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Kerrbloom Spend the Night (Wink, Wink)

Kerrbloom Spend the Night (Wink, Wink)

Orlando Bloom jets out of Victoria’s Secret girlfriend Miranda Kerr‘s NYC apartment on Tuesday morning.

Post V-Day delight? Ahem.

Orly, 31, and Kerr, 24, have been spending lots and lots of time together. They even had a romantic Valentine’s Day date!

Watch the pretty pair on video at TMZ.

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  • OMG


  • Liz

    Yawn. They annoy me.

  • Julia

    He’s my fav.

  • jessicaMISERALBAhasFLEES


  • confessing7girl

    they do make a gorgeous couple! just dont think Orlando can stay with one girl for long!! :D

  • PB

    Bravo, Bravo, Orlando this was your best performance EVER! Encore, Encore!

  • emily☆

    i so agree with CONFESSING7GIRL!!!
    oh yea!

  • and only

    seriously. comments say 4 and only one?

    JJ sure likes goading Orlando fans

  • ily
  • here we go

    so sh’es not going to be in LA for that global greedy thing huh? maybe take a later flight.
    and yeah #5, he’ll be back to La and clubbing too. how long before the sightings of him w/blonde, brunette, redhead, etc? maybe that’s why she looks tore up. or their hungover.
    but what about EJ’s oscar party? their debut?! still have a week to go, guess we’ll see.

  • eh

    no makeup? wow, she looks below average.

    are they calling the paps daily now?

  • awww

    theay are the best couple……. people dont be jealous………

  • lol

    what? No kissy-kiss for the cameras this time? Must be a UNICEF camera huh? After being hot and all over each other in UK and NYC why so camera shy?

  • *

    odd couple

  • lol

    What? No kissy-kiss goodbye? You’ve been all hot and all over each other all over the UK and NYC, not caring who saw, and now all of a sudden shy?

  • Take it to the bridge

    Cool couple :)

  • @11

    Yup. seems like they are calling the paps daily. Boy, he’s really going to up the pimping of this relationship to new levels isn’t he? Well. I guess when all you have left is PR and publicity rides in place of legitimate work…….

  • awww

    theay are so cutee…..

  • maybe

    This was from TMZ so they may not have been called,. I don;t think Orlando has a good relationship with them since the accident.

    How can anyone say she is pretty? she looks beat there.

    I heard from someone in NY that she lost almost all her friends but a few over this.

  • kate

    She looks like she is about to cry in that picture

  • erika

    wow people on this website are such jerks

  • done

    what do you say we not make this another long thread and let these two asswhips fade away asap.

  • mickey

    Ever since I saw Kerr with her arm around one of those fugly Davis boys (Brandon, I think) I’ve lost all respect for her. Orlando seems like a nice enough person–can’t really act, though.

  • Lily

    Wow, NYC is such a big place. I wonder how on earth they knew where Miranda lives. Wink, wink. Maybe she looks sad because she’s not going to get to walk the red carpets in LA later this week. We all know how much she loves to do her fake smiling and posing. Time will tell whether or not Orlando manages to salvage what’s left of his acting career. This whole “I want to take time off because I’ve been working for so many years” is a load of crap. Actors have plenty of time off. That’s really PR speak for “no one has offerred me any roles that I think are worthy of my wonderful acting ability.”

    Note to Orlando – Get over yourself! You’re no Daniel Day-Lewis, Johnny Depp, etc.

  • shenanyginz

    is that a script in hand my lando love?
    thats all i care about

  • Karen

    Orlando needs a mother, not a young little model girlfriend. Look at him! He looks like he’s been ridden hard and put away wet. His boots aren’t zipped, jeans hanging up on them. His hair hasn’t been combed. He’s obviously frantic and worried he’s going to miss his flight to LA. Miranda obviously isn’t doing him any favors (besides in bed, obviously). He needs someone to keep him organized and make sure he gets enough rest. Come on, Orlando. Grow up.

  • such drama

    Such drama, showing up on the street to say good bye so all the cameras can catch it, Is she wearing one of his shrits too? They must really be milking it, if they couldn’t say good bye inside, but had to have the cameras there, and then he didn’t even look like he cared and she just walked away,. Maybe this is his version of sure I will call you later, sure. I think he is pathetic, and she may have find she hasn’t traded up so much as she just traded down and out. I think he is a selfish cold hearted bastard, who only cares about himself, and has no idea how to have a caring relationship with a woman. It is typical for a guy raised by adoring women, to expect his girlfriends to treat him the same way. All he cares about is his self, and she may be really sorry for her games.

  • Anon

    Nothing against her, really, but when the hell is he going to learn that choosing models and actresses only adds to his interest level as far as the pap vultures are concerned. How anyone can put up with that is a mystery. I doubt they’d give a hoot if he was with a non-showbiz type.

  • are u kidding

    Orlando should have to need an older women to take care of him, i see this sentiment expressed my many of his fans. What Orlando needs is not someone else to organize his life, he needs to grow up and take care of himself. He’s 31 for christs sakes! He’s a grown man not a baby. If you think he’s a mess (and I agree) its his own problem, its a not a women’s job to devote herself to picking up after her man and making up for his faults.

  • are u kidding

    I think in the case of Kerr, he’s looking for that attention in order to jump start his non-existent at the moment career! He needs all the help he can get.

  • tired

    Poor Orlando looked so tired at the airport, I guess that is what happens when you spend all night fucking before catching the plane. When will he grow up? You are right no older woman would put up with this momma’s boy. I wonder how many times she has to tell him how wonderful he is, and how she is so lucky to be with him, and he fucks her so well? Actor’s are egomanics and since he isn’t gettin any strokes from working, a leggy VS model must be the next best thing.

  • Here we go again

    If they called the paps to pimp their relationship, why didn’t they have a smooch fest on the street. They obviously said goodbye inside, and she just walked him to the car. Is that so hard to believe? Plus the fact that he kept talking to her when he was in the car. Right up to the last second. Have you people never been in a relationship before?

    Oh, and Karen, I bet he was ridden hard and put up wet. After all, it was their last night together in NY. Probably grabbed a quickie in the elevator on the way downstairs, too. Frankie made it a threesome.

  • @32

    You made me laugh, but if it is so painful for these poor young lovers to part, why doesn’t she just go with him, it’s no as if she actually has a career, or is doing anything important. Unless, he just didn’t ask her and the quickie in the elevator, was to hold him unitl he found a willing model in a club out in LA, or hell, maybe he jumped someone on the plane. Some how I doubt this guy has the ability to be faithful to anyone, and it doesn’t seem to be too important to him if his girlfriend is, after all they both screwing over her boyfriend. I just hope she doesn’t have the gall to complain shen he cheats on her.

  • K-Mart

    TMZ videos never work for me for some reason. I don’t wanna accuse but I have to admit it is very odd that outta all the places in NYC that the paps just happened to be outside of Miranda’s home at the exact time Orlando was leaving. To be honest neither of them are huge stars or at Britney’s level of media circus for the paps to just camp outside of her home like that.

    Odd indeed.

  • great lay

    She must do something fantastic in bed, for all these guys to let her cheat on them. Of course she has been practicing at it since she was about 13 so it seem she has it down. It looks like he hopped out of bed just in time to get to the airport, Miranda the girl with the magic , she must make her family proud. of course it is sad that someone his age is still thinking with his dick,

  • snort

    #35, no matter hold old a guy gets, he always thinks with his *ahem* you know.
    As my mother always said… are born with two heads, and only enough blood to work one at a time.

    As for the paps, they probably had her apartment staked out with one photographer, hoping to catch one, or both of them, since they knew that they were back in NY. Every thread on these two has over 200 posts. That amount ensures at least that many hits on their websites. If there is a demand, they will do their best to supply the pics. Either that or the driver of the hired car tipped them off as to who he was picking up, and where they were going. Remember, they caught him at the airpot as well. I agree, that if they had called the paps, we would have gotten a better show.

  • expensive lay

    to #35
    It’s going to be an expensive lay is she gets preggers on him. I wouldn’t put it past her for one minute. She is old for a model and doesn’t look good without photoshop and airburshing. What is she going to do if this doesn’t work out? She is probably thinking she better find a way to make it work.

    Orlando always walks around with his shoes like that. Anyone remember how he always showed up to the play like that?Same with the hair. He is a mess and hasn’t cared about his looks since before the summer.

    I bet he had better sex with Charamine Garcia..she was probably alot more fun than this thing. Miranda has a bigime buttaface. Legs are alright but thats it.

    I really think they are bored together. I think it was fun when they were sneaking around cheating -meeting up once a month or whatever it was. Now that they have each other and the drama is over they’re stuck with each other. What is it built on? oh, wait.-buddhism. LOL-she can’t even pick her own religion she has to pretend to convert just for him.

    I wonder if her parents have a framed copy of that now famous “you’re a slut” article ” on their wall.

  • Gigi

    Putting on a ”show” would have been overtly obvious though…

  • Sam

    She’s a Victoria Secret model? Who’s dick did she suck to get that job? I thought they only hired sexy bombshells. She looks like a heroin addict. I’m sorry but this is a downgrade from Kate Bosworth. Kate looks so pretty on the cover of Vogue.

  • yawn

    I see the miserable, jealous pukes didn’t waste any time weighing in.

  • Sam

    Yawn, why are you miserable or jealous because you don’t think they are attractive? I used to like Bloom but he’s overrated and hasn’t made a good movie since LOTR. The Miranda girl is just not attractive to me. It’s called an opinion. Don’t be immature and get mad because people don’t have your taste.

  • gross

    I think she is already preggers, she is wearing his shirt to cover the bump. The thing is can he be sure it is even his, I think they both are the 1000th notch on each other beds post, so if she is knocked up it could be anyones. I wonder if they get their Valtrex in bulk.

  • HUH

    A random model and a played out actor? Why does anyone care?

  • @36

    Yeah, I know guys all think with their dicks. It is just from about 14-27 they do it 100% of the time, after that they cut back to 95%. It looks like he is stuck somewhere in his teens and is thinking with it at 110% of the time. Actresses, models, random girls at clubs, it doesn’t matter as long as they are willing. He probably wouldn’t know what to do with a real woman. One that didn’t fall for the pretty boy face, one that expected him to act like a man instead of his mum’s little precious boy.

  • whimpy

    You’re right #44. I use to never see what people were talking about when they called him a pansy. Now I see it. He just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I can’t imagine any director with a brain casting him in a role that requires a real man to show up. He is a spolied arrogant selfish child. A whimpy one at that.

  • WTF?

    @ #45
    Did Orlando come to your house and run over your puppy? I can understand not liking certain actors but you have a scary amount of hatred for someone you’ve never met.

  • @46

    I think it is just people don’t like hypocrites. He makes statements about how the most important things in life aren’t power and money, but how we treat each other, and then he cheats and lies and treats people who get in his way like shit, You ought to check out the brand of Buddhaism he is promoting. Buddha purists have some major problems with it. The leader of it has been accused of raping women who work for him. It is more about self serving and aquiring money and fame then it is about perfecting yourself as a person/ I have done some studying on the precepts of Buddhism, and this off shoot of it isn’t well respected and some go so far as to call it a cult/ You can’t blame people for being pissed when he preaches one thing and practices another.

  • Same Ole

    “you have a scary amount of hatred for someone you’ve never met.”

    So do…
    Brangelina haters
    Jennifer Aniston haters
    Paris Hilton haters
    Sean Penn haters
    Tom Cruise haters
    Lindsay Lohan haters
    Jessica Simpson haters

    What’s your point? The stuff being said on this board isn’t new or rare.

  • randomer

    his lips are so thin they’re like a snake lips or something
    Oh, thats right. he is a snake. No wonder.
    A lying cheating snake.
    Perfect couple -match made in hell.

    #47 Do you have a link for that?
    Think I read something a while back
    about it. Can’t remember the name. Just
    that it was bad news and was on the cult
    watch list.

  • @49

    This is a good start, it is a Wiki article, and it gives other links under the crit of the group that gives more information. It is also considered very poltical and has dominated Japanese politics for a long time. They are not some benign religion. When one contrasts what the pure teacings of Buddha are with this there is a world of difference. But then why would people like Bloom and Ker want to be held accountable to a belief that actually required them to treat others with respect.