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Prison Break: Season Finale or Series Finale?

Prison Break: Season Finale or Series Finale?

FOX aired the “season finale” of Prison Break tonight. Let me recap the ridiculousness for you:

LJ and Sofia get saved. Sofia leaves James. Sophia gets shot. Lincoln stays behind to take care of her. Michael reminisces about Sarah. Mahone, Whistler and Gretchen are are cahoots with one another. Long live The Company!

Lots of unanswered questions but this will probably be the last we see of Michael and Lincoln, anyway. No word from the network on renewal–not good news.

The Boston Herald seems to done with the series: “Please, don’t add another year of Prison Break to viewers’ sentence… FOX should pardon its viewers and give them early parole. We’ve done our time. We don’t need any more of this crime.”

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Prison Break‘s “season finale”?

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  • bradangy


  • bradangy

    OMG finally I manage to be first and just for the final episode !!!

  • AJJ

    I certainly hope that this isn’t the last we see of these gorgeous brothers.


    WOOWWWW !!

  • charlie

    i hope it comes back

  • Sasha

    no!!!! that would suck!! first they yake sarah out, and now they want to completely end the show?

  • Sasha


  • Mad_Hatter

    I really hope this wasen’t the last time we will see the show.
    They could have the decency to atleast finish out this season, wrap it all up nice and tight and give the show a proper farewell.

    To leave it off this way is just a slap in the face to all of us who have been loyal fans over the past 2 and a half years.

  • October

    Well if it was the last episode, I just want to thank all the cast of PB for these 3 years !!! I love the show and especially first season !!!

    A special word for Wentworth !!! Thank you !!!

    Be always faithful has what you are.

    Since the first episode a lot of thing have changed… but ONE thing Is always remain the same : YOU

    So from where I am I will always be with you !!!

    And a last thing, I will love to see you again in a movie with Anthony Hopkins !

    Thank you, Wentworth !!!

    My best memory, your meeting one day in France :-)

  • Robi

    I think this WILL be the last season. It really wasn’t very good this year. When I can switch to HGTV there is a problem!

  • heeelio

    Noooooo! it better not! It was a good show. And if it is the end they should “Jericho” it! I’ll bring it back!

  • eres

    the season finale left me wanting more, as usual. I LOVED IT!!!!
    dont know what i’ll do if it were the series finale, Its an excellent show and the network needs to bring it back. PLEASSEEEEEEE bring it back!!

  • aNGIE




  • nicole

    This was an awesome Season Finale.
    I want the story to continue. I miss the show already.
    I wish they had made more episodes.
    Thanks for a great season. I love the cast and crew. Beautiful job.

  • Ladymoonstone

    NOOOOOOOOO…they better not end Prison Break because Michael still promise Gretchen some “quality time”. I hope he will cut her head off like she did Sara’s.

    I was looking forward to seeing that “someone ” that I am not expecting to see on the finale…and it brought out more pain when they put a flashback of Sara. BRING SARA BACK! Let is be just a hoax or whatever…bring her back.

    There is still no closure on PB and I am positive it will come back. More Wentworth and Dominic please.

  • Carolyn

    Crazy, as always. It is kind of irritating, but I’ll put up with it to see the Scoffield brothers for another year. :)

  • tonia

    The Finale exceeded my expectations! loved it, but so sad to see the Sarah flashback! Bring Sarah back!!!

  • littlechickadee1127 stole the words out of my mouth. My husband and I are die-hard PB fans and would hate it if the network left us hanging like that. YES…it is true that they don’t need to break out of another prison, but there are still alot of unanswered questions out there, and a decent ending and closure is what PB fans deserve.

  • sona

    I admit, I’m worried, but only because Fox loves to screw over it’s viewers. They’re notorious for canceling shows with good followings just because they want something new and different. It was a DAMN good episode and I am DYING to find out what Gretchen and Whistler have cooked up between them and what Mahone’s doing joining in. You KNEW something was up when Whistler saved Mahone from Linc. And poor Sucre! He needs to get back to Marisol and the baby! I really really hope it comes back next season. I’ll miss it SO much if Fox pulls it.

  • ddddddddddddd


  • dany

    OMG! I just saw the final episode and I think it was great. I hope this is not the end..I refuse to think that is.

  • greatshow

    It is a great show. he is hot. I saw him on R i c h C u p i d s . com last week. Apparently he is si ngle now.

  • naTe

    i hope they come back!

  • I’m french

    I hope that PB will go on because in France everything the world loves and frankly it would be sad of there stayed here

    je pense que mon anglais n’est pas excelent mais il se comprend ^^

  • I’m french

    I hope that PB will go on because in France everything the world loves and frankly it would be sad of there stayed here

    je pense que mon anglais n’est pas excelent mais il se comprend ^^

  • me


  • sarah

    They can’t end it yet!, i’m in th UK and we haven’t seen the last episode yet, but it sounds great, i don’t want the show to end!.

    I personally love season 3, it’s darker and more grittier than the previous two seasons, i understand it’s a huge hit internationally so let’s hope us overseas fans can stand behind our american cousins and ask for another season.

    I have to say over on, they posted a new statement from Nick Santora and he seems to think they will be back for another season, it’s just a little bit early for fox to say what shows are being picked up and what aren’t.

    let’s keep our fingers crossed everybody!

  • Just me…

    It was just the season finale…and an awesome season finale!!!!

    Prison Break is THE best TV show, so I’m sure that a season 4 comes soon ;)

  • lene

    To the cast: great work!

    To the writers/producers & FOX: F U C K Y O U ! Fucking idiots! Killing Sara was the most stupid thing you guys ever did. GO FUCK YOURSELVES! IDIOTS!

    SARA TANCREDI ROCKS! Sarah Wayne Callies Rocks! Fox just sucks!

  • Rudi

    hmmm… Well considering the fact that I stopped watching the show 4 episodes through this season, I have to say I am glad it’s gone. They really ruined the story since the beginning of the season and I predicted back when it premiered that the show will be cancelled this year… Prison Break should’ve ended with season 2…

  • 越狱

    F-uck FOX and F-uck USA!!!
    screwed up this season!!

    真想整死他妈的编剧,f-uck the editors and writers!!!

  • Ralu

    Went I love you, hope never to see you ever on screen, ok? It’s to painful ….. :((

  • vertigo

    The end of a wonderfull adventure !!!???
    And how many “fan” ALL other the world (Australia, spain, Italia, US, UK, Korea…) I met thanks To Prison break !!!
    Wentworth, we know how much it is important for you to protect your private life !!! But sometimes give us your news !!! Just a “coucou”
    you let already a great vacuum!!


    thank you
    kam sah hamnida

  • rob

    my boyfriend (i am gay) loved prison break of all the series shows we have been watching. he watched NOTHING in the past and liked NOTHING in the past and at the moment. but he LOVES PB, or prison break. i love it too and just do not want it to end. i loved the 1st season so much but the 2nd season was not bad and now, the latest episodes are not disappointing. i love the 2 hottie brothers and hope they just keep on coming and helping us follow. this is a huge series with a huge following, so please the capitalists at Fox, do not end it. ok? it is not about you, it is about us, the fans. and u already see that prison break has millions of those, so do not end it, PLEASE PLEASE. PLEASE

  • Ralu

    He evolved so much, from the first series, he’s an actor now … Anyway, with those looks you can be a better actor than anyone on this planet, you don’t even have to say the lines, just give me that look, lol

  • Tears

    WENTWORTH doesn’t forget us !!!!

  • kimberly Murray

    I really hope this isn’t the end. But I have to say, that last nights season finale was a little lame. And that there was more suspense in the break out than the finale. I have been watching this show since it started and I absolutley love it, but I still want more. But leave to fox to cancel a good thing. They do it all the time. Epscecially with shows like Dark Angel, Tru calling, Standoff, There are plenty. So I really hope that they come back for more or I will be kind of upset.

  • Edith

    I hope that it isn’t an ending of series Prison Break…

  • to wentworth

    I didn’t think that would be so painful? REALLY !!!!

    Wentworth, you will always have my support !!!
    You are a very good actor.

    I will never say you good bye you are in my heart since a long time and for a long long time !!!!!

    Big kiss

  • Ralu

    WHAT DID YOU THINK of Prison Break’s “season finale”?
    Ha Ha Ha…
    Now, I watch “Lost”(the never ending series ) in peace. It’s not a real idea exaggerated it’s simply not real…
    In my opinion Prison Break’s first 3 episodes from first series were the worst… You always start watching a movie from the first episode, right? So in those moments it kinda lost allot of viewers… Luckily Went was there to keep my interest, lol

  • Nobody here

    Nobody of the cast are going to talk, they can’t let us like that !!! it’s a minimum, no !!!!!!!

    Whatever, I love the show,

    wentworth, still the best

    Papi, be good !!!

  • Jennifer W

    ive been watching prison break from day one of the first season and i never miss this show. i would hate to see them leave prison break off like they did on the last episode. there are too many unanswered questions with this last episode and i hope they make a fourth season. prison break is awesome and wentworth is so hot and i just hate to see this show end like this.

  • young

    i love michael in pb. i want to see him more..

  • http://justjared milla

    As a huge fan of the show and Mr.Miller I have to say they have me wanting more! I was so sad when the episode came to an end not knowing if it will come back at all!

    And to Wentworth…I started following your work beacuse you are just insanely hot but now you got me hooked with your acting. Great job, papi, don’t ever stop!

  • meemee

    I really hope Fox does not leave us hanging! There are still a lot of unanswered questions. Whistler is a snake!!

  • tao

    I hope it’s the end. Prison break was great on season 1 but not anymore. It’s tilme to leave guys.

  • [marie]

    I think they should wrap up the story with a fourth and final season. There are a lot of loose ends to tie up (Sucre’s in SONA!! Hello!!). So there’s still one more “Prison Break” to stage. PB wasn’t supposed to last more than 4 or five seasons anyway, so they should end it in the right way…

  • guns n’ roses

    The last image of the show, Michael still on the road !!!

    a gun & a rose

    Gun’s and roses

    Writers go back to work !!!

  • Ken

    i love prison break. please come back for the 4th season. there are too many unanswered questions.

    wentworth, you are great.

  • Katie

    I have a feeling it will be the last of the series, and that makes me REALLY sad. But, it ended nicely. Though, it would be nice to know if Michael ever killed Gretchen because I’d love to see her die. She was such a bitch. I didn’t like her. Plus, I want to know if Sucre gets out. You can’t leave him there. :(