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Charlize Theron Enters Domino Tournament

Charlize Theron Enters Domino Tournament

Charlize Theron and longtime boyfriend Stuart Townsend attend the 1st Hollywood Domino Tournament at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

The first place winner takes home a customized Instrumento No. Uno watch as well as $50,000 dollars to donate to their chosen charity. The event was sponsored by the Swiss luxury watch brand de Grisognono.

All proceeds from the tourney went to the Art of Elysium, a non-profit organization that runs arts workshops for seriously ill children.

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Photos: Neilson Barnard/Getty
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  • kenza

    first !

  • mimiuvitello

    really pretty despite her age.. a very classic beauty..

  • nunny

    cool event, she looks gorgeous

  • rita

    the bf looks depressed.

  • anon

    A pretty woman is a pretty woman. Age has nothing to do with beauty.

  • Helena

    Despite her age? What the hell?

  • janebird

    she’s only 32! lol. Anyway OMG she is sooo beautiful. She’s just too beauitful that she seems like she doesn’t belong in this era. No one can rock the 30s/40s style better than her. Most beauitful blonde ever.


    one lady who knows how to dress

  • Cheetah

    She is one of those persons who look better as they age.
    I love her! she is my no1.

  • hypocrite

    extra extra read all about it! Charlize wears makeup to domino tournament! Tammy Faye Bakker roles over in grave. Front page news!

    Such a hypocrite this woman. Never dresses down or shies away from makeup even though she urges everyone else to. Not surprising her makeup, hair and clothes are to the nines – even though that (I’m sure) expensive dress is gaudy as all get out.

  • hypocrite

    And it’s like her and certain other celebrities that think they are Gods gift to humanitarianism – they want everyone else to be charitable yet they want to keep all of their money for themselves to buy their mansions and their luxury cars. Fake wench.

  • STFU already

    hypocriyte/ you pathetic desperated hater loser ugly bitch do you reliase at least that you have a problem????? why are you fucking obsessed hating on charlize already??? aren’t you tired repeating over and over and over again your same old carps by jealousy and envy you loser ? why you don’t go find some help you disugusting piece of crap hating on a women you don’t even know just for the sick of hating cuz you’re probably full of hate and jealousy and why you blaming her for putting a dress and a make up you dumb a** ridiclous jealous bitch ?? you want her to get naked you bitch to make you feel good ?go say that to your idol honasson who puts tons of make up you biggest fake hypocrite and who keeps telling to the ppl oh im tired whene i heard ppl say im hot and all what she do is get half naked in the magazines….
    and so what if she is helping other ppl i don’t get it ?? you prefer seeing actors getting drunk on tables and getting each week on rehabs maybe ???? making scandals and colleting the tabloids cover …

    This is woman is one taletend beauty class and private women who is down to earth and who si generous and since you found nothing to say about her as an ugly bitch you’re desperated as a pathetic loser i pity the ppl like you.

  • Mary

    Thank you jared for this beautiful pics!

    Ah i need some refreshing air to breath some refreshing who changed us form the usual media attention whores .

    What a beauty what an elegance what a class one of the most beautiful actress i’ve ever seen ,and im women who say it i usualy don’t say that about other womens lol but damn hands down to this statuesque natural beauty , i agree with the poster who said she has the beauty of the actresses of the 30′s and 40′s .
    Charlize you’re a godess thank god for having a class act actresses like you who change us from the tranny trash hoes of nowadays.

  • sofia

    They are beautiful i love this low key hot couple , she is breathtakingly beautiful ! from the hair to the dress flawless and she is not wearing too much makeup as the other actresses who’ve been there moore, hayek…i like this clear brown she is wearing beautiful .
    she wins the Domino tournament she will probably add her check to her African Outreach association to continue the building of the mobile clinics in the poor areas of SA and to the affected childs by aids and their poor families she already built 15 mobile clinics but the media don’t talk a lot about it anyway, good job .
    She was also awarded a customized instrumento NoUno watch by the president Fawaz Cruosi,,20179607_20412202,00.html congrats !

  • angelina_mmm

    beautiful woman

  • Cecilia

    She is stunningly beautiful im speechless , her stunning eyes her sensual lips her hot feminine features her cheek bones …i turn lesb in a sec for her no problem anytime you want charlize ! i’ll do anything for you baby !

  • hypocrite


    you’re out of your mind. if she wins or whatever she’ll put that check her in bank account. and then she’ll have the poor losers take up a collection and send it over. it’s always the poor that give the most – not hypocrites like charlize.

    and christina (“stfu already”) stop stalking me psycho

  • stfu already

    Hypocrite /

    I see that you are still desperated poor loser without life and worse hating on ppl you don’t know you real psycho desperated hater i think even the psychiatry will do nothing for a case as yours, i would be ahsamed being you , what a pathetic loser . you are the only one sticking on theron threads reapeting your same old crap as a pathetic psycho loser i pity you and you amke me laugh at the same time hahahaha

    Oh and she will put the money in her associations that she is working on from a while she already put more than 500.000 dollard in it for this year she already builds a lot of mobile clinics and do so much good ,but she is not an attention hypocrite ho like your idol honassen who go to irak just to take a picture just for the PR photo with the soldiers…that the difference.

  • janebird

    yeah I didnt’ even need to read hypocrite’s posts. I just saw the name and skipped right past them because I knew what they’d say. lol. Seriously this bitch needs help. Anyone who is THAT obsessed with a celebrity and obsessed with HATING on them has got some problems. Bitch Charlize is a beautiful statuesque elegant Oscar winner and you are nothing. So stop hating and get over your jealousy you idiot. Nothing you say will get people to think differently about her so stop wasting your time. You are not only a loser but a jealous loser. THat’s pathetic. Get some help please. I’m sick of seeing your ass on EVEYR single Charlize post saying the same stupid shit that no one cares about. We still think she is a great beauty and actress so shut the hell up because you make yourself look liek al stupid hating jealous loser more and more every time you post.

  • sofia

    You should add to ” hypocrite”+”bind hater” and ” ridiclous” , no im not out of my mind i respect the people who made an admirable and an amasing work and i know what im talking about ,from her fight for the mistreated womens in her Women Right organisation that she defends to the affected childs by aids and their poor familes to her donation for the cancer to the money she is bringing for theme , and she is doing it low key without screaming for it and calling the media-circus she got all my respect for that, and i say more power to her and more power to all the other actors who are contribuiting and bringing help instead of spending their money in the plastic surgey , the yaghts , in the psychiatric hospitals and on a heroin-drugs….i prefer and want to see admirable persons who are bringing help instead of watching the trashiness of the daily usless attention wh**es .
    Im not out of my mind like you , im not hating and bashing obsessively someone i don’t even know like you and without any reason, i don’t stick on every theron thread spewing my hate as you , it’s not your first time on theron thread, you obviously have a serious issue we already know that you’re an obsessed freak blinded by hate i usualy saw your joke-posts but i don’t even pay attention to your “usless ridilcous stuff with non-sense” but i see now that you’re not only hating on theron you’re even hating on other ppl in this thread….your excessive jealousy and hate make you look ridiclous , you should spend all this waste- energy in something useful in your life , someone has to tell you wake the fuk up and get a life already .

  • Lydia

    Gorgeous magnificent as always, i just love charlize ! she is a terffic actress her acting just blow me away ! and stuart is so hot mmm i can’t wait to see his movie Battel in seattle.

  • Diam’s

    Here comes my golden angel who rocked it ! as always , she is too beautiful for words i think the place of her beauty is with the actresses of the 40′s , 50′s.. .
    And thank god for a private , clean , talented actresses as her !
    Thanks Jared for the pics you rock .

  • play domino

    play domino with the stars

  • Sense

    She is beautiful and adorable.