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George Clooney Talks Dirty

George Clooney Talks Dirty

George Clooney is featured in the latest The New York Times Style Magazine, their men’s spring fashion issue.

The 46-year-old Oscar nominee shared some pearls of wisdom: “What I learned most about playing sports is to cheat. I want all the kids who see this. Cheat. If you can’t beat them, cheat. And do drugs, kids. You learn that confidence is 99% of what it is you do. Literally. I went from one season to another, where I didn’t become really become much of a hitter. I just realized that I could hit the ball. And instead of getting up to the plate and wondering if I’m going to hit the ball, I wonder where I want to hit the ball. Suddenly, I was a hitter.”

To watch Clooney‘s sit-down interview, visit

This issue featuring Mr. Clooney hits newsstands March 9.

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  • tam


  • tam


  • Orange Clockwork

    Why am I seeing him EVERYWHERE recently? What exactly is he promoting at the moment? Himself? GTFO, Clooney.

  • Helena

    Annoying media-whóre. Really desperate for that oscar, huh?

  • zanessa110

    hes hott.

  • Emma

    Yuck he looks gros!!!

  • http://nnnnnnnnnnnnn blah hes fug

    he looks like an old unibrowed mon key…ew&gross..

  • Anonymous

    He is not hott in my brook.

  • LIlo

    oh yeah what a great guy. wtf is wrong with him? Telling kids 2 do drugs? (though i doubt many kids read the new york times style magazine)

  • YUCK


  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    clooney’s become the coolest actor of his generation.

  • NOPE

    dont care for him. too egotistical.

  • sadesharde

    Grown and Sexy!

  • Didi

    he can talk dirty to me any day.

  • lol

    he has ugly lips and he’s not cool at all.

  • goree girls

    I can’t wait for BLAHscars to be over so we don’t have to see this mug 24/7 everyflippinwhere!!

  • dawn

    Clooney had leatherheads coming out soon .\

    Now that he is THE LAST MOVIE STAR, this movie better be a hit.

  • a plain thought from a fan

    46 already?


    He is off my book forever now.

    46????!!!! WTMF?

  • a plain thought from a fan

    Seriously, in less than 4 years, he’ll be in his 50ies.

    And dirty talk from a 50ies? Ewww …. excuse me (start puking)

  • Nicole m

    I love his sense of humor. I heard he is a really nice guy. It’s too hard to explain, but one of my family members knows someone….ect. and then that person knows him. =D

  • um

    he is sooooo ugly. how old is he again 60 something,
    if not he looks it what an 0ver hyped manh0re.

  • blueangel

    Clooney has always reminded me of a huckster used car salesman– he certainly looks and talks the part. His humor escapes me; IMO he’s an idiot.

  • Erin

    everyones hating on him but everyone has filed to mention what he said in his interview…

    the hell

  • Erin

    everyones hating on him but everyone has failed to mention what he said in his interview…

    the hell

  • Erin

    everyones hating on him but everyone has failed to mention what he said in his interview…

    the hell

  • ban the cult of $cientology

    he will never be Denzel Washington or Johnny Depp that’s for sure..

  • http://-------------- puke

    Cloonie is not aging well. And he has a nasty gut. Never mind his movies are a snore-borefest.

  • Ha

    George is so cool, He’s the Cary Crant of this generation and if you don’t know who Cary Grant is, you are not cool. Sorry.

  • REgis

    I saw a pre oscar rehearsal today. Regis Philbin is hosting the red carpet and all he did was gush about George.

  • Diva

    ban the cult of $cientology @ 02/22/2008 at 9:07 pm he will never be Denzel Washington or Johnny Depp that’s for sure..

    Agreed. And they will never ever be George Clooney.

  • http://jUSTJARED Bijoux

    I thought his interview was puzzling to me. What George over looked is you have to be a decent player in order to cheat, otherwise, you have to be in the game to cheat. I think that is why he jokes all the time to cover his short commings. I remember Matt Damon and Don Cheedle laughed at George’s gambling habits. George loses all the time at gambling. They said that he played black jack, i think, and he lost 23 straight hands. So if he’s going to cheat, that would be the opportune time for him to cheat don’t you think. As far as his comments about drugs, i just don’t know.

  • tam

    he’s amazing in every way.

  • sandra

    He is YUMMY. He can talk dirty to me whether he’s 46 or *gasp* 50 … just name the place, LOL.

    Denzel and Mr. Depp are delicious too – it would certainly be hard choosing!

  • laughs a lot

    So great, so handsome, so dumb: he’s 46 and hanging w/a 29 year-old
    Las Vegas Cocktail Waitress/Model. Model as in “doesn’t wear panties in pics” and “plays w/girls” — (Sarah Larson, whose my space page listed her sexuality as “bi”.) Couldn’t believe the other postings I’d been reading. Rumors that she’s an escort for hire. Georgie — what’s your problem? Why do you like all the trashy girls? And this one’s going to be sitting in the front row at the Oscars. Do you get off on fooling your fans? Cause your friends in the biz have all read the gossip blogs and have seen her pics and videos and play the game with you.
    The person you seem to be in public would not be hanging w/this chick — Maybe you’re really the person in private.
    I want the guy I “see” in public…

  • congratualations

    on your interview with time mag.

  • anonymous

    he is sooooooooooooooooo hot.

  • Cranium

    he needs to stfu, have some kids first and see if he can handle it. His ego is as big as Aretha Franklin’s ~dress. There are many other white actors/directors who are far better than him ~Clint Eastwood~ and I don’t see them talk about themselves as much as he does. so STFU Georgie.

  • pipo

    Luckily, he has no children. Old fug!

  • Brad Addict

    He’s so overrated

  • PIN

    He is so annoying…YUCK!

  • Davilyn

    I admire Clooney in many ways, and he certainly does have that debonair Cary Grant air about him, but I do think he’s a man/child who is struggling to grow up; the frat boy lifestyle, the gambling, dating girls nearly 20 years your junior. Older men who date hot, young girls in their twenties, just look pathetic and immature to me.

    And I think this Time magazine cover “The Last Movie Star” could come back to bite him on the butt. That’s quite the handle to be placed upon anyone. And I’m sorry, but the jury is still out on this generation of movie stars. We do not know which ones are going to wind up with legendary careers and which ones will eventually be forgotten.

    I’ve always maintained that Hugh Jackman is just ONE FILM away from massive superstardom. He is without question, the most talented performer of his generation. He’s a movie star with the best of them, but none of the others (Clooney, Depp, Pitt, Cruise, Hanks, DiCaprio. etc.) can do up on a stage in front of a live audience, what Jackman can do. NONE OF THEM! That’s why I’m so nuts about him. The talent! (and yes, he’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen).

    If Clooney is the modern day Cary Grant, then Jackman is Gregory Peck. Just ONE MOVIE away. Wonder what it will be?

  • Tal

    Smart, tell kids to do drugs. I saw this on tv and my kid asked, “Isn’t that the doctor on E.R? What a moron! Lost one fan with that one George!

  • TiredofthisCrap

    I think he is being facetious. I doubt he would tell kids to do drugs and keep in mind this is only a portion of the article. There may be more to it. If he doesn’t feel embarassed taking his escort girlfriend to the Oscars, then so be it. There’s nothing anyone can do to stop him.