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Hayden Christensen: Pass the Ginger Ale

Hayden Christensen: Pass the Ginger Ale

Hayden Christensen stops by a liquor store in Los Angeles on Tuesday and is later seen leaving Jumper costar Rachel Bilson‘s home carrying a can of Vernor’s ginger ale.

Bilson was seen boozing it just this past Sunday, also walking out of a liquor store with her purchase in a brown paper bag.

On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno yesterday, Mr. Christensen said he did spend Valentine’s Day with Rachel (and a bunch of others from the cast of Jumper).

Hayden also shared one of the most romantic things he’s done for a girl. (Drumroll, please.) “I made a swing for a girl one time and hung it at my farm,” confessed Hayden. “She liked that.”

And, the strangest thing Hayden talked about on Leno was about one of his two pigs (one is male, one is female), which both live in the house. Yes, in the house. Apparently the male pigs gives Hayden massages. Free massages from a pig!!!!!

If you missed Hayden on Leno, watch it here!

Hayden and Rachel‘s teleportation adventure came in at #1 over President’s Day Weekend with a four-day total of $31.7 million. Abroad, Jumper pulled in an hefty $29.4 million, opening No. 1 in 20 out of the 30 debut markets. Impressive.

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  • OMG

    1st he has a rather peculiar look!!

  • *Den rules*

    So he’s papped leaving Bilson’s house again, looks like they are getting more and more open about it, think he must be living with her in LA when he isn’t in Canada, it’s getting serious

  • fifiwa miller

    have a good day hayden, you’re a great actor. Take care of yourself, watch your back there’s paparazi….

  • hipe

    Jared, they should give you a cut of the box office gross, after all you’ve done to promote the movie.
    If it gets nominated for Razzies, will you post it as a news item?

  • The OC Fansite

    urgh, I don’t like him, I prefer Rachel!

  • Helena

    #4, he has been nominated for the razzies this year for Worst Screen Couple with Jessica Alba! He’s also won 2 for Star Wars! Hopefully another one for Jumper!

  • Whatever

    If that really is Rachel’s house, then why hasn’t Rachel EVER been photographed there where you could really tell it was the same house? Just some food for thought. Weird, huh? And another thing, if they really were a couple, what is the pig doing giving him massages when his “girlfriend” could give him a way better one and why does he spend so much time ALONE? Where’s the so-called girlfriend at those times? And, he spent VDay with others other than Rachel as in cast and crew of Jumper. Not very romantic for a couple. The BS continues despite the overwhelming amount of things that say “Hell, no” to them dating. It’s pathetic.

  • purplehearts

    If that is EVEN her house…he could have just been stoping by…he made it pretty clear on Leno that he was SINGLE

  • purplehearts

    maybe you rayden people need to watch Leno from last night…NO ROMANTIC VDAY his words

    @ 7
    Thank you!

  • Whatever


    Exactly. It was more than made pretty clear. Will Ferrell and Leno double teamed the poor guy and dragged it out. It was pretty funny, too. Last night confirmed that Hayden is in fact single and give thanks to the tag team of Ferrell and Leno for that one. LOL

  • Whatever



  • Dee Cee

    I saw wasn’t great but it wasn’t the worst movie…He’s an attractive guy in a quirky way but he’s got a horrible voice! Like he needs a speech coach seriously…

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    this dude is really lacking a personality.

    has he been wearing those pants and sneakers for the past week straight? lol

  • Whatever

    He’s not lacking a personality. He’s obviously just shy and quiet and if that’s what you mean in lacking a personality than you’re right. But, there’s nothing wrong with it in any shape, form or fashion. “The quiet words of a wise man are better than the shouts of a king of fools.” Get the point? There’s no need to diss someone only because they aren’t all over the place making a fool of themselves and are naturally the wall flower, shy, quiet type. And, he’s a guy, guys are notorious for pulling that clothes crap. Hayden’s a lot of things but let’s be fair to him. True, his choice in film roles needs to be worked on along with the choice of co-workers if he can help it. He needs to play to his strengths which he really hasn’t done too well as of yet. But, let’s not diss him for his natural way of being.

  • am6135

    That scarf looks cool only on George Hamilton.

  • ModernGear TV

    I was in the audience at the Leno show and I have to say – I went in thinking he lacked a personality but it seemed fairly obvious after a few minutes that he’s just actually kind of shy and affable. I completely changed my mind, and find him quite likeable.

  • Elisabeth


    I know what you’re saying! I bet if you get him to be more comfortable and not so nervous, he would be a funny yet still shy, quiet, fun goofball. You can tell he has that goofball tendencies. LOL It’s just getting past that shyness and nervousness. Dragging him away from that wall as #14 said.

  • t

    Could this be his brother’s house? Or another friend’s? He must know someone other than her in LA.

    Loved him on Leno! SO SWEET!!!!

  • Raven

    Thank you Purplehearts and Whatever!
    I stayed up and watched Jay Leno last night. The swing he mentioned sounded like he made it for a girl one time a while back ago. He did not say it was for Rachel. He did not even menion her last night. He said he spends a lot of time alone or lives alone on the farm.

    Again, with this house. This does not look like Rachel’s house from Rachelb-fance. com. Of course I heard she had two houses. She rents out the one. Again. Look @ the face. He looks like he was tapped being somewhere @ a certain time and he looks like he loathes it with a passion! If looks could kill the paparazzi camera man would be dead! :lol

    Okay. Why does he have to rely on pigs to give him a massage instead of having his live in g/f do that? :roll:

    Oh yeah. For you Rayden fans. Hayden said he was out with cast and friends from Jumper on VD night! I got no hint of nothing romatic. You should have checked out Jay Leno last night to Rayden fans. I got the hint he was still unattached. :)

  • Raven

    I thought this was the best interview ever seeing Hayden on Jay Leno last night. Hayden is a lovable goof actually! He is quite funny actually and seems very likable. Articulate and who say’s he has to be a loud mouth show off??? Hayden is perfect the way he is! 8)

  • ace*

    i really like hayden. i think he’s pretty hot. and he doesn’t lack a personality. he’s just very shy. and he doesn’t like to overtalk! which is a good thing. he’s very private and he said that’s how he likes it.

  • T.F.

    Jarred you need to STOP making all this speculation now! That probably wasn’t Bilson’s house and come on the swing thing… honestly he didn’t say it was for her. Please stop staring rumors.

  • shemp lugosi

    The dude knows how to rock a pair of Nikes!

  • Greenfairy

    Okay so i agree with raven, about the pigs and the live in gf! If they were togather don’t you think that maybe she’s be doing it for him! and not the pig. And on leno last night he said that nothing Romantic on VD. Do you people even listen or do you just hear what you want to hear and then think it’s the truth?? I mean HELLO!! Wake up and pay attetion for a change!

  • doreenb

    Jumper got alot of bad reviews, face it his acting is lame!
    Rachel is seeing some hot guy and is keeping it quiet until the promos for Jumper are over. They still have to go to the premiere in Japan on the 26th of this month. Hayden despises her but has to deal with her for a little while longer.

  • Ally

    “Apparently the male pigs gives Hayden massages. Free massages from a pig!!!!!”
    My cat gives the best head massage ever. Don’t ask me how he does that but it’s awesome!

    @Raven : you’re sure she has 2 houses? How can she afford having 2 houses in the Hills? It’s really expensive and she’s not making that much money ( she’s not the lead role in Jumper and she wasn’t on the OC). Does she have a trust fund?
    The house in rachel bilson france isn’t the same one where she had been photographed last summer when she’s wearing a skort and red R-B Wayfarer. Are we sure that the house in RB-France is really her house?

  • tessa

    Is Rachel Bilson’s House

  • lexie coop

    @raven and ph
    yes i agree!! that leno was the best interview ever. i love it when he is acting like a goof!! very cute indeed.
    okay lets get down to the nitty gritty. that could not be rachel’s house. like raven said she has two houses. get a grip you rayden bots!! if you guys have a brain watch leno!! he is on the farm ALONE!! who needs a g/f to give him a maeesage he has his pigs for that. also to point point out that he did spend valentines with FRIENDS FROM JUMPER. nothing romantic. another thing he did not mention rachel. so take a hint THEY ARE NOT TOGETHER.!!

  • Raven

    @ Greenfairy,
    Thank you! I think things are purposly worded so people will speculate and the Rayden people are also so much for H/R to be together. I mean, I rather take it from Hayden’s word of mouth then the media. The media likes to twist and turn things around.

    Hayden did say he had invited some friends out on the farm but otherwidse he said he lives alone and spends a lot of time alone. People like to read more into things then they actually are.

    Funny. I never see Rachel @ this house?? Her house in looks completely different from this one. I think she did say she had two houses. Who know’s? I think they are just friends and people are making too much out of it. Hayden does not show any affection towards her and he has to other girfriends in the past. When Hayden is involved with girls in the past it is hard to keep it off his face. The flirting and he has kissed before in public.

    Rachel must be paying JJ a lot of good money for tapping Hayden like this and wording things like they are totally shacked up. :roll:

  • tessa


    The houses in rachelbilsonfrance are ancient. Now she has 2 new houses

    She and her family have a lot of money

  • Raven

    @ Alley,
    Well her last interview for a current magazine said she had now 2 houses. Who knows? I wish I knew how to copy and paste. I would send you the pic of her house that is in It could be Rachel’s and Adam’s old house too? Go into Rachelb-france and go into galleries and then MISC. You will find pictures of her house. It looks quite different from the one pictured.

    Well. I have to run. I’m off to the bank and heading off to work.
    My cat like to kneed on me too! Pet’s are great to have around! :)

  • Whatever

    I think the point some are trying to make is that this house isn’t confirmed to be Rachel’s house either. She has NEVER been photographed at this particular house where you can tell it’s the same house. That’s what’s so weird. If it really was her house wouldn’t SHE been seen clearly coming from it too at some point where you could tell it’s the same damn house? More times than HIM? Her of all people since it’s suppose to be HER house? It’s just weird she has never been caught by paps at that particular place. It smells fishy. It smells like BS. Then last night on Leno. Leno and Ferrell tag teamed him and it’s more than pretty clear he’s unattached. I mean, they nailed him. It was unfair for Hayden but pretty damn funny at the same time.

  • Whatever


    No offense but it would be insanely stupid to take YOUR word for it. Gotta prove it, hun. Where’s the pics that show Rachel at that same door and obviously at the same house? That’s the only way to confirm it for certain.

  • lexie coop

    i smell a fish in this. it is the rachel camp. tring to make the media think that they are together. we know what we know that he is single. not shaking up with miss valleygirl with no brains.

  • liss

    I love Rachel

  • Whatever


    Oh, yeah. One more thing. It’s widely known that Rachel grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Not the richest neighborhood in LA. She hasn’t made enough to support two houses like that. Nothing against her for that but let’s face the facts. She’s not doing well enough so far to be able to afford all that. Then there’s the notorious constant shopping. Add it up. Money doesn’t last forever. Her family’s not that high up to support all that and she isn’t doing well enough for herself to do that. It doesn’t make any sense. Again, no offense intended. Just pointing out some things.

  • Ally

    @Raven : I saw the pictures of a big white house but the front door is red and this one’s blue.
    PLus, the one she was in last summer had large wooder door and doesn’t look that nice.
    So what’s THIS house?!
    (2 houses in LA? What for? One for her clothes and her collection of handbags, “a dressing house” and accessories and one for living in?!)

  • lexie coop

    it is not like me to gloat,but i have to. i read from an unknown sourse that the rachel romour bout her being preggers is FALSE !! you hear me false. so get that out of you heads.
    i agree why need two houses? one for clothes. another for handbags and other things. what a twit. yeah money is not would not buy you happiness.

  • a

    her and adam lived together in a house in the Hollywood Hills (the one with the red door) When they broke up she moved to a house in Los Feliz. There were a lot of pictures of her taken on a least a few different days outside of it last summer, it looked really pretty run down.

    The house in these pictures is totally different, so I don’t know maybe she did move or something..

  • so

    Really looks like Rachel and Hayden are living together when he is down in L.A. Nice. :-)

  • lexie coop

    don’t count your chickens before they hatch. they are not living together. they might be hanging out. so get your mind out of the gutter. everything is not all it seems to be. deal with that if you raydens can.

  • purplehearts

    @ 40

    He stays with ALOT of different friends in Los Angeles and I agree with # 32 (WHATEVER) if it was her house she should have been photographed atleast once coming from it! She has NEVER been photographed at this house!

  • purplehearts

    @ lexie coop

    Yes the rumors of the pregnancy should be layed to rest unknown/unknamed sources have said NOT TRUE

  • purplehearts

    ok their saying this house

    is Rachel’s house and then these pictures of Hayden from yesterday are her house?? hmmm Not the same places

  • natalie

    i do like hayden but i liked him more when he wasn’t kinda arrogant and overexposed. he has this expression on his face all the time now like “yeah, i know i’m hot”. its a turn off.

    but toronto is his hometown just like me :-) and i remember watching him on canadian tv, then in “life as a house”. hes not as good of an actor lately, but he was amazing in that!! and he was great in ‘shattered glass”

  • elise

    They’re living together. Proof of that is their combined lack of acting abilities has been rubbing on each other and further increasing their lack of acting skills. That explains why they were both so bad in Jumper.

  • Elaine

    Well, I guess the Leno interview, kind of laid some of those rumors to rest. I mean come on, that’s a hell of a way to spend a Valentine’s Day as a couple. With all your coworkers…riiiight. I say they’re friends. And obviously he needs to ditch her as a friend because now he’s being followed everywhere by the people who photograph her. He looks miserable all the time now.

  • kim

    “On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno yesterday, Mr. Christensen said he did spend Valentine’s Day with Rachel (and a bunch of others from the cast of Jumper).”

    How come this is misquoted? I watched the show and he did not mention Rachel’s name…he said he “spent the day with a few friends from Jumper…no, nothing romantic.”

    JJ is just flat out lying!

  • purplehearts

    @ 47

    They are not living together

    @ 48

    He spent it with the whole crew of Jumper celebrating the movie release

  • cookie

    I wonder if Rachel’s house is all wood. You know , to blend in better with BFF Hayden’s acting style.