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Rihanna @ Brit Awards 2008

Rihanna @ Brit Awards 2008

Rihanna keeps it young and fresh in a shiny silver Dolce & Gabbana dress at the 2008 Brit Awards held at Earls Court in London on Wednesday.

Highlights from the ceremony included the unlikely collaboration between the British band Klaxons and Rihanna. The two teamed for a mash-up of her hit song “Umbrella” and their song “Golden Skans.”

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna @ the 2008 Brit Awards

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Photos: Gareth Cattermole/Getty
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  • yeah

    she’s hot. love Rihanna!

  • scott


  • Michellefan

    It’s also her birthday today! Happy 20th birthday!

  • penilyn

    she’s real pretty [=

  • Helena

    She’s wearing something decent for once.

  • dal

    Rihanna has to do something with that hair. It looks awful! And this is her calling-modeling.

  • Lion King

    She looks like the Tin Man.



  • pomme

    I don’t think she’s a great beauty, but she actually looks cute for once.

  • mimi

    cnt see anything

  • matt

    Me either. Her FUG blinds people.

  • Howdy Doody

    She looks like she just did a doody!

  • Jax




  • go away

    oh no, not her again!

  • LINA


  • fanny

    bitch go away already!!!!



  • lily

    i think this is the best i have seen rihanna followed bythe american music awards. here her makeup is fresh and she looks youthful.

    she MUST continue to cover her forhead.

  • emily☆

    love her
    and Jared you have a type-o!
    young not youg

  • Captain Obvious

    No, she needs to leave that BIG forehead uncovered. I need someplace to LAND!

  • t

    beautiful, love her forehead she shouldnt cover anything

  • wtf

    Why all the photos of this ugly chick?

  • b

    A bag over her face would be a good start

  • Ariel

    Please! No More Rihannaa!

  • emily☆

    i agree with you ”t”!!

    and yall are so racsis!!

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  • J.W.

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  • Imho

    Agreed, stop with the Rihanna posts. She has no talent and she’s ugly and boring.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    you know you’ve made it when the fat ass bishes and flaming gays on justjared hate you.

    keep it up rihanna. lol

  • sasha

    Just goes to show you with short hair she looks average at best. Take out the green contacts and she’s less than average. I like her but she’s really not that hot.

  • the_original_nika

    that looks like tin foil or something lol.

  • jessicaMISERALBAhasFLEES

    @ #29 You are so IGNORANt that it is hard for me to even respond. Who performed these studies and who were the subjects. What was the criteria? Measures?

    Blacks excel at sports because those are usually the easiest venues to available.

    Again, you are dumber than rocks. Keep marinating in your ignorance my friend..

  • kathy

    RHI RHI is hottttttt! haters keep on hatin

  • cami

    she looks like a martian

  • lily

    what is ironic is that Amy Winehouse won 5 Grammy awards but at the British awards, she won NOTHING. I think the Grammys were sympathy awards for her because I didnt think she deserved them.

  • Cali-n

    I totally agree with you Lily!!!

    They Grammy awards are a shame and utterly degraded their throughout the decades, giving it to people clearly do not deserve them.

  • Cali-n


    What the hell are you trying to prove. I don’t think black people would appreciate your idiotic comment.

    There are plenty of well educated black men and women that can and do prove your unsubstantiated theory completely false.

    Why do you like to propagate racism and archaic racist notions that do nothing but divide. Those thoughts are unfounded and totally uncalled for.

    Do some more reading before you perpetuate the hate, and your small-minded pathetic excuse for actual thought provoking commentary

    shame on you =(

  • Kyle

    Finally no ugly gay zac and a beautiful young talented rihanna

    happy b day!

  • Cali-n

    hahaha my #38 comment made no sense….

    i meant that i agreed with lily and that the Grammy is a show that has degraded its credibility for awarding people for their excellence in music since they give away awards to people like Winehouse, in other words people that don’t deserve it.

    LOL jeeze

  • fugliestwoman

    Foreheadnna is the ugliest woman alive. She’s no cute, or beautiful. She looks like a drag-queen in wig here, her face look like a fcukin’ she-male sissy!!!! Seriously, it’s EWWW! She needs that many make up cause she know she is like a man without it. The dress is the ugliest piece of shiit ever. Please, no more Foreheadnna. The biitch got zero talents and she is overrated piece of crap. Untalented whoore.

  • EW!

    What’s with this boring chick always here???? The bitch can’t sing, and she’s untalented loser!!! Awful style!!!

  • go sox

    Ya know, I don’t like her either, but people, you don’t have to be so hateful!! She’s only 20!! Give her a break! I’ll bet she’s accomplished more than any of you have by 20!!!

    One of the things I don’t like about her, is the way she dresses with her “girls” hanging out all the time; it really makes her look trashy. But I think she looks really pretty here and age appropriate! She’s going to get better with age, so I’m thinking she’s a work in progress.

  • sandie

    As always, it’s refeshing to see Rihanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reply to racist J.w

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  • What is your problem???

    If you don’t like her, go away!!! You don’t have to criticise her. She doesn’t force you to listen to her songs AND you CHOSE to come this website. It has been proven that those who criticise others are either attention seekers, extremely jealous like the person who wrote ‘Fugliestwoman’ or just (and this thing is in my opinion) losers who find the only way they can make themslves look good is by criticisong others. How pathetic!!!

    Keep it up Rihanna!!! Good Luck


    i luv rihanna she looks so nice with her silver dress you flaunt what you got girl she looks stnning shes a beautiful carribean goddes whoever dont like her youre just plain jealous shes no way ugly shes gorgeous bob suits her better though but oh well she still looks good whatever hairstyle she has


    i luv rihanna i think shes gorgeous whoever says shes ugly you are just plain jealous shes noway ugly shes the oppisite she looks stunning in that silver dress flaunt what you got you beautiful carribean gal luv ya ure biggest fan xxxx

  • sugar tot

    u our all stupid half the people who sed she waz ugly and boring should better look in the mirror.Rihanna is only just started being a singer so shut your mouths

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    She’s so fucking ugly! Yuck!