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The Jonas Brothers Wear Purity Rings

The Jonas Brothers Wear Purity Rings

The Jonas Brothers all practice abstinence and wear purity rings to prove it. Here’s a snippet from the very lengthy article on the JoBros featured in Details Magazine:

“On a quiet Friday morning in a dressing room at Madison Square Garden, the Jonas Brothers hold out their hands to show off their purity rings. Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas—the teen-pop trio who stand, at this very moment, on the brink of hugeness—wear the metal bands on their fingers to symbolize, as Joe puts it, ‘promises to ourselves and to God that we’ll stay pure till marriage.’ Joe is 18. His ring is silver and adorned with a cross. ‘It actually ripped apart a little bit, just on the bottom, here, but I didn’t want to get a new one, because this one means so much to me,’ he says. Nick, who is 15, says, ‘I got mine made at Disney World. It’s pretty awesome.’ Kevin, at 20, is the oldest of the three, and while a punk-rock purity ring from Tiffany might represent the ultimate oxymoron, that’s exactly what he’s going for. His silver vow of abstinence is covered with studs. ‘It’s pretty rock and roll,’ Kevin says. ‘It’s getting banged up a little bit because of the guitar.’”

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  • angela

    STFU! ur asses all just cause JB wants to stay pure and ill put my money on it anyday they will stay pure! so u need to stop making fun of ppl just cuz they want to have sex OH WOW! what has the world come down to stop criticizing others and look in the damn mirror for once cuz if they want to be pure they can and if you dont fine go have sex and get a disease! we all have our different choices in life so we all need to STFU! its times like this where we kinda dont need to have sex because of aids and other diseases and you people dont care so have a fun life.

  • André

    pathetic…all these comments supporting this ridiculous statement.
    it’s ok if u want to be a 30 year old’s your choice..but saying it so tt everyone can hear is just being STUPID!!!!!

  • angela

    oh and btw “the bitch” ur fucking sick sticking up dildos in their asses wth! isnt that you!

  • Tia

    They’ve actually made this promise A LONGG time ago.
    I totally respect that 100%
    Also or the assholes saying they are idiots for talking about this publicly
    Why? because their setting good example for their fans?
    Aswell people who are saying they will regret it?
    and will get called hypocrites, get over it
    they made a promise and they respect themselves enough to keep it.

  • dmaninhollywood

    Wow, i have a newfound respect for the Hanson brothers.

    I wonder who the lucky girl will be to have these clowns fumbling around their naughty bits with no clue as to what they are doing.

    Perhaps Disney can provide them a colorful map to help them locate the clitoris.

  • kim

    Love them!! they are so inspirational!!….finally…guys who respect themselves!!

  • portate_bien

    ohh come onnnnnnnnnn!.. whos gonna believe that shit?.. they are obviously doing it because they have to give a “good example” to all their young fans. I bet they were force to do that tbh.

  • hefwqui

    #15, just as much as he gets for reporting on Vanessa WhatshernameDGENS. *snort*

  • oakling

    Why would a “purity” ring from Tiffany – punk rock or not – be an oxymoron? If it were a ring from the sex toy store, then maybe. Also, I love the juxtaposition of “My ring is so important and meaningful to me” and “I got mine at Disney World!”

  • kloxi

    Good for them!

  • rebeca

    they r so hot!!
    even hotter than gay fron

  • Coach Car

    Do not have sex,
    because you will get pregnant
    and DIE.


  • Michelle

    All of you people that are saying they will probably have sex soon or are gay. SHUT UP! You don’t even know them. They are Christians and there dad is a pastor. All their real fans know that. So stop saying bad things about them.


  • karma

    u know they enjoy getting fcuked in the ass

  • LIlo

    I like its great that they wear purity rings but there’s one big but….
    Now people are going 2 go out of their way to prove that their lying.

  • paulina

    I love JB from Chile i love U

  • ma

    what is your problem why do you write so harsh comments on them saying their are gay just because thei want to stay pure i will be lucky and i will love to marry a guy who is a virgin because i know he wasnt giving his body to every women that he has wait so it will be especial for both

  • your gayyy

    There not doing this just because there famous or for the show-buisness” they have had them for a comple years before they were famous.Nick got his when he was liek 12 and NO ONE knew who he was.They have them because thats what they belive in.It has nothing to do with there career, besides the fact that they hope younger kids who look up to them will make the same decision.

  • your gayyy

    61, your an idiot.
    THey have had them for over 4 years, they got them before
    ANY ONE knew who they were, it hasnothing to do with them and the buisness there in and they werent forced to, they amde the decision themselves, although im sure his dad being a pastor had some say in it.

    but seriously if you dont know what your talking about then dotn say shit.

  • taylor

    you commenters make me sick. it’s terrible how ignorant you really are. espically those of you who are having sex. you’re pretty dumb…


    what the heck i didnt et that picture Nick Jonas is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  • none of your fucken business

    ur all fucken stupid fucken tweens need to get the fuckk off here omg they perfect STFU but when pretty people girls are on u are haten make up ur fucken mind

  • eli

    Heck yess babyyy
    abstince is the way to goo
    these guys are really good role models…
    i have faith in them.because
    were jesus freaks and we love god!!!
    abstience for LIFEE!

    haha even though this isnt new news to me..any jonas brother fan knows about this lmao

  • Pebbles

    TMI. When you advertise your personal business……there is usally a reason for it. Hmmmmmm

  • emily☆


  • lana

    Damn! All the christian’s post on this tread are freaky! Why in the world are you associating virginity and respect together?

    Stupid religious people….

  • jess

    I agree with some of you I was a big fan of britney spears back in the day and I remenber her sayin something about being virgin until marriage well now everybody knows(thanks to Justin) that it never happenned , so they should keep something like this private because they are gonna regret it later.

  • AnOldieButaGoodie

    I am glad they aren’t afraid to stick by their convictions

  • jamie

    #80, virginity is respecting your body. You’re not willing to risk getting diseases, and you won’t get someone pregnant. It shows that they have some self control and won’t just “hit it and quit it”. They won’t use someone for sex, or bring that into a complicated relationship.

    Why would you say religious people are stupid? Because they’re not willing to sleep with everyone and get called a whore? Sex means different things to different people. It obviously doesn’t mean a lot to you, but to others it may. So try RESPECTING others in their choice to stay abstinent and supporting the fact that others are doing the same. Its their body, and let them do what they want with it.

  • Kelsey

    Oh COME ON people.
    Obviously most of you commenting here don’t even know the Jonas Brothers.
    They have had their rings for 3-4 years.
    And no, Disney did not fucking slap rings on their hands.
    Their father is a pastor and they are very religious, so why can’t they stay abstinent?
    I find it completely disgusting how girls (and guys) are losing their virginity in High school, and even in Middle School (fact), whoring around with basically anyone.
    I am proud of the Jonas Brothers for being confident in themselves.

    And also, why can’t they tell people they wear purity rings?
    It’s not they yell in the street, “I WEAR A PURITY RING!”
    They wear rings, and people will ask what they are.
    So they answer. They’re not jerks and don’t say, “I rather not say”
    Then more rumors will spread saying they’re married.

    Some people on here are so immature, it sickens me.
    Grow up!

    If you don’t even like them, why are you even fucking posting on here?
    You obviously don’t have a life.

  • Kelsey

    PS. And why can’t you just respect their commitment?
    You can’t compare them to Britney because her family was fcked up anyways.
    The Jonas Brothers have a strong family background and will continue to be strong.
    Geez, get your facts straight.

  • DAnielle

    Yeah, this is really old news, BUT I also have a purity ring. I love the Jo Bros and how they stay so humble and down-to-earth. I totally agree with #24. And to #29, yes of course we wouldn’t – they’re not saying they’re not going to have sex. They’re saying they are going to wait until they’re ready and mature. There is a complete difference. No one nowadays is ready for sex under the age of 18. It’s ridiculous because the people that are having it young and before they are married are usually not so smart or educated people. They’re not thinking of risks or the consequences that could last a lifetime just by that one action. I am sure there are going to be comments left contradicting mine, and I’m ready – go at it. I just hope this speaks to some people and that they’ll actually think the next time their in a risky situation that could completely alter their lives.

  • anonymous

    Kevin is the 18 year old and Joe is the 20 year old you got it back ward

  • ver

    Young celebs shouldn’t broadcast things like that about themselves. Every time they get a girlfriend, people will only speculate if they’re still virgins or not.

  • lawrence o dabney

    totaly stupid more bush style bull poop

  • lisa

    I think this is awesome.
    I love them so much.
    I’m glad theirs people out here that still care about themselves.

  • kimmyy

    Totally ADORABLE!
    i love them!

  • nicolepag

    Yea, the purity thing worked out so well with Britney Spears. One of these kid is probably the father of little sis’.

  • Ingrid

    They have said this countless amounts of time.

    You guys are kind of late

  • Lindsay

    It’s not the abstinence part that sounds completely gay, it’s the rings! Who really needs a ring to prove virginity? I don’t know any guys that wear rings in the first place, unless they’re married. They should keep their private life to themselves, what do they want a pat on the back? Weirdo’s

  • liz

    so, the media barely finds about this NOW?

    they been having their purity rings since they were like 13 or 14..
    and this just makes ignorant people say pointless things when they don’t even know anything about their lives.

    i love them and i love that they vowed to stay pure.
    i wish there was more guys like this :]

    JB fan for life..! <3

  • alexxx

    they are flaming gay

  • halie

    its good that hot boys think the same as me! I’m not having sex untill marrige i love the jonas brothers

  • halie

    why do people hate on them for this?
    hello it suppost to be like that

  • Alexmack

    For those of you ranking on them for not having sex…

    The National College Health Assessment does report that an increasing number of college students aged 18-24 are choosing not to have sex due to the risk of sexually transmitted infections, such as the human papilloma virus (HPV) and HIV/AIDS.
    The most effective form of protection against STIs (after no sex) is the male condom, which, even when used 100% correctly (which many people don’t do) has a failure rate of 7-15%.
    Soo…you dont even have to bring religion into it. Many of today’s young adults are having sex with only one partner or not at all because of the very real health risks that come with having sex. Instead of insulting them or making fun of them, commend them on making a healthy choice- which any one of any religion can do.

  • eli

    87—uhhhh ANY jb fan knows joe is 18 and kevin is 20 duhhh
    jared got it right

    hahahha..jb haters are funny..i find it quite halarious how some people on here are bashing them for something GOOD..isnt sleeping around at 17 pretty bad anyways?..i mean these guys arnt ashamed in what they believe….so more power to my christian brothers…

  • Melissa

    I don’t like the jonas brothers music but overall I definitely respect them. I believe the same exact thing as them; to wait until marriage and I have tons of respect for people who want to do the same. especially in this day and age.

  • Mandy

    Umm, can I please ask a simple question here… whats wrong with being 18 or 20 and is still a virgin !? Seriously… so now being a virgin is a BAD thing ! What the f*ck is wrong with you people !? If a celebrity sex tape was out people would call them whores, sluts etc. and if they stay virgins they’d also make fun of them and say that its IMPOSSIBLE for a 18 yr. old and above to stay a virgin ! WHATS UP WITH YOU PEOPLE ? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS ALREADY !!! You guys are just acting like stupid immatures. If they promise to stay pure until marriage then GOOD FOR THEM ! You should actually encourage them since there arent alot of teenagers now-a-days who are like that. So shut up and respect what they’re doing… not bash them cause GUESS WHAT ? NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY !

  • F.O.B. =

    Wow thats pretty cool. A lot of bands these days are all about selling sex and posting it all over their CDs….dont like them but thats still really awesome

  • fidel castrate

    The Jonas Bros take dong in the butt
    dong in the butt
    dong in the butt
    The Jonas Bros take dong in the butt
    all the live-long day…

    Also, they lip-sync and pretend to play instruments on stage, so fuck them right up their dumb, emo-haired fake asses.