan character played by gerard and it would be a girls XXX movie.

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MC

    Ryan is that semi dorky yet kinda cute guy we all ignored in high school. He gives of this subtle sexy vibe bc of his wit..Gotta love a man that can make you laugh and laughs at himself!
    It doesnt hurt that he can get ripped for a movie ( Blade Trinity) and make a girl do a double take…love him with a beard too…I would Definetly ,Maybe take a run at him! LOL!

  • mirror hogger

    not good, to much stuff going on ,probably takes weird stuff. he’s to bland in the face, not cute enough or something, yeah ita he needs bigger lips and less muscles ,to much. not into the arnold look.
    he probably stays in a mirror. he seems stuck on his self, always have.

  • MC

    To MARIA…Photoshop???Pleeze! You obviously didnt see Blade Trinity! Maybe a little body oil, a pose at the “right angle” , a little flexing…maybe but photoshopped? NO! Everything else is ALL RYAN! Dont hate! Celebrate!! If your man cant bring it like this…just appreciate the eye candy for what it is..Hard work!

  • rach

    Holy cow those abs *dies*

  • Amy

    Such a great character

  • luckyL

    This may be one awesome comic-film movie. The casting is pretty sweet.

  • no

    whats up with his shoulders??he needs to shave those b-b’s on his chest..don’t like. his head looks big and his arms are water balloons.

  • mariane

    ABS! dayuuum

  • Joelasagangsta

    Perfect. Can’t get enough of him

  • Robert holik

    This is awesome but also kinda crap, because then he surely won’t be able to play The Flash!!!! Which would be better casting!

    I mean, playing 2 different comic book heroes?


  • Valerie

    Ryan, in my pants now plz.



  • Julia Renee

    Perfectly casted indeed! Ryan is going to that something extra that will make this movie knockout!

  • Wes

    sorry to bust your bubbles on his looks ladies btu in the movie he will most proabbly have makeup to make him lok horribly scarred . Btu perfect casting. yeah the pic is enhanced with photshop btu he is in crazy shape. Ever since he did Blade trinity. he has maintained his physique

  • Jenn

    People need to stop commenting Ryan and start commenting Deadpool!

    Deadpool is the hottest marvel character ever, let’s hope Ryan keeps it that way! And if they make the movie right, he most likely will have a terribly scarred face… he might not even take the mask off until the end, who knows?

  • slayerette0

    I can’t wait to see Ryan play Deadpool! He’s perfect for the part. And lmao, all these fans who posted here might be disapointed considering how horribly scarred Deadpool is…

  • Deadpool

    Hey, it’s me! you were right mirror hogger! bye! Bye i have too go have sex with myself!

  • Deadpool #1 Dead-fan

    Deadpool is my favorite superhero and Jen you are totally right about commenting DEADPOOL. this is about a superhero movie, not Sports ILListrated coverguy! o and sorry girls, cause deapool, in an issue, swears too never take his mask off because his face is scarred. So, even if he DOES take it off, you’d wanna look away!Go, Jenn, you tell ‘em!

  • Shady

    ok just for all you how are saying he is too ugly for this, he is playing deadpool a disfigured merc i dont think it matters what he looks like lol

  • Butterflyalton08

    OMG!!!!!!!! That is the best looking man just too dang cute he looks good in very thing he does.I hope he keeps on doing what he is doing so we all can just look in aaaaaawwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deadpoolfan2112

    Deadpool is the greatest “so called” hero funny crazy and can kick anyones ass i only hope that the can get the true insane and funny deadpool.

  • Dixikid23

    Just to let you guys know. That’s not his body. His face has been photoshopped on, clearly…

  • arthur

    If you haven’t seen the leaked trailer, he is without a mask. Its normal Ryan Reynolds. No mask. No Suit. just some tactical gear. Its Hannibal King without the beard basically.

  • pyrate

    The casting choice is awesome that is for sure not to mention amazingly ironic. Back in one of the earliest issues of Cable and Deadpool like 2 or 3. Deadpool describes himself as Ryan Reynolds crossed with a shar pei. That was put out a couple years ago so it was fated to be.

  • Mirdala Ijaat

    He’s the perfect choice for Deadpool, he can be and looks so crazy, insane, phsychotic. Anyone else would just be wrong, just couldn’t pull it off like him! It’s weird and amazing, huh how poeple are meant for somethings?

  • Mirdala Ijaat

    He’s the perfect choice for Deadpool, he can be (and just has that look) so crazy, insane, phsychotic. It’s weird and amazing how some poeple are just perfect for something.

  • fantasygirl

    Girls, girls girls!..Get a hold of yourselves! It’s just the fun quirky, not to mention funny as hell Van Wilder guy we all love…nothing to have a seizuuuuuuree —:trails off looking at his pic, then runs off at light speed to get more ab shots from Blade Trinity galleries: Dammmmmmn! Ryan…you go be Deadpool all you want. :P~~

  • Flip

    Spoiler Alert!
    they ruined deadpool at the end of wolverine. I mean COMPLETELY ruined him. beginning was ok, with just enough smartass-ed-ness (made up a word), but the end was bad. Saw the bootleg and I’m dissappointed.

  • Roland

    @ew: i hope u know he didn’t take any steroids. He cares about what he eats and his diet. Ironically he talks about these things and his natural character comes out during movies such as Just Friends (at the restaurant with the pancakes) and even Wolverine (in the elevator)

  • Super Mom

    Sigh. Love that man, he’s amazing in the movie, but it needed MORE of him.