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The Jonas Brothers Wear Purity Rings

The Jonas Brothers Wear Purity Rings

The Jonas Brothers all practice abstinence and wear purity rings to prove it. Here’s a snippet from the very lengthy article on the JoBros featured in Details Magazine:

“On a quiet Friday morning in a dressing room at Madison Square Garden, the Jonas Brothers hold out their hands to show off their purity rings. Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas—the teen-pop trio who stand, at this very moment, on the brink of hugeness—wear the metal bands on their fingers to symbolize, as Joe puts it, ‘promises to ourselves and to God that we’ll stay pure till marriage.’ Joe is 18. His ring is silver and adorned with a cross. ‘It actually ripped apart a little bit, just on the bottom, here, but I didn’t want to get a new one, because this one means so much to me,’ he says. Nick, who is 15, says, ‘I got mine made at Disney World. It’s pretty awesome.’ Kevin, at 20, is the oldest of the three, and while a punk-rock purity ring from Tiffany might represent the ultimate oxymoron, that’s exactly what he’s going for. His silver vow of abstinence is covered with studs. ‘It’s pretty rock and roll,’ Kevin says. ‘It’s getting banged up a little bit because of the guitar.’”

Read the full article “The Total Awesomeness of Being the Jonas Brothers” at

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# 2
luiza cruz @ 02/22/2008 at 12:21 pm

love ya joe

# 3

awwwww cute!!!!! 2nd!!!!!!

# 4
luiza cruz @ 02/22/2008 at 12:22 pm

love ya joe.

# 6

hot hot hot!!!!!!!!!!!! luv nick!!!!!!!!

# 7
colewoodson @ 02/22/2008 at 12:30 pm

Don’t wanna be a hater, but they are so milking the “pure” thing!

# 8

AH! i love JB and i dont care if you dont i am fine with it.
its amazing how they are so sexy and they
can still be pure :]

# 9

I’m glad to see somebody in the biz standing up for abstinence finally. Obviously a little control, discipline and obedience to God is a good thing. It’s great that they are unashamed of standing up for that.


aaand a stupid thing to go around saying…it gives space for mean comments and private life invasion.

anyone who wears a purity ring should have their intelligence questioned.

and it’s amazing how USA society is the only society in the world that has these kinda moviments. Crazy plp.

this is old news i love jonas brothers

livingdots @ 02/22/2008 at 12:44 pm

as nobody else gives a damned about these talentless clowns, you’ve got to wonder how much Just Jared gets for continuing to report on them

they are SOOOOO going to regret these statements in a few yrs. especially the older one. who wants to have sex with a 20 something yr old virgin??
he’ll probably cry for an hour before he makes the sexy and needs you to hold him cuz he doesn’t like the devilish pleasures of intercourse… and what if one of them discovers they’re gay after the wedding night?? wouldn’t want to be that girl.

well, that’s cool. :)

At least when they finally do it, it’ll be special.

C’mon guys, a lot of people like them. Don’t think that you’re the only one who knows them. D:

its good that hot boys think the same as me! I’m not having sex untill marrige

Good for them.

I don’t think just because you abstain from abstinence it makes you a Christian extremist. It is a belief for every Christian person. That’s like saying every Christian is an extremist which I don’t think is true.

I remember Brittany said the exact same thing and look where she is at now. I just hope their belief is strong enough given their profession and the industry they’re in.

i don`t take this serious. in show-business they try to sell everything.
britney started the same way. bla bla…

i think in reality this kids are the worst.

don`t believe one word !

good thing they have eachother for all those lonely nites; lame asses.

Its a sad world we live in when people are criticized for not having sex. It should be the other way around.

I think thats awesome that they wear purity rings. They set such an awesome example for everyone. And you don’t hear other stars talk about that kinda stuff. So YAY for the Jonas Brothers. They definitely deserve everything that they have!

Only in America. O Jesus for love of you I promise to deny my own nature, live in total repression, ignore the basic human impulse to connect with other people, and become angry and uptight all the time.

I’m sure you wanted us all to be uptight unhappy prudes. That must have been your divine plan, right?

for one, they’re insanely stupid for talking about their personal lives like that. because, if they ever happened to have sex before marriage, they’ll be called hypocrites and everything else. second, i’m not even a fan of their’s and i’ve this for a hell of a long time. you need to update with recent news, not old-ass news that nobody cares about to begin with.

Christine @ 02/22/2008 at 2:16 pm


aww thats so good of them.
It just proves how sweet they are
and pure and perfect ♥

To all the people that are calling them extreme christians… atleast they have morals that they are willing to stick to. If only everyone in hollywood had morals, all those “starlets” wouldn’t be ALCOHOLICS and driving under the influence and wouldn’t be prancing around showing off their privates.

Please someone answer this question:
Why is it okay with some of you to be sexually active at a young age, for instance Jamie Lynn Spears( what is she 15 16) but you find it sooo weird or extreme that the Jonas Brothers are wiling to wait until marriage?

Just Juan @ 02/22/2008 at 2:36 pm

thats a lie. you know thats not true.

man oh man LOL! that admittion is just like strapping on a bullseye. everyone is gonna be aiming for ‘em now

You people disgust me. Just because they’re not jumping into every girls knickers that they meet and being man-whores they’re GAY! Oh my word, you people are so narrow-minded. Im a Christian and am not having sex before im married, as are a ton of my friends, who by the way are guys and are most certainly not gay. Not having sex before marriage is a pretty standard Christian believe and should be held by everyone who claims to be a Christian. So it’s really not anything extraordinary that the jonas brothers are doing. It’s just harder for them because they’re in the public eye and for that I really respect them.

dude their dad is a former pastor.

who gives a ****, they are crap and they seriously need to stop dressing so contrived

i loveee these good boys!!!

shabba @ 02/22/2008 at 2:50 pm

lol I really don’t think they give a crap about how you think they dress.

Lady With Morals @ 02/22/2008 at 3:02 pm

I can’t believe that some of you are criticizing them for wanting to stay abstinent! It’s a personal choice, and I think it’s great that they’re willing to wait for that one special girl. The bond between a husband and wife is so much stronger when you know that you’re the only one that they’ve given that part of themselves to. Why do you think there are so many divorces nowadays? Because everyone is wh*ring around with everyone, and sex is no longer very intimate, and marriage is just losing its meaning because boyfriends/girlfriends live together, have premarital sex, and have kids out of wedlock. Wake up people! This has become a socitey without morals and that is incredibly sad.

Lady With Morals @ 02/22/2008 at 3:02 pm

well said, i totally agree.

purity rings?

that is so not a fudgepackery thing to do*

*note sarcasm.

COME ON. Purity rings? I’m sure at least the older two have had sex already. there’s nothing wrong with it. I bet they didn’t even know what abstinence was until Disney slapped some rings on their fingers and told them to milk this purity **** for all its worth

JOE IS 20!!!!!!!! NOT 18!!!!!!!! KEVIN IS 18!!!!!!!!!

you dont have to be married to make sex intimate. this is 2008 for ***** sake. divorces happen for a lot of reasons. they didn’t happen in the old days because it was taboo and completely unthinkable.

NICK IS MY FUTURE BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lala_girl @ 02/22/2008 at 4:05 pm

SO CUTE! But I wouldn’t asure anything if I was in their place… they’lll sure regret they ever said this! But it’s cute as long as it lasts! ^^

Sir-Cocks-alot @ 02/22/2008 at 4:05 pm

PR crap, I hope no one is dumb enough to believe they aren’t banging everything on two legs that shows up at their concerts.

this is why they are amazing

Yeah, virgins just like Britney and Justin were back in the day. Puhleeze!

All Jonas fans know this it’s old news
I think it is awesome that they wear purity rings
I support them all the way :)

Hahahahaha—————————are those guys for real?

STFU! ur asses all just cause JB wants to stay pure and ill put my money on it anyday they will stay pure! so u need to stop making fun of ppl just cuz they want to have sex OH WOW! what has the world come down to stop criticizing others and look in the damn mirror for once cuz if they want to be pure they can and if you dont fine go have sex and get a disease! we all have our different choices in life so we all need to STFU! its times like this where we kinda dont need to have sex because of aids and other diseases and you people dont care so have a fun life.

pathetic…all these comments supporting this ridiculous statement.
it’s ok if u want to be a 30 year old’s your choice..but saying it so tt everyone can hear is just being STUPID!!!!!

oh and btw “the *****” ur ******* sick sticking up dildos in their asses wth! isnt that you!

They’ve actually made this promise A LONGG time ago.
I totally respect that 100%
Also or the ******** saying they are idiots for talking about this publicly
Why? because their setting good example for their fans?
Aswell people who are saying they will regret it?
and will get called hypocrites, get over it
they made a promise and they respect themselves enough to keep it.

dmaninhollywood @ 02/22/2008 at 4:33 pm

Wow, i have a newfound respect for the Hanson brothers.

I wonder who the lucky girl will be to have these clowns fumbling around their naughty bits with no clue as to what they are doing.

Perhaps Disney can provide them a colorful map to help them locate the clitoris.

Love them!! they are so inspirational!!….finally…guys who respect themselves!!

portate_bien @ 02/22/2008 at 4:51 pm

ohh come onnnnnnnnnn!.. whos gonna believe that ****?.. they are obviously doing it because they have to give a “good example” to all their young fans. I bet they were force to do that tbh.

#15, just as much as he gets for reporting on Vanessa WhatshernameDGENS. *snort*

Why would a “purity” ring from Tiffany – punk rock or not – be an oxymoron? If it were a ring from the sex toy store, then maybe. Also, I love the juxtaposition of “My ring is so important and meaningful to me” and “I got mine at Disney World!”

Good for them!

they r so hot!!
even hotter than gay fron

Do not have sex,
because you will get pregnant
and DIE.


All of you people that are saying they will probably have sex soon or are gay. SHUT UP! You don’t even know them. They are Christians and there dad is a pastor. All their real fans know that. So stop saying bad things about them.


u know they enjoy getting fcuked in the ass

I like its great that they wear purity rings but there’s one big but….
Now people are going 2 go out of their way to prove that their lying.

I love JB from Chile i love U

what is your problem why do you write so harsh comments on them saying their are gay just because thei want to stay pure i will be lucky and i will love to marry a guy who is a virgin because i know he wasnt giving his body to every women that he has wait so it will be especial for both

your gayyy @ 02/22/2008 at 5:40 pm

There not doing this just because there famous or for the show-buisness” they have had them for a comple years before they were famous.Nick got his when he was liek 12 and NO ONE knew who he was.They have them because thats what they belive in.It has nothing to do with there career, besides the fact that they hope younger kids who look up to them will make the same decision.

your gayyy @ 02/22/2008 at 5:44 pm

61, your an idiot.
THey have had them for over 4 years, they got them before
ANY ONE knew who they were, it hasnothing to do with them and the buisness there in and they werent forced to, they amde the decision themselves, although im sure his dad being a pastor had some say in it.

but seriously if you dont know what your talking about then dotn say ****.

you commenters make me sick. it’s terrible how ignorant you really are. espically those of you who are having sex. you’re pretty dumb…

what the heck i didnt et that picture Nick Jonas is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

none of your fucken business @ 02/22/2008 at 6:29 pm

ur all fucken stupid fucken tweens need to get the fuckk off here omg they perfect STFU but when pretty people girls are on u are haten make up ur fucken mind

Heck yess babyyy
abstince is the way to goo
these guys are really good role models…
i have faith in them.because
were jesus freaks and we love god!!!
abstience for LIFEE!

haha even though this isnt new news to me..any jonas brother fan knows about this lmao

TMI. When you advertise your personal business……there is usally a reason for it. Hmmmmmm


Damn! All the christian’s post on this tread are freaky! Why in the world are you associating virginity and respect together?

Stupid religious people….

I agree with some of you I was a big fan of britney spears back in the day and I remenber her sayin something about being virgin until marriage well now everybody knows(thanks to Justin) that it never happenned , so they should keep something like this private because they are gonna regret it later.

I am glad they aren’t afraid to stick by their convictions

#80, virginity is respecting your body. You’re not willing to risk getting diseases, and you won’t get someone pregnant. It shows that they have some self control and won’t just “hit it and quit it”. They won’t use someone for sex, or bring that into a complicated relationship.

Why would you say religious people are stupid? Because they’re not willing to sleep with everyone and get called a *****? Sex means different things to different people. It obviously doesn’t mean a lot to you, but to others it may. So try RESPECTING others in their choice to stay abstinent and supporting the fact that others are doing the same. Its their body, and let them do what they want with it.

Oh COME ON people.
Obviously most of you commenting here don’t even know the Jonas Brothers.
They have had their rings for 3-4 years.
And no, Disney did not ******* slap rings on their hands.
Their father is a pastor and they are very religious, so why can’t they stay abstinent?
I find it completely disgusting how girls (and guys) are losing their virginity in High school, and even in Middle School (fact), whoring around with basically anyone.
I am proud of the Jonas Brothers for being confident in themselves.

And also, why can’t they tell people they wear purity rings?
It’s not they yell in the street, “I WEAR A PURITY RING!”
They wear rings, and people will ask what they are.
So they answer. They’re not jerks and don’t say, “I rather not say”
Then more rumors will spread saying they’re married.

Some people on here are so immature, it sickens me.
Grow up!

If you don’t even like them, why are you even ******* posting on here?
You obviously don’t have a life.

PS. And why can’t you just respect their commitment?
You can’t compare them to Britney because her family was fcked up anyways.
The Jonas Brothers have a strong family background and will continue to be strong.
Geez, get your facts straight.

Yeah, this is really old news, BUT I also have a purity ring. I love the Jo Bros and how they stay so humble and down-to-earth. I totally agree with #24. And to #29, yes of course we wouldn’t – they’re not saying they’re not going to have sex. They’re saying they are going to wait until they’re ready and mature. There is a complete difference. No one nowadays is ready for sex under the age of 18. It’s ridiculous because the people that are having it young and before they are married are usually not so smart or educated people. They’re not thinking of risks or the consequences that could last a lifetime just by that one action. I am sure there are going to be comments left contradicting mine, and I’m ready – go at it. I just hope this speaks to some people and that they’ll actually think the next time their in a risky situation that could completely alter their lives.

anonymous @ 02/22/2008 at 9:02 pm

Kevin is the 18 year old and Joe is the 20 year old you got it back ward

Young celebs shouldn’t broadcast things like that about themselves. Every time they get a girlfriend, people will only speculate if they’re still virgins or not.

lawrence o dabney @ 02/22/2008 at 10:22 pm

totaly stupid more bush style bull poop

I think this is awesome.
I love them so much.
I’m glad theirs people out here that still care about themselves.

i love them!

Yea, the purity thing worked out so well with Britney Spears. One of these kid is probably the father of little sis’.

They have said this countless amounts of time.

You guys are kind of late

It’s not the abstinence part that sounds completely gay, it’s the rings! Who really needs a ring to prove virginity? I don’t know any guys that wear rings in the first place, unless they’re married. They should keep their private life to themselves, what do they want a pat on the back? Weirdo’s

so, the media barely finds about this NOW?

they been having their purity rings since they were like 13 or 14..
and this just makes ignorant people say pointless things when they don’t even know anything about their lives.

i love them and i love that they vowed to stay pure.
i wish there was more guys like this :]

JB fan for life..! <3

they are flaming gay

its good that hot boys think the same as me! I’m not having sex untill marrige i love the jonas brothers

why do people hate on them for this?
hello it suppost to be like that

For those of you ranking on them for not having sex…

The National College Health Assessment does report that an increasing number of college students aged 18-24 are choosing not to have sex due to the risk of sexually transmitted infections, such as the human papilloma virus (HPV) and HIV/AIDS.
The most effective form of protection against STIs (after no sex) is the male condom, which, even when used 100% correctly (which many people don’t do) has a failure rate of 7-15%.
Soo…you dont even have to bring religion into it. Many of today’s young adults are having sex with only one partner or not at all because of the very real health risks that come with having sex. Instead of insulting them or making fun of them, commend them on making a healthy choice- which any one of any religion can do.

87—uhhhh ANY jb fan knows joe is 18 and kevin is 20 duhhh
jared got it right

hahahha..jb haters are funny..i find it quite halarious how some people on here are bashing them for something GOOD..isnt sleeping around at 17 pretty bad anyways?..i mean these guys arnt ashamed in what they believe….so more power to my christian brothers…

I don’t like the jonas brothers music but overall I definitely respect them. I believe the same exact thing as them; to wait until marriage and I have tons of respect for people who want to do the same. especially in this day and age.

Umm, can I please ask a simple question here… whats wrong with being 18 or 20 and is still a virgin !? Seriously… so now being a virgin is a BAD thing ! What the f*ck is wrong with you people !? If a celebrity sex tape was out people would call them whores, ***** etc. and if they stay virgins they’d also make fun of them and say that its IMPOSSIBLE for a 18 yr. old and above to stay a virgin ! WHATS UP WITH YOU PEOPLE ? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS ALREADY !!! You guys are just acting like stupid immatures. If they promise to stay pure until marriage then GOOD FOR THEM ! You should actually encourage them since there arent alot of teenagers now-a-days who are like that. So shut up and respect what they’re doing… not bash them cause GUESS WHAT ? NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY !

Wow thats pretty cool. A lot of bands these days are all about selling sex and posting it all over their CDs….dont like them but thats still really awesome

fidel castrate @ 02/23/2008 at 10:11 am

The Jonas Bros take dong in the butt
dong in the butt
dong in the butt
The Jonas Bros take dong in the butt
all the live-long day…

Also, they lip-sync and pretend to play instruments on stage, so **** them right up their dumb, emo-haired fake asses.

You people bashing them are so stupid. Sex is not something you throw around, well I guess that’s what people made it out to be. If you have faith, then you might know. ANd it doesn’t mean that they are gay. Finally, guys that don’t “give in” to the popular choice…Gosh, I hope I find one of these one day. They are smart men, who are more mature than any other guy who just wants to ***** around. Grow up people. God is number 1.


Lindsay @ 02/22/2008 at 11:52 pm It’s not the abstinence part that sounds completely gay, it’s the rings! Who really needs a ring to prove virginity? I don’t know any guys that wear rings in the first place, unless they’re married. They should keep their private life to themselves, what do they want a pat on the back? Weirdo’s

Why do you wear wedding rings? Its a symbol to show love between a man and a woman. This ring is a symbol of their pureness. Get a lifee.

fidel castrate @ 02/23/2008 at 11:16 am

Pureness, you’re a dumb *****.

emma_leanne @ 02/23/2008 at 11:45 am

Go them! The Ten Commandments say that you should not commit adultry… therefore they are right! All of the kids in my family have purity rings also. Believe it or not there is still some abstience in our world and I would marry a 20 year old virgin simply because i am going to be one too. You can disrespect me but you’ll just be disrespecting God the Father…
Press on Jonas’ and set an example..

mary, please. the fact that they are publicizing how ‘pure’ they are is a goat n pony show to cover up how pure they are not. didn’t one of them get blown by Miley right before their New Year’s concert? whatever.

I wear a ring to its really cool because i get asked why i waer one and those people normaly get one too! and i can share the word of my Savior.God.

Ignorant people @ 02/23/2008 at 3:48 pm

@ Vodkagirl: None of the Jonas brothers got blown by Miley. If you knew, the article was in a fictional article website. It said on the bottom that this was completely fake. =|

@ Fidel Castrate: Haha shows what you know about the Jonas Brothers. They play their own instruments AND they sing live. I’m sorry you’ve never heard them at a concert to know that they do that. The only reason why they do lipsynch is if it’s at a Parade when you can’t have your band on the little floats. Dumbass.
If you don’t even know what you’re talking about, shut up.

caden jay @ 02/23/2008 at 5:22 pm

they are perfect and they will keep this promise that they had LONG befor they were big stars…

Yeah, Britney said that too at the beginning of her career – now we see her naked privates every other day.
I rather have sex but keep my privates private, thank you very much.

I think it’s cool the Jo Bros are wearing purity rings and Joe is so HOT I don’t think he needs a hair cut he soo beautiful.

they are amazing!!! but this is old news! the jonas brothers rock!! OJD

thats bull.shitt @ 02/23/2008 at 8:57 pm

there so fuckking fake.
i bet they already had sex.
especially since girls follow them around.

oh please give me a break!
just jared dont give a fucck about these faggs
thats whhy just jared never posts a lot about them.
There just a bunch of fakers.
pure my asss
i dont believe a single thing that they just said here.


We’ve seen this sh** before, so over it. I’m waiting for one to announce their homosexuality.

This “sudden” media blitz about the Jonas Brothers and their prurity rings is CRAZY! These guys have been asked about their rings for at least a couple of years (since they started being interviewed) and they’ve always given the same simple and concise explanation!! They’ve never made a big deal of it – any discussion about the rings and their committment has been in response to an interview question. Now, all of the sudden it’s a major news topic. This is NOT news to their long-time fans…. it is just one more thing that makes these guys special, has made their fans love them more, and has positively influenced an entire generation of teens As a parent, I couldn’t be happier that my teen dtr. loves these guys & their music and feels that they share her (AND MANY OTHERS) values and morals. I applaud all the young people today who make the choice to remain remain pure until marriage- it is not easy with the constant barrage of maintream media garbage, as well as comments such as many of the ones here that degrade and tear down. God bless the Jonas family, as well as all the young people out there who are striving to live a happy, clean, productive life!!
And reporters – get your facts straight before you print your articles :)

pure until marriage???? oh trust me I’ll change that hahaha

So hot hot hot LUV NICK!!!!!

i think it cool they are going to stay pure until they are married.

AAAAAAWWWWWW you jonas’ I LOV you guys!!!!!! youre the greatest!!!
you guys are so cute i lov ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its really cool you guys are gonna stay pure till marrage!!!

Rebecca, 17, Canada @ 02/25/2008 at 5:26 pm

If there were three superhero brothers with the united power to be the ultimate role model for young people today, their names would be Kevin, Joseph and Nicholas Jonas.

Through the spotlight they have been faithful to God, and I would like not only to commend them but also to thank them for remaining steadfast in His ways. They create a positive influence and inspire fans through their music, style and attitude.

Kevin, Joe and Nick, you and your family are in my prayers! God Bless!!!

o shiit gayy
they’re probably to busy hving sex with guys.
fuckidng gayy
stop being so conceited with yourselves

GAY GAY GAY GAY! No straight guys would wear the clothes they wear, and it’s easy to avoid sex with women when all you can think about is naked boys!

I’m so happy you have promised that to god. Thank you. Also, I have promised myself I wouldn’t have sex before marriage and I also wear apurity ring. Love ya.

Okay, so kudos for the whole not-having-sex thing, but they make it sound like everyone who DOES have sex is some kind of immoral demon. I totally think that it’s fine to give young kids some type of “good role model,” but I’m a role model for kids, too. The difference between us is that I don’t discuss my sex life with my students. Honestly, you can be a good role model without making it public that you think sex is “bad.” Like I said, good job with the waiting, but I have to admit–they seem to imply that having sex before marriage makes someone “dirty,” and that offends me.

what ****!!! They’re gonna be married to men so what they’re doing wont be considered “TRUE” sex anyway. Two halves don’t make a whole without a hole.


THAT’S TOTALLY AWESOME !! , i should do that too :)

Hola chicos! I’m from Argentina, but i know english…
I think the Jo Bros. wear purity rings because they want to, that’s not BAD! U r not them, so u can do whatever u want, they made a promisse (they can’t brake it) it’s their decicion, that doesn’t means they r GAYS, they r NOT GAYS!




Brit_jonas @ 02/29/2008 at 9:57 am

I think that u all who dont believe in the purity rings are just jealous. Don’t criticize them for their beliefs.. I am the same age as Joe and we both have the same rings. I think that it is really romantic..

So i think that them having the rings are not just selling money.. it is really true and you all just need to back off them!

i think its pretty sad how people are all blah blah blah about them not having sex.youd think people would be proud of them.i no i am.going out in public and saying that couldnt have been the easiest thing alive but they are good examples.and no matter what any of you say nothing will change them.have you seen them do anything extremly bad? point..they are amazing guys and if you people werent so freakin stupid you would see that.They live for the lord and follow what he wants and thats all that matters.i just cant wait till they prove you wrong then we will see who is the one laughing..i bet none of them would be saying this kind of stuff to you in the first place.
so stop trying to start crap and get a life.

your amazing guys.

its pretty bad when a 15 year old said all of this..

kids these days are smarter then adults…

it’s so cute
nick is so, I dont know, deeper

I think its really sweet that there saving themselfs for that one certain person i find it really amasing they’ve all gone as long as they have and now that there bigger then before its really amasing to see someone so devoted. I am 18 and i think its been kinda hard to go this long without wondering or anything like that cause sex is everywhere you look these days but i’m really proud of them for holding it out and when it does happen its gonna be alot more meaningful then just sleeping with someone and ending up regretting it. I’m really proud they’ve held out. and yes i myself wear a purity ring it was personally made to match Kevins

los amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
son lo masss
espero que vengan a la argentinaaaaa
y voy a estar en 1ra filaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nik y joe son lo massssssssssssssssssss

weell, what can i saay.. they’re sooooooo cuuute *-*

how do you practice absitence?
i think it’s hot that they wear purity rings. they’re changing the world.

didnt read them all, but 16 17 and 26 are purity ring in this day and age? bullshit.

and who the **** wants to have sex with a whatever-age-he-gets-married virgin?

isn’t saying “oh my God” a little bit contradictory of the purpose?

I think the Jonas Brothers are very smart and mature. I strongly believe that they will follow through with their promise. I am so glad to see them promote being abstinent and not promoting sexuality like many others stars on tv.I am 14 and I have also made a promise to God and myself that I will stay pure until marrige and I WILL keep that promise. The society today is filling peoples heads with nonsense and saying its alright to have sex before marrige but its not, thats why many peoples marriges have fallen apart. People need to really think of the consiquences of their actions.



Their Christians durr. Being part of that religion, is showing that their keeping a promise to not have sex untill marriage. Its like forgeing off Those who craze over sex. They wear their rings to prove they’ll keep their promise, and stay pure untill they find the right one to share their entire life with. so Boo on you PURENESS and, those who thought the same as her/him.


haha Apparently every disney star is fake. People had thought from hilary to miley, and now the jonas brothers. Obvious miley is a fake though. so Boo on you and those who thought the same as you.

Oh and to people who will reply to my comment then HAHA talk as much as you want! I will never reply! hahaha :D I have better things to do than to sit here and talk to losers with no life.

sota sota kuchi ni hama sigshi no kawaki ekekii!


KEEP ON ROCKIN’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TAMARA <3333

Queef quifington @ 03/28/2008 at 8:38 pm

wow im really sure that a 20 year old pop star guy has never had sex. that ring is a frickin publicity stunt. the other 2 have probably had sex also

I have a purity ring too. I am very proud of it and so is God! Staying pure until you are married is a wounderful thing. :)

I have a purity ring too. I am very proud of it and so is God! Staying pure until you are married is a wounderful thing. :-)

againstmost @ 03/30/2008 at 9:38 am

i don’t understand why people wear them?
i flimsy piece of silver is not going to stop you from having sex, i love the jonas brothers like seriously love them but i do agree with one of the posters that they are using the hole purity thing as a publicity stunt to gain popularity among not only misguided youth but the parents who dont want their kids listening to that “nasty rock music”.

sorry about the no fullstops, i got carried away.

againstmost @ 03/30/2008 at 10:06 am

ok i was going to leave this out, but after reading some other posts i couldnt help myself.

i think it is totally fine that the jb’s are chosing to remain “pure”, but all of you people out there who are saying that if you have sex out of wedlock you are going to have bad marriages and your going to get diseases.
what is wrong with you? people IN marriages that have been pure up until the marriage have still have divorces, still get STI’s and ultimately get depressed because their religion forbids them to leave their spouses.

so yeah i just had to say that, i don’t expect anyone to agree or even read this but if someone does hopefully the message gets through that is totally fine to have sex before marriage and its fine to believe in abstinence.

NIck jonas obsession @ 03/30/2008 at 11:20 am

I think its good that guys take a part in it too. They are making the best choice of their sweet lives. The JONAS BROS will never regret the promise of purity they all are the best they are nice and have a christian heart everyone should respect that.

how gross.

i think this is great i mean yeah its going to be hard,cuze they’re going to have girls all over them but hey i’m staying pure and i think it should be special the first time so…yeah they’re cool…to be honest i never gave them any mind until i found out about this so i think its attractive……sooooooooooo yeah i support the all the way!!!!!!


jessica from brunswick georgia @ 04/08/2008 at 8:02 am

hey jonas fans , hi the jonas brothers i think its awesome who show the true meaning of pure i belive in saving yourself for that special someone when you get married. peolpe now a days dont live up to it but i belive most people will myself included you guys are amazing you like the best band ever and you are true yourself and to your fans thanxs bye
♥ jonas – hearthrobber♥

UNBELIEVABLE that so many people are criticizing these kids for doing what they think is right…

at least they arent spreading every STD around like every other star.

I happen to wear a purity ring and i also happen to be HAPPY! go figure!!!

noodles96 @ 04/10/2008 at 5:19 pm

I think that it is a great idea to wear the rings. Hopefully thay will stay clean until they are married like they say. I also wanted to say that all the people that are bad mouthing them are the ones that might be the ones that end up loving them like me. I have a HUGE crush on Joe he is the hottest one of all. Even if they werent famous I would still love him. One day i hope to meet him and his brothers

ok are you people crazy…they are smart for wanting to stay pure…I have had my purity ring now for 2 years and wear it every single day…God gives us a command in the Bible to stay sexually pure and the consequences for not staying pure in STD’s…So I am w/ them all the way…Way to go boys especially for being in the spot light all the time!!!

i belive they will iam 16 iam not haveing sex before i get marred on my wedding night will be the day i do that i love jonas brothers joe nick and kevin will stay virgin so yall the jonas hatters meannys leave they alone got it i get mean realy mean when it come to yall stuck up dont know what the hell yall talking about girl or boys who want to be mean to jonas brothers read about them listen to there music first befroe u say crap and and talking bad about them got it

the truth @ 04/24/2008 at 6:29 pm

they are true to god
i know because they said the same thing even before they were so famous
they are not gay
they are just committed
just because they are not like every other perverted teenager doesn’t mean that they are going to be bad
and i am not just saying this because i am a fan
i am saying this because i believe it is the truth
and if you don’t like them i don’t see why you even comment
it’s kind of gay that you do that
but yeah
they rock you don’t!!

I think its great they wear purity rings, and if you have such a commitment like that, then you will NEVER EVER break it!
Stop criticising them and take a good look at your ****** sex life, dont you want the first time to be with someone that isnt using you and will throw you in the gutter as soon as they get their way with you!
At least if your married it makes you double check you actually LOVE that person!
If i was in a relationship with someone that wore a purity ring, i would respect their wishes and if we really loved eachother, it would show, and i would probably marry that person…. ITS CALLED COMMITMENT!

nick lover#1 @ 05/02/2008 at 8:23 pm

i love nick he is so freakin hoooot

gotta love the Jonas Brothers.
they are such good guys and
all girls wish that every guy was
like that. :) <3

omg. what the heck is with all you people that are criticizing them! kay, would you rather they be frickin manwhores? I’m proud of them! I can finally see some celebrities who aren’t having sex all over the place! U know what, whatever. You’re entitled to your opinion and I respect that, but it does not mean that I have to like it.

These pictures are hot and awesome. They rock and i love your songs!!! They are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also can’t wait for your new movie comes out… Camp Rock Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you guise could win a grammy for the most talented, and hottest singing group in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeooow. agreed.these guys are lik perfect.

if you don’t like purity rings, don’t get one. and if you don’t like the jonas brothers, don’t read about them. i think its great that they feel so strongly about their beliefs that they’re willing to make sacrifices like that.

i love jb there my idols and i want to stay pure to and now i have a purityring that will change my life forever

I don’t know why everyone is so upset with it… I’m a Christian…its not like they’ll never do it, just not until they’re married. And stop insulting God. the whole point of marriage is to stay with one person… why would you even marry if you weren’t planning on staying pure. They wear the rings to be held accountable so they wont mess up and I think its cool there are famous people who can still stick to their morals… Way to go JoBros!

hey i think that its really nice that you guys have the purity rings i do to…it’s so cool that even though you are clebs you keep ur own thaught and dont care what others think. my bst m8 is in luv wit joe haha but I LOVE luv u all
god bless
keep on singin

joe jonas girlfriend! @ 05/22/2008 at 8:32 pm


Fab4fab4fab @ 05/28/2008 at 6:41 am

Jus glad my daugther is into them @ 14 instead of Metal or Rap Crap! They set a good example in this day and age… Just like the Beatles did in their day! Back off critics!!! Throw stones in your own glass houses!!!

I think it is respectable that they wear purity rings.

i think its really good to stay pure until marriage. and i really want to think the jonas brothers for being a good exzample for all your fans! And i really hope you guys don’t sell out like brittny spears, lindsney lohan etc… And when i heard you guys where christians i was really exicted because hopefully you guys will clean and good. i’m a christian to! and without my savior i don’t know where i’d be in life!! i love you jonas brothers!!! THANKS! LOVE, BETHANY

I think that them having a purity ring is great it shows self control. And some people that have commented on here obviously don’t have enough self control to make that commentment. It means a lot to people who have them.

I live in the UK and i have a purity ring and all guys around my area are interested in is sex so it makes relationships practically impossible

This is so cute. I love the fact that my future husband wears a purity ring. This is a very good thing tio get and I’m going to be getting a purity ring soon too. It is a promise to yorself and the Lord. Jonas Brothers Rule!!!!

Katherine @ 06/07/2008 at 6:53 pm

what kind of a person criticizes someone for NOT having sex? and it’s not like they’re taking a nun pledge to never have sex, it’s until they’re married. Would you want to marry someone who sleeps with anyone who comes knocking? Sex should be something special, not what people make it out to be today.

basketballgirl @ 06/08/2008 at 6:57 pm


that’s not cute , that’s ridiculous ! oh yeah , 3 cute and famous guys will stay in abstinence untill they got married . if that’s going to work , they will get married very soon , that if one of them is married and we don’t know .

i think this is awesome.i am actually going to get one soon!

misch mischa @ 06/09/2008 at 2:39 pm

I think is Good that the boys decide to, keep pure until marriage, but the shoulndt be saying that to the world , because there many people that will try to crete situations to temp them ill pray so that they can keep that, but its risky to be bragging that they are virgins. !!!Good that they stand for what is wrigth!!!

mrspkjonas @ 06/10/2008 at 7:25 pm

ok all you people critizising them for being pure, you need to get a life. if all you do is go around dogging people for being good, strong christians who actually have morals unlike SOME PEOPLE…then you seriously need to take a reality check and realize that people really like these 3 wonderful boys and you should too. They’re nice, wholesome people who care about themselves and God. And also, if you don’t like the person the article is one…don’t read it.

mrspkjonas @ 06/10/2008 at 7:27 pm

ok so everyone who is dogging the jonas brothers for being pure, you need to seriously get a reality check. People obviously love them for a lot of reasons and this is just one of them because they have morals for their life and they’re good, wholesome christian people who care about themselves and God, and i think you should too. You all need to just chill out and if you don’t like the person that the article is about, DONT READ IT!!!

Get a fricken life…my gosh.

zanessa fan @ 06/13/2008 at 3:44 am

that is so cute and right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think it’s so sexy that they want to say pure till marriage. also, i think it’s sexy that they r being good guys by trying to get their fans to do the same as them. i’am going to make the same promis to god and get a purity ring !!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

why do u diss the jonas brothers if they want to wait until they find thee write person to have sex with let them i have a purity ring cause if i want to have sex i want to know the person before i get pregnant or in the jonas brothers case before they get a girl pregnant

I think it’s extremely crazy how people think it’s so weird for famous young adults (or young adults in general) to have morals & stick to them.
I think it’s very admirable to be pure, especially since obviously a bunch of people don’t want to be or just won’t.
Demi Levato & Selena Gomez have also proclaimed their vow to stay pure until marriage on their youtube vlog.
I applaud them, & am glad to see there are acceptable rolemodels for children (& myself, as I vow to be pure as well) to look up to.

jonas_07_joe @ 06/15/2008 at 11:42 pm

All I have to say is: people believe what they believe in…so what if they believe in something with a little bit of moral standing???? does that really make them “extremists”…oh..and by the way, if you hate them so much why are you on here commenting on them?

Why do you guys care if they are absitent or not?? it’s not your life…let them live their’s.

wow so cute. i am 20 and i am a virgin and i am proud

I think that it is so adorable that JB have purity rings. It means a lot to kids everywhere that there are still some people to look up to who haven’t given into the temptations of fame and fortune. The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus, except for her slip in Vanity Fair, have really shown kids everywhere that just being yourself is the best way to live your life. Don’t give in to peer pressure and trust your instincts. That is the only way to truly live a happy and fulfilled life. Above all else, follow your dreams just like Miley and the Jonas Brothers have followed theirs. After all, look where it has gotten them.

I think that it is so adorable that JB have purity rings. It means a lot to kids everywhere that there are still some people to look up to who haven’t given into the temptations of fame and fortune. The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus, except for her slip in Vanity Fair, have really shown kids everywhere that just being yourself is the best way to live your life. Don’t give in to peer pressure and trust your instincts. That is the only way to truly live a happy and fulfilled life. Above all else, follow your dreams just like Miley and the Jonas Brothers have followed theirs. After all, look where it has gotten them.

this is old news. and they’ve had those for how long? and you just now care. blah blah. and besides they are doing something good and you diss them? that’s pretty dumb if you think about it.

kt jonas joe @ 06/19/2008 at 11:47 am

i love joe joe joe joe joe joe joe joe

Mrs.joe jonas @ 06/19/2008 at 8:07 pm

you know what?I ****** hate all the stupid people who sit there and critisize the jonas brothers for not having sex before marrige!And im sorry that u want them to do it before marrige but i bet u they wont!Sorry they are not stupid little hores like you guys are below!And the people who agree with me are the actual people who have any sence in the whole ****** world!!To prove my point i think that people who have sex before getting married just have little self respect for not only their selves but for who they r going through that with!SO thanks for listening and i love you jonas brothers….specially you joe!!!YOu the hottest thing on earth!!!**** on the universe!!!

i think that is amazing. it makes a bold statment because purity is so rare today. i wear a purity ring myself and to know that the jonas brothers have made the descision to stay pure makes me love them even more!

i love the JB but i dont think to can last for that long and they are in the same group as HM now totally milking to pure and sweet thing too much

okay wowwwww. just because they dont want to have sex until marriage, that makes them gay? do you hear what your saying? your probably just jealous because even if they didnt wear those rings they wouldnt want you. as for the britney thing, yeah maybe they are just doing it for publicity, but maybe theyre not. its not like any of us would know. whatever, you people are annoying. and nick jonas is so cute :)

well i agree wit most of da people that say good job and the people that say if they do happen 2 have sex b 4 marriage then that will b all in the magazines and its gna SUUCK!@%# and i hope really do have good morals b cause those fans are and always will b throwing themselves at u ? BUT MORE POWER 2 U

i would totally blow u and do whatevr u wnt me 2 do 4 u in the bed and trust me u would not regret breaking ur purity promise!!!!!! :)


i think thats sweet, and really cool!!!!! LUV YA NICK!!!

i think thats sweet, and really cool!!!!! LUV YA NICK!!!

its great they actually have morals
dont dis them coz theyr virgins and juz coz u ant dont mean n u can dis someone who is thats like disin some one who dont watch tv or eat chocolate and by the way gay means happy and homo if u dont ad on the sexual part it means human

that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn’t know Kevin was 20 Joe was 18 and i knew that Nick Was 15 because of Miley Cyrus

Ana sofia linan garcia @ 06/22/2008 at 3:15 pm

cute beatiful ring I m mexican and read ( en el norte y me encanto demasiado mi papa me lo comprara espero que este barato y le prometo a mis padres que sere pura hasta desposarme

OH MY GOD! hey ******** saying **** like they are denying their human nature by not having sex! Guess where you’ll be in ten years! ******’ jail for having a prostitution business since you like it so much. Look around the freaking world there are loads of VERY attractive men and women 18, 20, and older that are still virgins!

You people saying these things are so ******* closed minded! And if you doubt what they are saying you are just like them. They need for their fans to have faith and hope in them to keep their promises to themselves and their future wives, they need support in their SMART decision.

Also, if nobody wants them for being virgins when they do get married, then it is better for them never to marry because no girl is worth them anyway.

***** me out if you want, I don’t give a **** because i will always have the satisfaction of knowing i’m right and your lives will only ever amount to a load of **** anyhow.

Hey Jonas Brothers,
Your music Rocks! By the way i think its stupid that Kevin and Nick didnt bairly get parts in Camp Rock.
See ya

JONASBROTHERLOVERSEXY @ 06/25/2008 at 12:23 am


its about time we have some role models to look up a jb fan and i think its great that they choose to wait until a christian and i think its great. thats probably one of the reasons a husband/wife divorce.its a personable decision.

they will regret it its so stupid just like them zack efron is better so

That just makes me love them even more! To me a man that would do this is just amazing, and makes them even more of a man. <3 you Kevin!

i think that is so sweet i realy hope they stay pure because you never now what could happen till it happens

i think that having purity rings and having abstinence is something that everyone should do. Staying pure till marriage is a special bond between the couple and God. I have a purity ring and a necklace. I plan on staying pure and I think that the Jonas Brothers are going to stay pure till Marriage.

You guys are so awesome. Keep rocking.

I am actually buying one.
Like, no joke.

Joe is so hot and sexey i love joe so much man he is hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

joe you are so hot and sexey i love joe your hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

wow! i think most of you are being retarded. Just because they are staying pure doesn’t mean their gay! i have a purity ring, i’ve had one longer then the jonas brothers have been famous, a lot of my friends have this belief, most guys, and they are deffinetly NOT gayyy!
The Jonas Bros have a belief no other stars have, and i think thats really strong of them to show what they believe in! Don’t judge them for wearing one. Judge them if they have sex before marriage, cause have you heard one rumor about them from poparottzi, NO! they stay out of trouble. One rumor went around about Nick and Miley having a baby! WOW that was pry Miley’s reputation, i like Miley but a lot of rumor’s go around about her, so it’s pry her fault for that rumor!
I love the Jonas Brothers and I think it’s great what they stand by!

i love ya joe call me

HAHA VIRGINS!!!!!!!! I knew they were gay.

kevin is a *****. a virgin at 20. *** on he probably wont no where to stick his choad in.

its kinda sad that all you people that think purity rings are stupid would actually go on here…, its kinda obvious that you dont have a life because if you think that there that stupid then why would you sit here and say that there gay just because there actually doin a smart thing and chosing not to have sex. for all you guys that are posting that the whole purity ring thing is gay….heres an idea…..get off your butt and go get a life instead of sitting here and writing that its gay when you dont even care about it.

WOW!!!!! thats really great that they are staying pure. im staying pure too and Im a JESUS FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sooo glad that there soo perfect in sooo mANY WAYS. I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS

i find it hilarious, how some of u have no morals and probably had sex at like 15, its not a bad thing to wait until marriage to have sex, stop criticizing them cause they wanna wait until marriage, ppl who have sex b4 marriage r pathetic,

a sister in christ @ 07/01/2008 at 4:23 pm

you know, i think it’s really incredible that the jonas bros ahve enough faith in God that they are willing to stand up for what is right!!! sry if sum of you don’t agree… but being pure is NOT stupid. that’s really what our nation was founded on; God. the jonas bros have my support!

SpunkDonkey @ 07/01/2008 at 10:46 pm

WTF? They should know better. This has got to be a joke. These New Jersey freaks are laying all kinds of pipe all over all of the Disney hotties and you all know it.

Not every who has sex ends up in a ***** house. Are you people nuts?

Besides, I read an article in Circus Magazine where the Jonas Brothers are touring with Motley Crue. They are going to snort ants and drink whisky and poop on the couch in the green room… while getting laid… ten times a day.

vANESSA hUDGENS @ 07/01/2008 at 10:52 pm

You people should top criticizing prostitution. How else am I supposed to make enough money to download Jonas Brothers albums on i-tunes?

they are real or they are fake! who ******* cares? if you have a purity ring and have sex are you explouted in every magizine and every show in america? NO! also they arent even role models! people get purity rings because they want to be like them! not because they are making a vow to god! so next time you look at the purity ring you got because of them, think about if you got it for yourself or to be like the jonas brothers. also they wont stay to the rings and even so. they wont like you! THEY ARE OFFICIALLY GAY! EVERYONE KNOWS!!

they have the rings because no one thinks that they can be abstinent without them and with them they get more attention! also THEY ARE GAY!!

The Jonas Brothers are awsome, i love their music!!

why are you all criticizing the Jonas Brothers for remaining abstinent? what’s wrong with that? I mean, in the show business world, there aren’t a lot of people that have remained abstinent. I have a purity ring and I never take it off. I got mine before I even knew that the Jonas Brothers had them. Just because they respect themselves enough to make this promise, doesn’t mean that their gay or stupid. I think it’s awesome that they aren’t ashamed to tell the world that they are actually pure and want to remain pure.

So, for those who think that it’s stupid that they are wearing purity rings, stop reading this article and just go get a life. I mean, if you hate them so much, why are you reading about them? Just to bash them? The people who do that are just pathetic losers that have nothing better to do in their pathetic lives.

I really admire you for your promise. Hope your success just keeps getting bigger!!! I love you Jonas Brothers!!!!!

PS. Don’t listen to the people saying that you are stupid for having the purity rings. You have the support of all your TRUE fans. ~~~~

~<3 ya~

I actually commend them on their mission to keep their precious V-Card. It means that they have morals. I wonder if they’re going to stick to it. Luck be the lady who marries Joe Jonas.

sex is a gift from God, for a married couple to share, not share with anyone and everyone. And just because you aren’t having sex doesn’t mean you’re gay.
abstinence doesn’t mean you are repressed.
keep your vows, guys!!

any girl will be lucky to get a guy that hasn’t given his purity away. It’s something to save for your future spouse.
God bless you, Jonas Brothers!!!

miss jonas @ 07/03/2008 at 3:44 pm

wooooooooowwww!!! i love the jonas brothers….and i think that if a 20 and 19 and 16 year old boy doesn’t wNT 2 HAVE *** untill marriage…his just he best…i mean how many guys do u know that are like that…their just veryyy special and i love them and i always will!!!even thow 4 THEM and ONLY them i think..i’d do it B4 MARRIEGE… love yaaaa JB

the jonas brothers r soooo kool

I really like this idea, and truthfully I believe it. I read up on the Jonas Brothers and they don’t seem to be like the other boy bands. They really did start years ago and happened to end up on the Disney Channel. Check out their Wikipedia page and see for yourself.

It is time for somebody as popular as the Jonas Brothers to stand up and say “Hey! Enough of this!” and do what is right and say what is right. I am really glad that there are still good role models out there for kids.

Go Jonas Brothers :)

There all soo hott.
i would totally like take there rings off just soo i could screw them all.
but thats me.

I think this is great. If everyone in hollywood was doing this the
world wouldn’t be so messed up. They’re setting a great example.
Too all you people thinking sex is everything, it honestly isn’t.

They are soo amazing.

JonasGIRL @ 07/08/2008 at 9:57 am

i think its awesome that they will wait it really shows that they respect themselves and anyone they date

thats great
that the jobros
use does rings to
stay pure till

I love Joe
he is cute

Its amazing to listen to the jonas brothers. but their views are JUST as amazing. those rings are soo awesum and im one all for it. those rings show that the jonas brothers are commited to staying pure and waiting for just the right person to be with and give themselves to. and it is about time for someone in the biz to show a little abstinence. way to go jonas brothers! u guys rock! love ya! <333 –camila

alrighty number 15…
i’m the same age as nick and i wear a purity ring…
my mom got pregnant with me when she was 16….
i don’t wanna make that same mistake…
i’m get embaressed talking about sex.. how could i possibly be mature enough to handle it?????
its a personal choice…
you want sex to be special for the first time and purity rings don’t make you gay or scared..
it makes you smart….

nick jonas is a lame diabetic.
if he were cool he would show his pump so everyone wouldn’t spend hours online looking for it.


olivia marie stiles @ 07/10/2008 at 9:00 pm

that is so awsome i have a purity ring, and i think you guys should talk more about it and stick to your promise. my promise is to not kiss or even have a boyfriend or have sex until marrige.

mad sus. mucho suso. wowo.

omg i love the jonas bros its so sweet how they wear the rings to stay pure i may get 1. well i luv them so much and i luv Nick!!

I think that it is really cool that the Jonas Brother’s wear purity rings. It takes a lot of strength to stand up for something you believe in and doubly more when you are as famous as them and are in the Hollywood Scene everyday of your life. To everyone who does not believe that they are pure and that this is a publicity stunt and even to the people like me who love the fact that they wear them. Who cares? A purity ring is a personal decision for the wearer to vow to be pure and holy until marriage, it is worn as a constant reminder to the wearer so that they are able to look at that and be reminded when they are tempted. It has nothing to do with anyone else and whether you believe them or not they are wearing them. If it is indeed a publicity stunt then they will be called on it later. I for one think it is not but no one knows their hearts and no one knows if they are indeed truly pure except them. So lay off!

Well good for the Jonas Brothers, Sex before marriage is horrible!!! I mean, think of it… what if you are not protected? You will have a child that you will carry with you wherever you go. That’s a burden! Think of the bright side, enjoy your life and have sex when you are married. The Jonas Brothers are a good example to young people these days. The Jonas Brothers are my Heroes!


theres nothing ‘rock n roll’ about saving yourself for marraige

Mrs. Joseph Adams Jonas @ 07/14/2008 at 5:02 pm

I think that the rings r so very hot!!! And I think they will keep that promise and they are great rolemodels for kids with the rings!!!!!!!!

This is amazing.
You hardly see this on guy’s. but it makes me soo happy when guy’s decide to ! I’m glad the Jonas Brothers decided to show their faith to the community. Cause of this, i have alot of respect for them!

Joe Jonas LOver @ 07/16/2008 at 2:44 pm

they have inspired me to get one and i want one just like joe’s. He is the hottest one. and sexiest.

oh my god, they are so cute! and pure too! i love them

Dude no girl thinks that ***** hott when a guy is 20 and a virgin he prolly never even had a gf when they culd all **** ne girl in america

yall r so awesome and pergect in every way.
You r definetley perfect in bein cute joe!
Love you joe.
Yall rock Jo bros’!

yall r so awesome and pergect in every way.
You r definetley perfect in bein cute joe!
Love you joe.
Yall rock Jo bros’!

yall r so awesome and pergect in every way.
You r definetley perfect in bein cute joe!
Yall rock Jo bros’!

keep rockin’ Jonas bros’!

I believe the same as Kevin, Nick and Joe!
They are such good role models for children!!!!!
I am going to get a purity ring as well, sometime.

It is nice to see that some people still have some common sense about this!!!! Way to go Jo. Bros.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it’s great they have purityy rings
and for you guys that thinkk itss bad and calling them lame.your gay.

Because there trying to good in their life and stay foucased on other things.So good for them

And all you guys who think itss stupiddd shovee it!!!!!

Rachel Bunch @ 07/18/2008 at 2:39 pm

I really respect the Jonas Brothers for wearing these purity rings! I’m glad that they are staying pure and true to God! I’m a big fan of theirs! I know it’s hard to resist temptation in this sexual based world, I think people like the Jonas Brothers that stand up for what they believe in is really brave! I’m so proud of them! You Go Jonas Brothers!!!!!!!!
May God be with you!

hi fans we are a gay

i think that is so awesome because i have a ring also. and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. i love u nick.. omg i cant believe we have the same exact b-day. September 16, 1992.

I welded a purity ring around my weiner and it fell off

I love the Cloneus brothers.

This is a great choice on their part. Althought it might be tough with all the publicity they are making in news these days with girls, most of it is not real. They have made it this far and i, a jonas brothers fan am glad to hear that they are all going by their religion and views as brothers & a family i hope they soon find the girl they are looking for (L)
but they cant rush marrage, you have to fully know the person and be mentally ready for it to work (Y)

I think it’s one of the coolest things ever. They set such a great example especially to teenagers, i also have a purity ring and i stand true to it. i think it’s the coolest thing ive ever heard about a celebrity. They are such down to earth guys and they actually care about their fans. i mean they hold free concerts when one sells out! they love their fans, not many celebrities can say that. I believe they will live by that i think they’ll stay together for as long as like…the rolling stones! their brothers, they work so well together and they love being together. they think its worth the wait and so do i.

jeannette @ 07/25/2008 at 4:22 pm

Yeah. I said the same exact thing. I was saving myself for marriage. But instead, I saved myself for love. Because guess what? Marriage doesn’t necessairly mean love these days. Tons of people are getting married these days who don’t truely love each other. There are legal reasons and tax reasons. Plus, they are seriously getting too much publicity on these purity rings. Big deal. They shouldn’t be encouraging abstinence, they should be encouraging safe sex. Because guess what, there’s a little thing called peer pressure and people aren’t perfect. They make mistakes.

I can’t believe that people are bashing them just because they want to stay pure til marriage. Your virginity is a gift that you should save to give to your spouse when you get married. It is the one most intimate thing god created for 2 human beings and it should only be shared within marriage. I think it is awesome that these boys are standing up and showing american teenagers that sex doesn’t make you cool, or popular, and that you should save sex for that one special person. I am just so upset at what people are saying, its making america sound like we are all just ***** who sleep around with everybody whenever, and we don’t have any feelings towards it. I heard this statistic once that was like 90% if teenage relationships break up within 1 month of having sex. Thats an awful lot! I am just so proud of these boys for staying pure!! Great Job Guys!!!

omg…i think thats the hottest thing ever…

i would want to be with a guy who never had sex until he found me. god damnit thats sexy as hell!

i didnt like the JB that much before but now i think they soooo ****** dope!

they got my support and i think everyone else should support them and girls should stop being stupid *****. yall look stupid anyways. i dont care who reads this and hates it but i think thats the sexiest thing they could do.

love you guys and im behind you all the ****** way!!! =D

I love you so mush, guys! You’re amazing and you know I want to be like you! And Joe I like your face when you’re signing! Lov you! xx

Maggie-girl17 @ 07/28/2008 at 9:53 am

All of you people makeing comments about the brothers either being gay or hypocrits are absolute f****** ignorant a****. All you people saying that its stupid to be virgins at 18 & 20 are even bigger ignorant a****. If Kevin, Joe, & Nick want to remain PURE then more power to them. Hearing that they have purity rings is a GOOD thing in this sexed-up world.

Kevin, Joe, Nick you are all HOT as hell & ilove your music

I think it is a good thing that these boys are making a statement to abstain from sex until after marriage. A relationship does not have to revolve around sex. Granted, we as human beings are sexual creatures and some choose to follow religious guidelines. Let them be! And if there is a deep connection between two people before they engage in sex, there is a better chance that their relationship will last.

So the fact that the Jonas Brothers are choosing to focus on other relationship building strategies is a good thing. They will end up having more meaningful, deeper relationships with the women they love; relationships that have a strong base of trust, respect, and acceptance of one another!

God Bless your whole family!

mrs.nickjonas @ 07/28/2008 at 9:15 pm

thats toooo cutee<333
i love them soo muchhh=]]

I think thats soo sweet that they make a promise to God to stay pure the. They inspired me to stay pure till marriage I want to thank espeaciall nick wen I heard that song DEAR GOD I just poured into tears thank you… n love you guys

ayy yo im glad ferr the jonas brothers!<3
theyy know the difference btwn right and wrong and fool that makes them even MORE PERFECT YO!(:
all the hateers can keep on dreaming they KNOW they ALL WANT THIS:/
i love nick!<3333
-Mrs. Nicholas Jerry Jonas here-

good 4 them, and u peeps that r sayin they’re not gona keep that promise……. WAT GIVES YOU THE SMALLEST CLUE THAT THEY WONT KEEP THEIR PROMISE??!!!!!!!! how *** u gota say that??!!!!!!!! omg, u say that cuz they’re strong and they can fight the temptation.. unlike u guys and most ppl… so back off!!!!!! they’re doin the right thing and u gota criticize them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there’ll b plenty of time 2 criticize them AFTER they have sex (b4 marriage) SO STOP H8TN!!!!!! and they probly WONT anyways,, u GUYS (emphasis on GUYS) need 2 stop bien stupid just cuz the girls r all over the jo bros and NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! get a life

desiree garrison @ 08/01/2008 at 10:22 am

thats so cool and you guys ROCK!!!!!

your mad at them for… not having sex untill they find someone they really care about…
are you honestly trying to make them whores like brittany and ****?
i think its noble.

to the people who think joe is 20.
yer stupid.
joe is not 20, kay?
stop making yerself look retarded.
if you were a real JB fan, then you would know which fu.cking brother was the oldest!

i think it is awsome that they stick to wat they believe in and setting themselves apart then mixing in with the hollywood stars that don’t know wats important in life. so people can say wat they want but they can’t change the jonas brothers mind on wat they dicided for them.

mrs.joejonas @ 08/02/2008 at 4:20 am

i totaly agree!!!they set a great example for teenagers and kids as well.i mean who wants to even have the guilt and especialy hiding it. it a horralbe thing to have sex just cause u want a little bit of “fun”. and i knew a girl who was not even a teenager yet and got they can just keep staying pure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

i want to have sex with joe jonas so much who knows how big his **** is

God Bless the Jonas Brothers for this act of kindness!!!

being pure until marriage is one of the smartest things to do. that way when you get married, you can say that you’ve saved your virginity for that special person. being pure is somethings special and you can only have it once. these boys have the right thing on their mind. they make excellent role models.

Oh my gosh thats so sweet that they promise tostay pure until married its so cute that there willing to make that big commenment to god they are so talented and awesome especially NICK

I am so glad they are pure just like me sweet! anyway i do not think they are milking it and really truley do bbelive it it is gods word to be pure

sk8tergirl41 @ 08/07/2008 at 12:30 am

i im so totaly with u. god basicly commanded us to stay pure but he also gave us a choise so we can make a wrong choice and get consequnces or wait and feel like we did the right thing and not get punished for it.i would agree they are hot but TRUE LOVE WAITS!!!!!

as a guy I an ashamed. Millions of girls are after them and they want to be pure? They could bang 5 girls at a time and more then once cause of the timezones. They are ungratefull of having control over millions of girls and using it wrong. But the probaly make it up in oral if it don’t count

intoxicated @ 08/07/2008 at 2:09 am

Ohhhh, Doesnt it just make you love them even more! ♥

intoxicated @ 08/07/2008 at 2:11 am


i think its great that they actually have morals. its not some show they are trying to put on to make themselves look better because it can get them a lot of criticism from some ppl like you. purity is attractive, im so sick of all the jerks out there who just want to get some. and all you guys who are saying its lame…i think your just jealous because they have thousands of screaming girls all the time and you seem awefully pale in comparison :) jealousy isnt cute boys


The Jonas Brothers are so cool! I’m getting my ring soon…

The Jonas Brothers are so cool! I’m getting my ring soon…

marinajoeiloveyouuu @ 08/11/2008 at 2:34 am

THEY RE EXAMPLES!! more boys/girls shoud be like them,they respect their religion and they re not afraid of showing people what they believe.I think this world is full of bad examples(Britney,Miley with her Disney image taking self-naked pictures) and they re not.GOOD FOR U JBROS! :) Mari from Argentina.

Daaaaamn duddde ! Joe is abstinent too. Thas gay. I would **** him. Hhahahaha.

Well tbh


I think it is fine and as part of a christian belief they should be allowe and not critisized.

Everyone has there own rights.

The Jonas Brothers are AWESOME! and for anyone who doesn’t like them or their music- you honestly shouldn’t be on this web page.. why would u care??Plus they have such a strong family background they would never let each other down!!!!!! It’s a promise to God – not just to any person…They wanna show the world who they are- they wanna be themselves-GO JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!

hahahaha awh i love the jonas brothers, and i guess i sort of respect and understand why they are remaining abstinent or w/e its called but seriously like every girl would be willing to get w/ them so i dont see why they purity ring is pretty gay though like trying to show off that theyve never gotten *****..not too cool. all you like hardcore christians need to calm down and get laid

megan christine @ 08/13/2008 at 2:16 pm

aww I really respect them for that. I don’t understand why poeple put them down about their purity rings theres NOTHING wrong with having morals and values.♥

i wear one too!! @ 08/13/2008 at 3:58 pm

i wear a purity ring too!! its not something 2 be ashamed of! i am saving myself 4 my husband, and him only. my body is more important 2 me than 2 be used every night for someone else’s momentary pleasure. this is something 2 be proud of!! why is it that we, as a generation, are so willing 2 have sex at such a young age?? but yet, its so wrong, or uncool, to wait?? personally, when i get married, i want someone 2 have saved themselves for me as well. i think that is the most amazing gift that you, personally can give your spouse on your wedding night. yes, this is a tough promise to keep but doesn’t it make it all the more worthwhile on your wedding night??

i luv that pic of nick jonas i luv him a lot more like a huge crush

ithe jonas brothers r perfect insreration for ppl.
thanks guys for the great inseration
we luv u

hey guys i just want to say i lov all so much and joe you are so hot and im your #1 fan love

and if all read this call me 1(812)725-4493

or writght back at jonasgirl.10@hotmail

wow.. its amazing to know that there still have this kind of man alive. actually i wasn’t attracted to the jonas brothers before until i know about their purity ring.. and now, i will definitely support them.. even though im not a christian and in fact my religion is pretty far from christian (im a buddhist) but still i believe one man should stay pure until he’s married.. go jonas brothers!! i will definitely support all of you!!

dudes,,,,,,why are you even commenting if you dont like the jonas brothers let them what they want to be let them they believe in god and thats good and people who are saying that this is stupid then damn you cause everyone should have one people out there is so gross trust me they will stay pure until marriage,,why put stupid stuff like that ? mind your own stuff then if you wanna be sex addict!!!
jonas brothers keep on rocking and they dont lipsync they sing truly
yeah people who are saying that they lipsing wel they havent been to there concerts then they do play there insturments okk did you get it now…….yeah im getting one next year cause i willl always stay true to god !!

why are people camparing the perfect jonas brothers with britineyspars i mean they have purty rings even nick the youngest the hottest

This Video on youtube shows one of Nick Jonas’s friends, Fletcher Della Grotta, breaking his neck skimming on a wave, check it out in remembrance of him… R.I.P.

i dont belive in if u marry somone and they are bad sex you to divorce them its a dum thing to do i love jonas brothes still.

I THINK the jonas brothers are doing something cool and all u people who are hateing u guys are just mad because your not in their pands.

Omg, the day that this was wrote, was my birthday!!!

are you people kidding me? all of you that say that there “gay” are dumb and immature. just because there standing up for something they believe in doesn’t mean their gay. their making a promise and comitment to God and I think that’s an amazing thing to do for yourself. it shows that your not willing to just “give” your body to anyone, your waiting for the special person. I also wear a purity ring. sooo shut up and get a life please(: I lovee Joe. haha.

#227. wtf? are you kidding me? that is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard. wow grow up and get a life.

If you are a fan of the Joans Brothers then you should be a fan not only for their music but also for who they are as people. Being pure until marriage is a really good thing and that is what Christians believe so good for them on being Christians and believing that.

whatever floats there boat ..
but honestly they’re to handsome to wait that long!
especially when they’re dating girls like miley and AJ ..
how can they resist?

how can they be pure when a million girls are after then and i heard one of them asked joe on live chat and he said “sure ok”

I luv these guys and im glad that they are letting the world know that they wanna stay pure. That is hot. I LUV NICK!

I totally respect the Jonas Brothers. The world we live in today has really lost there morals. Instead of praising them for following the Lord’s Word they are getting put down because it is so “crazy” that they follow there faith like they should. Most people say they are Christians but then they go and become sexualy inmoral. It is important and I think that we should live by there example. It is hard to follow your faith when the whole world’s watching.

If you disagree or have a comment on what i just said please feel free to email me @

Jonas lover :) @ 08/31/2008 at 3:04 am

i’m glad they have purity rings. i have one to. and i no they won’t end up like brittney. i don’t no how i no but i no. plus if your going to make fun of them because they’re proud to say they’re pure you have some major issues. i love the jonas brothers!!!!!

i love joe jonas and he would never do such a ting u liers i love u joeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and none of the would do that not ven the one i love joe jonas he is the hottest on of all but he is no a lier like these people say he is to me he is alittel angel and a hot one at my point so dont say he is a lier i will marry him if he asked me i love him and he would never ever ever break a promise never he is such a angel that is why i love him but please dont say that the jonas brothers lie they are so cute and they would never do such a ting as u say they do so preste dont talk**** about them and one more thing joe will u marry me pliz i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lots of kissessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss and 2 nick to and his diabetis i like him 222222222222222 but u rhot and beautiful i will just marry u i love u marry me pliz lots of kissess and hugges xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoooxoxxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxooxoxo

well they are lies but i love u joe jonas will u like marry me i love u bye and sorry about nick tell him 2 fell much better bye love u joeeeeeeeeeeeee marry meeee

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Courteney @ 09/07/2008 at 8:26 pm

I think this is amazing. I just turned 13 yeserday and wanted a purity ring for my birthday, and i got one. Everyone is bashing on them for making this commitment but we put Jamie Lynn on almost every paper congradulating her for being 17 and already having a baby. Plus she isn’t married. This takes a lot of self control, and they are good role-models for this. This also doesn’t mean they are gay, It just means they have respect of themselves.

I love these guys!!!

Courteney @ 09/07/2008 at 8:26 pm

I think this is amazing. I just turned 13 yeserday and wanted a purity ring for my birthday, and i got one. Everyone is bashing on them for making this commitment but we put Jamie Lynn on almost every paper congradulating her for being 17 and already having a baby. Plus she isn’t married. This takes a lot of self control, and they are good role-models for this. This also doesn’t mean they are gay, It just means they have respect of themselves.

I love these guys!!!

Way to go, guys! I commend you on abstaining from sex till marriage. I don’t understand why people think this is bad. I waited, and believe me a good husband is worth the wait. I could have given in to any number of guys and regretted it as it would just have been meaningless sex. Waiting for true love is more meaningful. I bet a lot of single mothers out there wish that they had waited, though I know their babies mean the world to them, I don’t doubt that.

I’m on your side for sure, guys.

Yes, they’re all virgins…..riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Kiddies, welcome to the world of PR. Let this be a lesson to you: what the companies who own your celebrities say? Usually not true.

Also, the Easter Bunny? Aw, never mind..I don’t want to burst your bubble again. (No pun intended).

thats very good of them . someone atleast keeps control of stuff like that.

this is much better than what we learn in school: hygienic sex, yeah right, what ‘s hygienic about it? Not even the animals are doing it! we are thought to behave worse than the animals!
This is something pure hope more will follow!

Be wise and do not kill yourself (and others), spare yourself of great suffering:
A fourth of American teen girls have an STD, same or worse for boys

errrassser @ 09/12/2008 at 9:41 pm

before i dont like jonas brothers but when i’ve found out they wear purity rings and they dont wanna have sex until they’re married, i kinda like them coz that must be the standards of every youth today! and premarital sex is a sin!

Mulltettosser5 @ 09/15/2008 at 10:18 pm

yo use is da gayest bunch of homos eva. grow some balls and den use dem. you ***** *****. douche heads. gay *******. stupid stupids. motha fuckas. **** yo beliefs, yo beliefs can go **** dem selfs. you all look like dumb *****. stay ****** ******* fo life one love <3 ladies get at me if you lookin fo a good **** <3 DTF <3 ya nigga BIG HANK

That’s cute that they wear purity rings…but since guys have a high sex drive,im surprised they havent melted those rings down by now xD
Still its nice that they want to save sex for marriage.
Though i wouldnt.Best to have some experience for the honeymoon lol

WOW!!!!!! FAKE JB!!!!!!!! BUT STILL HOTTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait till Joe meets me, then he will get rid of that purity ring of his asap, mwhaha c:

It’s cute that Nick wears one!

I don’t wanna be rude but I find it a bit weird that Kevin wears one! He’s 20 years old.

Sex shouldnt just be soemthing u do with everyone. These guys arent EXTREME christians either if there just following what the word says, I think that the JB’s are being brave and showing their beliefs and opinions on this subject. Plus i dont think its very special if u wake up the next morning and the guy or girl aint there…. Think about it :P

JB’s ROCK and im glad that there are young celebrities out there that r good rolemodels.

Christianity isnt so much a religion its more of a life style and a relationship with God :)

i think it’s great that they want to be pure…

#29 I totaly agree with you

Chana BAnana @ 09/28/2008 at 9:30 am

i love the jonas brothers there amazing!!!

Sheneequa (on page 9)
how can u say that he is a lame diabetic!??
he’s amazing for being able to keep control of his diabetes and still become a huge star!!
are you even diabetic? cause if u r then u should know that not every diabetic like to show of the injecetion sites or where they place there pumps and maybe nick just wants to keep it private
if u want to see a diabetic pump just type it into the net there not that amazing and basically the same!!

they are seriously so perfect :)


It is stupid and immature to make fun of people who are strong and disciplined enough to actaully wait till marriage and not be totally sex pigs like the rest of hollywood!
I have the up most respect for Kevin Joe and Nick
I am 16 and I also wear a purity ring…so thanks guys for your courage and discipline!

well , it’s good that they are not into this . i support them .

I think it is adorable that they are still able to stand for what they believe and show their commitment to staying pure even while being 3 of the cutest celebs around right now…. i just hope that they stay true to their promise and don’t just wear it to make others happy. But i think a purity ring is a great thing to have to remind us to stay pure in a world which is constantly trying to get us not to.

OOOhhh my god…..
They are perfect…..hihi
i just love jonas brothers totaly
they are so HOT…!!!!!!!!
especielly Nick and Joe……Yuuuumm

dianna kennedy @ 10/06/2008 at 3:14 pm

i love u nick u are the man u are soooooooooooo fine i would like to git with u .

khieli and mariah @ 10/11/2008 at 12:15 am

Hi guys.. it’s khieli and mariah. Just saying hi and Keep on Rockn’!!!

To Jules #341 who said:

“It’s cute that Nick wears one!

I don’t wanna be rude but I find it a bit weird that Kevin wears one! He’s 20 years old.”

Are you brain dead?
You know that people get older don’t you?
And that Nick is also going to be 20 one day too?
And that he might not be married by then?
That has got to be the most stupid thing anyone could have said.
I mean do you just think that when Nick gets to a certain age he should just take it off and go have sex?
The point is to wait until marriage no matter what age that might be.

Personally, if they really do wear them, than I think that is awesome work.

♥♥I think that it is awesome that at least these three guys have morals, unlike everyone in u 3 rock!♥♥

True or Untrue, I don’t care. Purity. At least they are standing for something. They have something to hold on and they have the best gift for their future wife. There are lots of men and women like them. They are going to be honored by God for doing their best to be pure. What I can say is that these kids are showing that they are still respecting themselves as creations of God. They chose to be people with high standards and those standards will receive big rewards from God. Sexual Activity is sacred. It’s God’s gift. Why waste it for settling for something less than what God wants. Your future wife deserves the best and these kids are showing that. The problem with a lot of people these days, they are growing immune to corruption. To be different is great.

Kyla staats @ 10/19/2008 at 11:20 pm

I Love That The Jonas Brothers Wear Purity Rings.
I Have One Myself And Its A Promise To Me And To God.
Everyone Love’s The Jonas Brothers And Everyone Looks Up To Them. By Wearing Purity Rings Thier Setting A Great Example!!
-Kyla Staats

Haha, purity rings? Are you kidding me? Have they attended their purity balls yet? I bet they felt cool walkin in with mommy and pledging before god not to def lour some poor girl until they’re roped at the neck and united at the finger. I just don’t get it. Sex is sex. God has nothing to do with it and nor do silver rings. Lame.

So these Jonas bros are insulting me and other normal people by implying that I am an impure human being because I choose to decide what to do with my body for myself, and thus saying that they are better than me? They can go to hell, elitist dirtbags!

joe is sooooo hot i dont know how they got soo popular soo quick but idc nick has the most precios face joe invented sexy and im nto a big fan of kevin

kevin i love u @ 10/28/2008 at 8:35 am

i love kevinnnnnnnnn

Michelle & Melissa @ 11/02/2008 at 2:41 pm

i hate the fact tht other people call them gay just for tht reason.!!!
Personally i think tht they have made the right choice,
If i were to hang around with them then i would feel more secure and relaxed cuz i know tht they wont take advantage.
I know tht other girls would agree.
*** <3

JESSICA loves jb @ 11/11/2008 at 1:48 pm

I think that’s good. Kids who are at an age to be tempted pay alot of attention to the Jonas Bros. If they aren’t that big on the idea of being pure, they may be like the idea of doing something that the Jonas Brothers do. It’s sad but true.

Proof? I’m a follower of Christ, but the Jonas Brothers inspired the idea of getting a purity ring for me. I just ordered one and it’s the way!

I think that it’s a really good thing that they’re gonna stay pure until marriage. It’s one less stress thing they’d have to deal with if they got a disease or if they got a girl prego. So it’s nice to see this.
And OMG! They are such sexy beasts!!!! I love them to death!!!!

It is really sad that in America that it is wierd or extreme to not have sex before you are married. Some have called them stupid and other names. But to me with all the sexually transmitted diseases out there and AIDs that can take your life. I’m sorry to say the the Jonas Bros are NOT the ones who are stupid! Besides wouldn’t it be awesome to marry someone who you know has not been with anyone else? You know the saying that when you have sex with someone you are having sex with everyone they have had sex with. Which is the better choice?
You decide.

#25, i dont mean to be rude, but dont you think that maybe they are man enough to back up their words? i mean you’ve at least got to give them the benefit of the doubt, dont condemn them for others mistakes, they arent the same people.
you dont know them as people so dont judge or criticize on a subject in which your knowlegde of is completely ignorant.

i agree with # 29

you condemn the people that have sex and get pregnant as teenagers, but then you also condemn those such as the jonas brothers for their vow and decision to abstain from such things???

because that TOTALLY makes sense, right??

so pretty much its a damned if you do, damned if you dont kind of situation.

its nice to know that the world revolves around you and that your opinions are the only ones that matter.

(just in case you are slow, or just plain stupid^^^^^ that last statement is completely sarcasm)

I really like the Jonas Brothers and I think their decission for abstanace until marriage is very cool and smart, because it is really important to save yourself until you meat that one special person that you can trust and share the magic of love with.

mr nick jonas @ 11/23/2008 at 6:38 am

just tonight i decided i want one so me and my fiend wanna know where you get them…i love nick and i didnt realise he was only 15!
lol i am willing to wait for him <3

The Jonas Brothers could get tons of ladies.
Do you all think a ring really means they are waiting til marriage?
How would we ever know?

Dear jonas brothers,
This is Rileigh and i love what you have done next year when i am 13 I will get a ourity ring thanks guys here is my email

Dear jonas brothers,
This is Rileigh and i love what you have done next year when i am 13 I will get a ourity ring thanks guys here is my email

If the Jonas Brothers stop wearing their purity rings i will hate them for life!!!! As much as i hate hell!!!

I love them I’m 15
I’m a Christian but I am not a vergin and I deeply regret it….maybe if repent I can get a purity ring and not have sex tell mariage and learn from my mistake or will that make me a hypocrite….hmmm well
I love the Joe bro’s there amazing<3
I advise u wait tell mariage…no matter
How old u are it won’t matter in the end
Cus gods on your side….

omj i love the jonas brothers they are just amazing how great can they get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh i love joe! you 2 nick! ;D

XOXO: mrs.joejonas

they’re too perfect
they give such as good sample to all of teenagers in the world.!
i love you..
you’re the best

I think that so awsome! They´re setting a great example for youth all around….not just in the USA. I´m happy that finally some1 in this hollywood world is standing up for purity.

Emily Makay Joe-Jonas @ 12/18/2008 at 11:02 pm

Well I think Joe is HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT and I think that its SWEAT that he’s waiting till marriage!!! I think he *and his bro’s!!* is a HUGE exsample to ppl that belive in GOD and other famus ppl!!! I HATE famus ppl like Brittany Spares and Lindsey Lohan hu keep showing off there privates cos its DISCUSTING!!!!!!!!!!! And how ppl can show it in fri*kin magazines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! URGHHHHHHH its DISCUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am now going to wear a purity ring!!! *Even tho i’m a gurl!!! (Do gurls do the same thing???)*

you guys are stupid,
its their choice and if they want to stay pure than they shud be allowed to. i’d like to see you in 10yrs time. youll be unmarried, multiple babies on ur hip and who knows wat diseases.
stickup for what u believe in 4 goodness sake.

thatdramakid @ 12/22/2008 at 1:37 pm

Hearing that they have purity rings wants me to get one….I just think the whole “no sex” thing until marriage is cool. I mean, do you really need to have sex when you’re 16?Making out all the time is good enough for me. =]

you guz are soo dumb who thinks thats gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ill be laughing when you get pregent and have a horrible life espaliily when the raptur happenneds thats when God comes down and takes all the christians and leaves all of the people who aren’t behind and you still have one last chance for the next seven years the anti christ is going to pull u farther away from him if you get the mark of the devil it has 666 on it thats the mark of the devil and u guz will all get in a lake of fire and you will live there and that will behorrible so guz follow the jonas brothers good example im a good christian and you guz should foollow that thats what God wants from all of you he doesnt want you to go to hell he wants you to come in live in heaven and live forever with him love u jonas brothers!!

i think the purity rings r awesome!
i want one!!!

wow that is amazing that they r not going to until they r married i think that is cool. i am thinking of getting one myself. I LOVE JOE!!!!!!!! e-mail me plz jonas brother all of u. I LOVE U GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“anyone who wears purity rings should have their intellingence questioned”..

uhhhhh…wrong. i wear one too and im pretty darn smart in my own right.
i don’t wear mine due to religion–i wear mine BY CHOICE.

kudos to the jonas bros for setting an amazing example.

they r the best no matter wat haters

uhh the jonas brothers are making the best choice possible ,,, i dont know about anyone else but when i get married i do not want to worry about other people my husband has slept with i want to be his first … and all you people who think purity rings are dumb are whack ,,, i wear one and its the best choice ive ever made (besides accepting Christ) so all you who think its “lame” you need God … ill pray for you

go jonas brothers for staying pure
they’re great role models
so if u think it’s stupid then LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg!!!!!!!!!!I love the jonas brothers they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocute,great singers and much much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it’s great that these guys are standing up for their morals and beliefs. I feel sorry for the person who commented that God’s divine plan was for us to be “uptight unhappy prudes.” Not at all; it was God who created us male and female. But He knows that for our protection, sex should only be for married couples. That’s the only way to be healthy and happy. Sex is special, and if you have it with anyone and everyone, it becomes cheap and meaningless. Way to go Jonas brothers!

purity rings? give me a break.
look, i have nothing against the Jonas brothers, but virginity isn’t a fashion statement.

to remain a virgin until your married, that should be a personal and private commitment and i dont think that should be flashed around or be used to promote someone’s self-image.
besides, its not like sex is a bad thing. if nobody had sex, WE WOULDNT BE HERE.

ammie, your exactly right it everything you said.
..and kirra, you crack me up XD

ahhh, its all good… and as far as stupid Americans are concerned.. did you notice that you had to spell everything out for him/her and it took a while for the Person to understand?
yeah, they’re prettymuch all like that. its very VERY hard to come across an intelligent American.
especially on you tube.

im glad there virgins
b/c once me and joe get married he wont have no STD’s!! (=

The Jonas Brothers are more than pretty boys that you see on the cover of magazines. They are more than that. They do not care who you are or what your religion is or if you washed your hands (well, maybe the washing hands part) they are great people who give themselves for the Lord and support diabeties and other causes. I know you want to meet them, but would you if they weren’t famous? I know you probably think you know the answer already but do you?

Good on You Boys!

I have one and it shouldnt be made fun of

We do it for God


Uh…i am Joe Jonas and Im seein some bad comments.
#30what is not true???That im not pure? and whoever is a hater of me then why are you even commenting.IF.YOU.DONT.HAVE.ANYTHING.NICE.TO.SAY.DONT.SAY.IT.AT.ALL.Especially,if you know that whoever this is about will be looking at this. ♥You all who are not haters♥#2♥♥♥

hey i hate the jones brothers but the pure thing is cool cuz no one under stans any more that its not all about the girls and the sex

i love the jonas brothers but i think this is kinda weird and i bet they did choose to do this i bet their parents made them do it .

oh darn, there goes my shot ;)
they’re soo finnne :)))

simple_truth17 @ 02/04/2009 at 7:00 am

These young guys are the COOLEST for making a stand on there faith & for not being weaklings like many who are TOO WEAK to control one’s self.

I can’t comment on those who are not Christians for it is not my business (just as 1 Cor 5:12-13 says). but those who CLAIM they are CHRISTIANS know perfectly that they are not expected to engage in premarital sex for this is CONSIDERED a sexual immorality IN THE CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS (I mean this– applicable for those who claim to be Christians)

Sad though that many can’t stand up on this commitment to abstain from this kind of sexual immorality, specifically, premarital sex (based on the CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS).

And it is actually these people (who fail to stand on this duty), who say that it is okay AND MAKE A LOT OF COMPROMISES which are TOO NEVER LOGICAL and TOO POORLY GROUNDED like:
1. hey it is a need, or
2. oh that is too gay not to engage in premarital sex with a girl
3. or hey it is just a culture and cultures can vary

well, first, it is true that sex is a need for propagation & expression of love but based on the Christian teachings (IF YOU CLAIM TO BE A CHRISTIAN & if u are a Christian), sex is only for married couples.
WHAT could be so hard to understand about that? SEX IS ONLY OF MARRIED COUPLES PERIOD. so simple.
just like saying a tree is a plant OR saying do not drive without a license. so simple. that there is no other way of making it simpler to understand. SEX IS ONLY FOR MARRIED COUPLES–based on the Christian teachings. (so if u are a christian based on your law, no premarital sex, just follow the law).

second, “that is too gay for a guy not to engage in premarital sex w/ a girl?” like who ever invented sex as a measure for masculinity. “being considered gay for not having premarital sex w/ a girl” is a statement as good as the statement “being gay for not trying to smoke cigarettes or use cocaine and other forms of illegal drugs”. These statements are just used to push one into doing something AND USUALLY deviant/bad THINGS. LAME!!!

third, abstaining from premarital sex is just a culture & cultures can vary? So IF WE TRY putting it in your terms…that Christianity has its own culture, YOU, WHO CLAIM to be a CHRISTIAN is expected to follow the culture. otherwise, you are a deviant and deviants ARE ALWAYS CRITICIZED for not following the STANDARDS. the only moment a deviant will not be criticized is when he/she is no longer a deviant or when his/her act(s) are accepted or has become acceptable. But for AS LONG AS YOU ARE A DEVIANT, since u deviate from the standards of what is considered righteous actions, BASED on the Christian teachings, u will always be criticized, considered weak for not being able to stand up for your socially-accepted duties (in the Christian society), and will be judged upon, and will be considered as someone doing the wrong thing SINCE YOU ARE NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING. simple.

SO FOR THOSE who say they are Christians who do P.M.S. & say & USE thosE illogical and poorly grounded EXCUSES, u are are so illogical. pls be logical. I know & understand that adolescents can be illogical but do not carry this illogical trait till your adulthood. pls try to learn how to be logical. ESPEcially if you are blessed with a brain that is not damaged. train your brain to be logical.

so it is actually just either, people who make those excuses are:
(1) too irresponsible to accept & be accountable for their sinful & deviant acts OR
(2) they are illogical. choose.

but u always can change for the better. pls change for the better. DO NOT be a weakling.

I am writing this REFERRING ONLY TO those who claim to be Christians for I can’t judge the wrongness or rightness of those who don’t claim to be Christians since the basis for their actions are not the Christian teachings, SO NO COMMENT FOR THEM ON THIS MATTER.. FOR NOW.

if however u claim to be a Christian but don’t know what your duties are, please read the bible. it is your responsibility. just as u are responsible to know the laws of your country, so are u also responsible being a citizen in Christ’s kingdom, TO KNOW YOUR CHRISTIAN laws of righteous living. =-)

besides, practically speaking, you get STIs with promiscuous sex. like foul smelling drools coming out or cauliflower looking warts all over your organs!! YOU WANT to avoid that right?
promiscuous sex also give: for girls a broken hymen and less value just like second-hand, third-hand items, they loose value because of constant usage. Eww. I would never want to be like that!!! & if guys think that girls don’t take it a deal if boys are not virgin.SO WRONG!! you’re just the same as a girl with a broken hymen & used many times.

so I SAY THE JONAS BROTHERS WERE JUST SO COOL & NOT WEAKLINGS. such good role models for the youth for being strong & committed ppol. =-)

AND THEY really ROCK!! =-)

omg there so hoooooooooooooooooooot

We just started a group on Facebook about purity and purity rings; check it out

the purity rings arent true they just have them so it looks like they are all gonna wait till there married

i want to see joe jonas becausei am his bigest fan and i have a crush on joe jonas/shane grey

love tara salisbury

omg the jonas brothers are like so hot im goin and seeing there movie it will ROCK lol rotfl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy crap, yeah they’re defnitely milking this purity thing. its like a freak show! Never heard of that crap over here.

They will SOOOO regret the publicity when they finally “lose it” and get the nasty on….

It happens…


I think jonas brothers staying pure tile marriage is great and there descion and and you should’nt judge people because you never have and never will have lived there life so you need to be judging your self in steed of someone else and keep your comments to yourself cause some people want stay pure so what.If you wanna have sex that’s fine but maybe not every one wants to so keep your comments to yourself.

So awesome guys! You have something so many people don’t have. Way to be different and special and to have integrity. It’s part of your appeal. Lots of people are following your example and it’s so great to have someone like you who knows what’s important!

nick j love @ 03/01/2009 at 3:12 pm

well people there wear those rings so thay will wait to have it that all that ring stands for its a promes ring i have on so i will not have it at this age so all the jonas broher hater there will be qonaqueses love you nick jonas

i think that its great that the jb wear the rings!!! :) i luv the jobros and i think that its a great choice. i luv u joe!!!!!

nick lover @ 03/04/2009 at 7:30 am

I luv luv luv the JB i adore Nick I cryed my self to sleep last night
i wish that i could see him in the reall life
and anybody who hates the JB is gay or lesbian
go to hell:)))))))))))
Nick lover

I think this is their was of saying…..OH GOD IM NOT GETTING ANY!!! QUICK WHAT GIMIC CAN I COME UP WITH

Jessie @ 01/11/2009 at 6:13 pm im glad there virgins
b/c once me and joe get married he wont have no STD’s!! (= know…there IS such thing as a condom .. 98% effective against pregancy and stds … JUST PUTTING IT OUT THERE…if used correctly that is…unfortunately because people like the jonas brothers exhist no one knows HOW to use a condom in the US because your only allowed to teach abstinance…and then hey what to you know…highest teen preganancy in the world….WOW….*round of applause*

OH and when you and joe finally do get married and attempt sex its gonna be crappy and awkward because the little virgin wont know what he’s doing
you phail in life

leave the jonas brothers alone. what is wrong with staying pure until marriage. Ummm….. Nothing! i am a fan of the jonas brothers and i like them even better because of their pureness. in todays world when girls as young as 12 (Yeah 12!!!!!) are having children I think it is really refreshing to see 3 men promising to stay true to themselves and god! They are awesome!!! A real credit. Good role models. finally we have celebrities we can look up to and aspire to be. keep on going And don’t let people get you down boys.!.

That´s so weak!
;) Mates, don´t you understand, that nobody critizises them for not having sex, but for making such a stupid show out of it. Why do you have to wear a ring, if you want to wait for the right person??? That all is just show! I believe them as much as I believed, that Britney Spears is a virgin.

And by the way… I personally thing, it is stupid to say “No sex before marriage”, I would say “I wait until I find the right one”…. cause, in my opinion I would be together with a somebody for years before I marry him. And then in this time no Sex??? So, I´m sure they will marry then pretty soon somebody they don´t really love… if they are going on with this opinion.
I´m off. ^^

necrophagist @ 03/10/2009 at 10:35 am

If god asked these dudes to chop off their balls, they probably would chop of their balls. We’re talking of course about faggots who will never have sex; they wear these ****** rings to cover up this sad fact. Religion has caused some pretty fucked up things – this being one of them. People are led to believe some crazy **** nowadays…the media and religion alone…haha if you had half a ******* brain, you’d be smart enough to know that there is no god and that a purity ring is the most ridiculous idea ever. It takes a stupid mainstream audience to believe **** without first working out that there may be other perspectives to life. People are being spoon fed their own ****! Come on guys, think critically! You all sound like a bunch of ******* poofters! It’s ok, dont be offended, god told me to write this…in fact, he wants you to believe that he’s faking.

Alrite could they be any more gay than that? ******** ruined Kenny’s relationship :’(

Devil's advicate @ 03/10/2009 at 4:49 pm

So knowing a couple of those kind of guys who say that they want that, most of them have changed their minds after finding a good girls that doesn’t hold the same morals. Also once mommy is out of the picture 95% of the time good boys morals waver in the face of a beautiful temptation with a silver tongue (that does not make them evil).

Good for them for saying that but honestly who knows, teens are the best at keeping things on the down low…

Question as well, what does premarital sex have to do with God? If one does other research with an open mind, it is quite possible to find alternative motives from Religious Officials not religious… Hate on the idea if you must but it is still hate. Life without hate is life with an open mind. Just think about it.

The Jonas brothers are ****.

There is NOTHING wrong with having sex, and not having sex doesn’t make you pure.
There is NOTHING wrong with sex, just be able to practice it safely.

there music is god awful aswell. they should quit.

K. i think the jonas brothers should just go bang some chick just to get it over with. PS. i HATE the jonas brothers// xoxo

Hey ppl the jonas brothers ARE NOT GAY…..Before you go talk about somebody go talk about yourself because they might be pure till marraige but you might be pure until a couple of days, weeks, and or months ago so dont hate because you didnt make the right choice ok……..Hate on yourself


These kids are gay

haha what ******* faggots

people aren’t perfect
just wait till they get some girl pregnant

or get caught having sex with guys

realitycheck @ 03/11/2009 at 10:24 pm

jonas brothers are a joke they have no talent and the one is gay so how pure is that? they are in the top 50 worst bands of all time

Dude who watched South park @ 03/11/2009 at 11:36 pm

Pretty f-ing sweet dudes, way to be your one men. Bout time someone stood up to all the rest of the waves of crap coming off hollywood.

What ****…I decided to tell everyone that these guys are totally gay, sex is amazing and so is drinking. Drunken sex is the best, and so is smoking pot. I think jonas bros are wearing these rings to mask their obvious gene for being gay that runs in the family. Whew, disney ******* rocks, they are so bad ass, if your ******* nine. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll,…not No sex, no drugs, and a gay ass ***** band


‘i got mine at disney world’ ?? how blatant.

this is so stupid.

OMG they are so awesome. i love all of them. if they didn:t have purity rings and they didnt have purity rings omg. i would so….. ;). Ah im getting horny writing this.
love you long time ==D O=

and you believe im super christian.

I’d have a lot to say about this but south park said it all in 1301….. And then some…… =)

You people are idiots.
walt disney is selling sex to your daughters and our youth and you think its hilarious and cute.
haha pathetic…

I think that it’s awsome because it’s the first time when some boys are wearing a purity ring. I mean that maybe it’s not true that they are pure but it’s very important to show to the other boys who think that a girl is just someone with who you make sex and that’s all!! I think that the ring mean respect for a girl…. correct me if i am wrong!!

This makes me so very MAD! I had to google it up to believe it, after I saw southpark episode 1301. If there is anything in the world God doesn’t want then it is to restrict your potential in any way, especially not when it comes to sex.

So if you see anyone where a ring like that, you can go in ignore-mode.

it’s pretty obvious that the people who agree with this and dont see it as a disney marketing scheme are aged 14 and under. people are bound to grow out of these faggots eventually.

truth be told @ 03/12/2009 at 2:01 pm

aww. at least there are some rockbands for gay people.
jonas brothers are gay…

man these guys are such ****. anyone who buys into abstinence is completely ignorant IT DOESN’T WORK!

HAHAHA, that’s a waste of potential. If i was that wanted by the girls i wouldn’t put nothing on my finger, I would just take as much ***** as the world would give me. But i guess its nice to watch hot chicks cry your name and to know you can’t take them :D

HAHAHA, that’s a waste of potential. If i was that wanted by the girls i wouldn’t put nothing on my finger, I would just take as much meatwallet as the world would give me. But i guess its nice to watch hot chicks cry your name and to know you can’t take them :D


These guys are super-mega-gay. They like **** a lot.

Lacy eden @ 03/14/2009 at 1:52 pm

What a joke. Its just publicity because most their fans are under 18. Its kinda like when Britney Spears announced to the world that she was still a virgin when she was dating Justin Timberlake. If your serious about your purity ring then why do you feal the whole world needs to know.

notice that the only people saying that these purity rings are a good thing are stupid 14 year old girls who give into marketing and what “hot boys do”… dumb dumb girls, give your money and attention to Disney a little more, I bet they love it

Stupid americans: ”I’m not having sex until I get married” hahahah contunue buying bullshit… See ya, and a big kiss to all of your rings hahaha

are they really that gay? i had to learn from south park these guys are really that gay and apparently the whole ring thing is true. wow, south park was not even overdoing how gay these guys are. they are really that silly. i got mine at disneyworld. what a tool. huge tool, honestly, this is fake

they make my gina tingle.

lol so gay.
You kids are subscribing to some classic christian propaganda garbage.
their rings are probably being worn out by all the jacking off they’re doing.

These guys are complete tools. I bet they believe they are virgins if they do anal. It’s all BS.

yoshi6000 @ 03/17/2009 at 6:13 pm



this is absolutely terrible.

I must say it’s a very good commerce move. All the christians now feel good buying their music and girls get all siked out cuz they’re supposed to be virgins. What good marketing I’ll say.
I honestly think one of the 3 will turn out te be gay, while another will probably have sex before marriage. Maybe 1 will do both. Who knows. It’s stupid to say sex is unpure. It’s the most natural thing in the world, especially when doing it with somone you love.
I think it’s really dumb to marry before having sex with each other since sex is, whether you like it or not, an important part of a relation.
It’s a ok to be christian, and ok to be proud of it. But it’s rediculous to do what the Jonas brothers do BECAUSE they are proud christians. It’s a farce, a charade.. FAKE people.. FAKE.. But REAL good marketing.

heather lord @ 03/19/2009 at 7:01 pm

these faggots are so ******* stupid, what a crock of ******* bullshit purity rings and tons or girls wanna **** them? yea sure NOT IN TODAYS SOCIETY hate to break it to you ignorant ********.. all i really have to say is watch the south park episode on the jonas brothers! lmfao then you’ll fully understand, this selling sex to underage girls haha

they are pretty ******* ugly too, they look like a bunch of ******

heather lord @ 03/19/2009 at 7:02 pm

thats dumb that they censored out all the cuss words lame

The true meaning @ 03/20/2009 at 11:20 am

Watch episode of south park called The ring ) its all bout dis bullcrap))) These rings were nothin but a very good move from the Disney managment .

asdf waeefaw @ 03/20/2009 at 12:44 pm

******* retards… thats just their excuse to not get laid

This is the biggest bullshit since britney is a virgin , i laughed so hard when i heard this i nearly fell off my chair. LETS ALL WEARPURITY RINGS FROM NOW ON !!! :D:D:D:D:D:D Roflcopter

How cute..the little losers are saving thier but holes for marriage.. Awww..

People you dont know @ 03/21/2009 at 9:40 pm

you guys rock our world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Call Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

southparking @ 03/22/2009 at 12:56 pm


anonymous @ 03/22/2009 at 4:38 pm

The jonas brothers are gay as ****, and they can loose their purity sucking my ****!!!

They just wear those rings because they are limp-dicked *******, and presumely, faggots.
Or, they just want to look good before the eyes of their 14 year old audience.
I’m sure they get daily blowjobs from their fans those pedo-*****, but wear those rings as a clever facade.

ilovenick @ 03/24/2009 at 6:39 pm

why wait to have sex.
i mean do you want to have sex with one person and not knew how it was to do it with someone else

ilovenick @ 03/24/2009 at 6:42 pm

i think they need to have sex

what a bunch of lameasses

thats amazing. I don’t know if they’ll live up to it but at least they’re trying

there soo fucked up.
i mean come on…purity rings are soo stupid adn the whole god **** whats up wiht that anyway bunch of dumbases need ot ditch the ways of god and get alife and live a little. the bible days are dead.

They will be raped for sure. It’s already starting with their phony music deals. Oh, please wear the rings, bow down to the church of Disney.
Seriously, think about it.

Watch South Park S13E01 to understand all this purity ring bull crap =)

true,but with some mystries.mandy,miley’s best friend was having a gossip and i heard what she said about joe,he is a virgin but he loves -18 movies and that one friday he masturbated for about 4 hours.he was hard for 2 days.i believe someone who;s pure should be unknown to da woman’s nudity.they are half-pure.

jo bro luver @ 04/04/2009 at 10:10 am

JO brosZ rwl
dey R proper Perfect
luv ya all
spesly JOE

luke campbell @ 04/04/2009 at 9:05 pm

Do you people not see the obvious moral contradiction here? Disney is purposely exploiting their religious convictions for profit. I am fairly certain that you buy a Jonas Brothers replica promise ring from Disney. What a joke.

a stupid ring doesn’t prove anything. They are douche bags!


wow, you guys are faggots

you guys have to be pounding each others chili rings

They are really gay. REALLY gay. Watch the South Park on this. Its awesome.

Oh, and they JB are gay

Wow. THATS SO BULLSHIT AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT. and if its true they are truly GAY.

It’s so fake. Watch South Park!

For many, this action is quite extreme but on my opinion wearing purity rings is an honorable acts. It’s nice to know that there are still people in the showbiz who have morals.

wearing purity ring is cool!!!

@zanessa110: I think that it is nice that they have purity rings to stop teenager gettting pregnant I love NICK Jonas

punk rock purity ring?!? wtf is that punk rock doesnt support that purity ****. god i want to ****** kill all three of these faggots

**** the Jonas Brothers…

God is not real

There is no such thing as “purity”

Drinking and Smoking is a personal decision in which should have no tie with religion, peers, or authority

Sex is perfectly fine before marriage as long as it is appropriate and safe

**** the jonas brothers and their marketing bull ****

purity rings and not having sex is for ugly people.

a chinese @ 04/26/2009 at 5:20 pm

they are actually people believing this? Are Americans that stupid?

i saw it on south park but didn’t believe the jonas bros were that gay so i looked it up so? THEY ARE GAY YOU LITTLE ****!

what a bunch of **** eating faggots.

****** faggits..

their full of ****. their ******* every stupid piece of ass that walks backstage thinking they can hold hands and sing gospel with the J brothers. God doesn’t care if you get your **** wet and your all seriously retarded if you think your gonna ************ for gettin some. Just wrap it before you tap it cuz abortion clinic trips are tough (trust me i’ve made 3). Nobody likes a ***** that don’t put out

AHAHAHAHAHAH. I love it. “they’re so puure. They’re so peerfeeect” You guys are IDIOTS. If i remember correctly, the last person who tried to make pure and perfect people was Adolf Hitler. **** perfection. We don’t have much time on this planet, so enjoy everything you can while you can. That means ******, *****, pot, beer, booze, crack, coke, heroine, any music but country, gay marriage, abortions, stem cell research, church burnin, petiphile priest hangin, sarah palin assassinations, george bush ass kickins, stealin the popes retarded hat, hidin bowls inside the bible, gettin BJ’s from a nun, pullin the plug on christian rock concerts, and FINALLY BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: make your own way in the world. Don’t buy into all that is told to you simply because it came form a parent, teacher, or priest. The fact of the matter is that we’re all human and they don’t know any more about what they’re doing or why they’re here than you do. Do what makes you happy, and if none of that makes you happy, then cool. Keep your rings and your bibles and your churches and your closeness to god. But please remember that there are just as many of us who do not want what you have. That’s not the path in life that we have chosen. So walk yours and we will walk ours. Attempts at conversion through flaunting of ones beliefs is unnacceptable. However, if you really wanna try and take on the “bad people” of the world, then we’re ready to go. Resistance is futile my friends. You will be assimilated. 4 20/ thirsty thursday/ smack ass wednesday forever.


Self improvement is masturbation. Self destruction just might be the answer – The Great Tyler Durden (look him up ********)

purity rings are stupid ok so special for sex, ha ha sex is sex thats it!!! no love making or any of that crap good for you if u think its a good idea i think its dumb. Id rather have sex with somebody thats tight then somebody who is loose and i prefer a preview of what im getting and not be miserable when its not what i wanted and then i have to put up with it i dont think so prenup her and divorce her


STOP BEING A HO AND READ THE BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK BYE

thats great for them ,because just a couple of weeks ago i got a ring to.Now i will be just like them and not have sex until marrige

@rita: im sorry last time i cheaked if your trying to promot the bible to pelople on the internet than i would stop useing cuse words anbe nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@cliff: you are so wrong the bible says that you sould be sexuly pure until marrige and that when you get married that you say together until death do you part !!!!!! But other wise i’m one of those dubm people and i’m sorry you feel that way !!!!

i wear a purity ring and that people that don’t wear one might chose to have sex before marriage and they could be breaking that comitment to god and other people who chose not to will be happier with themselves and not be willing to sell themselves and i’m not saying that everyone you does because most of us don’t but that does sometimes happen that is why it is smart to have a purity ring until you’re married.

do you know what you are a copmplete and total ***** and yes you are because you are jeaous of them because you know that you’ll never be able to make that comitment because you probiliy ahve already broken it well im not stupid and im not gonna fall for that because i myself wear one and need to shut because you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about

HANNAHSAYS @ 05/13/2009 at 2:17 pm


i agree with #503 because a lot of people i know wear them and you are not only bashing the jonas brothers you are bashing the people who wear them and that is not right

I think this it’s very good!!! I wear a purity ring, too and I’m very proud about this promise. my opinion is, that more people must wear a purity ring. sometime a lot of people weare a ring, like the Jonas Brothers. I have bought my ring via the Internet, coz I’m from Germany… (I live in Hannover)

tonythetrucker @ 05/26/2009 at 2:22 pm

There is nothing rock and roll in being afraid of your own *****!!!

Haha.. they can’t actually get any gayer

ilovepurityandjonas @ 05/27/2009 at 4:18 pm

i aggree with purness! sex is something special that should only be between a man and his wife so screw all who think being a **** is “cool”. Jonas brothers are good for pulising thier purity because maybe it will save others from making a bad choice.



it is only made off card you idiot i <3 love nick

honesty pIerson @ 06/01/2009 at 10:03 pm


I love Nick,Joe,and Kevin they are so cute and fun to be around.I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


Their purity rings do set an example for children to teach them abstinence… if they pay any attention to the Jonas Brothers, but the lot of five year olds that listen to them will have no idea what the hell a “purity” ring means in the first place.

Half of the teenage girls that listen to them probably think of the things they would like to DO to the Jonas Brothers, if you catch my drift.

I think the rings are just another excuse for publicity. I thought I smelled bullshit…

C’mon, it has happened…Beer, a cigarette or two and a fat girl! The Jonas brothers will wind up old! And they’ll probably have ALS, MS or Alzheimers! So unfortunate for such a great talent talent such as them!

I think it is a sensible thing to do x x xx

Yeah…Did you see those pictures Miley took for Nick?
Try and tell me that he’s pure after that.
But if they are, good for them.
The best form of contraception is to not do it!

I think what the Jonas Brothers are doing is awesome, they are doing something that takes a lot of guts, whilst inspiring many other people. Too many people are critising them, for doing what they believe in and they deal with it so well. So, good on them!! (= xox

Commiecowboy @ 06/19/2009 at 8:41 pm

“i wear a purity ring and that people that don’t wear one might chose to have sex before marriage and they could be breaking that comitment to god and other people who chose not to will be happier with themselves and not be willing to sell themselves and i’m not saying that everyone you does because most of us don’t but that does sometimes happen that is why it is smart to have a purity ring until you’re married”

Whoa Nelly!

One can tell from reading your post that you’re probably from some backwater corner of Alabama or Mississippi, you’ve never read a book aside from a mediocre translation of the Bible, and your lacking command of the English language strips you of any right that you have conferred upon yourself to adjudicate what is or isn’t “smart”. I don’t think anybody here should allow themselves to be lectured by some semi-literate Jesus freak who can’t spell simple words and whose point gets lost in the laughable sloppiness of a run-on sentence.

Iknowbullwheniseeit @ 06/20/2009 at 5:05 pm

get real you all are stupid to believe this virgin stuff No 18+ year old is a virgin and waits until marriage. the oldest boys probly had sex before the ever became famouse they must be related to BRITNEY SPEARS !

Don’t bag the Jonas brothers they are the best at least they don’t go around having sex with each girl they meet like any other celeb would I love the Jonas Brothers and will always be on thier side u guys set a great example well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it’s great that they made such an important promise to God and themselves. I also wear a purity ring, but I don’t blame others for not wearing one. I think the issue of sex before marriage is a very personal issue, and its depends on how you were raised and ur religion and whatnot. If someone doesn’t wear a ring, that doesn’t make them a ****, but if someone does, it doesn’t make them prude. It’s just that people have different values, and everyone needs to learn how to accept that.

I am a smart person and i wear one. I am proud that i want to stay pure.

Isn’t the whole point of being in a famous band to get laid as much as humanly possible? I’m a little confused.

I think it’s amazing and beautiful that they aren’t ashamed to do this; its nice to see purity and cleaness in a rock band that is also so very cool!

Sander dannenberg @ 07/06/2009 at 3:48 am

Wat een ontzettende sukkels zeg!

Does wanking qualify for a breach?

Disney Mind Control @ 07/17/2009 at 5:46 pm

I got a ring on my finger to remind me of what I can not do.

South Park got it right.


Shooter mcdoodleface @ 07/18/2009 at 9:13 pm

OMFG the jonas bros are lame as hell and probably knock it up with prostitutes every night. they already have sold sex to children pretty much.

wow the jonas brothers just got gayer

this is just another gimick to make money, i bet you they go to bed with a different women every night.

i have one on my left hand and im going to get one when im 21


Wait a minute… like Jailbait?

I knew that they have the P. Ring. there aren’t so much persons of the same age with this personality. Because of this I love Jonas Brothers, they are so cool. And I have the ring like them!!!! :-)ciao a tutte dall’italia
(bye bye from Italy)

omg. u guys r all just jealous bacause they r pure and u rnt,u guys r actin like haters. just becuz theyre good guys. u rock JB!!!!!!!

miley and nick niley are back together wow way to go nick ilove u nick ur hot and can plain out sing and nick ur hot when u act

Ok I mean that’s sweet and all but do they really follow it…I mean u never know… :P

wow… brainwashed people once again being controlled by fear!

p.s the south park episode was amazing :D haha

u guys r such good romodels!!i even bought a purity ring.u rock nick!

LOVE YOU JOE <3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3< 3 <3 <3 <3 <3

The only reason they wear purity rings is so they can sell sex to little girls and still seem “pure”. They are the biggest douchebag sellouts I’ve ever heard of.

Black Jack Shellac @ 09/01/2009 at 1:06 pm

These guys are idiots for pushing this “purity” thing so far and so hard. How much you wanna bet they are still taking teen groupie offers of blow jobs to prevent themselves from losing their purity before marriage. BTW guys, your god is a myth.

Lady_LUna @ 09/02/2009 at 7:40 pm

GOd what prisses… Sorry. OK, I like them and I like their music but it’s kinda… annoying i guess? idk. 3 teenage boys staying pure till marriage?? I mean seriously. They talk about it sooo much it’s as if their “braggin” or “showing off” that their soooo “perfect”. Disney stars annoy the crap outta me.

jazy: the 1 and only ! @ 09/08/2009 at 6:23 pm

i think that what thier doing is great cos most teen boys can´t stop
thinking about sex ! , sex ! , sex ! so i think that the way these guys have no fear on coming clean and telling the truth about thier purity rings is so cool !
also im considering getting a purity ring for christmas cos i love the idea of holding your new born baby and realising that they were made from lñove not by accident ! x x x

they’re all gay, lol.

jonas is beautiful !!! : )

no you got it the wrong way round.. joe is 18 (now 20) and kevin is 20 (now 21)

hi guys all right? “I’m from Brazil I love you all my inspiration each day and you love you from the bottom of my heart my life nick jol k2 adore you and others and best wishes to you


that is so gay. u dont need a fancy ring just to say that ur going to stay a virgin till marragie. To me thats just chezzy and corny and stupid!


what a load of old rubbish lol. cheesy and terrible music. what the hell is with the whole abstinence thing any who. viva la sex!!! =D. (South park got it spot on)

wow i cannot believe people still think not having sex before marriage is “pure”, leave god out of it please.. how much more undisputable proof do you dumbf**k americans need to snap out of it and realise christianity is just another fake religion. the beauty of making up religions is that you can say ” yeah its all true, but you will only see proof of it after u die! and um… if u dont believe it and dont do exactly as we um.. i mean “god” you will suffer eternal torment! also all undisputable proof that we are lying is just sent here to “test you”. ” you also know god damn well that if you handn’t grown up in a christian environment you would not be christian. and yes i grew up in a christian environment, but im not stupid enough to take something for granted just cuss my mommy told me when i was five. i can see how this worked on people hundreds of years ago but DAMN! its unbelievable how many idiots are out there. someone here said one of them had the purity ring since he was 12 and because of that it is totally for real! yea, cuss you can totally make an informed descision about not having to have sex when you havent even reached puberty yet! of course unless their parents feed them with all the anti-nature propaganda. also, all this ” SEX IS VERY DANGEROUS! U GET DISEASES AND PREGNANT!!!!!111one” if your not an idiot, neither of these will ever be a problem. i know your belief is everything you know. and no amount of disproof or logical faults will convince you to change your mind. i dont know why i bother, just really annoys me that so many people still waste their lifes because of this ****…. not saying i have all the answers, its just painfully obvious that christianity has none. i know you cant believe it now, but when you grow up and learn anything at all about music (no disneypop/rap/hiphop/deathmetal is not good music,doesnt mean you cant like it, but it is NOT good music)you will laugh at yourself for ever listening to this commercial vomit pile of a s**tband. let the flaming begin.

you and me baby aint nothing but mammals so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel

@r: yeah, true im with you all the way those guys are losers.

Oh, and it was the Southpark episode that got me here, just to check if that kind of crazy actually was true. To my no so big suprise, it actually was. SP took it to the extreme though, but what they said in that episode aint too far from the truth.

haha. if some of you dont care about the jonas then why bother coming on the site and commenting an article about them. you obviously like them enough to read about them. and if they want to wear purity rings so be it. they arent recruiting you to do the same so move on. go be haters some wear else.

bunch of *******

I LOVE NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took over 100 quizzes and theysay That he and I are perfect for eachother even the 100 quizzes that I have taken!!!!

chloe xuereb @ 02/20/2010 at 8:28 pm

OMG im sooooooo like gettin one of those rings!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I heard that Joe and Kevin don’t wear their rings anymore…?

-x-HabiiBa-x- @ 06/11/2010 at 3:43 pm

Lol I Bet They’ve All Lost Their Virginty Anway But I Have To Admit That Nick Jonas Is HOT!
I’m Gonna Get Married To The Dude So I Can Be His First :P :L

I think it is awesome that these guys are sweet enough to wear these! thats what I would want in a guy…. very honorable… and cute!

its mean how a cleb can say something and people just start to make fun of them. this was there choice and its a good one. there being great role modles for younger kids too. i like how there not ashamed to admit they have one and i like how they each have one so they can support each other. so if you think that it was stupid of them to share this info with there fans then that is your opinion but i think that it was a wise choice.

What idiots! If I where a rich and famous rockstar I’d be going backstage after every concert and banging groupies left and right. I pity them.

Lol thats the gayest thing i’ve ever heard

I wish they are taking this purity thing seriously….people who criticize that are hopeless and we should just pretend they don’t exist..However; Did you hate or love them more now when they said that…..i don’t think so.i already love them and still and i don’t care about their personal life.

Person who is right @ 03/10/2011 at 11:58 am

That isnt a moral its just stupid! If they wanna do that then fine but what about a drnken night they have out…..somehting happens wiht a stranger of gf then what itll be alother the news etc so they shudda just kept it to themselves. Plus it doesnt matter at all when you start its how sensible u r. Plus it is the 21st century it was ancient wen ppl waited till then and as a non christian ther jesus and god thing is stupid to me but i cant judge ppls beliefs but quite frankly they wont be able to keep up the we will not do it till marrige and plus what if they never find the right girl and never get married? Are they never going to do it… doesnt seem likely to me either……

Person who is right @ 03/10/2011 at 12:02 pm

you cant say that, it a christian belief yes ill give u that but face it its not compulsory is it that rule went out the window years ago and it only pretty strict christians who actually do that so u shudnt judge coz that make u just as bad as any1 else. Quite frankly the rings r stupid and so is thw whole rule. Your not pure just coz yv never done it, your still a sinner arent u, so yr most certainly NOT pure!!


Why? Sex is natural. I think it’s a darn shame that a lot of people seem to think we should be condemned for having sex. Being condemned for having meaningless sex is one thing (and I agree that it’s stupid to have sex just for the sake of having sex) but being condemned just because you’ve had sex with someone that you’ve connected with before marriage is stupid. We are a species of instinct. It is instinctual to have sex. Get over it.

Hhahahahahahah! Que mierda!

I in addition to my pals appeared to be reading through the excellent key points on your web site and quickly got a horrible feeling I never thanked the web site owner for those strategies. The young boys were consequently joyful to read through them and already have in truth been enjoying these things. Thanks for simply being so thoughtful and also for deciding on such beneficial topics most people are really desirous to understand about. My sincere apologies for not expressing appreciation to earlier.

Nice blogging @ 06/23/2012 at 8:44 pm

This is just great! Do you have more stuff like that? You could publish a book

Cool. Practicing Christian values. It’s a good thing. Kudos!

jackie hammack @ 01/21/2014 at 9:25 am

I wear a purity ring and still I have never met mr right and I am almost 33 years old but someday I will and then we will get married and the I will have wedding band

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