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Lindsay Lohan's Mom Approves the Pics!

Lindsay Lohan's Mom Approves the Pics!

Lindsay Lohan‘s momager Dina Lohan approves of her daughter’s latest photo spread in New York magazine, recreating Marilyn Monroe’s last photo shoot.

Peep the pics if you haven’t seen them yet!

Dina commented to People, “It was very tastefully done. Trust me. I wouldn’t have sent my 14-year-old to the set [if the shoot was in bad taste]. And obviously Lindsay wouldn’t do anything with her sister there, that was risqué.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lindsay‘s mom supporting her daughter’s risqué photo shoot?

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  • stepho metho


  • stepho metho

    god.. why would her mom approve of those pics.. she is a whore

  • wow

    I quess sluts come in 3s mom, big sis, lil sis, Im not suprised

  • dinah
  • Brock landers

    Phew! Thank God mom approved. I was beginning to think Lohan made her own choices for a second.

  • Jamie


  • cydie.

    i agree, it is tasteful. its actually, an honor.
    i think its was beautfiul, but i dont expect people to grasp the concept.
    theyre too ignorant, sadly. i admire monroe, and obviously so does lohan.
    is that a crime ?

  • suzette

    i too agree it is tasteful
    what suprises me is that there’s people left in the world
    who still this days are offended by nudity when it’s something beyond normal i don’t see why people are so dramatic and make such a huge deal out of everything

  • Alice Brazilian

    I love she! :)

  • Jae

    Of course she would approve of these, what mother wouldn’t approve after seeing her daughter’s patootie plastered all over the internet…a small step down on the scale of risque…could have been worse…has been worse…

    but come on, even though the pictures themselves show nothing, you see a lot more on the set, up close in person…having your little sister right there? how tacky is that…

    i see nothing wrong with the photos, but i don’t like the idea of her sis being there…gross

  • go sox

    Don’t have a problem with the photos…..just with mom allowing a 14 yr. old on the set to watch. WOW, that’s a whole bowl of WRONG. She doesn’t need to be exposed to even “tasteful” naked photography of her sister, and think it’s ok. Mom Dina IS an enabler, like #6 said. It’s obvious she’s never said no to her kids. She’ll always make excuses for her kids’ behavior, and not teach them to be accountable. It took jail and rehab for Lindsay to own up to her behavior, and sadly it should have been mom reading her the riot act a long time ago!!!

  • unique1316

    she needs a bath with a lil bleach and pine sol………nasty lookin

  • jemelyn

    why in the world is she posing like Marilyn Monroe in the first place?
    Marilyn Monroe was gorgeous with a magnificent body, why in the world pick this trashy orange faced, yes nasty lookin rehabber to disgrace Monroe’s memory? She looks nothing like her and the pictures are not good. The whole project seems absurd to me. No matter what the Mom said (of course she would say yes, she has no scruples & wants $$$), it was a bad choice to pick her daughter.

  • Sandra Dee

    Wow, sounds like Vanessa Hudgen’s mom. LOL. At least Lindsay is 21 and her pics is considered art. I would be really surprised if Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t end up exactly like Lohan.

  • me

    Dina Blowhan is a C-U-N-T!!! like mother like daughter, and junior blowhan (Lindsay) is just a fucked up wannabe.

  • Here’s The Deal

    Well of course she approves. She’s just a low-class piece of trash (like her daughter), who wouldn’t care if Lindsay was walking down the street butt-nekkid with a Marilyn Monroe wig on as long as “Momager” gets the $$. No suprise here.

  • wtf

    Dina whores out those kids at any opportunity of course she approves.

  • http://ooooooooo Nay no way no no no

    No one is SURPRISED the -ho,re- mom supports her alky/druggie/desperate -ho,re- criminal-crusty black wearing leggings-daughter. Someone has 2 support that wreck/retched family. Funds are Low. Dinosaur Dina taught her not so well. She’s made a Fool out of herself in many ways, & trying to do ”Marylin”is one of them. Disgusting.
    Click here and see Who ruin Marylin with her -ska.nkness- -keep clicking next.

  • troy

    #14 Vanessa Hudgens has absolutely nothing to do this topic. There is no reason to drag her into this and bash her.

    As far the topic itself goes, Lindsay is an adult and can pose for whatever kind of pictures she wants and doesn’t need mommy’s approval. It doesn’t surprise me though Dina Lohan is classic enabler and supports and condones anything Lindsay does as long it brings her notority. And bringing her 14-year-old daughter to the set? The epitome of class. *rolls eyes*

  • blueangel

    What an insult to Marilyn Monroe! It’s like asking Rumor Willis to put on a blonde wig and pretend to be Princess Grace. Lilo has a fugly face and looks nothing like Marilyn Monroe.

  • um

    Yea because Dina Lohan’s approval means soo much. She doesn’t even give damn about anything lindsay does. Considering the drugs, arrest, alcohol and sexcapades, lindsay is far from needing anyones approval anyway. She needs to fade away soon.

  • mmmkay

    Lilo looks like a $2.00 hoe in a bleach blonde wig.
    Not the slightest thing this drunk hoe posing in her b-day suit reminds me of Marylin Monroe.
    Are we Serious. Gotta be Kidding. Dina is scum.

  • Orange soda

    her mom is a wh0r3… she’s pimping her daughters all over hollywood!

  • kathy

    just gross. freckles everything,

  • jess

    Can’t say much more than what’s been said here. Lohan is a wh0re; I don’t respect her, but she also had a really poor role model in her mom. Dina’s totally pimping out her kids, esp. the girls. Such a shame. Hate to say it, but it’s true.

  • luckyL

    She really isn’t much authority in sanity.

  • LT

    Gee, I wonder what daddy thinks…this is the first time we haven’t heard a peep out of him!!!
    Sorry Marilyn! Forgive her, not even close!!!
    Just embarrasing! Now this is the RAZZY of photo shoots!
    You won!

  • to stoopid

    This broke down beyotch will do anything for a check, she was just on tmsleeze with the WWE wrestlers,smiling and posing. Art *
    this is not art- PENT* house SLEEZE is more like it.
    Why even bring Monroe in lilo’s small vocab. Y U C K!
    The mom should be jailed, take her twat daughter with her.

  • Hottielover

    Am I the only one that thinks she got hot again?

  • boo

    stop making it out to seem as though marilyn was this innocent figure. i think lindsay & marilyn have alot in common… they were disgraced women of there time with serious drug and dependency issues. the only difference was marilyn was alot older.

    these photos just show us times haven’t changed. i personally would not want to replicate an icon that lived and died so tragically…

  • uh

    no one said she was an angel..but liho right now-is a mess..
    leave mm alone..

  • Cali-n

    Basically all this tells me is that idiot minds think alike.

  • disgusted

    Not surprising Dina says she approves. But having a 14 year old there, no matter how “tasteful” the pics were, the fact still remains she was watching her big sister pose nude for the whole world to see.

    No excuse to have the teenager there!

  • SofiaRocket

    Come on don’t you all see – those pics were a MOCKERY on Lindsay – the NYM just made a big fool of Linday, they used her as a clown in this parody. Pity no one got the irony.

  • Arab.Aquarius

    ewwww at the whole family

  • hello

    moms pretty sleazy too…

  • Jaded

    @29 – yes.

    Should Dina Lohan even go near my daughter to share her ideas on what’s tasteful or not, I would beat her ’till she craps herself. I bet she has an evil aura that pushes girls into who**ing. Seriously, woman, if you didn’t figure out by now that you’re not good at guiding young people through life, you never will. Just shut up and take the money.

  • kpriss

    I think her mum would have done great pals with Britney’s mum… They kinda think alike. Next you know, LL’s lil’sister’s gona be preggers too :(

  • Helena

    Tastefully done? Randomly hanging your tatas, while your career is in the shítter = not tastefully done.

  • me me me

    agreed helena

  • Minxx

    Calling something art doesn’t make it so … I truly don’t think that the pictures are beautiful nor do they evoke any emotion. I saw the originals of MM at a show and they were lovely, he captured a sadness and an innocence that is lacking in these or that is not conveyed online.

  • Zanessa lover

    everytime i look at her,she is so hot.but now,look at her.what happen lindsay?you should ashamed of your self.what a poor girl.

    vanessa still rock.huhuhuh

  • bejeebus

    dina doesn’t care what her kids do as long as she’s sees the green from it. nasty excuse for a mother.

  • suzette

    what’s wrong with her sister being there? IS HER SISTER i bet this wasn’t the first time she saw lindsay topless

  • Astrid

    Of course her mother approves the pics. She’s her pimp, I mean, her manager.

  • erin

    Why wouldn’t she! – both of them are trailer park trash! That is what you do in the trailer park.

  • Megan

    Wait, wait, wait….Let me get this straight;
    Her Pimp approves of Lindsay whoring herself for profit and notoriety?
    I am not sure I understand quite yet…
    Her pimp is okay living off the avails of her own daughter “prostituting ” her image for financial gain.
    Okay – yeah that sounds about right…Par for the course and such.

  • Beeke

    Her mom APPROVES the pictures? That’s even worth an article? My, this is only possible in the US… No one in Europe cares about n*de pics. Yawn…
    And then those ridiculous comments about freckles! I guess they’re true, all those stereotypes about you Americans being shallow…
    It’s a pity.

    PS: I even had to censor my own comment, as it contained the word “n*de”. It doesn’t get better…

  • David

    Amen to comments #7, #8, #44, and #48. I agree. And, to #48, yes, sadly it’s true that Americans are shallow because they haven’t been able to mature enough to know the difference between n*dity and sex. Lindsay’s photos are tastefully n*de, not pornographic at all. If Americans would realize this…ah, who am I kidding? They will never get it. I am ashamed to be an American and wish I could live in Europe. This website is f***ed up. How can it allow people to make rude comments like I’ve seen, but the word n*de has to be censored? Like I said, this site is f***ed up.