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Katie Holmes Celebrates Black Women

Katie Holmes Celebrates Black Women

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise pose at the First Annual Essence Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Thursday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The star-studded event honored three of Hollywood’s finest who have helped to change and inspire positive images of Black women in television and film — both in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes.

Purple peep-toes by Christian Louboutin… to match Tom‘s tie!

10+ pictures inside of TomKat celebrating black women with Essence

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katie holmes black women 01
katie holmes black women 02
katie holmes black women 03
katie holmes black women 04
katie holmes black women 05
katie holmes black women 06
katie holmes black women 07
katie holmes black women 08
katie holmes black women 09
katie holmes black women 10

Photos: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Essence
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  • Michellefan

    Katie Holmes, Jennifer Garner, and Michelle Williams! GORGEOUS!



  • Tina

    why does she refuse to use chapstick? her lips always look so dry and disgusting.


    Philippinno pigmy,

    - Being frigid does not equal decency.

    - Using 300 nicknames to fake some C-list actress admirers on a celebrity blog has nothing to do with dignity. IT IS DISCOMFITURE

    You are a loser.

  • erin

    that’s totally a baby bump.

  • the dq

    She’s looking more like plastic Posh every day and all those two are good for is “posing”. That hair is atrocious and the matchy-matchy shoes, vest, tie is gag worthy.


    The one last remaining fan of KH improves her delusions with each KH failure, but she became depressive when her idol was sacked from the Batman sequel and she worries about KH career now.

    She’s also forgetful to live independently because she’s too obsessed with KH. She’s the queen of her parents basement, at 33 years old.

  • luciana

    Katie is beautiful and sad, as always…

  • sam

    i love katie holmes! tom , katie and suri make up a gorgeous family!

  • sam

    i was #9!!!!!!! one of my personal bests!!!

  • athena

    They look great together…I must say though…Katie looks like she’s wearing a wig…and she has a little bit of stomach bump going on…I still can’t believe the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise coupling…They’re two of my favorite actors….I can’t wait to see more of their work on the big screen.

  • Dedicated Bitch

    If I had money I’d buy more impressive shoes, than just the name Louboutins cratched on the sole. That pair Katie is wearing is so ugly and boring, and doesn’t do justice that dress at all. Can’t believe she spent soo much $$$$, to look worse than me wearing off-the-rack fashion. But then she might just ave been given free clothe from the designer for the publicity in return.oh well!

  • lydia

    These ladies are so gorgeous..! Hey, check out all the super adorable dresses, makeup etc at the new site

  • athena

    Hmmm, in regards to the baby bump that I thought was going on…maybe it’s the print of the dress and the fabric that’s a bit gathered. I would love to be her stylist.

  • jaiguradevaom

    stepford robot alert.
    she looks hideous.
    no longer the fresh faced happy girl she once was just an empty shell of whatever tom is trying to turn her into.

  • Yuck

    Wow Katie looks terrible.

  • ?

    strange….just very, very strange.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    they look amazing. absolutely amazing!

    #1 couple in hollywood. always the best dressed.

  • jan

    she looks a 1000x better with curly hair. looks younger. the straight bowl haircut is way too hard and harsh for her square face structure!!

  • pr person

    That picture of the Crazy Nut, where he isn’t smiling, makes me a little uncomfortable (and not in a good way). Maybe he is trying to use his super powers on the public….”go see my movie’s… go see my movie’s…. I am not a crazy nut…. I am not a crazy nut….Katie is under my control… whooops… Katie is her own strong woman”

  • the dq

    I think the “bump” you think you see is only a result of the sway-back stance she assumes, pushing her belly forward. Probably trying to get those sensationalized headlines going.

  • http://ppppppppppppppppppppppppp ew how fake

    her face is a plastic nightmare- now she even looks like an old cow put out to pasture..but im sure there will be more surgery to come..
    its what tom wishes his cult leading azz was..a woman..

  • jdin

    What the hell happened to this girl?!?!

  • suzy

    i hate her hair like that. It is very, very bad on her. Leave it straight, no curls…

    Ugh… she’s under a hypnosis, I swear.

  • ace tomato

    Cap sleeves and shoulder pads. ARRRGGGGGHHHH!!!

  • jessicaMISERALBAhasFLEES


  • lennie

    I’m convinced more than ever that she had her face entirely done. I don’t get the worshipping and the fascination. Her career was trainwrecked after Dawson’s Creek, her movies s***** she was trying hard, not too bad as an actress though but none used to pay attention to her. She dumped fiance Klein, then came the mighty Cruise project. She was not his first choice, only Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansonn deserved to be so, but the girls were nasty to him and Katie was there! All of a sudden with some sofa jumping, eiffel tower sitcom Katie got everything she longed for… fame and money and fame and money and fame and money…

  • vicki

    Katie, what happened to your hair? Finger in a light socket??

  • Alexanderina

    darn she looks old

  • Nicole m

    She looks………old!

  • belle

    # 27, there’s no worshipping and no fascination for the poor Katie. Except for 2-3 scientologists who are posting praises under multiple names to make it look like she has admirers, Katie is more subject to ridicule than anything else. She is a laughing stock.

  • KarenA

    She’s got real style. You go, Katie! I think her and Tom look really cute, as usual. :)

  • required

    xenu doesnt care about black womans

  • DIMI

    One dress so braided(tressée )as one panier de Fruits
    and one last show by Expensive Watch Diamants made in Suisse

  • tom c

    Does she actually think she looks good with that do? I have no respect for fake people and wish that she would just go away.

  • katieisbeyondhelpkatiebeyondhe

    # 27, there’s no worshipping and no fascination for the poor Katie. Except for 2-3 scientologists who are posting praises under multiple names to make it look like she has admirers, Katie is more subject to ridicule than anything else. She is a laughing stock.

    She is a total laughing stock. At least Posh is an orginal. I swear the only people who could love this look on her are Xenu worshippers. I love haute couture, but she has zero personal style and her clothes always wear her. I mean come on, that second picture in the post is just down right scary. Hello, plastic surgery! Ps. Smart move doing “Mad Money” over Batman. Great….

  • BlackWatch

    Sorry, Jared. I love this site. But I have a bone to pick with you:

    This was an event honoring black women. So why oh why did you focus on what in the hell Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were wearing? At least you could have shown a photo with the couple of the hour at the event — Will and Jada, that is. Aand not just a group photo either. I mean, how many times must we constantly focus on Tom and Katie? And that big-nosed little girl of theirs? I’m sick of them. At least spend the time and print on someone other than the same couples over and over (besides Brangelina, of course).

    And you know, I could add the same complaint about featuring Kate Walsh and others at the NAACP Image Awards the other evening instead of the many black folks who were there to celebrate. I’m sure the other stars were dressed to the nines as well. Vanessa Williams and America Ferrera just wasn’t enough.

    I’m just saying that we don’t see enough people of color on here to begin with. And even if it’s an event honoring black folks, you still choose to focus on the white folks there and what they were wearing.
    I just say stop slighting the black stars on here — especially when it’s a black event that’s being covered. OK?

    Thanks for receiving this constructive criticism. And thanks for your consideration.

  • wtf

    She is getting ridiculous!

  • kat

    She’s obsessed with paps taking her pic for these stupid sites and cheap mags.

    I can see her taking hours picking her outfit.

    Pathetic and low class to court publicity.

    Her pic will be taken anyway, she could walk by and pretend she doesn’t see, but NOOOO, like all these new ill bred starlets.

    THEY ACTUALLY STOP AND POSE for tabloiud hacks!

    It’s like vogueing for a construction worker who shouts: “Hey Babe!!”

  • Orange soda

    her shoes match her husband’s tie and vest.. urhg I want to throw up!
    the shoes are hot though… but they make me want to hurl

  • Puck Happy!

    LOVE the famous tommy trainwreck practice in front of the mirror pose!!!

    And that constipated grunt look that he gives. Wonder if it was Kate or KatIE that told him it was AMAZING!

  • anon

    What a DISGUSTING couple
    No one care about these two circus performers

    No class, no morals, no dignity, no intelligence
    Far from role models in any way shape or form and for any reason

    Tom and Katie are just there to help further indoctrinate Will Smith and family, and to boost their own profiles.

    Instead of posing, why isn’t Tom apologising for the CULT he whores himself out for. The same CULT that disconnects families and destroys lives.

    Don’t get sucked in
    Protect yourself, your friends and family (for more info )

  • anon

    Sorry Tom,

    We are NOT cult worthy.
    We have morals and enjoy freedom of speech
    We can think and act on our own.
    Try the brainwashed type like, say Will Smith
    Oh you already have?

    $cientology = CULT

  • anon

    We keep asking these “actors” how to dress, how to talk, where to eat, how to vote, what to think ……

    Katie isn’t special, so don’t obsess over her. She isn’t worth it.
    When was the last time she actually contributed anything to humankind???

    Don’t inflate her value by wanting to mimic her style.
    She’s no style icon or icon of any kind.

    Keep it real.
    She can’t.

  • anon

    Time magazine described $cientology as:

    Ruined lives.
    Lost fortunes.
    Federal crimes.
    Scientology poses as a religion but really is a ruthless global scam – and aiming for the mainstream …”

    xenu (dot) net/archive/media/time910605.html

  • anon

    Katie is being groomed
    Groomed by Tom
    Groomed by $cientology

    This is a pathetic attempt by the cult to try and elevate her in the public domain. They get lots of brownie points when she is perceived as mature, respectable etc

    $cientology KNOWS the public is obsessed with celebrity.
    The celebutisation of $cientology is the CO$ version of the ‘honey trap’. These celebs go out and whore for $cientology, telling everyone how great it is. – NOT -

  • anon

    Dear Tom,

    No one cares about you or your $ci fi trophy wife
    Go home to your $$$cientology bunker
    Stay out of public
    Stop trying to convert people to your CULT
    Let your children have normal lives
    Try to get help – you REALLY need it

  • sp sp sp sp

    the funny thing is that the public are just waiting fro a tom breakdown
    he is so completely indoctrinated in the CULT that he has lost all ability for critical thinking.

    after all the negative pr, he is still so conceited and ego driven that he attends a Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon ????

    wtf? does he think he is a black woman now as well as an alien?

  • j-money

    her tummy is looking awful pouch-like… hmmmmmmm……..

  • anon

    Time magazine described $cientology as:

    Ruined lives.
    Lost fortunes.
    Federal crimes.
    Scientology poses as a religion but really is a ruthless global scam – and aiming for the mainstream …”

    xenu (dot) net/archive/media/time910605.html