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Chace Surprised Carrie on Valentine's Day

Chace Surprised Carrie on Valentine's Day

Carrie Underwood and Chace Crawford spent Valentine’s Day together, of course.

But Carrie wasn’t expecting to! The 24-year-old American Idol alum was on tour with Keith Urban when her Gossip Girl star boyfriend Chace pulled a fast one on her.

“He surprised her at her concert in Pennsylvania for Valentine’s Day,” an insider tells In Touch. “They had a romantic night before she went off to do her next show. Chace is really trying to make the relationship work.”

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  • =]


  • =]

    yay i got first

  • Natalie

    He’s so adorable
    I love both of them
    They’re perfect together

    And I’m super excited for new gossip girl!

  • zanessa110


  • C

    They are both so hot, they make the cutest couple, seriously. Their kids would be adorable.

  • emily☆

    AWW they are truly a cute coulpe!!
    i would have never guessed that they would go out!! :)
    since she is a country singer and he is a new comer to the acting world!
    but he is soo cute! almost like the Jonas Brothers!

  • Deb

    Saw them at the concert. They were totally cute. Chace had his arm around her as they watched some of Keith’s set. So happy for them.

  • dany

    Hey everybody, guess who got caught cheating last nigh! TOM CRUISE……. I knew there was something fishy about him! See the story and photos on Why Fame . com

  • holly

    aww there so cute

  • kristen


    i love them together!! there so cute!

    i was actually at her concert on valentines day and i saw her with a guy and now i know it was him!!!

  • shai

    I can’t believe anything i read or hear now! After reading hollywood carwash you too will feel the same way!! Go read the book!! And you will be amzed how much of this shit is scripted in order to gain for money for the celebrity! the book is based on a true story .. It’s sick.. it’s the book that exposed a lot of what katie holmes went through.. The whole tom cruise thing is fake! He’s really gay! And sadly I heard from a friend in new york that chase is gay too and the carrie thing is a cover up done by there camp for press money and media coverage!
    ;*( Also i hear hayden is gay also and has an exboyfriend tyler and another ex who a canadian film start .. why can’t people embrace the gay in them ?

  • goz

    awww! he’s so cute and … aww!

  • Cindy

    They make the cutest couple! Hope it works out for them.

    Shai…you are right! You can’t believe everything you read including that book.

  • New yorker

    Shai get over it you are absurd. Carrie and Chace adore each other and
    have been dating for months. He was with her again the next night in
    Atlantic City NJ. He’s very protective of her. Check out the TMZ video of
    him fending off the photogs so her bodygaurd Matt could get her across
    the street on Dec. 14th. It was the sweetest thing. And for those of you
    who think Carrie is a country bumpkin Check her out singing Gun N Roses Monday night in Pittsburg, PA. Youtube Carrie Underwood live
    November Rain Paradise City. Jeff48109. Chace said in Teen Cosmo that he likes a girl that can sing Guns N Roses and play electric guitar and well he found her. Congratulations to them for finding each other.

  • flutters

    So cute! I read they were at the Grammys together too but avoided the photographers and tried to keep things low key.

  • tami

    Now that is an adorable couple!

  • Paula



    Chace has been seen around NY in the company of both men and women recently.

  • Cindy

    Thanks for the Gun’s and Roses info, New Yorker!


    For the Chace Crawford fans:

  • Mary

    Ah, that is so sweet. Love them..apart and together!

  • Kristen

    It was so romantic for Chace to do that. They are an adorable couple.

  • yeah

    chace is a pimp! haha

  • cassie

    OMG. chase is soooo hot haha now i gotta start watching his show ive been wanting to but havent now but now im gonna make myself lol.
    AHHHHHH carrie is so lucky:]] well chase is 8 years older then me which means him and i will never be:/ so hey thats good hes got carrie. but joe jonas now WHOA hes only 4 years older then me so im gonna try LOL. yeah chase is romantic thats cool. haha.

  • cail_

    He was in toronto on valentines day with leighton meester they had an interview at mtv.. so he must have flown out right after.. or else that wasn’t him at the concert haha.

  • annoxious

    hot couple…

  • baby-tee

    Underwood is so average in every way. She is perfect for the mini-van driving walmart housewives to coo over.

  • Carly

    Carrie is gorgeous in that red dress. Chace did fly back from Toronto. He
    is so sweet to her. She adores him. Verrrryyyyy Cutttteee Couupplee.
    see for Charrie news.

  • miranda

    chace you’r so cute…but seriously, you need to develop better taste!!

  • louis

    ^carrie is sooo average…chace is making her seem way hotter. lucky girl!

  • Mary

    Carrie is so gorgeous and sweet. He is so cute and humble. They are great together and Baby-tee, who are you going to be next time you post? You post this comment under aliases all over the net.. Carrie appeals to a lot of people NOT IN the mini-van driving WalMart clan. I am25, no kids and have my Master’s Degree and I live up North and don’t shop at WalMart. I think you like to cause trouble EVERYWHERE and like to insult Southern people or what you vision Southern people or country music fans are exactly. We get it, you don’t like Carrie or country music, get a life and a new comment.

  • ni

    yeah, i never thought chace would be dating a country…., i agree with louis on that, she is getting more publicity, chace is making her seem hotter…, its bad publicity for chace though…
    poor chace!!!

  • sey

    chace hanging around her is bad publicity for him. i hope he realizes that.
    chace is developing this tawdry newyorkey image, and if him hanging with a country hick is going to spoil that image.
    bad publicity chace!!

  • keira

    she is so ugly, im sure she is not chace’ choice. i think his publicist asked him to hang around her for some time. but doesnt his publicist realize that hanging around a country hick, could bring his image down? chace has a hip and urban audience. he should cater to that? whats wrong with you publicist???

  • velona

    bad publicity for you chace.!! you cannot be hanging around a country hick. where are you chace’ publicist??? what are you making him do?

  • velona


    btw, who is the insider who said chace is working hard on this relationship. ha ha.
    im sure its a carries insider!!

    chace does not need to work hard., and definitely NOT ON HER!! she will never ever in her life get to date a man like him. she is living a dream. eventhough this dream is fabricated by chace’ publicist.

    im not saying chace is gay, i believe he is staight.

    his publicist probably wants him in the news, since gossip girl had to stop because of the strike.

    bad idea publicist. how could you think that dating a country hick will bring him good publicity???

  • jessica

    I think Velona is talking to herself. LOL. Anway, do you people not know where Chace is from..Dallas, TX. He said he will leave the city to settle down in the COUNTRY, yep, COUNTRY because it is in his roots AND HE LIKES COUNTRY MUSIC! So if she is a hick, so is her. Nate is the urban TV personality, that isn’t Chace’s style and he has stated that in several interviews.

    I know you guys hate Carrie, but too bad, he likes her or he wouldn’t have surprised her on the V-Day. I know it hurts you so much to see them together, but what can you do about it? I am sure Chace doeesn’t give a crap about what any of us say either. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Parker

    She is hot! He is ugly. She can do a lot better than him!

  • ria

    chace is from texas, but coming from a small town does not make someone a hick. what makes you a hick is the way you carry yourself. he is smart and well groomed. he has a good image, and his image is becoming more like his character nate archibald…but if he is linked to carrie, he will be pushed and cornered as a country boy, country lover.

    carrie is a reality show winner!! people have voted her, and we know what kind of people have voted her. despite all the money fame she has got, she will always remain an oklahama..
    that girl is ugly, and has NO star material in her. people who have voted her are people from country who wanted to see one among them in hollywood. i must say she is lucky

  • neha

    apparently, all those people who love chace with carrie are carrie fans. LOL

    others think its bad publicity for him.

  • arin

    right, the only people who like chace with carrie are carrie fans. LOL

  • anonymous

    i feel sorry for chace. he had to see that ugly face on valentines!!! poor chace!

  • anonymous1

    poor chace!!
    i’m sure its not his choice though..

  • new yorker

    i doubt the insider is one of chace’s people, they wouldn’t say something like that….carrie needs to look succesful in a relationship and her people probably put the statement out

  • millyvanilly

    poor chace, the writer’s strike put you in a COMA!! wake up!! and go get you some INTERESTING girls, and I mean plural–carrie is okay but you can DO BETTER!!!!!!!!!!

  • lau

    its so funny…these carrie fans talk like they know everything. LOL

    i cant stop laughing when i read..”chace sees that …in carrie, he cares about her and stuff. haha

    who knows why he is hanging with her in the first place?

  • ilovenate

    the insider is definitely carries insider.

    we all know carrie is so smitten by him, chace need not do anything on this realtionship.
    even in the earlier interview carrie described chace thusly, like nice eyes, smile and hair. she sounded so excited to meet someone like him.

    chace on the other hand, in an interview around the same time said…
    just hanging, dating around. he didnt seem serious at all..

  • jen

    Okay, I admit it! I am sooo, sooo jealous of Carrie!! You know why? Because if she can date Chace so could I? I mean she so DANG ordinary, have you ever heard her speak–YAWN!!–and the hair extensions and caked-on make-up and oh-so-ordinary clothes??????? Seriously that’s what I look like when I go out and put extensions and too much make-up on, just another over-made-up blonde, not a fab STAR and I don’t get to date Chace (yeah, I know, I am not a tremendous singer, but still she’s BORING and I really hate her clothes) ??

  • Jen

    chace= hot carrie = NOT

  • Insider

    Ok #39 – 49, can you say..”Same person”. You might change your name, but your writing style is the same. Good luck next time trying to post under different names to make it look like more people are posting against Carrie and for Chace. ROFLMAO! Children, you need to go to school!!