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Hayden Panettiere For Candie's

Hayden Panettiere For Candie's

Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere is the new face of the Candie’s clothing line for girls for spring 2008. The ad campaign was shot at New York’s Serendipity 3, which has since been closed down by the Department of Health after failing its second health inspection in a month.

Hayden‘s debut album drops later this year on Hollywood Records, which she started working on when she was 15 years old.

“I’ve grown up a lot since I started,” she said.

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  • Tim

    What a loser

  • gurl


  • Orange Clockwork


  • 007

    I really don’t see the problem =S.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    she’s a cutie.

  • um

    why is she trying so hard to be sexy and grown up? must be her 30 yr old boyfriend..


    ew Looks like a whore

  • suzy

    When was the last time candie’s has a spokesperson who was not blonde?

  • what

    omg leave her alone
    she is soo pretty
    im reli jelous

  • Gah.

    She looks like a complete slut

  • wow

    edited, she’s way fatter than that.

  • Jessica

    dangit i was finally starting to like candies…. guess it’s back to hollister…

  • Jessica

    number 11, so true~!!

  • shabba

    i don’t think shes particularly pretty, theres something not right about her mouth and chin

  • Daniela♥

    Did she do this photoshoot recently?

  • emily☆

    love her!!!
    and no she isnt trying to grow up u loser!

  • jess

    people love to point out to other people’s deffects have u seen yourself in a mirror? surely and are so dissapointed with ur appeareance that complaining about someone prettier than u, make yourself feel better It’s great that Hayden doesn’t listen to these jealous b······s while u are at home hating on Hayden, She is working in her tv show, saving the whales, working in ad campaigns and datin Milo V. Guess who is the loser?

  • Kaitlin

    I love her. Shes my idol. Stop hating on her.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    Kaitlin‘s 48 with a 18 year old idol. lmaooooooo

  • Ashley

    #8 You they do seem to have a lot of blond spokespeople Jenny McCarthy, Hillary Duff, Fergie and now Hayden.

  • Brooke

    I didn’t really see a problem? I don’t know what you guys are talking about.

  • amber

    I love this girl – she’s a cutie.

  • anamalia

    EW, she is such a freaky ugly rat. Her body is so ugly and muscular like some kind of chiwawa, you ugly chi wawa

  • brittany

    Wow, you people must ALL be really good looking to be saying she’s ugly. Get a life.

  • Mary

    I think she feels she is not pretty therefore she settle for a man in his thirties. When she start feeling better about herself she will drop him.

  • amandae

    hmm..she looks really photoshopped. like her legs aren’t connected to her body or something. Just nothing looks natural, that’s all. She’s a pretty girl, but these shots look so plastic

  • cris

    to be honest all the photoshots these days are photoshopped all of them even the pictures of angelina jolie who is probably the most good looking woman in Hollywood at least you can recognize Hayden’s features in these pictures have you seen Drew’s covershot for Vogue( I think)?nothing alike her.

  • 008

    Exactly. It’s not her fault photoshoots are photoshopped.

  • Cali-n

    Yeah, when will they use a spokes-model that actually has another hair color, at least, if not a completely different ethnicity.

  • adema

    Ick! This is not good at all.

  • emily is a loser

    Hayden is not that special I’ve got friends who are more naturally beautiful . She’s pretty not beautiful. You get over her face after a while.I applaud her for the save the whales campaign though.

  • Kat

    Oh my god. Why she´s looking so cheap? Who the hell was photographer of that? Maybe some pervert.

  • lee

    ewww. ugly girl.

  • lou

    She’s a bit stocky. You know, short arms and all.

    The photos are a bit sensual IMO.

    She’s nothing special, doubt she’ll make it big. After Heroes is over, so is she.

  • mila

    she’s not ugly. she’s pretty, nice, and beautiful.
    from what side she looks like a ***** or **** or cheap?
    her “trying-too-hard-to-be-sexy”?
    haha, or her blondiness?
    or her clothes?
    or her face?
    btw, she’s not choose her face, God made it for her.
    or her body?
    well, at least she’s healthy and not anorexic.

    hhhhh, i don’t get you people…..
    ummm, or i should say, haters……..

  • http://888888888888888888888 snow whites head dwarf

    gnome with bleached hair- her forehead is longer than her arms.

  • Ha!

    Cute face, but she’s freakishly small.

    Wow, she’s such an adult. She’s been working for three whole years? Give me a break.

  • suh

    aw, she’s so beautiful!

  • melli

    at first i thought shes cool but know..i totally change my mind,shes a slut and needs atention to survive

  • Kat

    Dear mila, for me it´s her expressions that make her look cheap. I´m not saying she´s not pretty, yes she is. She´s not beautiful in my eyes but she is pretty. But these photos really looks bad. The first one…her expression is like: oh, come here and fuck me.
    But that is just my opinion.

  • bataglio

    she sports the freakiest eyebrows this side of the pond

  • hiki

    sweet …>..<

  • kdjdjdj

    How can you sit there and just point out all of her flaws just because she’s a celeb? I’m sure all of your have some kind of insecurity about your looks, have would you feel if everyone would comment your myspace pictures and be like.. oh your nose is a little big and theres something wrong whit your teeth, and you forhead is a little wierd, and you are a little chubby.. so unsensetive. HAYDEN IS BEAUTIFUL.

  • Chef Tias C.

    She is very beautiful… In fact i have this picture hanging in my locker at work. so take that you punk asses. do yo thing hayden.catch me on my space

  • Newhua

    It is just fine…

  • Newhua


  • Scott

    Have to say that Hayden is damn hot

  • Pedobear

    I jack off to her all the time.

  • its cute

    well people i really like this clothing line. i dont see the ugly of it and shes acctually pretty too so like wtf yall just hating

  • ♥♥♥THAIS♥♥♥

    VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!
    guys plis stop saing suturf things of her
    she’s perfect and I love her
    ok I know that no all of maybe any of u know hayden but if you know she you see a gread person she’s not like ones that thing that because she’s famousshe can doit all
    NO! she like a normall person like no one of u or lke me
    so don’t say stupid thing of her because she have sentiments and she maybe chec this wep ok!
    well i hop you read this because it the truth