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Zac Efron Celebrates Bat Mitzvah

Zac Efron Celebrates Bat Mitzvah

Zac Efron celebrates the Bat Mitzvah of a producer pal’s daughter in London on Saturday night. (The producer is from his upcoming movie, Me and Orson Welles)

The 20-year-old tween heartthrob will be spending about a month filming the coming-of-age romantic comedy in the Isle of Man (the center of the British Isles). Principal photography starts on Sunday, Feb. 24th.

Zac will plays a teenage student who lucks his way into a minor role in the 1937 Mercury Theatre production of Julius Caesar, directed by 22-year-old genius Orson Welles.

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  • Ollie

    Soooo Cute

  • Talia

    OMGlook at his hair!!!!

  • jessica

    oeen,always cute =)

  • Felicia

    OH MY GOD. HE IS SO HOT I CAN’T DEAL WITH IT!!!!! I think I need to go build myself a sound-proof room and call it the “Screaming Over Zac Efron Hottness” room. God he’s gorgeous *sigh*

  • beverley

    Love the hair….looking GREAT.Wonder who he’s on the phone to…..LOL

  • marisa

    love, love, love his new hair!!!
    he always looks goregous and amazingly hot in anything.
    love you zac and cant wait for your new movies! : ]

  • Steph

    He looks so good in these pix… I like him with short hair too! I’m really proud of Zac for booking this movie!!!

  • Sammie.

    hes so adorable. i love when he laughs, brings out his personality so much. Hes so hot and his personality is amazing. <3 Zac.

  • suzy

    looks cute.


    wow he actually really nice in this picture….


  • troy

    Zac looks like he he’s made a full recovery from his surgery. I’m sure being in a pap-free environment has helped.

  • kristen0606

    aww he looks soo hot love the new hair cut!!! can’t wait for this movie the book is really good too!! :) hmm hope he’s on the phone with a special lady!!! lol

  • Lola

    Wow finaly a Zac update. And he is HOT!!!! :)

  • Bre

    Aww he looks so pretty!

  • Mell

    He looks so cute and his hairstyle is amazing!!

  • um

    He’s looking very Casey Affleck.

  • lynn

    I wonder who he is on the phone to? I hope that there will be more pictures of him and vanessa once they get to utah to film HSM3. I read in j 14 that all this distance is taking its toll. Lets hope not.

  • Chrissy

    another movie…have fun with….Love u zac xoxo

  • daze

    thanks for the pix and article he does look hot on his hair cut

  • Bre

    Nevermind i completely HATE him now. He is over.

  • Tracy

    I’m glad to finally see a happy Zac! Its been a while. I actually like the hair. I think it makes him look way more manly!

  • anth

    Looks gayer then usual :D my sister has that pull over.

  • narf

    Loving the haircut Zac!

    Hey Steph, he looks great doesn’t he?

  • anth

    i mean the only reason he gets these roles is cause the producers know 2349343298438 lil girls will go and see it thus making them more money…hes just a little guinea pig and their using him he has no real talent.

  • Ela

    OMG I So Want To Be In London Right Now I Live In The UK But I Can’t Go To London Because I’m Going To New York Like In A Day :( Trust My Luck.


    lynn, I wouldn’t worry about “Zanessa” they seem to be fine I mean they were apart for a long time during the “High School Musical” tour and when he was promoting “Hairspray” so I think they’ll be fine.
    On the other hand Zac looks great and very happy.

  • shabba

    at least he’s not caked in make up

  • http://justjared zerfonluver


  • bubbaness

    He looks ten thousand times better without the Tiger Beat hair and affected style.

    Still a dippy kid, though.

  • http://justjared zerfonluver



  • Kayla


  • kim

    man i hope im on da 1st pg.
    u rock zac

  • susii

    waaa ZaC ii love u so much..
    oo yeah he look so pretty ñ.ñ

  • rokstur

    zac looks soo hot,can’t wait to see his movies. a very handsome guy.

  • ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

    So very cute, him and Vanessa are meant 2 b! I think I like his hair longer though. Hope to see him and Vanessa together soon!

    ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://myspace zanessfanHAA


    It still looks good
    Didd he just jail his bangs back, or is this the real new hair cut?

  • Mìh

    Take a look at his hair!


  • Jane

    ew. there’s nothing good about him. his singing, his acting, his looks. nothing. yawn. i’m ready for the next wannabe loser to come out.

  • Emily

    He is sooo HOT!
    I luv his new hair!

  • narf

    Jane, your wait is over. Read comment # 38 on this thread!

  • Steph

    Jane @ 02/18/2008 at 6:50 pm
    Yes Jane, I’m sure you are! So that you can bash, offend, hate on the next one!! That’s what you like to do isn’t it? Come on JJ just to spread your putrid hate all over the stars you don’t like.

    Yes indeed… I bet you’re waiting in anticipation for the next star that comes along that does not strike your fancy :) I hope that offensiveness doesn’t spread on towards to your personal life… YIKES

  • Ariana.s


  • christine x3

    new hair, me likey.

  • Steph

    For people that say he’s only liked by tweens, therefore is only hired b/c of that reason… hmmm, I know tons of adults who is a fan of Zac’s acting, singing and dancing abilities…

    It’s a wonder that he has made many musicals before he started doing television, and now has upgraded to movies! Geez, no talent… I don’t think so!

    Alot of people made fun of Leo Dicaprio during Titinic days as well, now look at where he is… His acting ability has polished so well because of all the experiences he’s had. And I believe that Zac’s will too, inspite of his great acting abilities now.

  • troy

    #40 *Standing Ovation* Oh Narf honey, you make me so proud! I don’t think I could have been so subtle even on my best days! I wonder if the person who posted #38 is still around, (which I doubt it has hit-and-run poster written all over it) if she’ll even realize how badly she’s been zinged. *BIG KISS*

  • astrid

    Hey USA stateside fans of Zac, He’s over here with his mum so don’t worry that he is lonely. He’s got family around, he insisted that his mum and aunt come with him since he gets along really well with them and they wanted to come. Me and Orson Welles takes place in 1937 so he has to have a short haircut. In the pic where he’s talking on the phone he is talking to one of the bat mitzvah girl’s friends who couldn’t make it. He’s such a gentleman. This guy impressed me so much.

  • Amilia

    He is so hot!! Can’t help it but when ever there is a post about him (and Vanessa) i always smile like a little kid on christmas morning =D but I got a good laugh out off his hair though!!

    Sooo do you guys think he’s got a drink in his hand in the second picture? or maybe it’s water? hmm.. or maybe at least it’s a non-alcohol one.. hehe ;)

  • Steph

    Thanks astrid for that great info :) Love the way you guys say mum!

  • Daniela

    i love his hair like that! absolutely gorgeous.

  • hannah

    wow! it’s going to be a long time before we see a zanessa sighting!
    good to to see zac hes so hot