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Reese Witherspoon @ Leno

Reese Witherspoon @ Leno

Reese Witherspoon wears a cute little LBD to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday night.

The 31-year-old actress rattled off a lot of the TV shows she keeps up with: Good Morning America, The Today Show, The View, Live with Regis & Kelly!, The Martha Stewart Show, House, Project Runway and The Amazing Race.

Reese also announced that one of her friends (a writer) is even going to be a contestant on The Amazing Race. Hmm, wonder who that is!

Watch Reese‘s interview on Leno here: Part I and Part II.

15+ screencaps inside of Reese Witherspoon @ Leno

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  • fresh

    she looks happy

  • zoe

    agree with #1! i like her hair like that, very cute!

  • Halli

    She was so cute and very upbeat. My mom and I loved her cute dress!

  • Nicole m

    She is so cute! I love her personality and she is a great actress, and you can tell she is great mom.

    Her and Jake make such a cute couple!

  • SWookie

    “Oh Oh oh, did she mention Jake, did she mention Jake, did she mention Jake!!!!!, because I’m just going to WET myself if she mentioned Jake because they’re such a cuuuuuute couple, OMG, OMG, OM1111!!!!”

    So typical of the saddos on this site.

  • lulu

    I like her and Jake, but don’t like them as a couple.
    Jake was too young for her. I don’t think it’s gonna work.

  • buckeyegurl

    She is very pretty and seems to be handling life as a single mom. Love the hair and the dress. Go Reese!

  • jade

    Love Reese.I like her hair that way and like her dress. She’s beautiful.

  • honda

    She is hot. I saw her on R i c h C u p i d s . com last week. Apparently she is si ngle again.

  • v

    The film is good for people with mental retardation!. It will be an good entertainment for USA where the people don’t understand or have dificulties to understand something wellI! Nobody worldwide can laugh about americans joke. IPerhaps i is the motive that Hollywood copy lot of comedies of europeans films at presents.
    Reese Witherspoon gives bad example for society. She makes public sex and transmit sexual illness in airplanes. She don’t have any kind of character. She give lot of loss for Hollywood film industry. She is very old for act in film Penelope. The hairstyle and the way she drunk in the bottle seems like a old prostitute whose pause and then continuous to work on street!

  • shemp lugosi

    What I’d like to know is how the hell did she win an Oscar for playing June Carter when she looked, spoke and sang NOTHING like the real June Carter? Another travesty just like when they gave one to Julia Roberts!

  • v

    shemp lugosi
    This film was another film whose Hollywood made only for american people. Nobody would like to see out side of USA. I have never heard about June Carter in my life…
    I saw this film and I hate like Brokeback Mountains because they support adultery and both films the man don’t like when their own small children was crying. The main character of their are selfish…
    I can understand because Reese Witherspoon win lot of money to make nothing and give lot of loss for Hollywood film industry…She is probably a underground prostitute. The others actress of Hollywood are only extras over there. I can’t understand because in Hollywood they take only son of diretctors like Jake Gyllenhaal or daughters or sons of actresses or actors. Why The Hollywood leathers don’t accept to select people whose are working in Theater.!! ! Why they don’t give opportinities for another people out their small “gueto”! The themes of their film are so poor.!!! There are lot of good writers in our world to have a good theme for their films. They can’t read more!!!. What is the problem?. They can’t abandon the bed and their sexual adventures or lack of imagination?

  • PD
  • Ha!

    Wow, I’m having so much fun reading v’s very, very odd comments. What the hell are you talking about?

  • Anon

    I think “v” is obssessed with sex!!! Get any lately, “v’”? But “v” IS hilarious…in a weird way.

    Reese is a LOT sexier then she used to be.. Jake must be beaming. To see the effects of his…..attentions….

  • ablove

    v, what the hell are you talking about? I`m not living in the USA and I loved films like Walk the line or Brokeback Mountain and I do think, that Reese deserves her Oscar for her role as June Carter, she was just AMAZING! I love her, she is great!

  • Ha!

    Anon – the funny part is that if you’ve seen the trailer for Penelope, you would know that it in no way has any kind of sexual theme to it. It’s completely about learning to love and accept yourself as you are. What better message for a film to send?

    And she’s too old at 31 to be in this movie? I don’t even know what that means or where it came from. v, you are a mystery. Keep it coming.

  • alohaland

    Yes, ‘V’; thanks for the entertainment! Your skewed views are ‘interesting’ to say the least. I have no clue what you are talking about hahahahahaha.

    Love Reese, she looks great!

  • kory

    I don’t like Reese after this interview. She does not seem sweet anymore. Very cocky. Also she seems like she is trying to act light hearted but really is serious and uptight.


    AWWW i love Reese she is so sweet!


  • Emma

    Haha, I love her impersonation of her dad, that’s awesome.

  • jamie

    the L in LBD stands for little, jared. it just made it seem like “little little black dress.”

  • bianca

    # 19 kory

    I totally agree with you Kory. I used to really like her but after this interview I thought what an “up herself” little so-and-so.
    Didn’t like her one bit in this interview.

  • amber

    I like Reese and think she’s adorable, but I’m with the people who don’t think she deserved her Oscar. Walk The Line was cute, but Joaquin Phoenix carried that film. Let’s be real here – he looked like Johnny, talked like Johnny and sang like Johnny. He was so robbed. But oh well – Reese is a good actress, but she’s had better performances in the past besides June Carter (watch “Freeway” with Keifer Sutherland).

  • Alison

    I think Joaquin deserved the Oscar for that movie – not Reese. As much as I like most of her films, that was not her best work.

  • Mikey

    why dont they have CELEBRITY amazing race that would be even more amazing to watch :D

  • josie

    I saw this interview and I thought… what a fcukwit!
    Stupid arrogant b*tch!!

    ITA with Amber #24 and Alison #25…..Joaquin was sensational in Walk the Line. It was such a shame he didn’t win the Oscar because he WAS Johnny Cash. He was unbelievable!
    Reese played June Carter…I was so disappointed that she won the Oscar. She was lucky that year. The planets aligned for her. Maybe that’s why she has such a fcuking ego now. Dumb cow.
    The Academy really fcuks up sometimes.

  • don

    I never saw her in Walk the Line. It is not all that difficult to play a person when you only have to mimic what you see in films of them. The movies I have seen in which he did a VERY good job are Election (her Tracy Flick was a super characterization) and Legally Blond where she did well as a superficial sorority queen. I thought she was just okay in Sweet Home Alabama. I don’t quite get the reason she is paid so much. She is however #1 in pay in Hollyweird and I would guess she is pretty domineering when not being filmed. Read somewhere she is not especially nice on set; impatient with the others.

  • v

    She is not nice on set. When she haven’t wish she don’t appear in studio and let the people wait for her. The director Joe Carnavan had this bad experience. When she abandon Ryan Phillippe before the divorce she let her children alone to meet h Jake Gyllenhaal in hotels. I have heard lot of unfair play that his women did. She had an argument with a paparazzi when she was in Disney Park with her children and the police found him death in his Motel in Hollywood after that. It is a real bad atmosphere of prostitution house everywhere Reese Witherspoon are.

  • sonja

    she’s wierd-looking.
    it was funny watching her on jay leno…two big chins…they could have been father and daughter.
    i didn’t realise she was such a t o o l. i thought she was supposed to be sweet. obviously NOT!!

  • don

    She was too hyped up during the interview; too self dramatizing; “look how cute I am” stuff. I suspect she also lies easily since it is difficult to believe she sits at home in front of the TV set most of the day watching all the programs she claims to watch. She has other things to do. Seems very artificial; the opposite of genuine. A few movies that bomb and I suspect she will calm down a lot.

  • nichola

    She’s got a lot of confidence for someone so ugly!


    She seems to be a very good actress to me and I like her for that. But I find her too “upbeat” in the show.

  • Edgar

    “Affected” is the word to describe her appearance. All her reactions and whatever were “affected” and artificial. She was putting on an act as much as when she plays a role in a movie.

  • Rachel

    I too saw her interview on Leno and felt the same way. I thought she was quite cocky and artificial. She was definitely putting on airs as usual. She made me sick, thinking she is better than everyone else. I think she’s a big fake and lies alot. She definitely should have not won an Oscar on Walk The Line. It definitely should have gone to Juaquin Phoenix. It took alot to do his part. But that’s Hollywood for you. Hollyweird is so fixated on their Golden Girl, while the rest of us know better.

  • kelly

    I agree with the comments I have been reading. Especially the part when Jay says, “so your a producer now, and she made that hand signal by her right ear… into the air… LIke Oh Ya baby!!”

    I am turned off as well. I think all this attention to her weight loss this year and her divorce from Phillippee and her quick rebound to Jake has all gone to her head!