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Britney's Sons are the Littlest Victims

Britney's Sons are the Littlest Victims

Britney Spears’ sons — Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 17 months — haven’t seen their mom in over a month. The last time they saw her was the night of January 3, when she was admitted to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center psych ward.

“They have not been asking about Britney,” a Federline source tells Us Weekly.

But Britney hasn’t lost focus!

“She desperately wants the kids,” a family source says. “She cries about it. She hasn’t put the children’s belongings away,” an insider said. “Her home has pictures of her kids everywhere. She loves them very much.”

Adds a family source, “There’s been a real change in how she is because she has been smothered in love. To suddenly know after all this time that she has support has been incredible for her. She knows that something is wrong with her. She knows that something can’t quite be right because of the sheer fact she’s separated from her kids.”

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    SO CUTE !!!



  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    aww, stu & pid look sooooo… um, nice (special)

    god bless their little hearts. lol

  • The OC Fansite
  • suzette

    aww those boys are so adorable
    i just hope britney gets better and is able to see them
    but only when is for sure she’s a lot better

  • anonymous

    I’m praying Britney continues to get well. She loves those boys. When will Min and BSWeekly stop exploiting this sad situation? Is K-Fed and his lawyers paying BSWeekly still for these stories. It’s too much-the boys should not be on the cover of a magazine.

  • boo

    who approved this cover??? these babies should NOT be on the cover of a magazine. did their parents consent to this? are they being paid? it’s too much

  • LMO

    Both Camps Are Disgusting. Are We Really Supposed To Believe Two Young Boys Dont Miss Their Own Mother. This Whole Thing Is Foul, From The Way Someone With Clear Mental Issues Is Running Around To A Father Who’s Leaching Off Someone With Clear Mental Problems.

  • cloud

    Don’t think anyone has mentioned this but Sean looks just like his Grandmom (Lynne) and Jayden looks like his Grandpop (James).
    Cute little tykes.
    Good they don’t have K.Federline’s thin mouth and smug look.
    Poor man, a face like that is an affliction.
    Seems a bit of a puzzle that Britney can’t see her kids at all.
    What is that? Punishment because she flipped out over the bruising on Jayden? In her mind-state, she would have gone into major panic mode, fearing he was being abused. Poor woman.
    She obviously adores them, and the nasty interpretations of her behavior are very sad indeed. Mental illness is appalling.
    There is no betrayal greater than that of your own brain, or fear greater than knowing you can not rely on your own perceptions.
    A desperately difficult illness, and a great tragedy that Britney has been vilified, not supported throughout the terror she must have been feeling…
    Excellent that her father has at last been able to give her the support and love she so very much needs, and also obviously, wants.

  • lily

    Team Britney all the way.

    If she keeps up the road of recovery and u will get them back.

  • Frenchy


  • angela

    They’re little cuties.

  • You/Me

    “She knows that something is wrong with her. She knows that something can’t quite be right because of the sheer fact she’s separated from her kids.”

    Ya think?

    Geez, I hate when these so-called “sources” make Britney sound so da*n dumb. She is mentally unstable due to a disease, she’s not an idiot.

  • Moviewatcher

    love their cheeks but I really wish they would stop doing stories are these very young children

  • http://justjared rock chick

    oh their so cute . leave the poor kids alone.

  • Sunny

    If Brit was interested in getting her kids back, she wouldn’t be back at her disgusting old tricks of going panty less and flashing her naked crotch to the papz like she did this weekend. She’s a sick, sick person and in no shape to be around her kids. You have to wonder what she might do to traumatize them.

    TMZ has the nasty picture if you need to see it.

    But one picture I am even more sorry to see, and that is her kids on the cover of US. This is just wrong.

  • dinah

    Hopefully she gets help,and gets her kids back.

  • sandra

    I wish the best for her and her two angels. they seem so unhappy. it’s sad

  • Sarah

    I can believe that they don’t ask about their mother. I used to work as a nanny for people who barely spent any time at all with their kids and when they went on long trips out of the country the kids never asked or cared where their parents were because they had no bond with their parents. Their parents were just the strangers who happen to live in the same house with them. Not all kids are bonded to their parents, it depends on how involved the parents are in the kids lives, and I doubt that Britney was stable enough before her hospitilization to be very bonded with them.

    And I don’t see Kevin leaching off of her. He could have petitioned the court for more child support and he didn’t. He could have sold his story to the magazines and he didn’t. He could have drug those kids into the limelight to get attention but he didn’t. I think he’s really stepped up to the plate. He might not be the most perfect father in the world but I think his actions show that he does care about the welfare of his children.

  • abigail

    “Punishment because she flipped out over the bruising on Jayden? In her mind-state, she would have gone into major panic mode, fearing he was being abused. Poor woman.”

    The court system does not work on a punishment-reward basis when it comes to custody matters, only when it comes to criminal cases, which this is not. Custody matters are decided solely on what’s in the best interest of the children. I can’t believe that there are still people who can’t see past the Kevin vs. Britney stuff to see that the custody arrangement should be about what’s best for the children, and only that. This isn’t high school where we should all be picking a side about which person we like the best, it’s about what is in the best interests of two small children who have probably already been traumatized as a result of their mothers unstable actions.

  • wtf

    Yeah.. Daddy’s rubber had a hole into it 25 yrs ago.

    That’s whats wrong.

  • Moviewatcher

    US and the other tabloids will continue to exploit the situation for sales as long as we keep buying and giving them page hits. They could care less about the children, only the monies they generate

  • Jan

    The Nanny is doing a good job. They look fantastic and well cared for. KFed doesn’t care about them. He wants MONEY from their mommy.

  • Burtney Spurs

    “Ya’ll why is one o’ mah sons missin a few chromosooms? Ah swear if’n ah find out who done took his chromosooms, ah’m gonna kick their butts!!!”

  • beth robinson

    Britney doesn’t give a shit that she’s lost her kids. Her kids are better off with a child rapist than with her. I would love it if Britney got a life sentence in prison, then was locked up with scum like herslef. I hope she dies a fast but painful death. That would be kick-ass

  • Kat

    I don’t think no one has the right to judge anyone. You don’t know her personally and the tabloids don’t either. How would you feel if you were constantly judged? STOP JUDGING HER & LET HER BE.

  • juh

    oi meu nome e juliana,gosto muito das musicas da

  • top billin

    Britney is handicapped, and her kids look like Chernobyl children

  • beth miller-metcalfe

    Britney is only an egg donor and a surrogate mother

  • jd’s kid

    They do resemble Johnny Depp’s boy, Jack somewhat…

  • tOOTS

    The boys look good. Wish they can be with their mommy again KF IS A weirdo. Britney is looking good these days. Glad she has at least her father to look after her in time of need. I am not a britney fan but i feel sorry for the girl these days. Anyway, what do we really know? Pathetic little hear-say stories in the media. Britney herself has not said anything. I would really want to hear what’s going on in her mind.

  • soap

    OK, this is really getting crazy. I totally disagree how people are treating Britney. Who cares she has mental problems??! She can still be a good mother! I think Brit is an amazing person. I love her and her sons. But is this fair?? This kids are 1 and 2 and they are already being on magazines covers??! This isn´t right. My opinion; LEAVE BRIT AND HER KIDS ALONE. SHE IS A CARING MOTHER; AND IF SHE WASN´T, THERE ARE SO MANY MOTHERS WITH MENTAL PROBLEMS AROUND THE WORLD AND NO ONE TOOK THEIR KIDS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!