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Jessica & Ashlee Double Date

Jessica & Ashlee Double Date

Singing sisters Jessica and Ashlee Simpson enjoy a pre-Valentine’s Day dinner at the Grand Lux restaurant at the Galleria Mall in Dallas, TX with their boyfriends — footballer Tony Romo and rocker Pete Wentz, repsectively.

“I think they’re going to get married,” Romo‘s pal Michael Starr tells US Weekly.

“They’re perfect for each other,” another pal adds. “They’re both funny and wonderful and kind. I’m rooting for them.”

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Photos: Tara Tilton/Us Weekly
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  • Michellefan

    I love those sisters!

  • goz

    oh my i though tony was nick! i was like.. what! tony reminded of nick in that pic!

  • Jill

    don’t like the Simpson sisters

  • bejeebus


  • LMO

    damn they both down graded looks wise. oh well hope they’re happier now.

  • Mike

    I like Ashlee. I can’t stand Jessucka.

    That comment about them marrying will be the KISS OF DEATH to that relationship.

    Romo will run when he’s done poking that psycho.

  • mun

    tonys hotttt !!

  • mun

    tonys hotttt !!

  • erika

    Run, Tony, run! Did you see her reality show with first husband? She is a whining, pouting, needy little thing. Then, when she is through with you, she will dump you. Get out!

  • JenAh

    I love them!!

  • erin

    If I were Tony I would check your condoms. Daddy is probably poking holes in them as we speak. Pete dosn’t have to worry, because daddy dosn’t like him. Tony just scored a big fat raise with his contract. Daddy likes that.

  • bejeebus

    where’s papa joe???? under the table or taking this very picture to send to magazines/websites/the whole wide world?????

  • ruth

    Jessica is the kiss of death! Run Tony!

  • sue

    I like Nick better and I think Jessica does too.

  • mark

    When is he going to come to his senses. I wonder if she burps and farts for him too.

  • Lou

    What color is jessica’s second wedding dress going to be. Black? Plaid? She can’t wear white again. She shouldn’t have worn white the first time either.

  • yanina

    they look so cute together!

  • dinah
  • Helena

    They are both horrible media-whóres that they take pictures with US weekly.

  • Bill

    Tony needs to watch a few episodes of Newlyweds and he will realize Jessica is not the woman to marry, just to play around with her for a while. She can’t cook, doesn’t know how to clean or do laundry. She isn’t supportive or loyal and its all about Jessica.. Actually I’m not real sure what she is good at be sides whining. Tony I’m sure you could do much better than Jessica, she isn’t even pretty she just has the whole fake blonde hair and big boobs going on….So RUN Tony RUN

  • Jessie

    Is it just me, or has Tony gotten uglier since breakin up with Carrie?

    They seem like attention whores, there is always pics of them together now…

  • Deb

    I heard that no paps showed as instructed so Daddy took the pixs.

  • janet

    Jessica and her dad creep me out. He’s always commenting about her huge boobs or his eyes are always averted toward her chest. It’s somewhat incestuous. Tony, you are much, much too good for her…she will chew you up and spit you out. Think about it, you’d be married to Joe, also. Yuck

  • meg

    I used to think higher of Tony but not any more. If he ties his horse to that cart, there is something really wrong with him.

  • Natalie

    Let’s just tell the truth here……..
    Jessica will never be over Nick.
    Papa Joe only encourages this relationship because of $$$$$$$.

    Money is the most important thing to Papa Joe.
    He’s a perv and w hored out his daughters.

    Ashlee is the only one making a break from perv papa joe.

    Jessica sucks and is damaged goods. Stupid as f vck too.

  • bejeebus

    you speak the TRUTH, girl!

  • tas

    It seems to me like Jess has found someone who interestingly has alot in common with her ex- Nick. Sports lover, down to earth, mans man, and Tony and Nick even look alike (although Nick is better looking). I’m sure Tony pampers her and puts up with her dumb behavior like Nick did too. As for marriage, I don’t see it lasting. I don’t think Jessica has grown up enough, or is selfless enough to be in a marriage. She is also still tied to the apron strings of her father, which is trouble in and of itself. Tony will tire of that real fast. Its way too soon for them to even be considering it, and all the gossip about it may damage their relationship. I don’t give it a year even.

  • David

    This date is such a set up and Tony must be the dumbest man alive.
    The friend leaking the marriage thing is to push Tony in that direction. The Simpsons are so phony and sure can’t sing. Her dad went out and found a man with the most money he can find to pull this family out ruin. I have no respect for someone as dumb as Tony.

  • Mary

    Jessica side is sure pushing this all the way to the alter. I see they are far more desperate than ever. How can he sit their and be so stupid at least John Mayer was smart enough to run when she started pushing him to the alter. I remember when she started the gossip about rings when she was with John. Any man could be sitting in that spot long as the dollar bills add up right for Papa. I feel like she is being sold for the highest bid.

  • Buttercup

    Jared, did you spell “respectively”, “repsectively” because that’s how Jessica would spell it? ;)

  • OMG WAH?

    RUN ROMO RUNNN !!!!!!!

  • lj

    I agree with# 20, 25, 27, and 28. Jessica is more desperate every day. This photo looks like a set up. What kind of brilliant conversation did they have? I heard that Tony’s had a crush on Jessica for a while. If he watched Newlyweds he should have seen what she’s really like, a shallow . self absorbed, moron who really didn’t make an effort for her marriage to work. Considering she didn’t have sex or live with Nick before hand, you think that she would try to make an impression instead of being a lazy slob. It seems like they deserve each other.

  • JANE


  • MovieMadness

    “cough” haters “cough”

  • her

    Honestly….I kinda hate Ashlee….she doesn’t deserve Pete.

  • Kym

    Tony isnt dumb. By July, when training camp starts for football, Jessica will be long gone. I give this little “romance” at most, 4-5 more months. It probaly won’t even go that far anyways, but 4 sure Jessica will be dumped by July.

  • JT

    Jessica and Tony are cute together. I hope they can make it work.

  • Teresa

    I’m sure Tony knows Jessica a lot better than any of you guys do. He’s a big boy, he can make his own decisions and if he’s happy with her, so be it. Don’t get your panties in a twist when you know nothing of either of them personally.

  • colleen

    Completely agree with erin, last time the no pre-nup backfired. This marriage will make up for the loss.

  • Troy 61

    Tony, Why buy the cow?

  • How this went down

    And then Michael Starr was handed a twenty from papa joe, that, or a promise of a bj by Jess.

  • bill

    I agree with thats how it went down. I hope Starr got paid well. The Simpson clan can only keep Tony busy and distracted for so long. I’m sure they hope to have them married by the time he opens his eyes.

  • luv vanessa

    lol! that’s just so cute… and hilarious!

  • sweet kisses

    Heres a simple thought. Tony doesnt want to run. Have you guys ever stopped to consider your perception of Jessica may be wrong and she really is a sweet and kind person that Tony enjoys being with? What a thought, eh?

  • Sara

    I feel sorry for her these two sisters and their dad want to be in hollywood so bad and none of them have talent.
    You can feel the desperation coming from them. Well TR you get what you get. Lots of men watch the show lusting after her but soon understood what she was all about. Hell figure it out by then she will have her hands on some of that money.

  • Jude

    I saw them at the Galleria in Dallas. I was like “wheres papa joe?”

  • Iced

    Ugh..this stupid Bit*h didn’t hang around Dallas so much before she got with he brings her stupid a*s here all the time. Thanks Tony!!! I can’t wait for his time to be up in and Dallas so he can go somewhere else and take this uneducated moron with him!
    Tony’s a joke!

  • Taylor

    Run, Pete, RUN!

    I dislike Ashlee greatly.
    But I don’t find Jessica that horrid anymore…
    She seems less “hoe-y”

    Run, Tony, Run?
    I don’t know.
    But I sure as heck wouldn’t marry her myself.

  • KimB

    whats with the toothbrushes on the table?

  • poohhoo

    i agree kimb. what is with the toothbrushes?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!