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The Jonas Brothers Wear Purity Rings

The Jonas Brothers Wear Purity Rings

The Jonas Brothers all practice abstinence and wear purity rings to prove it. Here’s a snippet from the very lengthy article on the JoBros featured in Details Magazine:

“On a quiet Friday morning in a dressing room at Madison Square Garden, the Jonas Brothers hold out their hands to show off their purity rings. Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas‚Ä”the teen-pop trio who stand, at this very moment, on the brink of hugeness‚Ä”wear the metal bands on their fingers to symbolize, as Joe puts it, ‘promises to ourselves and to God that we’ll stay pure till marriage.’ Joe is 18. His ring is silver and adorned with a cross. ‘It actually ripped apart a little bit, just on the bottom, here, but I didn’t want to get a new one, because this one means so much to me,’ he says. Nick, who is 15, says, ‘I got mine made at Disney World. It’s pretty awesome.’ Kevin, at 20, is the oldest of the three, and while a punk-rock purity ring from Tiffany might represent the ultimate oxymoron, that’s exactly what he’s going for. His silver vow of abstinence is covered with studs. ‘It’s pretty rock and roll,’ Kevin says. ‘It’s getting banged up a little bit because of the guitar.’”

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  • Colin

    I think that it is really cool that the Jonas Brother’s wear purity rings. It takes a lot of strength to stand up for something you believe in and doubly more when you are as famous as them and are in the Hollywood Scene everyday of your life. To everyone who does not believe that they are pure and that this is a publicity stunt and even to the people like me who love the fact that they wear them. Who cares? A purity ring is a personal decision for the wearer to vow to be pure and holy until marriage, it is worn as a constant reminder to the wearer so that they are able to look at that and be reminded when they are tempted. It has nothing to do with anyone else and whether you believe them or not they are wearing them. If it is indeed a publicity stunt then they will be called on it later. I for one think it is not but no one knows their hearts and no one knows if they are indeed truly pure except them. So lay off!


    Well good for the Jonas Brothers, Sex before marriage is horrible!!! I mean, think of it… what if you are not protected? You will have a child that you will carry with you wherever you go. That’s a burden! Think of the bright side, enjoy your life and have sex when you are married. The Jonas Brothers are a good example to young people these days. The Jonas Brothers are my Heroes!

  • nilu


  • rachel

    theres nothing ‘rock n roll’ about saving yourself for marraige

  • Mrs. Joseph Adams Jonas

    I think that the rings r so very hot!!! And I think they will keep that promise and they are great rolemodels for kids with the rings!!!!!!!!

  • Jasmine

    This is amazing.
    You hardly see this on guy’s. but it makes me soo happy when guy’s decide to ! I’m glad the Jonas Brothers decided to show their faith to the community. Cause of this, i have alot of respect for them!

  • Joe Jonas LOver

    they have inspired me to get one and i want one just like joe’s. He is the hottest one. and sexiest.

  • Maa

    oh my god, they are so cute! and pure too! i love them

  • Maa

    love ya jooe!

  • drew

    Dude no girl thinks that shits hott when a guy is 20 and a virgin he prolly never even had a gf when they culd all fuck ne girl in america

  • joejonaslover4evr!

    yall r so awesome and pergect in every way.
    You r definetley perfect in bein cute joe!
    Love you joe.
    Yall rock Jo bros’!

  • joejonaslover4evr!

    yall r so awesome and pergect in every way.
    You r definetley perfect in bein cute joe!
    Love you joe.
    Yall rock Jo bros’!

  • joejonaslover4evr!

    yall r so awesome and pergect in every way.
    You r definetley perfect in bein cute joe!
    Yall rock Jo bros’!

  • joejonaslover4evr!

    keep rockin’ Jonas bros’!

  • Cath137

    I believe the same as Kevin, Nick and Joe!
    They are such good role models for children!!!!!
    I am going to get a purity ring as well, sometime.

    It is nice to see that some people still have some common sense about this!!!! Way to go Jo. Bros.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meg

    I think it’s great they have purityy rings
    and for you guys that thinkk itss bad and calling them lame.your gay.

    Because there trying to good in their life and stay foucased on other things.So good for them

    And all you guys who think itss stupiddd shovee it!!!!!

  • Rachel Bunch

    I really respect the Jonas Brothers for wearing these purity rings! I’m glad that they are staying pure and true to God! I’m a big fan of theirs! I know it’s hard to resist temptation in this sexual based world, I think people like the Jonas Brothers that stand up for what they believe in is really brave! I’m so proud of them! You Go Jonas Brothers!!!!!!!!
    May God be with you!

  • joe jonas

    hi fans we are a gay

  • trulyme

    i think that is so awesome because i have a ring also. and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. i love u nick.. omg i cant believe we have the same exact b-day. September 16, 1992.

  • Mitchell

    I welded a purity ring around my weiner and it fell off

  • Sandra dee

    I love the Cloneus brothers.

  • hayleigh

    This is a great choice on their part. Althought it might be tough with all the publicity they are making in news these days with girls, most of it is not real. They have made it this far and i, a jonas brothers fan am glad to hear that they are all going by their religion and views as brothers & a family i hope they soon find the girl they are looking for (L)
    but they cant rush marrage, you have to fully know the person and be mentally ready for it to work (Y)

  • Taylor

    I think it’s one of the coolest things ever. They set such a great example especially to teenagers, i also have a purity ring and i stand true to it. i think it’s the coolest thing ive ever heard about a celebrity. They are such down to earth guys and they actually care about their fans. i mean they hold free concerts when one sells out! they love their fans, not many celebrities can say that. I believe they will live by that i think they’ll stay together for as long as like…the rolling stones! their brothers, they work so well together and they love being together. they think its worth the wait and so do i.

  • jeannette

    Yeah. I said the same exact thing. I was saving myself for marriage. But instead, I saved myself for love. Because guess what? Marriage doesn’t necessairly mean love these days. Tons of people are getting married these days who don’t truely love each other. There are legal reasons and tax reasons. Plus, they are seriously getting too much publicity on these purity rings. Big deal. They shouldn’t be encouraging abstinence, they should be encouraging safe sex. Because guess what, there’s a little thing called peer pressure and people aren’t perfect. They make mistakes.

  • http://jonasbrothers demi lovato


  • Sami

    I can’t believe that people are bashing them just because they want to stay pure til marriage. Your virginity is a gift that you should save to give to your spouse when you get married. It is the one most intimate thing god created for 2 human beings and it should only be shared within marriage. I think it is awesome that these boys are standing up and showing american teenagers that sex doesn’t make you cool, or popular, and that you should save sex for that one special person. I am just so upset at what people are saying, its making america sound like we are all just sluts who sleep around with everybody whenever, and we don’t have any feelings towards it. I heard this statistic once that was like 90% if teenage relationships break up within 1 month of having sex. Thats an awful lot! I am just so proud of these boys for staying pure!! Great Job Guys!!!

  • Randy

    omg…i think thats the hottest thing ever…

    i would want to be with a guy who never had sex until he found me. god damnit thats sexy as hell!

    i didnt like the JB that much before but now i think they soooo fuckin dope!

    they got my support and i think everyone else should support them and girls should stop being stupid sluts. yall look stupid anyways. i dont care who reads this and hates it but i think thats the sexiest thing they could do.

    love you guys and im behind you all the fuckin way!!! =D

  • Isabelle

    I love you so mush, guys! You’re amazing and you know I want to be like you! And Joe I like your face when you’re signing! Lov you! xx

  • Maggie-girl17

    All of you people makeing comments about the brothers either being gay or hypocrits are absolute f****** ignorant a****. All you people saying that its stupid to be virgins at 18 & 20 are even bigger ignorant a****. If Kevin, Joe, & Nick want to remain PURE then more power to them. Hearing that they have purity rings is a GOOD thing in this sexed-up world.

    Kevin, Joe, Nick you are all HOT as hell & ilove your music

  • alyssa

    I think it is a good thing that these boys are making a statement to abstain from sex until after marriage. A relationship does not have to revolve around sex. Granted, we as human beings are sexual creatures and some choose to follow religious guidelines. Let them be! And if there is a deep connection between two people before they engage in sex, there is a better chance that their relationship will last.

    So the fact that the Jonas Brothers are choosing to focus on other relationship building strategies is a good thing. They will end up having more meaningful, deeper relationships with the women they love; relationships that have a strong base of trust, respect, and acceptance of one another!

    God Bless your whole family!

  • mrs.nickjonas

    thats toooo cutee<333
    i love them soo muchhh=]]

  • ruby

    I think thats soo sweet that they make a promise to God to stay pure the. They inspired me to stay pure till marriage I want to thank espeaciall nick wen I heard that song DEAR GOD I just poured into tears thank you… n love you guys

  • jasmin

    ayy yo im glad ferr the jonas brothers!<3
    theyy know the difference btwn right and wrong and fool that makes them even MORE PERFECT YO!(:
    all the hateers can keep on dreaming they KNOW they ALL WANT THIS:/
    i love nick!<3333
    -Mrs. Nicholas Jerry Jonas here-

  • jobrofan

    good 4 them, and u peeps that r sayin they’re not gona keep that promise……. WAT GIVES YOU THE SMALLEST CLUE THAT THEY WONT KEEP THEIR PROMISE??!!!!!!!! how cum u gota say that??!!!!!!!! omg, u say that cuz they’re strong and they can fight the temptation.. unlike u guys and most ppl… so back off!!!!!! they’re doin the right thing and u gota criticize them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there’ll b plenty of time 2 criticize them AFTER they have sex (b4 marriage) SO STOP H8TN!!!!!! and they probly WONT anyways,, u GUYS (emphasis on GUYS) need 2 stop bien stupid just cuz the girls r all over the jo bros and NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! get a life

  • desiree garrison

    thats so cool and you guys ROCK!!!!!

  • jojo

    your mad at them for… not having sex untill they find someone they really care about…
    are you honestly trying to make them whores like brittany and shit?
    i think its noble.

  • WTF?!?

    to the people who think joe is 20.
    yer stupid.
    joe is not 20, kay?
    stop making yerself look retarded.
    if you were a real JB fan, then you would know which fu.cking brother was the oldest!

  • jobrofan

    i think it is awsome that they stick to wat they believe in and setting themselves apart then mixing in with the hollywood stars that don’t know wats important in life. so people can say wat they want but they can’t change the jonas brothers mind on wat they dicided for them.

  • mrs.joejonas

    i totaly agree!!!they set a great example for teenagers and kids as well.i mean who wants to even have the guilt and especialy hiding it. it a horralbe thing to have sex just cause u want a little bit of “fun”. and i knew a girl who was not even a teenager yet and got they can just keep staying pure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • maya

    i want to have sex with joe jonas so much who knows how big his dick is

  • ang

    God Bless the Jonas Brothers for this act of kindness!!!

  • Joy

    being pure until marriage is one of the smartest things to do. that way when you get married, you can say that you’ve saved your virginity for that special person. being pure is somethings special and you can only have it once. these boys have the right thing on their mind. they make excellent role models.

  • Sarah

    Oh my gosh thats so sweet that they promise tostay pure until married its so cute that there willing to make that big commenment to god they are so talented and awesome especially NICK

  • http://hi Briannaisstayingpure2

    I am so glad they are pure just like me sweet! anyway i do not think they are milking it and really truley do bbelive it it is gods word to be pure

  • sk8tergirl41

    i im so totaly with u. god basicly commanded us to stay pure but he also gave us a choise so we can make a wrong choice and get consequnces or wait and feel like we did the right thing and not get punished for it.i would agree they are hot but TRUE LOVE WAITS!!!!!

  • nick

    as a guy I an ashamed. Millions of girls are after them and they want to be pure? They could bang 5 girls at a time and more then once cause of the timezones. They are ungratefull of having control over millions of girls and using it wrong. But the probaly make it up in oral if it don’t count

  • intoxicated

    Ohhhh, Doesnt it just make you love them even more! ‚ô•

  • intoxicated


  • Mary

    i think its great that they actually have morals. its not some show they are trying to put on to make themselves look better because it can get them a lot of criticism from some ppl like you. purity is attractive, im so sick of all the jerks out there who just want to get some. and all you guys who are saying its lame…i think your just jealous because they have thousands of screaming girls all the time and you seem awefully pale in comparison :) jealousy isnt cute boys

  • elissa