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Supernatural: Fourth Season Likely

Supernatural: Fourth Season Likely

Supernatural scored some serious ratings last night–so much that a fourth season is likely.

According to TV Guide, the zombie-themed episode garnered 3.22 million viewers–its largest audience of the season.

Looks like the Jensen Ackless and Jared Padalecki fandom can rest easy tonight!

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  • crib

    supernatural sux!

  • goz

    OMh they are way beyond hot! a 4th season will be welcomed!

  • [k]

    omddzzz YAAAYYY! :d…ey CRIB prsn huevr u r!! supernatural totaly dus not suk!!!! SDF..
    u suk!

  • Maja

    waaaaaaaaaaaaah! Good for the guys and I can sleep in peace.

    Thank you Jared for posting =) (Could keep that up… good news for us SPN Fangirls… and… maybe a little about the boys ;) )

  • abby

    yayyyy! i hope they definitely bring it back! i love this show

  • suppy


  • sia

    yippieee =) i love these 2 guys. thanks jared. would be really cool if you could post more about supernatural and jensen and jared. would be really great =)

  • mika

    great news:D:D:D
    all I need now is an official confirmation:)

  • Didi

    worst show ever, after lost

  • zahra

    I only watch this show because of my husband Jensen Ackles…sigh

  • amanda

    This is great news. *does a happy dance*. Supernatural is my favourite show so it is great to see that it has done so well for a deserving episode. Just Jared thanks for posting. You should continue to support the show in the future.

  • kathy

    I saw last night’s episode and Jensen Ackles was looking mighty good. Heck he always looks good. Yea to a 4th season!!!

  • Twinkie76

    I second that Kathy!!

  • Mommy

    Love me some Sam and Dean!!

  • Ann

    Glad to see something about Supernatural covered here, Jared :D

    That is SUCH good news!!! I think we can ALL sleep better now.

    Last night’s episode was freakin’ AMAZING too!!!

  • Roula

    Great news! I love the show!

  • Birdie

    Love this show,it’s different and funny. I think it’s underated and I love
    the relationship between the brothers. I look forward to another season.

  • dana

    What did Prison Break season finally do? how many viewers did it get?

  • Jess

    That’s great news.

  • coniie

    i love supernatural is my favourite tv show, the trama is so good, love both

  • Erin

    That’s awesome! I’m so happy!

    It’s such an awesome show! It deserves so much more success.




  • Maria

    this post makes me happy, finally something on supernatural on this site :D

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    i just started watching this show mid last season – its good. bring on more seasons.

  • Buttercup

    Birdie’s right ! (#17)

    This show has some of the funniest lines I’ve ever heard on TV… :
    - Henricksen: I shot the sheriff.
    - Dean: But you didn’t shoot the deputy.
    - Dean: It all seems a little too X-Files to me.

    A lot of the crew members used to work on X-Files. Yes, that explains a lot.

    Oh and Jensen Ackles!… gotta love the bad boy attitude

  • Mikey

    YES for 4th season… dont know why not many people watch this show… SHOW is fantastic… story lines are just brilliant. wohoooo for season 4 thanks jared

  • pooops

    Supernatural is great go 4th season

  • Patty


  • Tina

    i love SN!

  • viviana

    thanks for the news
    i love them

    see you

  • Vera

    YAY!!! Hands down the best show on TV *wheee*

  • natasha

    i fudging LOVE jensen & jared they’re SUPERhot!
    watching supernatural everyweek hopefully another season i couldnt live without it :D

  • Taylor blue

    They better come back for another season…I only started watching that show because of Jensen Ackles but now I’m hooked. :)

  • mahrukh

    yay! love supernatural. jensen is way hot.

  • suzette

    i’ve been a fan of this show since day one
    i’m soo happy that there will be season 4

  • erika

    Thank you for posting it. More posting on the Winchester boys would be appreciated.


  • maribel

    hell yes….im soo happy!! jensen ackles is the hottest man alive…lol…it does not suck damn it…

  • cootiequeen

    thanks for posting
    you should more stuf on jared and jensen

    i <3jared padalecki

  • jESSICA!!!


  • Charlene

    oh yea so excited

  • Alyssa

    OMG OMG!!!

    SO excited! i watched last night!


  • Christine

    awesome! Supernatural is the best show ever!


    Thank you for the info! :D

    Yay! SUPERNATURAL is the best show, ever! I’m sooo happy; it totally deserves another season!!! May it have much continued success. \o/

    PS. Those of you commenters that don’t like this show – if you don’t have anything nice to say, please don’t say anything at all… :)

  • Isabelle

    I love this show, man I hope it gets renewed.

  • Alicia

    About damn time… Supernatural has kicked ass from its pilot episode and has not stopped yet!! The storylines are amazing and the dynamics of the characters are brilliant. Not a single episode gets boring. I’m so happy the show got such good ratings, I hope it never gets cancelled… plus, how horrible would that be to never know what happens in the end?!

  • Nicole m

    lmao. I actually put it on and kept it on. I stopped watching it after they changed the damn air-date.

  • Heather

    This is FANTASTIC news! The fans have been up in arms about not getting the reruns after the end of February and now with the writer’s strike over and these ratings. WOW………….Just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shannon

    This is a wonderful show. I highly recommend Netflix’ing Seasons 1 & 2 to get caught up. Both actors are great, but I tend to favor Jared Padalecki.
    Just Jared, please more about these actors. Looking forward to next season!!!

  • Renata

    I ♥ Supernatural !!


    YAAAAAAY! I love Jensen Ackles and I love Supernatural!