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Miranda Kerr: Orlando Bloom is a Sweetheart

Miranda Kerr: Orlando Bloom is a Sweetheart

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr attended the Opening of The Vision and Art of Shinjo Ito at the Milk Gallery on Wednesday in New York City.

“I practice Japanese Buddhism,” Kerr, 24, told People at the event. “At the heart of it all, it’s about practicing peace.”

She even talked dieting: “I just did a three-day juice fast. It’s really detoxifying and cleansing for the body …. You don’t get that hungry.”

When asked if she ever has yoga workouts with Orlando Bloom, she responded (while blushing): “Ugh. Ha, ha, ha! Well, I’m sure he does yoga. He’s a sweetheart and that’s all I’m gonna say. Sweetheart.”

As for Kerrbloom‘s romantic Valentine’s Day dinner together? “I can’t tell you,” she laughed. “I work for Victoria’s Secret – but that’s my secret.”

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  • sofia boutella


  • sofia boutella


  • lol @ jared

    Jared is getting rich off this OB/MK thing.
    No, he doesn’t give two shits one way or the other about them-you can take that to the bank. He just knows what gets the hits right now. As soon everyone is done dissing these two he will stop with the threads.
    Right, Jared??He loves to stir the pot and have some fun.

    I see she got the memo about looking like a slut all the time. She actually looks okay here.
    Maybe this is what she was shopping for at BD’s in that sighting.

  • jorgia

    All hail the power of makeup. We all just saw what she really looks like coming out of her apartment a couple of days ago.

  • monique

    Hey everybody, guess who got caught cheating last nigh! TOM CRUISE……….. I knew there was something fishy about him! See the story and photos on Why Fame . com

  • Yv3tt3

    she’s so cute, love her australian accent

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    kerr looks like a non tard version of tila tequila.



  • rofl

    she can’t fill out the top of that dress. She looks like a little girl playing dress up.
    I heard that VS knows they made a mistake with her thats why she is only in one picture in the new catelog. I doubt that is going to be renewed.

  • sillybilly

    Is being linked to Orlando the only way she can get attention?

    ” That’s Orlando Bloom’s girl. Let take a picture with her!”

    ” Who’s Orlando Bloom?”

    ” You know, the pirate. He was in POTC with Johnny Depp”

    ” Oh, right, yes, of course. [pause] You know Johnny Depp was
    amazing in that movie!”

    “Wasn’t he? Loved him. What were talking about again? Oh yes, the girl! Let’s take a picture with the girl.”


    I like her I think she is actually pretty and sweet from the interviews that I have seen. She is much better then DiCaprio’s model of the moment that girl looks and sounds like a WITCH!

  • Amirandafan

    I think she looks stunning!! You go girl!!

  • jen

    oh my, Jared you promote them almost that much as you push up Brangelina. And of course she’s already pimping their relationship.

  • @10

    yes, the only way.
    Looks like he decided to play the pimp game with her now.
    No sightings in NY the first week he was there -then its non stop when he decides to play ball.
    Don’t believe the hype with these two. Things ani’t all that clean.
    I heard she is getting a problem-if she doesn’t already have one.
    Just like his and just like Kate’s rumored one. Expect some hard core pr coming your way to try and sanatize this situation. Won’t matter what’s in people magazine. That’s just what they want you to think-pr approved. Unfortunately for her the people around her know the truth AND all the friends she lost along the way.

  • ugh

    Let’s all step aside and let the “beautiful” people mate.



    she seems like a nice girl ^^

  • gg

    There is nothing more pathetic than listening to someone tell you about how wonderful their religion is, especially since they only took it up to land a big fish. I guess if he had been a scienctologist that would be her religion du jour. Where in the name of God has integrity gone. Once he dumps her I wonder how long her new found faith will last.

  • Padma

    Oh please, she’s a pretty girl, so stop being jealous of her, just because she might be closer to this Bloom-guy than you’ll ever be. Regardless if he dates her or not, he won’t date you guys, so grow up and get over yourself and stop being nasty to her. She’s just a human being!

  • ice

    I think that he is cold is true. Even when there is a bit of PDA, he seems like he is removed from it. His love scenes in movies are like that too, almost like he doesn’t know how to exhibit emotions. Someone must have really messed him up when he was younger, oh right someone did, his mom. No wonder he doesn’t trust or treat women right. Maybe he needs some therapy. It is all about conquest and nothing about committment.

  • @18

    People don’t dislike this girl for dating buddha boy they dislike her for cheating on her old boyfriend and being a fameho about it.
    If you will notice most people who post can’t stand him either.
    Some things really leave a bad taste with the public and cheaters and social climbers are among them.

  • Arab.Aquarius
  • Padma

    @20 alright, sorry then! Maybe I hold my mouth closed next time I’m not too much into the topic… ^^

  • Om

    FFS, Buddhism is’nt Japanese, it’s INDIAN !! Lord Budhha was Indian and the principles of Buddhism are INDIAN. so there..

  • Heywood jablomie


    But the cultish version Bloomie and his squeeze are practising is Japanese. It’s kinda like to Buddhism what the Moonies are to Christianity.

  • you know

    @17 too bad Tom didn’t know about her when he was doing his bride seach. That would have been perfect and you know she would have gone for it.-switching religions and all. She would be selling Xena like she is Buddha now.

  • @23

    ssh, be quiet. Don’t confuse the poor girl with facts.
    I bet she never took the time to research the background of what
    bloom is in to.
    But since she is claiming to be one now we can call her out on it and ask her HOW IS CHEATING ON YOUR BOYFRIEND FOR ALMOST A YEAR PROMOTING PEACE? Do tell.

  • roni

    Orlando and Miranda together = adorable. Very attractive combination. She’s pretty but not overdone, ‘natural’ with a touch of the ‘exotic’ about her. Orlando has seemed lonely and ‘down’ for quite some time now – I’m glad he’s found a sweet lady to share his affection with and help dissipate some of that loneliness. I wish them both happiness and love.

  • HAnnah

    omg she’s so cute…dunno wut all of u haters have against her, she is really pretty…..those dimples are adorable…and orlando is a total sweetheart….

  • OMG

    Yeah that is about the caliber of his fans, omg so cute, so wonderful, i’m gonna wet my pants

  • lily

    not the best looking when she is not working a Victoria’s Secret shoot.

    with that said, if she knows what’s good for her, she will LEAVE OB high and dry before he turns her anorexic like Kate B. I mean for goodness, she is talking about a “3 day juice fast and how it makes you NOT want to eat. ” The signs are already there. Run Miranda RUN.

  • Cine

    Why do ultra skinny women diet? Is seeing your ribs not skinny enough? It can’t be for health reasons because this is not a healthy way to cleanse.

  • same old song

    I just have no words. Yeah, same old same old…..

    @24-and what scientology and kabbalahism are to Hollywood.

    and to add to the comment from a few threads ago about the SGI leader and investigations of his raping followers; you forgot to add how he is also investigated for the murder (godfather like)of several Buddhist priests after they “excommunicated” the SGI for their objectionable practices, as well as numerous counts of extortion and misappropriations-in several countries, not just Japan. He has his fingers in many questionable activities both in business and politics. Many fear him.
    And its no surprise to me that Bloom is doing commercial work over there now. He’s a fat prize pig in their pen–for now–and will “care” for him as needed. Of course ,when times get tough, the first thing sacrificed is the livestock….

    So, rape, extortion and even perhaps murder. This is Bloom’s moral compass, his teacher, his GURU; what’s a little adultery…?

    Cold as ice is right…..
    And, I think, into much darker sh*t than even his now disgruntled fans want to know.

  • Min

    Sure he does Yoga???? Shouldnt she KNOW?? he is your boyfriend you bimbo!

    So now its the playing coy way- er.. why? This is so immature its not funny! Why not be ADULT about each other and say “We are a couple yes, but not saying anymore” that is the RIGHT way, but oh no this is Orlando and KATE part 2 by the looks of stuff, either that or they really are just effbuddies and she cant exactly say that can she? LMAO

    BTW Orlando didnt go to Global Green, so he mustve went to UK, wonder why Randa didn’t go with him? Weird.

    I agree she has been fasting for 3 days?? And that gives you energy to have passionate sex? Hmm I doubt it.
    I know Orlando does this “juice” kind of thing so now he is telling her to do it by the sound of it, god has he fetish for anorexic bodies??

  • yeshehasBDD

    No, Miss Kerr. It wasn’t the juice or 3 day fast that gave you no appetite but still tons of energy;
    it was the 3 day COKE BINGE that you guys did along with it!

    Why doesn’t anybody discuss BLOOM’S body image issues, yea!?

  • Min

    I think Orlando DOES have body image issues. If he was fat as a kid ike he says he was it kind of stays with you, and when you get older you try like hell not to let it happen again, maybe thats where it all stems from, as Ive seen him look skinny before, maybe he puts that onto whoever he is shagging/dating/whatever.
    Just realised something… why have these sightings been always putting them in restaurants if she has been on a fast?? How perculiar!!! LMAO!! And was she on her 3 day fast when they dined at that restaurant on Valentines day? Hmmm

  • eap

    I think I figured out why he went after this nobody. Everyone in Hollywood has had him and none of them wanted to keep him. He had to start dredging up from the bottom, the ones who are trying to climb up to the next tier. The reason all of his girlfriend’s go on diets. is because it is embarresing to have your boyfriends ass be smaller then yours. They need to fit into his clothes. She was wearing his shirt and it didn’t look at all too big on her, so she needs to get skinny just looking at him probably makes her feel fat.

  • Leslie

    “And was she on her 3 day fast when they dined at that restaurant on Valentines day?”

    Actually they just picked up some hot chocolate and left. I guess neither one knew how to fix such a complicated drink. lol

    “wonder why Randa didn’t go with him? Weird.”

    Nothing weird about it. She had a D list event to attend and a quote to give People magazine. Don’t you know how this works by now? First the whispers, then the sightings, then the pictures, then the girl (never Orlando) gives some giggly quotes as confirmation. Same script, different girlfriend.

  • yeshehasBDD

    and had those calorific hot chocolates at Maxx’s Cafe?
    But that was probably just to bless everybody with more of their PDA antics. Probably dumped them in the trash when their”source” had enough!

  • @36

    Your comment is funny but to be honest I don’t think that was his stripped shirt the other day. Do a JJ search for Orlando and you will see he was wearing his the day he was caught at the camera store. His had bigger stripes on it. Hers was too fitting.

  • AN IDEA!

    Someone should make a nice anonymous LJ where everyone can go and bitch. You can bitch about KerrBloom, Kerrbloom’s haters, Kerrbloom’s supporters and you would have to overrun every JJ post about the two. What do you think?

  • An Idea2

    @40- if it’s so annoying to read this stuff, why are you here?

  • Birty

    Maybe this should go to LJ, because at least then it would be taken off here where smug Miranda loved the attention., take it off her I say!!!
    Even on OB’s imdb they arent hardly talking about them which I think is good, as Ive always said, if theres no market for these 2, they wont be stuffed down our throats… then they will have to have a bog standard relationship with no paps “bothering” them.

  • eap

    So what is the deal with her, I read everywhere that most of her modeling contracts have been dropped and VS doesn’t use her, is she still working anywhere? If not whose gonna make the payment on her million $ place in NY, oh maybe she is gonna move in with Orlando. Wow, that would be scary depending on him for your bread and butter, you would have to do about anything he wanted I guess.

  • mossy

    i don’t care how many people hate her ‘coz of jealousy or what not but this girl is soo cute.

  • .

    No. I say keep it here. That way people can still talk publicly about all the cheating, etc. Keep it going. His people would love to have it go away and then have an easy time pimping them as next big sweet Hollywood couple.
    @14- if all the people around her, and all her friends know the truth of their situation, they should start coming here and spilling it fast.

  • AN IDEA!

    #41 it’s not annoying at all. But it would much more fun at an anonymous LJ

  • AN IDEA!

    #45 his people don’t care about this board. They’d only be worried if out got into a major media outlet like People, US Weekly or something.

  • Birty

    I’m gunna do an LJ anyway i will be back with the link in a bit :)

  • Birty

    I’m gunna do an LJ anyway i will be back with the link in a bit :)

  • @43

    I guess it doesn’t matter if her contracts are running out, she has her next gig already: Orlando Bloom’s Girlfriend.

    And also, according to the LA Times, she’s a model-slash-actress haven’t you heard?. Multi-faceted. Just like crystal(sniff).

    “depending on him for your bread and butter, you’d have to do anything he wanted I guess”
    Just like David Blaine and his girlfriend……