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Pinks Speaks Out About Divorce

Pinks Speaks Out About Divorce

Pink, born Alecia Beth Moore, just reached out to her friends and fans to talk about her divroce from freestyle biker husband Carey Hart. Here’s what she had to say on her official website

“Hi everybody.

I wanted to reach out personally to all my fans/friends out there in the world. First and foremost, thank-you for all of your support and love, it means a lot to me right now. The most important thing for you all to know, is that Carey and I love each other so so much. This break up is not about cheating, anger, or fighting. I know it sounds like cliche bulls***, but we are best friends, and we will continue to be. All I know at this point, is that I want to make the best album I can, and Carey wants to do the best possible job he can with everything he has going on. He is a good man, so please support him as well. One never knows the future, but mine and Careys’ just might involve beach babies and sunshine one day. Just not right now.

Thanks for the concern and caring.

X Miss P”

Just Jared on Facebook
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  • żuczek

    first xP

  • żuczek

    first xD

  • klace

    Isn’t it ironic that someone known as Pink is the most masculine person ever? She is far more butch than a significant percentage of humans actually born with penises. Yikes!

  • blabla

    Pink to fajna piosenkarka xD Pozdrowienia dla Polaków xD

  • Helena

    This may be the most mutual divorce ever!

  • t

    I love her.

  • what?

    best friends – love each other so so much — no other people involved – don’t get it – why the split?

  • lame

    Exactly, what?. Why the divorce then? Because they are busy with their own projects? Lame. Lame. Lame. Marriage is not about whether you have the time. It’s a commitment.

  • amber

    No, the split is because she’s a lesbian and won’t come out. Come out the closet, girlie! We’ll still like you.

  • cool

    Thank you, Pink!

    Some of the last performances I saw of Pink were the poorest. I don’t know what she was doing. She wasn’t looking good, either. She’s looking too frumpy and tired.

    Good for her that she hasn’t had kids yet. I hope she is able to make that best album. She’s still young and can get it back. She is a huge talent, just has to be guided in the right direction. She needs to stick with the big guys. I hope she can still work with LA Reid if he is still around. I know she loves rock music and Reid can steer her like he did Avril Lavigne.

  • Nicole m

    I don’t get it. No cheating, anger, or fighting?

    So did they wake up one day and go “We should get a divorce” out of nowhere?

    Something obviously goes on to cause the divorce and I don’t believe for one minute that there was no fighting.

  • wtf

    That is a weird statement.

  • lily


    if she was a lesbian, i am sure carey would not have mind because rumor was that he was cheating on her and i am sure wouldnt have minded a threesome.

    but anyway noone every gets divorce because they love each other.
    not even pinky.

  • rae

    This sounds like a really weird situation but at least she’s being classy about it. If the divorce isn’t bad, it’s nice of her to tell her fans that so there isn’t animosity.

  • Rosanna

    I didn’t expect Pink to release such an hypocritical statement. Guess she changed somewhere some place sometime ago.

  • zephi

    Somehow I believe her. It is possible for you to love someone very much, but impossible to stay with them; and it has nothing to do with constant fighting or due to a ‘third’ person. Sometimes the love/relationship is just not compatible to where you are at the moment (in life).
    I guess you guys have all had easy relationships where everything is fine so you love each other, but if things go wrong then it’s completely over. It’s deeper than that.


    I predict stupid Shana Moakler will be trying to jump all over Carey. Hell, I’d jump all over Carey if given the chance.

  • Marisleysis

    same ol’ lame crap statements that come out when people separate or divorce. Just like aniston and pitt “we remain committed friends with great love and respect for one another.” Is there a book of these stupid statements that publicists choose from?

  • eddie jones

    what did anyone expect of this type of a marriage. Marriage wasn’t designed for people that were in or are in “open relationships”. People in “open relationships” have other names. I don’t see why they got married to begin with, it makes a mockery of it.

  • Jughed

    Sexy b*tch!

    Love Pink.

  • Arab.Aquarius

    love pink. she rocks

  • remember da truth

    Lame #8 couldn’t agree more.
    When you said “I do” you better have meant it. This doesn’t appear to be about incompatibility or lack of respect or not loving the person you are with.
    It’s about having a normal rough patch and not putting in the effort to see it through. It’s about not making each other a priority.

    People wonder how marriages like the Beckhams last and think it’s all a business arrangement. It wouldn’t last if that were the case. No, it’s based on mutual caring and respect and putting family first at ALL TIMES. That is what is lacking here, and why a partnership full of travel and projects like Brad and Angie’s truly lasts. It’s about making it a PRIORITY.

    Either commit, or don’t.

  • noelle.

    just jared spelled divorce wrong, btw. ^___^ xD

    but yeah, i love pink. it’s unfortunate that she has to go through a divorce. considering, a major part of her childhood was a divorce.

    but, i support her descion, and i hope for the besttt.

  • FUCK_u

    OFCOURSE there were fights! it’s a divorce! oh my fucking god!you people are crazy?

    of course they fight with each other but like two adults they solve their problems and have a good relationship as friends!

    what’s wrong with that?

    and maybe the only reason that P!nk didn’t write the true about everything it was because your stupid coments!

    P!nk “still a rock star” even she’s married or not!

  • sexy thing

    i know where she is coming from i still love my ex and he loves me i’m there as a friend and we can tell each other anything is good to see that we are not the only one’s like that

  • me

    i think it happened because he got tired of her being a druggie/alcoholic it has to be because it only makes sense, in her album she had a song called sober and i feel like it fits he got tired of living with a alcoholic but still likes her. i love pink and all her work but i think thats it.

  • Chalalala

    Wow. Typical.

    They got divorced because Pink was getting tired, and she wanted to produce more albums and songs. During many concerts, Pink was tired and she wasnt very lively.