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Halle Berry's Boyfriend Fails

Halle Berry's Boyfriend Fails

Halle Berry‘s model boyfriend, Gabirel Aubry, has closed the doors to his restaurant Fuego World Tapas, formerly Café Fuego.

That’s too bad because their Cubano sandwich was delish! This is what the sign posted on the front door of the restaurant says:


And don’t bother calling. We tried. Halle doesn’t pick up the phone!

Thanks, Audrey!

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Credit: NY Mag
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  • Helena

    For a second, I thought that he left her!

  • luckyL



    It’s too bad 90% of restaurants fail in their first year. He should feel free to try again.

  • Anabel

    oh gosh , if he would have left her i would have nothing to look into her for .
    they make such a great couple ! and shes pregnant with his child i think .
    so .. yeah .

    poresita , shes sucefull so it will all work

  • Helena

    Yeah, it would’ve been awful. She’s about to pop any minute! Anyway, in related news to the topic, I would’ve loved to have gone there.

  • OMG


  • http://justjared dina #1

    He still models. I read that he gets about $30,000.00 a shoot. So if he does three different shoots a week that is $90,000.00 a week. That is not too shabby. That is better than her last husband. Peace

  • bridges for sale

    oh please….like they were ever really a couple.
    i’m sure he can offset his business losses with some paid appearances as “halle’s baby daddy”.

  • Adrienne

    He is the spitting image of Josh Holloway from LOST…could be his twin brother!

  • Joan

    I don’t think he is all that hot. Anyway, someone posted here a while ago that he is basically a paid sperm donor and that he was having financial trouble. This story makes me believe that theory more. Something about these two doesn’t seem right.

  • Linda

    Most of these high profile models have side projects like restaurants, it was hardly his main income and career, just an investment because he earns excessively as a celebrity male model. I somehow doubt Halle is going out with him just to help save his restaurant and other failed business projects lol.

    And I agree that he’s not gorgeous, his body isn’t great for a male model either.

  • cassie

    It’s really hard and 24/7 demanding to successfully run a restaurant business!

    I hope they surprise themselves — after their little one is born — and tie the knot….they make such a beautiful couple.

  • lily

    yeah, but because his name is attached to the restaurant doesn’t actually mean he works and runs it. He would have hired managers etc to work it so if it really failed it’smore their fault not his.

    i am sure he makes loads of money modelling because he is the face of high end designers and i saw his pics all over in Macys.

    oh and TRUST that he is more than a sperm donor.

  • olive

    you’re right…he is more than a sperm donor……he’s ALSO a homo.

  • Miapocca

    Of course he is not going to leave her yet…he is yet to get his kfed on!

    Hopefeully it means he is moving to LA..and theywill be together an dhe didnt neccessary fail but got his priorities straightened out..I would like to think Halle Berry can be happy maybe just for a while longer…that will be awesome

    On the otherhand if he failed, he is not going to make for good company and his kfraud will get into full swing once baby comes out..hmmI sincerely hope NOT!

  • luckyL

    I agree with the sentiments that I never found him that hot, but I rarely find many Canadian men I find way hot, but that’s just me. But anyway, it isn’t all about looks for them as true love just doesn’t work out like that.

    He has enough money by himself. What a silly notion that he is a paid sperm donor. He is getting the better end of the deal, for sure, but not in relation to money. Halle is way hot.

  • lily

    #13 hahaha, that’s funny.

    Anyway i hope it really works out but i doubt because of her track record. and her father issues as well. so far he seems like a stand up guy…..but then again, we don’t know if he has the kfed syndrome. hahaha

  • clarity

    The rice at this place was HORRIBLE!! How could a Cuban restaurant mess up rice!


    I CALLED. They answered.

  • oh well, can’t win them all

    It’s on to the next venture, I’m sure. He seems like a man who would never abandon his babies. Also seems like he likes to work. Rich people sure are lucky to be able to try their hands at different interests. I think Aubry it totally HOT…… like a hot tamale!!! He’s so handsome he’s burning my eyes. He looks better in other photos-not too great here. But then Halle doesn’t look that good in this photo either and she’s pretty.

    The baby comes quickly. So beautiful, without a doubt.

  • Former Fue-goer

    SO here’s the deal, I use to work at the place – the partners tried and tried to keep the place open but the nasty community board kept denying them their Hard Liquor License so they shut it down. They are currently shopping around to move the entire joint up in Hells Kitchen WITH a Hard Liquor License.

    Yes, the place is for sale but Fuego lives on…. I was told I could keep my job when the new Fuego Opens.

  • bbc

    I would be surprised if he re-opens this place anywhere…I ate there once and only once. Didn’t this restaurant host a Bacardi tasting party if not Bacardi it was some alcohol brand I think they have pictures of the event posted here. Can you do that without a liquor license?

  • bbc

    Correction it was a Hennessy Cognac tasting party at Cafe Fuego hosted by Aubry.

  • zanessaluvar

    I CALLED LOL a guy answered with an accent. I live in canada and it still worked lol …. someone should call and ask for Halle and start a random convo lol

  • not surprised

    Not surprised. Possible paid sperm donor w/financial troubles rumors are a hoot and could be true,who knows.

    Seriously doubt that he will re-open the restaurant. Even though, he had his business partner run it, he still was there a lot working.

    Who the fuck is going to go to Hell’s Kitchen to eat? The food sucks anyway even when they did become Fuego World Tapas instead of Cafe Fuego. Here’s the link with the photo from NY magazine:
    The article didn’t say anything what the former worker was saying…knowing NY magazine, they would have, could be wrong. I agree something else is going on besides the liq. lic. thing, which wasn’t a secret. They’re not a gossip mag. Even if it’s true, he’ll be in NYC more, trust me. Doubt he will move out to LA permanently. Little hard for him to help raise the kid, if he’s in NYC a lot.

    Seriously, doubt Halle would let him cashing on the photo op thing with the kid too much or going KFed/KFraud on her. She was seen going to her lawyers last week so I’m sure she’s got her assets and the baby well protected.

    Still think he will be at her golf thing, but after that I don’t know.

  • Jeanbean

    Don’t think Halle will be playing hostess in Hell’s Kitchen most definitely when she is in town w/kid in tow at her place.

  • Hell’s Kitchen maybe

    The HK section may be a better location than in SoHo. There’s been a lot of revitalization in Midtown, plus lower real estate prices, would get more theater goers and the celebrity crowd who live in the neighborhood. Don’t know if sections still live up to its historical raunchy past. They do have some dive bars in the area as well as eclectic restaurants, gay bars etc.
    If he is able to pull this off, hope he doesn’t have pictures of the kid plastered all over the place like he had those takey pictures/news articles in Fuego’s bath rooms. Sounds like he’s still trying to make money off of Halle. Yeah, yeah I know he’s fucking rich being a supermodel and getting a $150K Benz from Halle and whatever else she’s paying for.

  • #20

    Hey#20—I hope you are collecting unemployment and/or looking for another job. Even if they do move like you say, it will still take awhile for zoning, licensing, renovations etc. My family is in real estate and I know how slow things can be in NYC sometimes. Hope you do get your job back, but I don’t think it will be as soon as you think.

  • NYMag

    Saw the article w/the pix of the for sale sign, it also referred to Aubry as her bf in the past tense. Probably just a choice of words. Either way, if he is moving the place to another location, it will look like he will be in NYC more getting the place ready for the re-opening. Wish them the best of luck, hope he’s not going to be absentee babydaddy.

  • Rachelsun

    so waht, Restaurants have a high failure rate.

    As for the paid donor comments only in the little minds of racist idiots. Neither of these people need to pay any one to be with them or have a child with for money. A child is not a thing but a human being. In racists minds a black child is just a thing to be bought and paid for.

    If these 2 do break up then it will be because of any of the normal reasons that couples break up. The age difference would be more of a factor than the end of a non-existent contract for sperm.

  • duh !

    how about spelling is name write JJ ? Or should I say Just Jar …. of crap !

  • for duh & RachelSun

    duh?—JJ did spell Aubry’s name right, Audrey is is Jared’s gf. Yes, some times he doesn’t spell it right.

    RachelSun–why even bother commenting on the sperm donor comments and make racial assumptions–not always true. While I don’t think this is the case, I know some who do and they are definitely not racist, and their comments are more directed to him for not being in LA working in NYC while we all now he likes his privacy and they’re not attached at the hip and their a couple who like their independence and their comments and not bc they’re an IR couple and don’t care who Halle’s with or choses to procreate with.

  • not yet

    don’t think she’s kicked his lying ass to the curb yet. true about the lawyers. don’t know about the other stuff.

  • Former Fue-Goer

    Yes, I was the former employee.

    For all of you who doubt, look up “COOPER SQUARE HOTEL”
    this hotel falls under the same community board that denied Cafe Fuego their HARD Liquor License. This community board denied THE ENTIRE HOTEL their hard liquor license.

    It takes time to find new space.

  • #33

    #33–a lot of us know that CF had trouble getting a hard liquor license ,let’s hope he can get one elsewhere. Glad you realize that this takes time to find a new place, etc. as poster #27 pointed out. Hope everything works out for you/the other employees and he re-opens.

  • #33 part 2

    Think what #27 or the others who were doubting the post about the re-opening was that you were confident in getting your job back and they may not have wanted you to have all your eggs in one basket waiting for the place to re-open because of the possible time factor involved once property is found/renovated and the get the proper clearances etc.

  • not a secret/hard to believe

    Not a secret about the liquor license thing, it was reported awhile back they were having problems/still having problems but felt confident, guess they didn’t know anyone on the LL Bd or didn’t have a good enough lawyer or Halle didn’t want to pay for one (being half serious, sorry). I also did hear that he was having financial problems, little hard to believe on his modeling salary, showering Halle with gifts, plans for frachising, his numberous trips doing the bi-coastal thing, etc. Let’s see if he makes good on taking Halle and the baby to Greece. It’s also rumored along with his finances, that Halle’s been paying for most of the stuff for the stuff related to the baby. Don’t know about the jewelry or car thing which some of you have commented on this thread and others–still find it all hard to believe about the other rumors, some people.

  • huh?

    Shouldn’t they have known about the licensing permit problem being at that location before being there for 15+ months? Not good busy sense from he and Stephane his business partner. Makes we wonder if they can do a better job at another location if they serve booze or not with food that’s still was getting mixed reviews as of last month.

    Does explain why he’s been up East instead of LA over the last several months.

  • HalleGabriel

    I knew Gabriel wasn’t leaving Halle and the baby behind! So much for believing stupid, racist haters. He will have success sooner or later. off-topic, this baby is hardly a ‘black’ baby, that’s just more ignorance!

  • Hey HG

    Hey HG…not going to comment on you OT comment. Don’t think anyone said he was leaving even if some of the posters aren’t into him. Apologies if I misread them.

  • Hey HG

    Hey HG…not going to comment on your OT comment. Don’t think anyone said he was leaving even if some of the posters aren’t into him. Apologies if I misread them.

  • wrong 39/40

    W=ong #39/#40—it was hinted w/the sperm donor comments I think or maybe the ones saying he will be in NYC more if he’s going to be re-open the place.

    Hopefully, it will all work out as they ride off into the sunset with their natal bliss.

  • no biggie

    No biggie if the place failed or not or is going to relocate or not…obviously, it’s not that big of news bc it’s not in the news or on too many blogs nor does it appear Halle’s doing her damage control bit on this one. Heard that the place still got lukewarm reviews for the last several months and hardly had any business especially on the weekends. Let’s hope he’s a better father than he is a restaurant owner/business man.

  • Thank God no Media Field Day

    Thank God, there was no media field day on this one especially with her so close to her due date. Do commend her for not bailing him out, regardless if she helped him out or not (regardless of his income). If he couldn’t hire a good lawyer to get the hard liquor license thing straightened out , it does tell me that their may be some remote truth to him having some type of money troubles with his biz partner.

  • fran

    i also CALLED and a guy answered! he had an accent. had no idea who it was. obviously, i hung up. hahahaha

  • it was probably Gabe

    It was probably Gabe’s voice on the message.

  • nope

    Nope it’s his (former??) business partner Stephan’s voice.

  • Olga

    Wow. Those of you who say he isn’t all that hot need your eyes checked…well, okay, to be honest, at first I didn’t think he was anything special, too. Now that he and Halle are all over the news, I decided to look at his photos and guess what?!! He’s freaking beautiful!

    Bottom line ladies, would any of you red-blooded American ladies kick him outta your bed for eating crackers?

  • lainie